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One of the main benefits of belonging to Wealthy Affiliate is the training, and if you are interested in social media to grow your traffic, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be! Get Traffic with Pinterest! You’ll learn multiple strategies for getting traffic through the Pinterest Social Media Site.

Today I’m going to review the Wealthy Affiliate training class from the Affiliate BootcampPhase 4Lesson 2 of 10An Image Says a THOUSAND Things! This course is taught by Kyle who is one of the owners/creators of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and University.

“Pinning” it

If you’re not familiar with the Pinterest platform, then you may not know the term “pinning.” This just means making a post on the platform, which requires you to “pin” a picture with it. That’s all. If you are not using Pinterest and pinning all your content, you are missing out on a huge source of traffic!

Pinterest is the fastest growing site ever on the internet – that’s crazy – so let’s get you set up with an account and have you start “pinning” your content! It’s super easy, and I’m even going to direct you to an automated system to do it efficiently and easily later in this article!

How popular is Pinterest?

Here is the traffic analysis for the website! It’s pretty incredible to see how many people are visiting the site. Take a look here:

Scope the Competition

In this training module, Kyle goes over how to “spy” on the competition of your niche. It’s the perfect platform. You can find other marketers who have pins in your niche and see what’s working. What do readers gravitate to? You can follow their pins through to their sites and see what kind of information they are providing their readers.

Please don’t misunderstand me. One of the main things Wealthy Affiliate teaches you over and over is the need for you to always have original, relevant content on your site, so I am not in any way suggesting that you should copy another marketer’s website. However, you can see what types of information are popular, what’s trending, and what kinds of pins are attracting readers.

Set aside some time weekly to really get in and see what’s up in your niche! It will guide you toward what kind of content you want to focus on for your posts.

Post every article

You must focus the majority of your time in creating relevant, timely content on your site, but it is important that you get those posts out there for people to find. Part of your time needs to be spent posting your articles on your social media accounts, and that includes your Pinterest account!

I’m going to give you a link to each of my social media sites here so you can see for yourself how I do it. You’ll see each and every post I make on each of my accounts. As soon as I’m done with a post, I immediately hit my social share icons for each of my accounts and I post my article on my pages. This keeps my social media sites fresh with new content, and it gets people coming to my site to read my articles!

Here are my links. (Please be sure to “like” or “friend” me on each of them so we can connect):





Video Training

Kyle is an awesome teacher, I have to say. I really love his training style. His style is easy to understand, and he usually incorporates video into his training modules as well. In this module, he does provide a video training entitled Utilizing Pinterest to Boost Your Wealthy Affiliate Campaigns.

In his video, Kyle goes through setting up a Pinterest account and how to create “Boards.” Boards are useful to categorize your Pins. I have several different boards on my account. I have a “Website Design” board where I focus on pinning posts that relate to things like graphics, themes and pictures on your site. I have another board called “Affiliate Marketing” where I post articles that relate to various affiliate marketing programs.

Whatever your niche, you can break it down into categories and make yourself Boards to sort your pins

Sharing Pins

Another thing that Kyle stresses is the importance of being “social” on social media platforms. You should never drop and go. It’s not a one-way street. It’s a give and take type of thing, which is why it’s called “social” media. So be social. If you see something of interest, go ahead and “re-pin” it on your board. Comment, like and share other people’s information!

The Secret Sauce

This is a program that I learned about through the Wealthy Affiliate community, and I’m super excited to share it with you. It’s called Tailwind! You’re going to love this program! It puts Pinterest on steroids, lol! Seriously, it helps you to Pin your posts on a schedule over time, and to various boards. You join Tribes, so you are sharing their content and they are sharing yours. It’s an amazing program, and you can try it for free!

Here is an article I wrote that explains the entire process:


Continue your Training Here

Wealthy Affiliate has a FREE Starter Membership you can take advantage of without any credit or debit card. No money required! You will get your first two free websites and all the Starter training modules. You only upgrade to Premium if and when you want to.

Take a look here for all the information on joining Wealthy Affiliate:

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