How to get free traffic for a website – make money!

I have been marketing online for years, and a frequent question my readers ask me is “How to get free traffic for a website.” Why do they ask that? It’s because traffic (the people who come to your website) is what drives your ranking with the search engines and also what drives sales if you are affiliate marketing on your website.

I would imagine if you have created a website, or if you want to create a website, getting traffic has to be one of your top priorities. Why would you spend hours and hours researching and writing, just to have nobody read what you so diligently researched and wrote about.

So exactly how do you get free traffic, because you can pay for traffic to your site. You can place ads on Google or Facebook, but the cost is very high and it will severely eat into any profit you make, especially in the beginning. Free traffic is the way to go, and I’m going to give you some super ideas!


Make your Own Website FreeWait a minute, didn’t I just say you don’t want to pay Facebook for marketing? Yes, you don’t want to pay, but you do want to get traffic from Facebook generically. The way you do this is to set up a business page on Facebook. If you don’t know what this is, you can visit my Facebook page for this website, Coaching for Internet Marketers, here:


You can create your business page from your personal account. I have a business page attached to my personal account for each of my websites. Facebook doesn’t limit the number of business pages you can set up.

Once you have established your business page, you want to invite all your personal friends to join the page. People will also be able to search and find your page if they have an interest in your niche, so you will get other people besides your “friends” to like your page.

Once your page is established, every single time you make a post on your website, you’re going to place a link to the new article on your business Facebook page with a picture and a little write-up. Every single time!


Pinterest is a fairly new site to me, but it has brought me quite a bit of traffic. You will set up a separate Pinterest account for each website you create, naming and branding it to match your website. It’s super easy to use, and it’s picture driven, which means you have to have a picture attached to each post you make on Pinterest. The site allows you to link your post and will grab the featured picture from that post for you, so it’s efficient.

Here is a link to my Pinterest account here:


The posts are called “pins” on Pinterest, and you can categorize them. If you have a niche that has different categories, you can group them together.


Make Your Own Website FreeTwitter is another site that is great for placing your posts. You will, again, need to set up a separate account for each of your websites. This platform is a little bit different because it only gives you a small number of characters to write. Therefore, when you post your article link, you will want to use a shortening site to give you a shorter url (website link) so you’re not using all your characters up with the link to your article.  Here is my twitter account here:


You can go to and sign up for a free account. You can customize the link if you want. For example, I made one for my website at which is: I like to customize my links, but you can use the one they assign which will be a random series of letters.

Wealthy Affiliate Platform

How to get free traffic for a website? This is my best and highest recommendation if you want to get free traffic to your website. The Wealthy Affiliate program is free to join and maintain, but if you upgrade to their Premium membership, you will have access to something called the “Site Comments” area.

In order to understand the search engines and how they rank, you need to understand that they look at the content on your site, but they also look for site comments. That is when someone visits your website and leaves you a comment on your post. By submitting each article to the social media platforms, you will get comments that way, but the very best way to get a TON of comments on your site is through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

There are a myriad of other benefits for an online marketer through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I’ve written many articles about the platform, but you can read this overall explanation of the program here:



Every week, inside the Wealthy Affiliate Program, there is a live training as well as the University.  I’m going to share you with a couple of the tidbits of information that were passed along to members in last week’s training!

It was all about on-page SEO (search engine optimization) and off-page SEO.  Just to clarify, the things you do inside your article and your website are on-page SEO, and the ways you share your post through social media, etc., are off-page SEO.

I’ll share with you today a couple of the on-page SEO tricks that I learned in the Wealthy Affiliate training.

One strategy is that you want to use your keyword phrase (just so you know what that means, it is the main phrase you want to rank for in your article.  Mine in this article is “Make Your Own Website Free!”) as the “alt text” on every photo in your article.

WordPress has an option for every photo you post in your article to add “alt (alternative) text” to the picture.  Use your keyword phrase on each picture in the article like this:

There were many, many more ideas that I will be writing about in upcoming articles, so please be sure to subscribe over on the sidebar to get alerts of new articles.

Give the Wealthy Affiliate program a try, it’s 100% free to join and maintain the Starter Membership. Once you’re ready, go ahead and upgrade to the Premium program. It is $49 per month, but one of the many benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to get unlimited site comments. Priceless!

It’s a give-and-take comment area inside Wealthy Affiliate.  The way it works is you give a couple of comments, and you get one for your post back. If you give 10 comments total, you get 24-hours of commenting on your posts. That can rack you up 8-10 comments per post. That will skyrocket your ranking.  It’s one of the best features (there are so many benefits to this program) of this platform.

