How do I start in affiliate marketing? Wealthy Affiliate free training!

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Whenever a student asks me, “How do I start in affiliate marketing,” I tell them the same thing – “You want to start for free with Wealthy Affiliate!” Why Wealthy Affiliate? The reasons are numerous:

  • 1) It’s 100% free to sign-up and begin marketing
  • 2) The Wealthy Affiliate University gives you free training to get you up and running.
  • 3) You will be given two 100% free websites!
  • 4) The programs includes free hosting!
  • 5) The program includes free 24/7/365 support!

6) There is only one upgrade to have it all in the Premium program, and they offer the first month for $19 if you upgrade within 7 days, and only $49 a month after that! I’ve been running my own businesses my entire adult life, and I’ve never been able to run an entire business for $49 a month all in! That’s pretty incredible!

An example of a Wealthy Affiliate training class

Nothing is better than having an inside look into a program before you sign up. Today, let’s take a look at a lesson from the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 3 – Lesson 2 of 10 called “Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks:”

The trainer for this lesson is Kyle, who is one of the owners and creators of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and program. This platform started about 14 years ago by Kyle and Carson, and Kyle does a lot of the training inside the platform. One of the benefits of having Kyle for a trainer is his understanding of the fact that all people learn in different ways. Some of us like video and some of us prefer written text. He usually incorporates both into his modules.

Understanding how affiliate marketing works

Kyle begins the lesson talking about the affiliate marketing model. Kyle does not take for granted that people attending his classes are savvy about the process or experienced. In other words, while he is brief, direct and to the point in his lessons, he leaves no stone unturned. He gives you definitions and overview where needed so you won’t ever feel lost or overwhelmed.

For your information, in case you aren’t 100% sure of the entire affiliate marketing process, I wrote an article that gives you an overview of the affiliate marketing model. Why don’t you take a moment and read it here before you continue:



Affiliate marketing programs

After an explanation of the process of affiliate marketing, Kyle then goes on to teach you about the various affiliate programs that you can choose from.

One thing that I find fascinating and exciting about affiliate marketing is that the world is your oyster. What I mean by that is that you can choose any subject (niche) you want to write about in your website and make money with. Think about it, if you are passionate about a subject, then so are other people. Your job is to provide those people with information that they may be searching for and to offer products to them to help them or solve a problem within that niche.

I wrote another article all about this aspect of the business. What are you passionate about? What would you enjoy researching and presenting information about? You want to choose a niche you enjoy because you are going to become immersed in that niche when writing content for your website. Take a few minutes to think about your niche while you read this article here:



Training Video

In this training, there is an excellent video that will give you some important basics about affiliate marketing. One thing that Wealthy Affiliate stresses over and over is that your first job with this business is connecting with your readers and providing them with accurate and timely information about your niche. That’s the first job.

In fact, within the program you’ll see that when you are given your first tasks, there are no affiliate links mentioned. The first tasks within the program are choosing your niche, getting your site up and running and writing valuable content. Whenever you put your readers first and foremost (and then keep them in the forefront of your business), you will have great success.

Search engines will only honor you with a page 1 ranking on their search pages if they find your site to be relevant to whatever people are searching for. You have to earn that rank. Therefore, unless you are planning to spend a lot of money advertising to be placed on page 1, you must rank to be placed there.

Here is a link to the training video so you can view it for yourself if you’d like. It’s a valuable lesson, and I suggest you take a few moments now to view it from inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform:

Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks




Discussions in each lesson

These classrooms are interactive inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Under each video is a link to the discussion area:




As you can see below, this video has 979 comments in the discussion area:


Here’s a screen capture of just a couple of the comments to give you an idea of the responses:


How much can you earn?

In this part of the lesson, Kyle goes over some scenarios for affiliates just to give you a basic idea of the possibilities. He runs through some sample commission structures so the student can get excited about what is possible with dedication.

One thing I was immediately impressed with in the Wealthy Affiliate program is the fact that they never promise (like so many scam sites out there) that you will work one hour a day and make thousands of dollars a week. They are realistic in explaining that making thousands a week is possible, but you have to put in the time and give it the time necessary. They really do keep it real!

Tasks Assigned

In every assignment you are given tasks, and those tasks must be completed to move on to the next lesson. I can’t tell you how valuable that is when you are training. I call it the “Earn as you Learn” approach, because every single step of the way you are building your business in real time.

Another valuable aspect of the Wealthy Affiliate University training is that you can go back and look at any of the trainings at any time. If you want a refresher, or perhaps you want to start the process with another niche, you’ve got access at any time to all the training. That’s awesome!

Get started today

Go ahead and take a look at this chart below. You can sign up for the Start plan to get going 100% free and take advantage of all that it has to offer. You’ll get your first two websites, the Phase 1 training and no credit card is required!  So go ahead and get started, and I will reach out to you from inside the program once you do:

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