10 points to consider when starting an online business! Urgent!

Starting an online business is a great way to make extra income. It’s also a great way to make full-time income, and it is completely possible if you have the right tools, the right information, and a desire to succeed!

I am going to give you the outline of exactly how to start a profitable affiliate marketing business online.  Follow the steps here, check out other articles on CoachingforInternetMarketers.com, and contact me for free mentoring.

Here’s to your success!

Point 1 – Time

I realize that there is a lot of information out there about how to start an online business. You would think you could just open a website, join some magic program, and boom – traffic and money come flowing in! Well, it isn’t quite that easy, but it isn’t hard either. The main thing is that it does take time.  It takes time to create the website, write the articles, get affiliate agreements, market the products, and write more articles.

Please don’t expect to start a website and then you’ll immediately be able to quit your job because you’re making $10,000 every month. If you listened to some of the ads out there, you would think it was that easy.

Everything that is worth anything takes time, right?  I mean, people go to college and study for many years to get a degree to earn a lot of money.  Building any business, whether a brick and mortar business like a bakery or a print shop, or an online business, takes time.  Invest in your business now.  Put in the leg work, and an online business can produce huge amounts of residual monthly income for many years to come!

How much time you devote is how fast your website will start producing income. You have to invest your time into building the content for the site, creating videos to link to your site and promote your products, sharing great information on your niche, and of course educating yourself on the process, programs, tools and resources to do it all!

The more time you have to invest, the quicker you will see a profit.

Point 2 – Money

Ok, so how much is this business going to cost you to 1) start up, and 2) going forward monthly.

There is no free ride when it comes to starting a business, but I do have some great resources that are totally free and will definitely get you started with no money out-of-pocket. You can set up two affiliate websites, get 10 free video lessons on exactly how to set them up, get mentoring included, and all for no money.


It’s the Wealthy Affiliate platform, designed exclusively to assist affiliate marketers grow their businesses.  Two very intelligent affiliate marketers, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim,  created this platform over 14 years ago.  They were tired of trying to find a program that would educate and support affiliate marketers.

There is really not very much out there in the way of affiliate marketing programs.  None that provide the websites, platform, hosting, support, education and community all in one place.

The programs that are out there don’t provide all the components, but they do cost an enormous amount of money monthly and do not deliver what Wealthy Affiliate does.

You can read the 4-part series I wrote about the Wealthy Affiliate program here.  This will give you the details about the various aspects of the program here:


Look, don’t be lazy about this!  If you want to make money online, you will need to be ambitious and get some education on the process.

Relax!  It’s not a difficult business by any means.  It’s actually very simple.  You do need to know what you’re doing, though.  So please take the time to read this four-part series.  It will give you a complete overview of the business and how it works.

Start with the free membership.  If you are new to affiliate marketing, or if you have been working on your niche website without the results you’re looking to achieve, without a doubt Wealthy Affiliate is the program you need!  Sign up for free.

The Starter membership doesn’t even require a credit card nor debit card.  It is free to join and keep.  You get to try the entire platform for the first 7 days, and then you can use the Starter plan for a full six months at no charge, or upgrade to Premium to keep the full benefits.

My recommendation is that if you’re serious about making money online, that once you complete the training that comes with the free membership,  you upgrade to the Premium membership. You will get amazing training going forward, as well as access to the community, website comments and review, and of course unlimited Jaaxy searches!!

How much does the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate cost?  The platform only has the two levels, which I really like because they don’t have a bunch of upsells like so many programs have.

There is the Starter membership, which is free, and you can keep your two free websites for a full six months.  Then there is the Premium membership which unlocks all the benefits the platform offers, including the Jaaxy keyword research tool.  Take a look here:

Premium is $49 per month.  Right now, Wealthy Affiliate is running a special deal where if you upgrade to Premium within the first seven days of your membership, they will give you a steep discount for the first month.

If you upgrade during that first seven days, then it’s only $19 for that first month.  How cool is that?  It’s a great way, for very little money, to really see if this business is for you!

Point 3 – Education

I expressed to you that it is not difficult to set up an online business, but you really do have to know what you are doing. If you don’t choose article titles that are keyword optimized, and if you don’t get traffic to your site and comments on your posts, you won’t score high on the search engine ranking, and you won’t make sales.

So what education am I talking about? Training on how to do this business. Affiliate marketing is a business. It is an online business. You need to be trained in it.  This article here will give you a basic understanding of Affiliate Marketing:



Wealthy Affiliate University is included in the Premium membership.  With the Starter membership, you get the first ten training modules.  That’s enough to get you started setting up your websites, creating quality content, and setting up your affiliate agreements.  Take a look here:

The University Premium plan offers an unlimited amount of training for affiliate marketers.  It is actually pretty incredible.  I put together a video where I screen captured my computer as I went through the University and searched various terms to bring up the training modules they offer.

