Affiliate Marketing How To’s – Part 2 – Content and Products!

Thank you for continuing the series Affiliate Marketing How To’s from Part 1.  At the bottom of this article is a link to Part 1 and Part 3 if you’d like to read the whole series.  

Today’s article is going to cover your website content and how to market products and services on your website.  This is a simple procedure, but you will need to follow certain important steps, so I’m glad you’re here!

Creating Content

Your content is the articles you write for your blog website.  Please pay close attention to this section of the series because your content quality will determine your success!  Plain and simple!

I’ve had so many students who get very concerned when I say this to them because they feel they are less than perfect writers.  That’s not a problem.  You don’t have to be a perfect writer because the software program I use does all the checking and corrections for me.  I never have to worry that I’ve made a mistake in my grammar, spelling, sentence structure or punctuation!

The tool I use also counts the words in my articles, the number of paragraphs and the number of headings.  All of these factors are also key in your content creation, which I’ll get into a little later in the article.

First, let me show you a video showing how the grammar checking software works.  Take a look below:

As you can see, you don’t have to be proficient in English to write accurate content!  This program is for your use inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform for all your articles!  

Now, we’ve got the grammar and spelling down, but what about the meat of your articles.  How do you come up with up-to-date, relevant information for your site.  Remember I told you in Part 1 that your readers will be judging you on your content, and the search engines will, too.

How do search engines judge you on content?  Let me explain that next!

How search engines analyze

I spend a lot of time talking about content because search engines will be looking at it and analyzing it.  Your content has to be up-to-date and relevant to your keywords for them to display you in their results.

We discussed keywords in Part 1.  Keywords are the search terms people type into Google, Bing or Yahoo to get information.  As we talked about, for every article you write, you are targeting keywords.  Therefore, when people type those keywords into the search, you want the search engines to display your website on page 1 of the results!

They will not do this unless your content is what they are looking for.  Therefore, how do you make sure your content is what they want?

You definitely want to make sure you thoroughly research whatever you are writing about.  In this day and age with internet access, you can get a wealth of information via the internet.  Where else can you obtain high quality information?  Books.  Magazines.  Merchants.  Personal experience.  Don’t skimp in this area.  Talk to people.  Gather as much information as you can about whatever you’re writing about.

People these days do not have patience for that which they do not find interesting and relevant.  They don’t want fluff, but good, solid, interesting information they are looking for.  Give them what they want.  Keep it light!  Always talk to your readers as if they were a friend.  Be real and honest with them.  Add a few widgets to your content to make it fun!

There are hundreds of programs out there that claim to have the “blueprint” for success online.  This is virtually impossible because if you use copied or duplicate data on your website, you will not rank in the search engines.  Your content must be 100% unique.

There is as much mis-information on the internet as there is true information.  Be very careful that the information you are providing is accurate.  You want your readers to trust you.  You also want the search engines to trust you so they display your site in their results.  They will only do that if your information is accurate!

This is also very important.  Whatever keywords you are targeting, make sure your content contains them and is relevant to them.  As an example, if you are using the Keywords “Best Vitamin D Supplement for Skin” be sure that is exactly what you are writing about.  You will also want to use that phrase within the first paragraph of your content and again someplace else in the content.  

Always illustrate your article with photographs, charts, graphs and videos.  This is very important.  People like visuals, and video especially.  Producing videos to illustrate your points will help you with the search engines, and if you host your videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, you can get traffic from searches there as well!

How to make your content interesting

We have discussed ways to make your content interesting with photos and video, but I also want to show you some unique ways to make your website interesting for your readers!


Plugins for WordPress are numerous!  You can find a plugin for almost anything you want to do, and most of them are free.

One plugin that I like, in particular, is called Elementor.  Elementor offers a free version and a pro version.  I went ahead and ordered the pro version because it gave me so many more cool options that I just really liked.  Hey, it’s only $49 for one website for a whole year, so it’s very affordable for what they offer you.  

Plus, when you get the pro version, you then have access to the full support team if you have any questions or issues at all.

Here’s are a couple of articles I wrote about the Elementor Pro plugin so you can see it in action, and I am using the Elementor Pro plugin to display this information as well:

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Elementor Pro Plugin - Part 1

Click below to see Part 1 showing many of the features of the Elementor Pro plugin:
See features here

Elementor Pro Plugin - Part 2

Click below to see Part 2 showing many the features of the Elementor Pro plugin:
See features here

Let's talk about

affiliate marketing how to's
affiliate marketing how to's
affiliate marketing how to's

The reason this section is after the Content section is because without content on your website, you cannot apply to be an affiliate marketer.  When you apply to be an affiliate for a company, they want to see your website content before they will approve you.

That’s another reason why your content is so important!

Once you have written several relevant articles on your site, you can start thinking about some of the products and services in your niche that you think your readers would be in need of.  

Think about how you can write an article about something in your niche, based on your keyword research, and what products would go along with that article.  

The other thing you can start to think about is product reviews.  Start to think about products in your niche that you could purchase (or perhaps already own) that you could review for your readers.  People love reviews.  Maybe you could do a product comparison between various products to help people in their shopping.

Setting up Affiliate Agreements

Affiliate agreements are agreements you set up with merchants to market their products and/or services.  To give you an example, and are two very large merchants with a wide array of products.  You can set up an affiliate agreement with them, and then they will provide you with what’s called an “affiliate link” for any of their products you wish to sell.

When you find a product you want to sell that may not be on a site like Amazon, you simply Google the name of the product with the words “Affiliate program” after it.  

As you can see, for specialty items like a Kor Water bottle, you deal directly with the company.  You simply click on the link, and you’ll be taken to their page to sign up:

affiliate marketing how to's

Then, once you click the sign up now button, you are taken to the application:

It’s not a hard process, but keep in mind that all companies do take a look at your website to make sure their product or service will be a good fit!

Affiliate Agreements

The affiliate agreements are critical because they will give you the rules the merchant has set up for you as their affiliate, and it is extremely important that you follow them to a tee!   Here is a link to the affiliate agreement so you can see it as an example:

Comments welcome

Here at Coaching for Internet Marketers, I am dedicated to helping you start and build a successful online business!  I do not charge for my services, but I do receive a commission if you sign up for any of the products or services that I recommend on my site!  Those are my affiliate links!

However, please always keeps in mind that any product or service that I recommend on this website are ones that I have personally used and recommend.  I am here to help you, so please leave me a comment or question below.  If you would like to contact me personally, you can email me at at any time!  

I look forward to hearing from you,

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  2. Thanks for this great post.

    I’ll admit, a writer I am not.  That said, by focusing on my keywords and brainstorming smaller supporting topics, I can write a couple of paragraphs for each and, before you know it, I can put them all together to build the full article!

    Wow, you’ve packed this post with a lot of info.  It’s going to take me a bit to absorb it all.  The affiliate agreement warrants another read.

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  3. Hello Babs, thank you for this article. I’m still learning about affiliate marketing, so this is very helpful for me. I have a question regarding plugins. I am using WordPress based website, but there are so many plugins recommended by any other digital marketing guru. Do you mind to give a general idea of what plugins should be installed for newbie? Also, I can see how nice Elementor is just by seeing your website. I will try the free version. Is it free forever or just free trial? Thank you

    1. It is free forever.  You can use the paid version for only $49 for a whole year.  It’s a great deal.  Anyway, use the SEO plugin, and you’ll want to also use a plugin to have people subscribe to your site.  That’s important.  ~ Babs

  4. Hey Babs, I’m grateful to have stumbled on your affiliate marketing guide.

    You see, content is something I’ve got constant struggles with, no matter how hard I try to get good at it. It often hurts my head at times, unable to squeeze words from this thing between my ears. Have you felt the same?

    Nevertheless, it’s the price to pay if we wish to build a long-term affiliate marketing business. It’s what will set us apart from the shady gurus who are only in it for the money!

    PS: Now that you mention, I’m going to try Amazon Associates once again. I applied once in it, but got removed since I never made money from it. Hope it turns out well this time.

    1. They removed me right when I had a huge sale, and I didn’t get my commission.  I was pretty upset, but I applied again and they re-instated me.  You have to keep an eye on it.  Good luck!  ~ Babs

  5. Hi Babs! Thank you very much for this article. I have recently been learning about how important content really is. And the fact that search engines analyse our content to see if it is helpful. I know they have their metrics (how long visitors stay on our site, bounce rates, and so on). All this is intimidating because I’m no writer.

    But having a tool to help us craft our content, checking our grammar, counting our words and even our headlines, can be a game changer. I’ll definitely check this tool!

    1. It’s so important to make sure that our content is accurate and has good grammar.  This tool is amazing, definitely check it out!  ~ Babs

  6. Your article is a real deal here. You have created an amazing article where everyone not just beginners can learn a lot about affiliate marketing. It is so easy to understand and follow through all your tips. Even though I have been in affiliate marketing for a while, even for me I learned a lot of new things.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

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    1. I’m so glad that it was helpful to you!  I really am!  I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment on my site!  ~ Babs

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