Create Website Free – Part 1 – The set-up with training!

You do not need to spend a lot of money on a website! I can show you a program where you can create two beautiful WordPress Websites 100% for free! No cost! No credit card. Free Hosting! Create website free? You got it!

Do you want to set up your own blog? Would you be interested in actually making some really good money from your blog? How cool would that be? I love writing in my blogs. I have three of them. Each one is set up with things that are of great interest to me, and I’ve monetized all of them to earn me money.

I’ll provide a link at the bottom of this article so you can see my other websites, if you like.

With this online business, not only do I get to work on things that I am passionate about, but I can do it full time because I can earn a full-time income from it. Would you like to do that, too?

Great!  Let me show you exactly how to do it!  Read on!

Setting up a free website

The program I use for free websites is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This article is the first of a three-part series on how to create website free, how to make your website fabulous (all for free), and how to monetize it to make money (again, all for free).

Now look, setting up a free site and using free plugins and programs is awesome, but I want you to know that if you really like doing this type of blogging business, and you want to take it to the next level, I have some very inexpensive programs that I use as well.  Everything I present on this website is designed to help you grow your business, and I am personally available to you at any time.

First, however, let’s show you how to get your business set up for no cost!

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

What is Wealthy Affiliate for

I know what you’re thinking because I was once in your very shoes.  I was searching for a program that would help me set up a website to make money, but all I ever got were a bunch of promises and a lot of scam.  So, you’re wondering how can you set up a business that affords all this and yet is 100% free?  Right?  I get it.

That was me, until I came across the Wealthy Affiliate program.  I read an article much like this one that talked about how I could set up a free website, and I thought, “Ok, no credit card required?  What do I have to lose.”

What I found was not what did I have to lose, but what did I have to gain, and boy did I gain a lot.  The Wealthy Affiliate program became the basis for my entire online blogging operation, from the training and education, to the hosting and support, to the nuts and bolts of operating an online business right through to the community support.

It’s everything I need, or what I like to call a “business in a box.”

Let me go over the exact steps you can take to get your website set up, with full training to guide you step-by-step. 

Parts 2 and 3 of this series will give you some extras, like how to make your website look cool (like some of the moving parts of this article), and you’ll learn some of the ways to get more people (traffic) to your site, capture email address, and make a lot of money on your blog.

Let’s dive in, shall we?  I’m excited to share this with you!

Sample of Training Modules

Wealthy Affiliate University

$$$ Free $$$
starter membership

Premium membership only $49/mo.

What's in the Wealthy Affiliate University

This article will give you a quick look at some of the training modules inside the Wealthy Affiliate University. Just click below to view:

Step 1 - Grab your free membership

When you click the link for your free membership, you’ll complete the forms (the only information you will need is your name, email, username of your choice and a password.  That’s it.  No credit card – no debit card  required!  

I wrote an article that shows you the sign-up process, and you can view it here, but inside this program, they will literally walk you right through the process step-by-step.  They hold your hand, giving you not only written instructions, but also video tutorials for the entire process.  It really is ideal for anyone, even if you are not computer literate, even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

Check out the article here if you’d like:

Set up your first website

The reason I say to set up your “first” website is because with the free Starter Membership, you do get two free websites.  However, I really do suggest you concentrate on just one website at a time.  Affiliate marketing can be time consuming, and of course there is a learning curve as well.  

Follow all the instructions step by step on one at a time.  The training is always accessible, so you can easily go through it again when you’re ready to set up the second website.

Video Walk-through

How would you like to literally set up your first website in under a minute?  The Wealthy Affiliate platform is that easy.  They actually do pretty much everything for you.  You choose your domain name, they offer a site.rubix free website, or you can purchase a .com domain for like $13. for the year.  If you opt for the free site, don’t worry – you can transfer the entire site right over to a .com at any time.

Starter Membership vs. Premium Membership

As I mentioned above, you can opt for the Starter membership and upgrade when you are ready to take your training and your business to the next level.

Here’s a comparison chart to show you what is included in the two levels of membership:

Want to see my websites?

This busines of mine is not just a living for me, but it’s a way of life.  I can present information to people about things that I believe in, about things that I think will help people.  I get to do what I love!  You can, too.  what do you love?  You can set up your blog about any subject you want.  

