How to get traffic with Pinterest! Bucketloads!

The trick is to automate your Pinterest and to provide awesome pictures to attract people to click on your links! Sounds easy, right? It is! I can show you how, so stick right here how to get traffic with Pinterest! I am going to introduce you to an amazing program that I just started using, […]

How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate Library

This is the Library of Training modules within the Wealthy Affiliate program. I wanted you to be able to see what is offered in the Wealthy Affiliate program. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can join the platform with their 100% free Starter Program. The Starter program gives you two free websites […]

How do I find keywords for a website? Why this is so important!

If you are building a website and trying to optimize it, you’ve probably read a lot about keywords. But you may be wondering, “How do I find keywords for a website?” Well, why does this even matter, and what are keywords anyway? I’m here to explain all about these mysterious keywords, why they are so […]

Add cool text to a photo – Have the most professional look free!

How do you like the photo I’ve selected for the featured image on this post? Want to learn the exact steps I took to make it? I did it 100% for free, and you can too! This article will show you step-by-step how I created this beautiful featured image. Let’s dive in. I like free […]

Online business tips for beginners! Do it right from the beginning!

Creating and maintaining an online business is exactly that! A business! Get it set up the right way from the beginning to ensure your success in making money online. I am here to help in any way I can, so let’s get into this article on Online business tips for beginners! In this article I will […]

What’s with Mr. Rebates? How does it work exactly?

As a mentor and a coach, people often ask me about new programs, and that’s good because I can then share these programs with you, my readers and students. So one of my readers asked me, “What’s with Mr. Rebates?” Now, I had just began researching Mr. Rebates a while ago and had requested an […]

How to earn money on blogging! Free university training!

Have you thought about ways to make money online? Blogging is the way to go, and I can offer you access to a free online university that will teach you exactly how to do it, so read on and I’ll tell you all about this amazing opportunity. My website is designed to help people who […]

Start business online! Get up and running for free!

I am going to teach you step-by-step how to get your online business up and running absolutely free. This is a legitimate program that does not require a credit or debit card to get going, so read on to learn exactly how to: Start business online! I take you through the steps in a detailed […]

How to add text to a photo! Make your website professional!

Get a more professional look for your website by adding text to a photo. This is especially helpful when you want to use a featured image for your posts with the titles on them. I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to add text to a photo using a few simple tools. Please note that […]

How to get free traffic for a website – make money!

I have been marketing online for years, and a frequent question my readers ask me is “How to get free traffic for a website.” Why do they ask that? It’s because traffic (the people who come to your website) is what drives your ranking with the search engines and also what drives sales if you […]

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