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Keywords are all the buzz. The hype is for good reason because keywords are literally the “key” to your success. You ask, “Does keyword search work?” The answer is yes, and I can show you exactly how for free.

What are keywords used for

When search engines search for content for users, they do it based on that user’s search terms, right? So, for example, if you search a term like “help with keywords” on google, you will get a result that looks like this:

You’ll notice that at the top of the search are two ads (I’ve highlighted them in yellow). These are placed here because someone purchased those keywords from google so that if a search is made for these keywords, their ad pops up first.  This can get pretty expensive, so let’s focus on the generic (free) ways to rank on page 1 of Google.

Directly under the two paid ads are the generic search results. These are affiliate sites or blogs that someone set up, targeted those keywords in their content, and so they generically show up for free under those keywords.  That’s what you are shooting for!

That’s the way to do it! Free is better, and it’s not hard to do.  I am going to give it all away for you here.

How did their sites rank?

Let’s take a look at another example and we can dive into it. This example targets the keyword search “fountain of youth lifestyle.” As you can see from the results below, nobody has paid for that term for google ads, so the top result is a generic result. This is an affiliate website that has dominated this keyword phrase for their website domain name and facebook name.  They hold the first and second spot for that keyword phrase.

Next,  let’s look at an actual post. The title itself is the keyword phrase. You always want to make each and every title on your website has strong keywords. I’ll get into what makes keywords strong in a minute.

Notice at the top of the page in the first paragraph, you see once again the keyword term “look younger diet plan.” This is important. You want to make sure that someplace within your first paragraph, you place those same keywords you are targeting. Please make sure it makes sense in a sentence, though. Don’t just throw them in there anywhere.

After that, you can use the keywords one more time below in the article, but you do not want to over-use the keywords because Google is pretty smart when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), and you don’t want to do harm to your SEO by over-using the terms.  (Learn all about SEO here)

Top SEO keyword

There is a strategic method to finding the best keywords. We are looking for several things when we search for those perfect keywords:

1) Relevant to your website – They must make sense and be in alignment with what we are trying to represent and provide. The keywords “look younger diet plan” go hand-in-hand with the theme of the website. The site is bringing information to the reader about foods, beverages, and supplements to make the reader look and feel younger. You wouldn’t want to target “best living room layout” on a lifestyle website like this. The keywords have to make sense.

2) Proper sentence structure – Sometimes you will come across keywords that get a ton of traffic, but they sound silly as a heading to an article. For example, the keywords “find best keywords my website” have very little competition and about 50 searches a month, so they meet all the criteria to be great, but the words don’t make sense conversationally. You need to be able to speak the words and have them make sense. Instead of “find best keywords my website,” you’d be better off with the words, “find the best keywords for my website.”

3) Traffic – This is obvious, and I’ll show you how you can see the kind of traffic a search term gets monthly. Without traffic, your customers, there are no sales. So success = traffic!

4) Low competition – The lower the better. You don’t want to be up against huge sites where you may never rank. You want to be the authority site for whatever keywords you use. So choose wisely.

Best keyword research tool

There are a lot of ways to search keywords, and some of them are good, some of them are horrible, and one of them is amazing. I can’t tell you what a GAME CHANGER it is when you find a keyword research tool like the one I’m about to share with you. Look at these results from a search on keywords:

Take a look at this article which explains all about this tool and how it works:  KEYWORD ANALYSIS TOOL FREE

The best part is that you get to try this amazing tool for FREE! That’s right – you get all these searches for free on their trial plan:


This article will give you all the details on exactly how the tool works and how to get your free trial:  KEYWORD ANALYSIS TOOL FREE


The question is, does keyword search work? The answer is: Yes, if you have the right tools.

So the next question is, do you want a successful website that gets traffic and is ranked in the search engines? Obviously you are interested in making money (or more money) online, so getting ranked in the search engines, which will lead to lots of traffic has to be a priority.

If that’s your goal, take a look at this article, it will explain everything, and you really do need to grab your free trial of the KEYWORD ANALYSIS TOOL while it is still available.





Babs Wagner

Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. Keyword search is important to achieve a productive site, and to gain proper organic traffic. Jaaxy is a great tool to provide insight on what keywords are best.  I noticed you said couldn’t use the keyword ‘the best living room layout’ for a lifestyle blog, but what if it was ‘the best living room layout for a productive workout’ 

    would that work for your blog or no?

  2. Keyword research absolutely work for any blog or niche to generate tons of SEO traffic. When I do keyword research I always look for only two things.l

    Longtail keyword because it includes so many keywords  and general competition is very low secondly I choose keywords that have some buying intent because I run an applet website and buying keywords ends of generating sales for me.

  3. Hello.Thank you for this very interesting article on the question whether keyword search works or not. I was looking for a keyword tool and stumbled upon your article.So if I were to use this tool (Jaaxy) to find keywords, do you think my ranking would improve? I have quite a few articles on the second or third page of Google but can’t seem to get them any higher.I think I’ll just give this keyword search a try.And do you think it is worth to get the paid version of the tool? What are the advantages of getting the paid version?Thanks again for this informative post!All the best,Moritz

  4. Dear Babs Wagner,

    Thanks for the helpful post on Keywords.