This is literally just the tip of the ice-burg.  I don’t think that it would be possible to even complete all the training they offer.

Anyway, take a look.  This will give you an idea of what’s included in the Premium platform:

Point 4 – Support

I know you don’t want to struggle to figure every aspect of this business out, or handle every problem alone (you know problems arise with everything in this life). If your website goes down, isn’t functioning properly, or you have other issues or questions, it is important to have a support system so you don’t lose your mind.

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of writing a great article, and something happens.

That’s why I love the Wealthy Affiliate platform, because you have 24/7/365 support. You never have to worry that your site isn’t working or some other issue, they are there to help, and the community is there also to help and answer any questions.  Here’s a screenshot:

You get the ability to chat with the other members for the first 7 days of the free membership. You then get access to the community back if you join as a Premium member.

The free membership does provide you technical support for your website, though.

Point 5 – SEO Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it means that your website is optimized to get the most traffic and rank high in the search engines.

Google, Bing and Yahoo rank each site according to their view of the relevance of the site as it pertains to certain search terms.

As an example, if someone is searching for “best website builders,” the search engines will go through the internet and come back with results for the searcher. The sites the search engine displays have the highest ranking, because the search engines want the searcher to get the best results, the most relevant results, the most trusted results.

If you want to appear in the results, you must optimize your site, and using optimized keywords that meet a certain criteria is key in order to rank. If you want to read about keyword rich posts and ranking in Google, read this:


Please take a moment to read this article about search engine optimization and keyword research.  We know that keywords are critical because the keywords are what brings people to your website.  If you want to make money from your blog, you must get people to it.

This article will show you how you can tell what search terms in your niche that people are searching for.  Don’t worry, niche is explained next – in Point 6 below!   We need to know what people are searching for in order to target those exact phrases in our articles.

The other thing we need to know is how much competition certain keywords have.  We don’t want to target a keyword that has hundreds of other websites also targeting that keyword phrase.  Wouldn’t you rather target keywords that have little to no competition?

The article above will go over exactly how you are going to find the perfect keywords for the best results to bring a lot of visitors to your website!  Visitors = engagement = $$$$$

Point 6 – A niche

Your niche is what the website is about – the subject of your site. So your niche could be “vitamins” or “picture frames” or “engine oil” or “children’s tablets.”  No kidding – whatever floats your boat – your passions – your interests – are what you want to set as your niche.

You have to remember two key points when it comes to choosing a niche!

  1.  Are you interested in this niche?  Is this niche something that you know about or something that you would enjoy learning about?  You are going to be spending a lot of time researching in this niche and then writing content about this niche.  It should be something you really, really want to immerse yourself in!
  2. Is the niche something other people are interested in?  Some things are obvious – people are definitely interested in losing weight and maintaining health.  People love all things pets!  These are obvious.  However, you will need to really look around if you have an unusual niche and make sure enough people are engaging with content relative to that niche.

To come up with a good niche for your website, you can read this article here all about it:


Point 7 – Quality Content

If you are thinking of starting an affiliate website, it requires content. Content is the articles you write to give your readers information. The content is what Google and Bing and Yahoo grade you on when it comes to ranking your posts. If you want to get ranked for “best vitamin C supplements for the face,” there are certain steps you need to do to rank, and writing great content is at the top of the list.

So how do you write great content? First of all, you need fresh ideas. I have a great article here on how to come up with fresh content ideas for your website:




You also need accuracy in your spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. The search engines do not look kindly on websites that have poor grammar.

How do you make sure your content is prime? Through Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, again with the Wealthy Affiliate, but they do provide a content development program that checks spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

The platform leaves nothing to chance when it comes to ranking in the search engines!  It will also count how many words, paragraphs and titles you have in your article.  All of these are important when it comes to search engines.  They look at these metrics.

You write the content, and then the Wealthy Affiliate program goes through your article line by line and lets you know of any errors. Amazing!

Point 8 – Competition

I get this all the time – I can’t compete with all those other websites out there. Well, you’re right, you cannot compete with ALL those other websites out there, but you can compete with other websites who are vying for the same keywords as you.

With the Wealthy Affiliate program which includes Jaaxy for keyword research, you can make sure you have low competition keywords for your articles, so you can rank them against other sites.

Sometimes the competition is 0 or 1 website for a certain keyword phrase. Wow, now that’s easy to compete against, right?  With the Jaaxy keyword tool through the Wealthy Affiliate program, there is no guesswork. You know exactly how many searches a term gets and how many other websites are trying to rank for that keyword. Genius.

