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How to increase Instagram Followers! One-day results!

We all know that social media is important for marketing, and Instagram is becoming one of the most sought-after platforms because it gets results.  So everyone asks, “How to increase Instagram Followers?”  Let me show you exactly how!

Instagram is an important marketing tool

I am enrolled in an affiliate marketing program called Wealthy Affiliate.  We learn all kinds of awesome marketing tips and tricks.  That is one way I know the importance of Instagram for marketing.  They teach me.  Just to show you how much training they offer on the subject, I pulled it up here:

Wealthy Affiliate offers training on all aspects of internet marketing!

Look at all these Instagram trainings!

These are just a few of the Wealthy Affiliate Trainings

I found an amazing new tool

Automate your engagements 24/7

This program drives you traffic, organic traffic, because what it does is engage with your target market 24/7.  It does it automatically while you work on your business!  Your accounts will literally go viral!  

Engagermate works while you sleep!

Auto Like/Auto Follow/Auto Unfollow

All the important tasks are done automatically for you.  What makes you go viral?  Engagement!  That’s where Engagermate comes in!  You can like and follow hundreds of photos from users in your niche market every day.  This program will unfollow users that are not engaged in your content!  It’s incredible!

Follow the right people

This system will follow users based on the criteria you set!  Follow based on hash tags they enter.  Follow based on location, places they visit.  You are in control of who you follow, and you can target them to grow your business!

Copy the Influencers

Follow any follower of any influencer you choose in your niche.  Follow people who engage with the influencers, too!  Who are the most active fans?  Let them become your fans!

About the creator of the software

Double Money Back Guarantee!

Your thoughts?

I would really like to hear your thoughts about this amazing new software.  I only bring you information on things I truly believe will help you grow your business.  Instagram is one of the social media platforms that just keeps popping up in my training.  It has been recommended over and over in various programs I am a member of.  You need to take a serious look at this!

I know that my affiliate marketing business has many moving parts.  It takes a great deal of time, and I just don’t have the time to spend engaging hundreds of people a day on my Instagram account, as much as I’d like to.  This Engagermate does all this for you!  It is amazing!

Leave me a comment below, or if you’d like to contact me personally, go ahead and email me at  

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Babs Wagner

Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for visiting my page!


  1. First of all, whatever theme you chose for this site is AWESOME.  I love seeing things flying at me as I’m scrolling through.  I giggled the entire time I was reading this.

    Also, the insight is incredible.  I haven’t reached a point where I am ready to begin building my social media engagement, but I’m not far off from that stage of building my site.  If it’s okay with you, I am going to bookmark this and refer to it in a week or two when I have finished more content and am ready to start building that social media engagement, because I WILL need a ton of help.

    Thanks for the wicked article.  I hope to see a lot more like this.


    1. