How to add text to a photo! Make your website professional!

Get a more professional look for your website by adding text to a photo. This is especially helpful when you want to use a featured image for your posts with the titles on them. I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to add text to a photo using a few simple tools.

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Tools needed

One of the programs I use is Microsoft Office Powerpoint (which is a program I purchased when I got my computer). Here is a one-person option that is pretty reasonable, but you will see other options that allow for more than one user as well if you have multiple computers or people who will be using the program.

I use Microsoft Powerpoint continuously for my business. It is an amazingly useful tool to make creative and instructive content for my sites.

The other program that is extremely useful is called the Snipping Tool. This is a free program. If you google it, you’ll see it pop up like this:

How to add text to a photo

You can click on the image of the snipping tool Google search above and be taken to the download page to grab this FREE DOWNLOAD to begin using it right away!

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Step by Step Instructions – How to add text to a photo

Let’s get right into it. So your first step is going to be to open up your Microsoft Office Powerpoint. I always keep the powerpoint and the Snipping Tool pinned to my task bar at the bottom of my computer:

How to add text to a photo

Once you have opened a new Powerpoint presentation, you want to take the picture that you want to add text to and insert the picture into a page of the blank presentation by clicking on the Insert tab and then the the Pictures tab as illustrated here:

How to add text to a photo


When you do this, your computer opens up, so you will want to go to the folder that contains the picture you want to work on, and simply double click on the picture to insert it into your Powerpoint page:


How to add text to a photo


Once you insert the picture, you can then adjust the size of the picture on the page by clicking, holding and dragging the little circles in the corner of your picture to the size you want up or down:How to add text to a photo


Now that you have the picture sized, it’s time to add the text. Keep in mind you can also add other pictures. I made a really cool picture for one of my other posts on traffic using three pictures together. There is the picture of the road, and then I put the people over that, and then the computer screen behind the people. I added text to it as well, and I was pretty pleased with the results. You can see this example of how creative you can be here:

How to add text to a photo


To add text, you will, again, click on the Insert tab at the top, but this time you are going to insert WordArt over on the right side on the top. You can click on the pre-filled fonts and colors, but don’t worry, this can all be changed very easily, and I will show you exactly how to do this below.

In this example, I chose the gold font. (Please note that these font and color choices will vary depending on the design you have chosen for the presentation, but, again, you will have the option to change them, so don’t worry too much about this at this point).

How to add text to a photo

Once you choose one of the fonts and colors from the drop-down, a box will appear on your picture with the words “YOUR TEXT HERE” inside, and it will automatically be highlighted for easy changing.

How to add text to a photo

All you do is type your text. If you want it to go down and not straight across the page, you will need to use the carriage return button (enter) to bring the words down like you would for a new paragraph. See my example here. I am trying to fit the words into the space on the picture in the middle of the page, so it needs to be vertical and not horizontal.

How to add text to a photo

Once you have typed your text, in order to change anything about that text, you simply highlight it like you would to Bold your text or Italics your text. It’s the same principle. So, I highlight my text because in this picture, I need all the words to be left justified, not centered the way they are now:

How to add text to a photo

While the text is highlighted, you will want to go to the Home button. This houses most of the functions to change the text, such as the color of the text, whether it is centered, right or left justified, the font of the text, and the background of the text, etc.   What I did next was to click on the Home button and then click on the left justified tab to bring the words to the left to fit in my picture properly.

How to add text to a photo


Next, I need to move the text so it will appear in the center of that picture. You simply click on the edge of the text box and while holding the click button on your computer, or the left mouse button, you drag it where you want it, rotate it using the little half-circle icon at the top of the text box, and to make it smaller to fit, you simply click on the small A (the large A will increase the size of the font) like this:

How to add text to a photo

Now my text is where I want it as follows:

How to add text to a photo


I was not pleased with the font and the way it looked, however.   I was thinking I should go with a font that makes it look, perhaps, a bit more old-fashioned.

Therefore, I highlight the text once again, and again I click the Home button, I use the B to bold the text, and then I drop down the color choices with the underlined A, and I choose a green text, which I thought went well with this picture:

How to add text to a photo


After I choose my color, I highlight the text again, and I choose the font from the drop-down menu. I liked the ALGERIAN font, which gave it that old-fashioned look I was going for.

How to add text to a photo


I wanted to put the name of my website at the bottom of the picture also, but when I typed it in, I felt I couldn’t hardly see it or read it, so I decided to put a background behind my text. That’s a simple process. You follow the steps above, and then you simply click on the Format button at the top once your text is highlighted, and you can drop down the menu of the various backgrounds that are available to you. I chose the light green background to go with the font I used in the picture for the title.

How to add text to a photo


Once you get your picture looking exactly how you want it, you use the Snipping Tool to capture the picture and then save it to a folder on your computer to be used on your website.

Here is my finished product, which is also the featured image I used for this article. I hope you have gained some good knowledge on how to add text to a picture for your website.


How to add text to a photo

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How to add text to a photoHow to add text to a photo

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How to add text to a photo

I always strive to provide you with easy-to-follow instructions to make it easier for you to have a professional-looking, money-making website. If you do have any questions about this process, or if you have any other comments you would like to make, please be sure to leave them in the area provided below.

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  1. Thanks for this easy and simple instructions on how to add text to a photo. I have visited most website and they make the instructions difficult to follow. However, yours made it VERY simple for me to follow and get my desire result. 

    I really appreciate everything you provide to us!  Great site.

  2. Thanks for sharing this important knowledge required for a successful blogging career Now I know how to insert pictures and  text to my write up following your simple steps and procedures.   Powerpoint is not that new to me but I’ve never used it in this way before especially combining it with the snipe tool.

    Your site is amazing and so helpful!

    Thanks once again.

  3. Thank you so much. As a newbie in the blogging field, I do want to admit, your article has been of much value to me. I have struggled for the lat 2 hours on inserting text to my blog’s image, till I turn to Google and thanks to your detailed guide on how to do this, it was so easy to understand. I have already turned to Microsoft Office Powerpoint, and its so easy to use

  4. Hello Babs, 

    Thank you for providing these incredibly useful and free strategies for adding text to images. Sometimes I forget about how powerful microsoft word and powerpoint still are. Those programs continue to evolve and get smarter. I was wondering if you have looked into Pic Monkey or Canva?

    The one problem that I keep running into is finding good new pictures for my blogs, and finding creative text and layout tools for the graphics. I personally use Pic Monkey at only about 8 bucks a month and they have so many creative-looking text fonts and templates that look very professional. I think the best part about using that type of program is the templates that you can grab and use for the different social media sizes. Then you can just insert and re-size your picture from there.

    I still use snippet from time to time, but I like to touch it up first. I found a great free photoshop alternative called Pixlr. It is a website that contains a free software that you can use to make any adjustments to your pictures before adding the text. So after I adjust it on this site, I then export a png to import into Pic Monkey for the creative fonts and styling. You may not need to use a png file unless it is a large graphic that needs to be scaled up and down. Regular photo images can remain as a jpeg. 

    Thank you for the great step-by-step training and I look forward to your future articles!

    1. I actually haven’t tried those tools.  I feel I get what I need at this stage through my Powerpoint which offers many types of text and a lot of fonts.  I use a site called Pixabay for free pictures.  I’ve linked to the site.   – Babs

  5. Hi Babs,

    What a wonderful thorough job and description.

    I never knew one could put a background to your text, thanks for sharing the necessary tools needed too to have a creative and constructive content while also displaying vibrant and well blended colours on one’s website. 

    I feel so blessed being a part of Wealthy Affiliates as I am now an embodiment of knowledge in areas that were no go areas go me before.

  6. Wow, why didn’t I ever think of using PowerPoint to create awesome site photos? I’m definitely going to experiment with this method in the future!

    I like to use Canva for things like infographics and to edit photos and add text or filters. Have you ever tried Canva? If so, what did you think of it or has PowerPoint always been your go-to for photo editing?

  7. This is a great suggestion and you have given a very good detailed description of how to do this. The end result looks excellent.
    I have a couple of photo editing programs that I use and I haven’t thought about using powerpoint before so I have learned something new!

  8. This is such a great article, thank you. The instructions for adding text to a photo are really clear and I will definitely be using this on my site. Do you find Power-point easy to use for photo editing?

    1. Yes, I do. I love it. I am currently working on another application tutorial that is free, so please be sure to subscribe, and you’ll get notification when it is completed. I’m very excited about it. – Babs

  9. Babs Wagner, Hello! Again, you generously and step by step teach new things. 

    This time how to place the text to the picture. You show what tool is needed and how to master it. At the same time, you give ScreenShot of each action and a visual explanation. 

    Your teacher’s talent is unique. 

    I am in WA at the stage of self-assertion of a niche and choice of a domain name, seriously preparing to write content rhythmically. Therefore, I became a subscriber to your site immediately. 

    Thank you for the opportunities that increase from the study of your topics. Mark

    1. I am so glad you subscribed.  I will be adding more information on adding text and making interesting articles.  Looking forward to more comments (or questions) from you.  Best of luck,  Babs

  10. This is very helpful for me as a newbie. I could definitely use this.  I need all the tips and tricks for making a great looking website for my online business. Your instructions are pretty easy to comprehend and follow. I look forward for more great lessons from you. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. You are very welcome, Sheila; I am super happy that you found value in this, and I will be providing a new article coming up on a great program called Canva, so be sure to subscribe on the right sidebar.  The article should be completed within the week, and it, too, is a free program!   – Babs

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