Affiliate marketing and making money online is not difficult.  It really isn’t.  However, it is a science, and there is a proven formula.  That’s why you really do need to enroll in the Wealthy Affiliate program if you are serious about making money online.  Like I said above, you can start 100% free, so you can really try it out first and make sure you want to move forward with the business!

Point 9 – Affiliate Products to sell

The products you sell will, obviously, depend on your niche. You want to start thinking about what types of products you can sell that will provide an answer to a need with your readers.

If your readers are clicking and going to your website, something has caught their attention or answered a question or need. Now you need to have products in front of that reader that will fit their need.

How do you set up an affiliate agreement so you can earn commission from products you sell?  Well, first you must have a website and have good, quality content on it.  The companies are going to review your website to make sure their product is a good fit.

Next, you will need to search out your products online and choose some that you are interested in promoting.  Then, you simply Google the product name with the words “Affiliate Program” after the words. So, as an example, let’s say you want to market watches. You would google “watches Affiliate program.”

See the screen capture below. Do this search for any product you are interested in marketing on your niche affiliate website.

It’s super simple to do.  Once you click on the link, you will be taken to an application to apply to be an affiliate.  You will be asked your website url, and they will typically ask you why you want to market their product.  I usually tell them a little about my intent with my site and then I tell them I feel my readers would be interested in purchasing a product like theirs.

Point 10 – Attitude & Patience

Affiliate Marketing is a viable form of income, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Quite the opposite. Time and patience are necessary, as well as diligence in providing that quality content, before you will show a profit.

So just keep working hard, pump out those quality articles, use keyword rich titles, promote your affiliate products, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor before you know it.

Don’t get discouraged. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, take a look at the success story page where members post their success stories. Very encouraging!

Here are a few, and more are added every single day:

Comments Welcome

I welcome all comments and questions!   I am here to help you as you start your online business, and I am here for you as you gain success. If you need anything, please reach out to me.

If you would like to contact me personally, email me at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com.

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Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us such valuable information. To start online business requires many skills and to get skilled it requires training.Your list of points to consider when starting online business are important. Time is important to succeed in our life ,that’s why to succeed with online business ,we have to give it some time. I agree with this poing” money” ,yes without money our work can’t be called business because business involves money…There are many important points and for beginners like me we need to know them.

    I appreciate the post

  2. This has to be one of the most thorough articles I’ve read in a long time.  You’re very clear on what you’re going to discuss, and it’s a pleasure to read with an easy-to-follow format and descriptions.  I expected the supplemental articles on Jaaxy, choosing a niche, and quality content to be brief additions, but they’re complete articles too.  You’ve give me a great deal of information about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.  Making informed decisions will be easy with this much quality information.

  3. This is a great overview of how to start with affiliate marketing. I like that you did not gloss over the fact that people still have to work by writing good content and doing SEO and all of that. it is not a get-rich-quick scheme but with the right tools, i believe it is possible to do this as a source of major income. Thanks for the info!

  4. This is a great article about affiliate marketing and even better about Wealthy Affiliate.  Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.  However if you learn it through Wealthy Affiliate then if you put in the time and effort you cant fail.  Anyone reading this should stop hesitating and get involved.

  5. Your first point is so on the money. I’m a stay at home mom who recently started an online business. Some days (like today) I work on it from the moment I get up until I go to bed. There is taking care of the baby and house in there as well. But every free moment goes towards working on my site. It takes a lot of time and dedication.

    You have a great list here. It’s very accurate to what it takes to make a good site.

  6. I have been considering an online business for quite some time.  I am worried that I will not make anything (thinking of the selling factor) and therefore, I will lose the desire to work and the patience.  I am curious how long you have been working with your online business, and how it is going for you so far?  Is there a huge learning curve?  I did do communications (voice & data) for over 22 years, so I am a tech savy gal.  But I still worry that I will end up putting in a lot of time and effort with zero return.

  7. I think affiliate marketing is definitely suitable for anyone but especially people who don’t have a lot of money because you’re not selling your own merchandise so there’s no investments.

    I agree that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and it does take a lot of time to see success, perhaps this is what turns a lot of people off. Many people these days have this get-rich-quick mindset and they’re constantly looking for that next done-for-you system that’s going to make you rich overnight and it never happens. Thanks for writing this article to set things straight.

  8. I found this site to be very informative.  Your strongest suit was the use of pictures.  They not only held my interest but were

    instrumental in keeping me on the page.  I especially liked the point that time was needed to succeed in blogging

    and hard work was also necessary.  By pointing that out it showed me that you had my best interests in mind and

    established immediate trust.

