Create Website Free – Part 2 – The Wow Factor!

Everyone wants to know how to: CREATE WEBSITE FREE! Right? I teach this on this website, exactly how to create a 100% free website, set up a blog, and make money from it. No money, no credit card or debit card, 100% free. Great! In Part 1 of this series, I went over how to get it started; how to sign up and establish your first website. If you missed Part 1, go ahead and catch up here: CREATE WEBSITE FREE – PART 1 – THE SET-UP WITH TRAINING!

Setting up your free website is made possible through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  This is where all the magic happens.  Free websites, free hosting, and free tutorial and video training.  I am where I am today in my business because of Wealthy Affiliate.  Go ahead and get started 100% free today so you, too, can build your free website!

In Part 2 here, I’m going to show you how to capture visitors and keep them on your page and coming back for more. It’s called the “Wow Factor,” and it’s about the content on your site, how it’s researched and presented, and how it looks! So, pay attention because this is a very important lesson!


It doesn’t matter what your site is about. You can write about anything that is close to your heart. I say that because you always want to make sure that if you are spending time preparing and presenting information to your readers, that it be something you care about.

You will spend a lot of time immersed in your “niche.” Your niche is the subject of your website. It’s a group of people who are interested in something. Something in particular. Some popular niches are health and fitness, nutrition, animals (be specific – do you like cats, dogs, turtles?) and then be even more specific – write about dog beds, or cat accessories. You want to narrow down your niche and become an expert in that field.

Once you have your niche, you will want to research to present information to your readers. You want to make sure you present the most up-to-date, thorough and accurate information out there. You want people to come back to your site because they can rely on that from you.

Your content

Let’s talk about the content of your new website.  This is critical.  If you are looking to set up a blog, the content you prepare is the most important part of your site, so what should your content be?  Take a look below:


The last thing you want to do is present inaccurate data to your readers. The whole point of your website is to gain credibility and trust. You can only do that if what you present is true and up-to-date.


Research your niche thoroughly, and write articles that give the reader something they may not be able to find elsewhere. It's easy to gather information on the internet, but that should not be your only source. Go to the library, visit local establishments that serve your niche, and really provide a thorough accounting.


In today's online world, people don't stick around if they aren't interested! Therefore, keep it interesting. How do you do that? Write like your were talking to a good friend. Nobody wants to read a textbook unless they're going to school (and even then, not so much). So keep it real!


This is my favorite part! The fun! I started blogging from home for a couple of reasons. One reason was because I have been teaching most of my life, and this gives me the opportunity to teach about things that I love and helping people. The other was because I was tired of working for someone else and wanted to work for myself. In other words, I wanted to have fun! If I want to have fun, I feel like I need to make it fun for my readers, too! You should, also!

Let's talk fun

How to get higher ranking on Google

What's with Elementor Pro?

Widgets are fun, aren't they? I found a plugin called Elementor, and let me tell you, I have been having a lot of fun with it. This plugin is how I can make the paragraphs move, insert little snippits like this, and a whole bunch of fun things. You can read the article here:

Does it pass the test?


CREATE WEBSITE FREE – Part 1 – The Set-up and Training!  Read the article on Part 1 of this series on building your own website!  This article will give you the basics on how to get your free website, set it up and take advantage of the free training!

CREATE WEBSITE FREE – Part 3 – Get more traffic!  Of this series will teach you how to get people to your website.  It’s called website “traffic,” and without it, you cannot run a successful blog or online business.  Don’t miss this important conclusion to this series!

Content Guidelines

Your content should be unique always.  I can’t tell you how many times, when I was searching for an online educational program to show me how to do affiliate marketing, that I came across websites that proclaimed they had a “blueprint” for success.  A “few clicks” and I would have content already prepared and ready to go.

That just is not the way this works, I found out.  Your content must be unique for the search engines to take you seriously and deem you an authority site.  Why does this matter?  Let me explain:

Search engines require your content be unique or they will not present you to people who are searching.  It’s as simple as that!  You cannot use a “blueprint” that other people are using.  You cannot go and just copy and paste what is on other sites.  You will never display in the results, and therefore nobody will ever find your articles.  Therefore, keep your content unique!  Here’s an article that will help you:   HOW TO COME UP WITH CONTENT FOR A BLOG

Relevent content means that it is new, it is fresh, and it pertains to the niche you are writing about.  You must make sure that you are providing information the search engines deem important to people searching.  Remember, this is all about the search engines because they have set up their programs to bring awesome information to the people who search on them.

Here is something that I can’t stress enough.  Keywords.  It’s so important, as a matter of fact, that I’ve written several articles about it on this website.  Keywords are the search terms that people will use to find your articles.  Using the right keywords, and in the proper manner, is absolutely critical to your success online.   Take a moment and read about Keywords here:   DOES KEYWORD SEARCH WORK?

There is really nothing new we do in this world that doesn’t require some kind of training or formal education, and online blogging is by no means any different.  There is so much to learn, technical things for example  about content creation, optimal article size, number of paragraphs, and things like that.  There is even more to what you put in those paragraphs.  Captivating words, connecting to your audience, using the proper words and phrases.

