How do I find keywords for a website

How do I find keywords for a website? Why this is so important!

If you are building a website and trying to optimize it, you’ve probably read a lot about keywords. But you may be wondering, “How do I find keywords for a website?” Well, why does this even matter, and what are keywords anyway? I’m here to explain all about these mysterious keywords, why they are so important, and how you can get the very best, most search engine optimized keywords out there for your particular niche website!

What are keywords?

Keywords are simply the words someone types into the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing) to find information. As an example, for you to reach this site, you probably searched something about finding keywords for a website. You were searching for information on this topic, and this article popped up on the search engine, and you clicked the link.

The keywords I optimized on this site are “How do I find keywords for a website?” That phrase is my keyword phrase for this article.

How do I find keywords for a website

Why are keywords important?

If you are spending time creating a website article, you want people to find the material you are creating and read it. You want people who are searching for specific information to find your article, correct?

How do they find it? They search for it on search engines.

How do you get your article to appear on the first page of a search so people will see it and click on it? By using keywords and ranking them in the search engines.

How do you rank for your keywords?

How do I find keywords for a website

This is the tricky part. You rank for your keywords by not having a lot of competition for your search term. Certain search terms (keywords) have a lot of other websites who are trying to rank for those words (get their website on page 1 of Google or Bing for that term).

So the key is to use keywords that don’t have a whole bunch of competition for them so you have a chance of ranking. My program, Wealthy Affiliate University, trains us on what they call “low hanging fruit.” Now that doesn’t mean you are going to keywords nobody is searching. Here’s where the two-part solution comes in.

Two-part solution

The first part of the solution is what we just talked about. You want keywords with low competition. The second part of the solution is you want keywords that people are searching for. If nobody is looking for your keywords, why use them, right? You’re trying to help someone find information that you are providing.

So you want low competition words that a lot of people are searching for. Ok, so how do you find them? They sound difficult to find. They are not difficult to find. Not if you have the right tools.

Use a keyword research tool

How do I find keywords for a websiteI have been marketing online for more years than I care to mention, and I honestly can’t believe how literally blind I was before I discovered a keyword research tool. Oh, I had some methods I used to try to see what people were searching for, and I would pull up searches for keywords and see what websites were vying for those phrases. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Truly.

Then I was introduced to the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool through my Wealthy Affiliate University. It was like a blindfold was removed, and I thought, “Where have you been???” I might sound goofy, but when you discover the power of this tool and what it can do to get your posts ranked on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing, it’s hard not to be!

How does Jaaxy work?

Here’s the cool part, and I’m going to go through a couple of searches with you and show you exactly how this tool works. You will have a very clear understanding of how to use this powerful tool and what it will do for your website!

Here is a screenshot of the inside of the Jaaxy platform with an explanation of each of the headings for you to see below!

This is critical to understand the search results.  Take a moment and read these descriptions below.  I’ve described what each heading means on the search results:

How do I find keywords for a website

Now we’re going to try a keyword phrase to explore. We want a post title, and one that has a lot of searches and low competition. As you can I searched the term “How do I find keywords for a website,” and I actually got quite a few results and suggestions. I’m focusing on just the top three results for illustration purposes for you here.

The first is the exact phrase I used, and as you can see it has 245 average searches every month, but only 4 competing websites with that phrase ranked. Now that is what I call very low hanging fruit. Only 4 competitors, that’s easy-breezy lemon-squeezy! I love it!

The second result is also pretty good, but look at the third result. That one is one I will definitely use for a future article, and it has a whopping 2,778 average monthly searches (that’s awesome) and only 55 competitors. The rule of thumb is you want over 30 monthly searches and under 100 competing websites.

How do I find keywords for a website

What much does the keyword tool cost?

There are a couple of different ways to get the keyword tool, and I do have a way for you to try the tool absolutely 100% for free.

1. Sign up for a Jaaxy membership and get 30 searches for free. You can do that right here:






Inside the platform will give you information on how to continue after the 30 free searches and how much their different membership levels cost.

2. Sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate program, and that is 100% free as well. Their Starter program will not only give you the free 30 searches, but it will also give you two free websites and full online university training on how to start an affiliate website to earn income online. You can do that right here:


Wealthy Affiliate


You can maintain the free Wealthy Affiliate membership as long as you want and keep and maintain your two free websites. If you want to upgrade to their Premium membership, the first month is only $19 if you upgrade within 7 days and $49 monthly after that. All the details are included on this website. You can read about the Wealthy Affiliate program here:

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about



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  1. Thank you very much for your insite on the keywords  topic. It is true keywords are one of the most important part of an online business and we often don’t have aclue on what we are really   doing. I have looked into Jaaxi myself and it is a great tool to help you out and give your business the push one really needs

  2. Keyword research may be the single most important thing you can do to positively influence your SEO rankings and indexing. A lot of affiliate’s consistently forget that if they don’t establish a solid keyword with low competition then they may miss out on the traffic or gaining that page 1 ranking that is so sought after in this industry.

    It’s the path of least resistance in my opinion. I make sure to do a great deal of keyword research before writing an article. Usually I examine all the different keywords that might apply to that particular article as well and I choose based on some of the metrics you’ve discussed in this article. 

    I had been working through a lot of this manually before, but I thank you tremendously for sharing this Jaaxy tool with us. It puts it all in one place for you. No more running through Google Trends and all of that jazz or manually searching counting up how many sites are competing for a keyword.

    It’s also nice that Jaaxy isn’t manipulated based on my search engine history so I can get a real feel for exactly how a keyword will look to those who search it without seeing strange results mixed in. 

    Thanks for this article. You’re a great help to affiliate marketers everywhere. I’ve signed up for your email updates on the right and will most certainly stay in touch and keep reading. 


    1. Thank you, Dalton,and that’s great that you signed up for notification.  I try to keep abreast of new strategies and give my readers good, solid information.  – 


  3. I have been working on key word search and trying to get it to work a little better for me.  My problem is, that I find a good key word that gives me say 100% for ranking but <10 that are searching for it.  When I keep searching and find one that people are looking for, then the ranking drops way down.  So I am curious what is more important, the SEO and QSR or the AVG. I try to use both when looking, but ultimately I go with one that has a good SEO and a low QSR.  Is this the correct way to search?

    1. It does take time to find those perfect keywords.  Sometimes you just fall on them after searching and searching and trying different tactics to get those high search, low competition words.  Go with low competition always.  You want to have more than 10 searches for sure, though.  There have to be people looking for what you’re writing or you won’t get traffic.  I hope that helps.  – Babs

  4. This article has been very helpful. I’m trying to set up my first website and I don’t even know anything about SEO. Initially I was hoping to set up a sports blog but from you’ve said I don’t think that will be quite right for me due to competition from other big websites. Thankfully, I’m in the wealthy affiliate program so I can use jaxxy to search on appropriate keywords. Thanks a bunch

    1. Oh I think you can set up a blog about anything that is in your heart.  If sports is what is your passion, then I say go with it.  I see so many sports related niches that are extremely successful with affiliate marketers.  Follow your dreams, my friend!  That’s the one big benefit of this business is you can do something you love!  – Babs

  5. This is a very good and comprehensive  review.  I can attest that Jaaxy is the best key word research tool which is the best in the online business.  This is so because I have been using the keyword tool for my research and it is the best keyword  tools to use that will get you what you are looking for in real time.

  6. Hey there Babs! 

    I was looking for a quick read on keywords, and found it in your article!  

    For a long time I was confused about keywords.  To be honest, I took “keywords” to literally mean a single word.  Now I realize that it’s usually a phrase or specific grouping of words.  Or more specifically the group of words that someone would actually type into Google or Bing!  This made it click for me!

    Then add on top of that a tool like Jaxxy and I began to see why picking the right keywords was so important.  I had been blogging for some time, with no real traffic (or ranking growth).  My problem was that I was selecting keywords that had way too much competition.  As an example, if I was writing about “Nike Air Basketball Shoes”…there was NO WAY I was going to rank (at least not for a long time)….the reason being there was too much competition.  Competition that had been writing about Nike Air for way longer than me….thus they had a ton of authority.