Take advantage of the free membership here:


Make Your Own Website Free

As always, comments and questions are welcome! I am here to help you to start or maintain your online business to make the most amount of money possible, and I really hope you will use me as a resource to help you do that.

Be sure to signup on the right sidebar for automatic notification of all new posts.  That way you won’t miss any of the new resources I post on this site.

Please leave your comments below. If you prefer to contact me personally, you may email me at any time at the following email address:







Babs Wagner

Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for visiting my page!


  1. Babs,  

    Outstanding site!  Well written and full of useful content for those beginner marketers.  I am also very concerned regarding the google plus platform.  I wonder when they will officially take it down?  Please list any updates you may hear regarding this issue with google plus.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 site hands down.  I agree that the site comments area of the program is priceless for rankings.  I too have enjoyed my time here at WA and am still learning more every day.  Your site has great design and is full of useful knowledge for anyone looking dive into internet marketing, affiliate marketing to be specific.  Nice Job!

  2. Thanks Babs, 

    I was born in Texas too, Houston to be exact, but that was a long time ago.  I am in Perth Western Australia now.  Mastering free traffic can be a tough thing to understand.  Using all of the social media platforms to broadcast your content is a good way to get exposure and rankings.  The trick is to be consistent with each post and to devise a system that makes it easy and efficient to do.  Otherwise it can be quite time consuming . 

    Cheers, Tammy

  3. Hi Babs Wagner, This is an excellent post with resourceful information about how to get free traffic for a website. It it true that we can get free traffic using social network but we have to spend enough initially for doing this. I like your idea for link shortening using instead of using other custom url shortener. I have also same opinion about wealthy affiliate and already I have joined there and using site comment. This is great opportunity to get other’s people comment and review. Thank you for your informative post and I am waiting for your next post.

  4. Wow , I’am so glad I found your site ! This is such good information I can hardly wait to start using facebook and telling all my friends, what a no brainer, I have already told 2 people about you site before commenting.

    To top it off these ideas are free and commenting on other sites on wa  I have to do a few each day to bring in more traffic again free !

    Thank you for putting these smart ideas out there .

    Your website looks very professional also and very impressive I have to work on mine !

    1. Thank you so much, John.  I’m so glad that you have found good value here.  That’s exactly the purpose of my site.  I love helping people, so please feel free to contact me anytime you need anything.  – Babs

  5. You have motivated me with your website. It’s so easy to navigate to find what you are looking for. I like your idea of helping people with free traffic for their website. Everyone wants traffic for their business and who wants to spend a ton of money to get it. You have laid out the different ways in which you can do this and you have made it look so easy. I think anyone would like to join what you are promoting.

    Going through your website and what you have to offer, you have encouraged me to to take another look at what I can do to improve on getting traffic to my website for free without much fear. Each time I look at Pinterest, it looks so difficult to me, but you have simplified it for me with only a few words. Now I will take up the challenge. 

    Overall, I like what is presented and I think anyone would like to have you as their coach, especially me.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve found value in my site.  That is exactly my purpose, to remove the fear, and to help and guide people in their endeavor.  I wish you the best, and please contact me anytime if you need anything.  – Babs

  6. While I have not tried Pinterest yet, I have purchased a Pinterest training course to help me understand how traffic is generate to my pins and how to go about pinning.

    My most successful venture thus far into getting organic traffic is SEO, my second website is currently getting 10-15 organic visitors per day which is not much compared to other bloggers. However, it’s more success in my opinion than what other aspiring bloggers have ever gotten from attempting to get free traffic. 

    1. That’s great!  It just keeps building and building so you’re off to the races!  If you get any tips on Pinterest success, let us know!

  7. Wow, it looks like social media is a gold mine for traffic. I have a facebook page already for my website but I never thought of how powerful google+ and pinterest were. I’m going to have to start making this part of my daily routine.

    Which social media platform have you found to bring you the highest quality traffic?


    1. Pinterest by far.  So many tricks to it and so many things to learn.  One thing I’ve started doing is using a couple of different pictures and posting the articles on different boards using different pictures.  It brings even more traffic. 

  8. So many free options out there! I knew of a few but for some reason I didn’t think about Pinterest because I literally never use it anymore but it is a great platform to use. I use Twitter now so I am so glad this reinforced me being on the right track of internet marketing greatness!

  9. Great information! The column on Facebook ads was very informative. Everyone should be attracted by receiving free traffic and you lay out many ways to get it! After going through your information I have a renewed vigor in promoting my website, I now have a whole new outlook at the task I have ahead of me. Thanks, Babs

    1. You’re welcome, Dennis!  I’m so excited every time I hear of a reader getting real value from my site!  Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions along the way!!!