I have a friend who has a site all about learning devices for children.  Another one of my fellow marketers has set up a site about books.  It doesn’t matter what it is, it should just be something you care about!

So, here they are, my websites.  You can click and go to them to view them here:

Find out why this is the platform for all new and experienced affiliate marketers!

Start free today!

Premium plan is only $49/month

Comments always welcome

How do I come up with topics for this site?  Comments from readers like you!  Please take a moment and leave me a comment below!  Do you have a question?  You can leave it below or email me privately at at any time!

I hope to hear from you! 

create website free

Babs Wagner

Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for visiting my page!


  1. There are not that many web hostings provide a free website. For example, bluehost and hostgator do not provide free site but their service is cheaper comparing to others. There might be other site provider that give you free website but the name will be too long and might not be secured. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is the best deal. You get to learn first 10 lessons for free (do not need to go to youtube and skim through all those channel), you get 2 websites, and also you get to have the taste of Jaxxy (the keyword site) Without spending any money you can have all of that for free. And that is how I joined WA. I love the idea that WA offered me free trails and did not ask me for my credit card. After I understand a concept of affiliate marketing, I decided to give platform a try and never a day that I regret it.

    1. Yes, I joined as a free member, too, and just like you, I tried it out, found great value there, and joined as a Premium member.  The Premium is where all the huge benefits come in, but it sure was nice to be able to really give the platform a full try for absolutely free.  ~ Babs

  2. Awesome post Babs. People end up using free blogging platform, because of the high cost of owning the website! As you have mentioned about WA platform for hosting our own website, it’s a best way indeed for a beginner. 

    WA provides great training along with web hosting. It’s mandatory to leverage it’s awesome advantages for everyone. Your website looks super cool. And, you have given a thoughtful advise on website creation, it’s shows your genuine care for your audience. I’m glad to go through your article and your other articles seems very useful as well. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it. Many people will find it very useful. 

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words.  I work hard on the site, and it’s nice to be appreciated!  ~ Babs

  3. Dear Babs,

    Thanks a lot for this helpful and informative post.

    Few years before, I did my research on the best ways to making money online and finally came up with my results. The best way to make money online is by having our own website and doing Affiliate Marketing. But I was afraid of building a website because I don’t have much knowledge on Html, coding etc.,

    I came across Wealthy Affiliate and when I saw their video that the website can be created in less than 30 seconds it was mind-blowing. Based on their training I created my own website and my online business. Now I say to others building website is not a rocket science and its a very simple task (Thanks to the technology advancement).

    You have provided a step by step walk-through on creating a website and I believe this is going to save a lot of people time and effort. Looking forward for the part 2 and 3 of this series.

    I visited your websites and they are awesome!

    Much Success!


  4. Thanks Babs for showing us your websites as I was curious as to all the different niches that you make money online. A lot of people just try to make money with the make money online niche and I think that there are many other opportunities that people can take advantage of. Which of the niches you are in is your favorite?

    1. My Make Money Online niche is where I have the most interaction with people, and so I enjoy this one the most!  I have great interest in helping people!  ~ Babs

  5. I love WA!

    I’ve been there for almost a month and I cannot believe how much I have accomplished. My site is up and running and it looks wonderful.
    Even on a tight, family budget, I can afford to do this for myself and my kids. I have seen affiliate programs that cost upwards of $900, and they do not offer even half of what we get at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Even if they “offer” to reduce the price or let you pay in installments, they cannot compare to WA.

    I am excited about the future, and I know I’m going to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate. The only way to fail is to quit!

    Great post!
    See you at WA!

  6. I love WA!

    I’ve been there for almost a month and I cannot believe how much I have accomplished. My site is up and running and it looks wonderful.
    Even on a tight, family budget, I can afford to do this for myself and my kids. I have seen affiliate programs that cost upwards of $900, and they do not offer even half of what we get at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Even if they “offer” to reduce the price or let you pay in installments, they cannot compare to WA.

    I am excited about the future, and I know I’m going to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate. The only way to fail is to quit!

    Great post!
    See you at WA!

    1. People do give up before they are successful, but I never did, and I’m glad to hear you aren’t going to either.  Keep at it, and you will see great success!  ~ Babs

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