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Hosting for a website! What is the absolute best choice?

Hosting for a website!  Why do you need “hosting” and what exactly is “hosting.”  I’m going to explain to you all about hosting and then I’m going to share with you various hosting companies and my recommendation for the best hosting company out there.

I’m thinking if you landed here on my website, you are probably interested in internet marketing, or affiliate marketing?  This site here is designed to help people who want to set up or build up an online business to make money.  

If you are one of those people, you have definitely landed in the right place.  I was a teacher for many years, as well as an internet marketer.  I have a lot of experience, training, and knowledge, and I want to share all of that with you here.

Let’s take a look at hosting your website and what your best option is!

What exactly is "web hosting?"

I am going to go to the Dictionary.com website and Wikipedia and pull up the actual definitions of hosting according to those sites:

the business of providing various services, hardware, and software for websites, as storage and maintenance of site files on a server.


a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.


If you have a website now, it has to be hosted.  There are a lot of hosting companies out there, and they offer a variety of services and levels of services.  I’m going to tell you my very favorite company first, because it is honestly the only one I recommend if you are looking to make money online.

Remember, I come from a place of much experience.  I tried a lot of different companies, and programs, and educational classes.  Ugh.  Sorry, but I’m just trying to save you a lot of time and money.  I’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

My choice for hosting!


If you’ve spent any amount of time here on my site, you’ve heard quite a bit about the Wealthy Affiliate program.  Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that was built by two brilliant affiliate marketers named Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim.  They’re from Canada, and they were like me, searching and searching for a legitimate program for affiliate marketers, but they were not finding what they needed.

They decided to build their own platform.  Wealthy Affiliate was created over 14 years ago!  They have over a million members now, and many of them have been in the program since its inception.  

Why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommendation

When you are running an online business, you don’t want your IT Department (your hosting company) to be part-time while you’re working full-time, right?  Wealthy Affiliate offers 24/7/365 Support.  That’s critical.  It can be very stressful to have an issue when you’re in the middle of something.  You want a responsive support team!

Christmas Day?  Support is there!  New Year’s Eve at midnight?  Support is there!  It’s not the type of support where they send you an email telling you they will respond within 24-48 hours.  It’s the kind of support where real people get right back to you.  That kind of support!

What is wealthy affiliate for
what is wealthy affiliate for
What is wealthy affiliate for

Look, I’ve written several articles about Wealthy Affiliate and how they can grow your business faster and bigger than you ever dreamed possible.  My business took off when I joined, and I would not run my business without them!

Take a look here.  Take a few minutes to read these articles and familiarize yourself with all that this absolutely amazing program and training can do for your business (and your wallet!)!

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Plans

One of the major benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is that they offer a Starter Plan that is 100% free to join and maintain.  You don’t even need a credit card or debit card to sign up and get started. 

The Starter plan provides you with two free websites, free hosting, and ten training modules to get your business up and running!  You also get the 30 keyword searches through the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool.  (You should have read about that in Part 3 above.)  

Honestly, you just won’t find anything that can compare to the Wealthy Affiliate program.  Here’s a comparison of the two levels, the free Starter Membership (which I recommend you get started with), and their Premium Membership, which gives you everything they offer their community:

Everything in Premium only

Before I found the Wealthy Affiliate program and all the wonderful training and community, I tried some other programs and platforms (ugh), and one of the things I really couldn’t stand was the fact that I would sign up for a program, and the next thing I knew, they were telling me I needed this upgrade and that upgrade, this upsell and that upsell.  It drove me crazy.

Wealthy Affiliate has only the two membership levels.  Starter, which is free, and Premium, which is $49/month.  That’s it!  You get everything they offer in the Premium membership, and believe me, that’s a business in a box!

What about other hosting companies?

Like I said above, I’ve tried (and been burned by) so many other programs, and I was so relieved to find the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  It’s actually amazingly cheap for all that they offer.  I really still can’t believe that I can run my entire business for under $50!  

Anyway, here is a comparison chart to show you just how great the Wealthy Affiliate platform is:

Hosting for a website
Hosting for a website

Let's look at the training you get with the Starter plan

The Wealthy Affiliate Starter program is actually pretty amazing.  Now, you’re not going to have access to the community benefits and unlimited training like you will with the Premium plan, but they do a great job of getting you started.

You will be able to set up your first two websites and be fully trained through the first ten training modules included in Starter.  Here’s a look at the training you get with the Starter Plan:

Hosting for a website

Comments Welcome

I hope this article has helped you in finding the very best hosting for a website!  I am here to search out and find the best programs and tools, tips and tricks to help you to be successful in your affiliate marketing business!  Coaching for Internet Marketers was designed for your success!

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question in the area below!

Would you rather contact me personally?  Send me an email at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com at any time!  

I look very forward to hearing from you!