  10. Thank you for sharing the information on how to get free traffic to a website.

    You have mentioned Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter. Among these social media, which one get more traffic to your website?

    I know nothing about Pinterest, I have to learn how to use it to gain more traffic to my site.

    1. I do think Pinterest, the more I learn about using the platform, gets you the most traffic.  You would want to make sure to post your article on several boards using different pictures for your post.  There are many articles on using Pinterest in the Wealthy Affiliate platform if you are a Premium member.  

  11. I was having second thoughts about using facebook but I didn’t realize I could set up a business profile instead of using my personal profile. I am using most of the other social media platforms and I am getting around 10 followers a day on some of the platforms and now, thanks to you I will get started on my business profile on facebook.

  12. Thanks for the tips!  I setup a Facebook and Pinterest account based on your guidance.  So helpful!

    Aside from inviting people to join your page, does it help to have your page/profile join Groups?  I would think it would help as it would give your page visibility within the groups.

    Also, it looks like Google+ is going away….I’m sorry to see it go.  Any idea what Google is going to do for a replacement?  I’ve heard rumors that it will be something with YouTube, but I’m not sure.

    Anyway, thanks again for the tips.  All the best!

    1. Groups are definitely a great idea.  I’m working on a post regarding that now as a matter of fact!  Yes, I have heard about Google Plus going away, but for now I go ahead and put my posts on the platform.  Rumors are just that until they are true, so I don’t guide my actions by them.  – Babs

  13. This post is so helpful. I have not been using social media for to long and I was second guessing the use of facebook. I will however set up a business profile now. Getting traffic is so important and you are right social media is the way to reach out to people.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this information on your website . As a growing wealthy affiliate user i am very interested in finding new ways to bring traffic to my website and help with the growth . it was very interesting seeing the different platforms which we can use to promote our website and as a result earn money online. Thank You. Great Job.

  15. Dear Babs,

    Thanks again for another informative and helpful post and Every Single Time I read an article of yours I learn so much new stuff!

    Being a full-time blogger I know the importance of traffic and it is the blood stream of making money online. To make it simple…

    No Traffic = No Sales & No Sales = No Money!

    Always I look for the helpful ways to gain traffic to my website and when I get information on free traffic its just like icing on the cake. Your post gave me great insights. To be honest with you at the moment I am just focusing on the organic traffic and after reading your post I am going to focus on the traffic from social media as well.

    Much Success!


    1. Yes, the more you get your site and posts out there, the better chance you have of being discovered by people looking for what you are providing.  Thanks!  – Babs

  16. HEY Babs Wagner of Coaching For Internet Marketers so glad I found this site this is a great site with lots of helpful information that I needed to know about like how to get free traffic to your website and how to do it with facebook and pinterist.   I willrefer other people to this site. Thanks

    1. I really appreciate that, Freddie!  Please subscribe so you don’t miss any new articles.  I try to educate on affiliate marketing!  – Babs

  17. Thanks a lot for the great and informative post about getting free traffic to a website! Driving traffic is truly a top priority as far as building a successful online business is concerned. Yes, it seems to be frustrating writing for no one to read. Traffic is really instrumental to the success of any website. Kudos for suggesting the idea of creating a business page on Facebook! What an excellent idea!

    Setting up a Pinterest account has been a serious challenge for me because I couldn’t figure out how to go about it, though I realized it’s a powerful social media site for my business. Thanks for the explanation you gave on this. You’ve given me an eye-opener on it. Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

    1. If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, there is a lot of specific training inside regarding Pinterest.  Not only that, but so many members also post on their blogs about the Pinterest platform and best ideas to use it to market their businesses.  If you haven’t signed up yet, I suggest you grab your spot.  – Babs

  18. Hey i really enjoyed this article, i already use all the social medias right now and including instagram.  I dont have many followers or likes on my facebook business page yet.  I need to invite more people to like my page.  I dont get much traffic from my social media though which is weird because i always share to all of them.  So i still got a lot to figure out.

    1. Hey, Justin!  Here’s a hint – go to the search and type in affiliate marketing, business, online, etc. and see what groups pop up.  Then go to those groups and join them.  You can then share your articles on those group pages which will open up a world of people to see your posts.  Some of the groups have thousands of members.  – Babs

  19. Hello babs,

    Thank you for such huge information and tools we can use as marketers to generate traffic to our blogs.
    I didnt realize how much impact Pinterest has very well on bringing traffic,I always focus on Facebook and Twitter .
    Thank you so much for bringing this up.

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