How do you learn all this information?  You learn it from the Wealthy Affiliate University, which is included in the Wealthy Affiliate platform that provides you with the free websites!  That’s right!  You can start 100% for free, and if you like the program, you will want to become a Premium member to take advantage of all the training!  Go ahead and take a look at some of the training available in this amazing program:  

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I would really like to hear your thoughts on this series!  Have you signed up for your free website yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  No credit card or debit  card required, and you get to have me as your mentor!  Leave me a comment or a question below, and be sure to subscribe to this website over on the sidebar.  You’ll get an email whenever I post a new article!

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Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. The wow factor is one of the top factors in determining your ability to hook a reader and develop a relationship to them. When a reader is impressed by the title and/or information then you can create trust easily. In which ways has the wow factor gotten you results in your marketing journey?

    1. I have had readers and other marketers tell me that they read my whole articles because they find them easy to understand, informative and interesting.  I think when you make it fun to read, people stay on the page, and the search engines like your page when people stay on it and read it.  ~ Babs

  2. Hi Babs, the big thing that stood out for me is content writing and having a really well-functioning website and being able to set up a website for free is wonderful.

    I knew nothing about how to build a website or how to choose a niche, in fact I knew nothing and when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was blown away at all the resources, training and so much more in there and being able to start for free was so great as I got to do some lessons and learned how to build my 1st website so well done you helping people with this post and all the best along the way- Thanks so much. I learn something every time I visit

    1. Thank you, Vicki!  I’m glad you joined Wealthy Affiliate!  You won’t be sorry!  Keep up the good work!  ~ Babs

  3. Thank you for this post.  I find a lot that you’ve written about content to be very interesting.

    You’re right about being thorough, offering information, not easily found online, can really set you apart.

    As for fun, this Elementor plugin…  is it what’s responsible for the animations I see as I scroll through your posts?  If so, I love it!  I actually smiled when I noticed one of them.  I’m off to read that article now.

    Unique is the way to go, but sometimes it can be hard to write about a topic and be completely unique.  That’s one thing I struggle with at times.  I’ll be reading that article too.

    Thanks again, this is really awesome!


    1. Thank you so much, Scott, and yes it was the Elementor Pro plugin that gave you the fun experience!  I love it too!  As for content creation, I find that when I write from my heart and really enjoy what I’m writing about, I find the words!  ~ Babs

  4. I have never made use of elementor and from what I can tell on how you have used it on this post it sure looks nice and I would definitely like to give it a try. I see that the name is elementor pro and I just hope that it is a free plugin and not a paid one. This is definitely a fun way to create a website post and I am not entirely sure if a lot of people are aware of this or how to use it. 

    1. Elementor has a free and a paid version.  The features I show in this article are on the pro, but the free has really cool features as well!  ~ Babs

  5. Unique content is something many website owners seem to struggle with. It seems like a lot of them are just rewording something else they found online. I like the idea of using multiple types of sources, rather than just the internet. Especially the library and other books. I have a pretty substantial personal library, so I always have something to draw on for most of my reference material for the niches I’m working on. If I know someone who’s an expert on a particular subject, sometimes I just ask them and get it straight from their mouth. At least it decreases your chances of sounding just like some other article on page one of the search results.

    1. You’re spot-on, Mark!  Word of mouth, from the “horse’s mouth,” now that is the best source of all!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  ~ Babs

  6. I really love the moving graphics on your site! Thanks for including information on Elementor Pro. What does the free version give you compared to the $49/yr option? I spent some time brousing your website too. So much good information in here! Nice job! I’ll be sure to come back. 

  7. I am bookmarking this post.  Yes, I want to set  up my own website, but have to clear some space in my schedule first.  I know, I need to get started soon.  Don’t worry, I will.

    You have included so much good information.  It’s also good to know that you will be available throughout the process, so I will be able to ask questions when I run into a problem.  How long will it take before I start making money online with the new website? Once it is created, can I become a Wealthy Affiliate member, as you are?  

    I am technologically illiterate.  Will I run into problems trying to understand what I’m doing?  Do you offer in-depth training?  Oh, I have so many questions…guess I’d better get started soon so you can answer them all for me.

    1. What’s great with Wealthy Affiliate is that they give you step-by-step instructions with video tutorial, so even those less than fluent in computer technology will be ok.  The other great thing is the community and the support.  When you have a question or problem, there’s 24/7/365 chat and support from the program.  It’s so helpful.  

      I do mentor anyone who signs up under me for Wealthy Affiliate.  You get to start and work the program 100% free, so it is a great opportunity to make sure this is the right business for you!  ~ Babs

  8. Not my first time reading your posts, one thing I love about them is that it is so easy to read and eye catchy. I try as much as I can to write post using those rules and it works out just fine  one thing not familiar with yet is the use of the elementor still use the classic editor.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article Babs

    1. You’re very welcome, Rahye!  I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Elementor Pro is my favorite plugin for sure!  I absolutely love the features and how my articles dance on the page.  It’s just awesome!  ~ Babs

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