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In this website, my goal is to bring to you the most up-to-date information on ways to make money online.  I have shared with you how to get your own affiliate marketing website 100% free, and now I’m going to share with you a plugin I discovered that will change the way your website looks.  About Elementor Plugin WordPress will give you the basics of this plugin and some of the wonderful things it can do.

Creating content is one of the main functions of an affiliate marketer.  You must create beautiful content in order to rank with the search engines, but more importantly, your readers are looking for information from you.  If your niche is dog training, you will want to write captivating articles and provide information and products to people who are searching for this information online!

Introducing Elementor

I cannot tell you the excitement I have about this plugin.  I will be able to create beautiful, creative, captivating content for you on everything I present.

This discovery has left me having a hard time going to sleep!  I just want to play with it and create gorgeous pages full of exciting information!  I’m going to give you a brief tutorial below!

How to add Elementor to your website

Adding Elementor is like adding any plugin.  You go to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins on the left sidebar, click on Add New, Search Elementor, and add it.  Then Activate the plugin, and you are ready to create unique and beautiful websites.

Install the Plugin if available

Some themes don’t support the use of Elementor, however.  One of my websites didn’t give the option when I searched Elementor (I was so sad).  I would have to change my theme (which now I’m thinking I’m going to do just to take advantage of the Elementor theme).  

Open a new post, title it, and then you’ll see the option to “Edit with Elementor.”  Click on that option.  You also can just edit like you normally do if you want.  I’m gong to click on the Elementor option:

What I love about Elementor is that they have two options.  You can do the drag & drop builder or use a pre-built template.  You can also create your own templates so you don’t have to create from scratch all the time.  You create a template once, and then you import it (like a form if you want, or anything you create that you may want to use on multiple posts).

So I click on the red plus sign which opens all the options on the left sidebar:

So we’re going to choose the plus sign to add a box manually  instead of a template:

For a heading, I just need one column, so I choose the one column option:

You’ll see where I can add a heading, a video, a button, a spacer, a divider, etc.   For this example, I am going to choose a Heading:

You simply drag the heading and place it in the box.  Then you can edit that text, add a URL, align it, and many other options for your header:

Now I want to add a button and a picture next to each other.  So I click on the plus sign again for my next box:

This time I choose the two column option:

Now you have two boxes.  You can add anything you want into either one.  You can do a heading in one and text in another.  You can do text in one and a picture in the other, whatever you want!


In this example, I’m going to do a button on the left, so I click on the plus sign which opens my widget choices:


I choose the button for the left box:


On the left, you are given a bunch of options for your button.  You have the choice to link it to wherever you want (another page or an outside affiliate link).  You can center it, change the size, etc:


You can change the style of your button.  In this example, I gave it a shadow.  I typed in the words “Pretty Cool RIGHT?


Here is a totally cool feature.  I made the button so it moves when you scroll down on the page!  I chose to have it come in from the left into place!  (I put a video below this section so you can see it in action):


Next I want to add a picture into that right box:


I drag the image icon into that right box:


I choose a picture of a hand with money in it, and I go to style and choose to have the money fade in from the right:

Video to show you how it looks

Add Buttons and Other Fun Widgets:

Roll in your text!! Lots of motion choices!

Want to build your own awesome website?

Adding a template

Let’s take a look at the amazing templates that are pre-made for you in the Elementor template library.

Don’t forget, you can create your own templates as well!  You do the work once and use it over and over again.

In this example, we’ll go to the template library and choose one.  I click on the folder icon:


You can choose from hundreds of pre-made pages:


There are also “blocks” you can choose from that have things like sign-up forms.  (Remember, every one of these blocks is also fully customizable, and you can save them as your own templates once you customize them!):


There are cool testimonial templates.  You can add your own photos and testimonials from your clients:


You are able to add price plan templates as well with your plans and pricing for whatever product or services you’re selling on your website:

Want to build your own awesome website?

Pre-made Pages


Let’s choose a page.  You can see there are new pages, trending pages, popular pages.  I’m going to choose this Business Page for this example:


Wherever you place your box, the template fills in.  You can drag it, also, wherever you want it on your page.  You have the option to move any box anywhere you want to:


Every section is customizable.  I can change everything in the template.  I can swap text for a picture, or a video for a heading.  

In this example, I’ll change the wording.  I can link it, change the size, the color, and the alignment, to name a few:


I changed the background color of this box, too.

See how much fun this is and how beautiful you can make your posts and pages?


I hope you have found value from this article and the instructions on the Elementor plugin.

This is a free plugin.  There are, of course, more features in the pro version.  I’m going to be providing information on the pro version.  It’s less than $40 for a whole year, and the pro version will give you so many more functions.

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Add other cool widgets like video backgrounds:

Your words here
& your video


I hope you will take a moment to leave me a comment!  I will get right back to you!

I’m here to help you on this journey!

You can also email me personally at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com at any time!

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  1. This plug in is awesome! I am also a blogger and want this for at least one of my blogs. Please keep posting because I love your very informative posts.
    I wish you had a list to be notified when you post something new.

  2. This is really cool. I’m a beginner so I love finding posts like this that teach me so much and you do a great job of explaining everything in detail. Oh, and I love the slide in, thats really neat also. Thanks so much for sharing, i’m going to check if my theme supports Elementor so I can play around with it too.

  3. Wow, so much customization! Almost a little too overwhelming at first, but this plugin seems to be fairly user friendly. I may look into using it for my blog, thanks for providing this informative post!

    1. You’re welcome, Dereck. As with anything, there is always a learning curve, but the program does provide tutorials, and they have a full youtube channel set up with instructional videos, so it’s pretty good that way! ~ Babs

  4. Hi Babs, thank you for what you are doing. I have also used this plugin and is so powerful. Any people struggling with their website look can take advantage of this WordPress plugin, it’s FREE! and very user friendly.

    1. They do offer a paid version, but it’s super cheap. It’s like $49 for a whole year, and you get a lot of fun gadgets with it. However, the free version is fantastic as well. ~ Babs

  5. Wow this is exactly what I need. I actually just ask for a suggestion for a landing page plugin recently. I had come across this plugin but I was not sure how to use it. Thank you for writing such detail article, showing the audience how to use the plugin step by step. It will be very beneficial to a lot of people because there are softwares providing the same feature for a monthly recurring fee. Thank you again for giving a free option to us!

    1. Yes, you’re going to love it.  It makes your site absolutely stunning with very little effort!  Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help!  ~ Babs

  6. Wow, this is so cool and I cannot wait to try it! I am a very satisfied member of Wealthy Affiliate and that’s how I found your article. I had heard people mention Elementor but never got around to researching it. I’m going to download it right now. Thanks so much for sharing the information and for creating visuals so that I could see what it’s all about.

    1. That’s wonderful, Theresa! It’s great, and you’re going to love it. Be sure to use the Google or firefox browser and not Internet Explorer, though. I just found that out. ~ Babs

      1. Hi, Babs:
        I have been using Elementor and I really love it! I am sharing your post with all of my bloggy friends because I think they will appreciate it, too, as your tutorial is so helpful. I am having a problem, though, and I wonder if you might be able to help me? I have googled for an answer to no avail.
        I started a post from scratch with Elementor without realizing that there’s a default heading that says, “Elementor #”. Do you know of a way to delete this?
        Thanks so much,

        1. Hey, Theresa, yes, when you go to your dashboard, click on posts. Go down to that post and click on it (not edit with Elementor, just click on the title). In there you’ll be able to update the title, add a featured image and change the categories. Then after that you can edit with elementor. Hope this helps. ~ Babsie

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