    Indeed, keywords are the KEY words to rank in search engines to get free organic traffic. 

    I am happy to see the free keyword tool you are suggesting is the same one I am using and I can share my own experience here…

    I am full-time blogger and I have 150+ posts on my blog. I use Jaaxy for all my keyword research and this awesome tool helps me to drive organic traffic to my blog and provides a lot of ideas.

    It’s more than a keyword research tool and it contains loads of valuable features like Brainstorm, Alphabet soup training etc., If you are looking for organic traffic then Jaaxy is a must have tool.


  5. Hi

    I have used different keyword tools many times over the years and never really understood them until i used the JAAXY Keyword Research tool.

    The Jaaxy keyword research tool is so easy to use and to me makes a lot more sense when using it.  i have saved so much time using it and got some really good keywords that have helped my articles to be indexed within day in Google.

    I have also got really good article titles from it.  This tool is a win/win and the starter level is Free so you can’t go wrong.

    Thank you for this informative, interesting and useful article/coaching on how to get the most out of using the correct keywords and highlighting this really powerful Jaaxy keyword research tool.


  6. When I created my first website, I did not know much about keywords. Needless to say, I had very little success with that website. I was so happy when I found Jaaxy. It is like “gold” to me when it comes to finding the right keywords for my content. I have been getting good results with Jaaxy and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a keyword research tool.

  7. Thanks for giving some insight on this. My website is still in it’s infancy and I’m still not so sure how these keywords work. I always wonder for example:

    When I want to write an article about the psychology of behavior and I find a keyword in Jaaxy saying: ‘why I do things I do’. All the statistics tell me it’s a good keyword but it just doesn’t sound right. So I want to change the title to something more logical like ‘Why do I do the things I do?’ will it then still have the same results in google? Because I basically changed the keyword, so don’t the statistics become irrelevant because it’s written differently?

    Did that made sense to you at all? Haha. Thanks again for sharing.

    All the best,

    1. Yes, it did make sense, and the answer is yes, if you change the grammar, it will change the results. See what the actual proper term “why do I do the things I do” does for your results with Jaaxy. Sometimes you have to dig deep to get those keywords that make sense and have the numbers.

  8. Nice blog. You have highlighted most of the lessons here on your single article that an online entrepreneur should now to do online business. Hope this will certainly help and inspire newbies in their online world of business. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  9. You did a great review and explanations of keywords and tools to find the right one for your post. In my ten years long (or short) path in Internet Marketing, I’ve used many keyword tools. Almost each has pros and cons even in the paid version. Today, like you, I stick with Jaaxy Pro. I’ve learned to use it relatively effectively.

  10. Hello Babs. Thanks for this explanation on keywords. What’s great is that you actually apply the advice you’re giving in this article to yours. Jaaxy is an awesome tool indeed, and very handy for keyword search. Looking for low competition keywords will definitely help young websites to get traffic at the beginning. After some point, a website will get some authority, and it won’t be necessary to focus on low competition keywords anymore – even if that might still help.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I believe as the website gains authority, keyword search will remain important.  The difference is you can go with higher competition words, but you always want to do your homework before naming an article.  It just makes sense and will make you continue to have the success that comes from due diligence and perseverance.   – Babs

  11. Hi Babs – thanks for sharing this useful article. I am relatively new to affiliate marketing and have quickly learnt that keywords are super important for success. Your breakdown of how to find the perfect keyword is ideal for newbies, and I am sure I will come back to it in the future. I have been trying out Jaaxy, and I have only one problem with it – I spend far too much time playing with different combinations of words, and before I know it, an hour has passed! All the best, Diane   

    1. Save those searches, Diane, and it’s never a waste of time.  I’ve spent so much time searching, and then boom, I find the hidden gem of a keyword with huge results and low competition.  I save all my good keywords, even if they seem repetitious because content is king and the more the better.  It comes in handy!  Keep up the good work!  – Babs

  12. Key word targeting is not the only way to get your name out there or exposure for your website but not doing so will definitely not benefit you. I have tried as much as possible to diversify the traffic to my site as much as possible as the algorithms that are used by SEOs and the way that it relates to Key Words is constantly evolving.

    Do you recheck posts that you have written to ensure that the key words are still relivant or do you do this only before you write? I have found that the key word target is also fluid and it does pay to do checks ever 6 – 9 months to ensure that the posts are still relevant.


    1. I have learned that it is not a good idea to change your post titles.  You want to always be adding fresh content, and with that new content comes new, relevant keywords.  I have not seen my keywords fall from grace.  When I look, they are still good.  I would suggest reviewing your posts and freshening content, but not the titles.  – Babs

  13. Babs, as you said, keywords are all the buzz.

    I found your picture of the Jaaxy keyword search tool very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to note what the items in the different columns mean.

    1. You’re welcome, Sondra! I’m glad I could help you understand how this works! I felt like to get the full information, I had to explain how the program actually works! ~ Babs

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