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. My organization wanted to make a site; Myself as the marketer told the Chair board that it was really expensive to hire someone to host and maintain it. She goes; “It won’t because it will be your job to maintain it.” haha   So if I wanted to do it right and save money, Wealthy Affiliate was really the only option because of all that it offers.  Otherwise, hosting can be really expensive and not offer very much in return.

    1. You’re right, Linda, it can be expensive, and I really didn’t get the services I needed for my business.  When I started using Wealthy Affiliate, well, that’s when my business really took off, and when I could relax because i had everything covered.  ~ Babs

  2. Hello Babs, very interesting write up you have about the best choice for hosting a website. Firstly, I agree with you that wealthy Affiliate is such an excellent platform to host one’s website because that’s where I host my website too. What I like most is the site speed and its sleekness. I also like the carious plugins made available right from start coupled with the security guarantee made available by them. Its a great platform to get things started, seriously.

    1. Very good choice, Ro!  I think when people get plugged into the Wealthy Affiliate program, they just don’t leave.  Why would they?  It’s got everything, and at an amazing price.  ~ Babs

  3. Hi Babs! There are many advantages when we use Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting. The first domain I ever bought was purchased at GoDaddy. After that, I discover Wealthy Affiliate and it’s benefits, specially concerning hosting. And I decided to move over my site and host it at Wealthy Affiliate. I haven’t looked back! It’s really a great service!

    1. I have heard this exact thing from so many of my readers over the years.  Go Daddy is fine, but it isn’t going to give you any services for your business like Wealthy Affiliate and the 24/7/365 support you need to depend on when working online.  I work all hours of the day and night from many different locations, and when I need support, I want instant service.  ~ Babs

  4. What a treat!  Wealthy Affiliate is a complete platform!

    It is really good to know that aside from the training they have, they also have hosting – which is excellent.  For me, it`s a one-stop shop! With the training, tools, hosting, and great support from the community, anyone who wants to create their online business will benefit from this program.

    Thank you for sharing this thorough article about Wealthy Affiliate.

    All the best!

  5. Hi Babs,

    Thanks for sharing your experience of website hosting, you are correct every website owner needs to have a reliable website hosting service. I agree that there is no better hosting service than Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson have done a remarkable job with their hosting package, it’s a steal at $50 per month, I can vouch for the back office support if you have an issue with hosting or any issues with your site. The team there respond very quickly and thoroughly to any problems that arise, that part is worth the price alone, not only that the Wealthy Affiliate platform is just so amazing, it teaches you step by step how to start an affiliate business, from the initial set up your website stage all the way to how to make money from your site.

    Well done 


  6. This is yet another comprehensive post about Wealthy Affiliate web hosting, Babs. This is really cool that you wrote about this one. Web hosting is essential and blood of the website.

    Yes, content is important, but without the best performing web hosting provider, your website will not be friendly in Google’s eyes, given the cache and all that stuff affecting your site performance and eventually your SEO.

    So, for those who just began their blogging journey, you could utilize Wealthy Affiliate web hosting via SiteRubix.  

    1. Yes, hosting is very important, which is why I focused this article on that subject.  Thank you for stopping by, Mecyll!  ~ Babs

  7. It’s a must to try out the free start up plan of WA. From there, you can already take lessons and training, navigate the system and see everything there is to know. I would love for everyone to join the thriving community and see for themselves the opportunity that no other affiliate company has offered. 

    As I go through my affiliate career, I realized how lucky I am that I landed on WA. Like you said, it didn’t ask for different payments unlike others that keeps on funneling. It’s just the membership fee you have to pay in which is way cheaper that what other offers. One of the reasons why it’s legit is because it will not entice you with words like ‘Get rich, Quick money schemes’. WA would actually tell you to get serious with your business. thanks for sharing this. It’s worth the read.

    1. Absolutely correct!  It’s so obvious once you sign up and use the platform that it’s completely legitimate.  It’s so awesome that you can do all that for free with no credit card or debit card information required.  No risk!  ~ Babs

  8. Loved your article.  You will get no argument from me about Wealthy Affiliate.  I have had websites for several years, and they have all been with WordPress.  It’s such an excellent platform.  When I decided I wanted to try affiliate marketing, I searched online and unfortunately made a couple of bad choices…companies that I should have shunned.  Then I found Wealthy Affiliate, and am so grateful!  They offer so many benefits for a reasonable price.  What’s not to like?

    It is actually hard to decide which feature I like best.  I think I’d have to say the community, because it is absolutely remarkable.  This huge group of people is so supportive and helpful that your questions get answered and your problems solved.  Not only that — I’ve made a lot of truly wonderful friends in the community.

    You have definitely made the right choice for your business.  I wish you much success.

    1. Thank you for the testimonial, Fran!  I’m like you, I tried several other “programs,” but they did not offer me what I was looking for until I found Wealthy Affiliate.  They provided everything I needed.  Amazing.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  ~ Babs

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