  9. Fantastic article, i think this is a great guide to the bare bone starter to affiliate marketing. I know this information would’ve been incredibly useful when i first began, so I hope that other beginners see the same value as i do. These are extremely valuable points, but the one that stood out to me most was the fact that you don’t begin making money instantly, but rather it takes a lot of time and effort to build yourself to a position to do so.

    With that said, i know that this is true, but there tends to be a lot of people that quit their jobs and go all-in before realizing just how time and effort consuming affiliate marketing can be. 

    If there is any way to convey that fact before people feel hopeless and quit something that has so much potential, it is best to convey it ASAP to avoid any loss of interest or money before you can reliably depend on affiliate marketing for income.

    All the best,

     – William

  10. I agree with you totally about the points you’ve discussed above. One cannot make huge sums of money through affiliate marketing just overnight. It’s a reality that anyone who want to go down that road has to face. It took me some time to reorient my mindset when I found this wealthy affiliate platform that you talked about. Having a great training platform and an awesome supporting community put you on the right path in starting an online business. Thanks for your valuable information shared. 

  11. This article is very informative and helpful! It breaks down all the things I have thought about when deciding if an online business is for me. Cost, time, money it can make all make up the formula on if I decide to move forward or not. Are there some other sites that give good training and have low cost as well? I haven’t found anything as good as this at all online.  Everyone wants so much – like hundreds and even thousands of dollars – for their programs.

    Thanks for the great info!

  12. YES!!! Thank you for writing this article! I’ve made many rookie mistakes in the past, but with every new beginning I approached it with more knowledge. it wasn’t until I found Wealthy Affiliate that I found everything I needed in one place instead of trying to learn everything from multiple sources.

    Two of the main reasons I think people fail in online business and never come back are:

    1. Time- people usually don’t consider working from home or starting an online business until AFTER they get a layoff from work or are unemployed. This means they come into it trying to create and grow.a business to $10,000 per month without investment and since they need to pay their bills in the meantime they want a magic button or “automated system”.


    2. Negative attitude- Unfortunately, they miss legit opportunities when they fail to research an opportunity and get scammed because some people have the mindset that all affiliate marketing training is a scam and there’s no other option except to work 40 hours a week until retirement.

    Even though there’s no such thing as starting a business in a single day and waking up to $10,000 on day 2, if you’re willing to put in the work and time while keeping a positive attitude while you apply what you learn and stay persistent, as your business continues to grow it can start to SEEM like an instant push button system.

  13. It’s pretty amazing how many people I’ve been able to teach a few tricks of the trade to, most especially, because they’ve been in strictly marketing most of their lives.  I say strictly, for the people who went to school for it, wore or, are still wearing a suit and tie for it!  

    I also remind people who are new to marketing, that they have been selling things their whole lives.  Their favorite recipes, their favorite local dog groomer, their own beauty products that are amazing but, only a select few know because they never built a website!  Or, even worse…they paid someone 3 times the amount of the yearly cost for Wealthy Affiliate’s features that BaBs is sharing.

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard “I paid a lot of money to *insert so & so plus expletives name here* and they still haven’t fixed *insert it never being done/maintained/bug fixes here.*

    By the by.  I’ve used the Jaaxy tool extensively and I’ve never seen any SEO / research tool better, before or, since!    

  14. Hi Babs, 

    Thank you for your detailed article.  It can be very confusing when trying to sort out an affiliate marketing business. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming.  You make Wealthy Affiliate seem like a very sensible choice with no way to lose.  Especially since it is free to join and start up training right away to build 2 free websites.  How cool is that?

    Thank you,


  15. Hello Babs,

    Yet again you have done an exceptional job in this post.

    I can verify as as someone who has been online for over 10 years that these 10 points are really valid.

    Of all the points #1 and #7 are the two that really needs hammering home.

    When I write a post, it generally takes me about 20 hours spread over 4 or 5 days.

    First researching the topic…

    Next comes writing the bullet points and structure of the post…

    Thirdly, writing the post, editing and re-writing the post…

    Fourthly, finding the links of supporting website to verify my data…

    Lastly, inserting the images and uploading everything to a final state.

    The days of a 250 word post is gone and now quality content is key.

    Your posts are always excellent and i am betting you also take a long time to put everything together!

    Look forward to more in your series.


    1. Tim, that means a lot to me.  I take great care and pride in my website, and coming from you, that makes me feel like I’m on the right path.  I want to help people to not have fear in getting started.  So many people want to make money online, but they find it overwhelming.  Thank you so much for your encouraging words.  -Babs

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