    After reading this I am beginning to see a “strategy”.  Basically find keywords with low competition, and then produce a ton of valuable content.  Yes, each post might only get you 10-15 visits a month.  But if you do enough of them, that turns into some good traffic (all while building your authority).  Is that the strategy you use or am I missing something?

    Very helpful post…thanks!

    1. Yes, the competition number is more important than the search number.  As long as the keyword is getting searches, you’re good to go.  I do try and try to focus on keywords that get more than 50 searches, but that is not as critical as keeping the competition under that 100 mark.  – Babs

  7. This is some amazing information on finding keywords.  I’m a member of WA and use jaaxy a lot. But you give clear information on how to interpret the numbers.  Both ave. and QRS numbers are an important factor in determining the low hanging fruit.  I sometimes have to juggle with Ave. and QSR.  I would recommend jaaxy and WA to anyone who is interested in online marketing.  Thanks for the insight.

    1. Thank you so much.  I’m glad the information was easy to understand.  I know some people can get confused, so I tried to be as concise and clear as possible to make it easy to understand, and so I’m glad I accomplished that goal.  – Babs

  8. Thanks for the great rundown on keyword research. You’re right, having a tool to help determine a good keyword is an absolute must have. I’d heard that sometimes even though a keyword might look great because it has low competition, sometimes the quality of the competition can make it not so great. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. You always want to take a quick peek over at Google and see who the competition is for your keyword.  Sometimes the sites that pop up, even if there aren’t a lot of them, are ones you will have trouble competing against.  If they are other affiliate sites, you are good to go!  – Babs

  9. That’s exactly what I need at this moment. I am writing a post and am desperate to find some good keywords. Thank you for showing the importance of a keyword and how to find a low-hanging one. That’s really helpful with the explanation and the pics along the way. I will definitely try the Jaaxy research tool out. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. That’s so great to hear, Ben!  My goal with this website is to help people to be a successful online, and I’m so glad you got value from the article.  If you ever need anything else, let me know, and be sure to subscribe to the site so you receive notification of new articles.  – Babs

  10. Hey BabsI am so happy I found this site.How DoI Find Kewords For A Website? Why This Is So Important! After I checked everything out on this site I found the information I was needing to know about keywords like how to find the right kewords for my niche website and the proper way to read the charts when looking for a good keyword.Thanks

  11. Hello Babs,

    What a great introduction on How to find keywords for a website. It can be a tough task without the right tools, like you mentioned in the article. It took me a while to grasp the concept of it and why other websites ranked higher. Kyle explains it very well in the training. Some other websites just have more writers constantly cranking out new material every week. That consistency over time helps increase their authority within google and ultimately, their ranking as a result. 

    Jaaxy is no doubt and incredible tool for keyword research. You do a wonderful job of walking the reader through what each of the terms mean and how to understand it. There are also other awesome features of Jaaxy that include the alphabet soup and brainstorming for blog ideas. 

    Keywords are incredibly important and long-tail keywords will grow that concept even further for your blog. The more words that are written, the more google will want to rank it higher. Long-tail keywords allow your keyword to include other keywords within it that can also rank pretty highly on their own. So you are essentially combining keyword ranking power together. Once you start to include that with youtube video, then your sales conversions can really take off. Thank you again for this great intro and I look forward to your future content on keyword development. 

    1. Yes, YouTube is something I am currently putting together, and I am super excited to dive into it and teach my readers the value of video.  Long-tail keywords are awesome as you describe, and I will be writing articles on that as well coming up.  Yes, content is king, and writing, writing, writing…it does take time and effort!  It is well worth the results, though.  Thanks for checking in!  – Babs

  12. Great post on how to find keywords for your website…

    And you are right… this is very important!

    After all, If you don’t have keywords that people are searching for then it is a waste of time writing content because people won’t find it!

    Having a good keyword tool is essential, and I really like the look of the Jaaxy… it looks like it gives you everything you need to find quality keywords that will get your content ranking on Google!

    Great article, thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, John.  This tool really does provide not only keyword search but analytics on the keywords.  So helpful.  – Babs

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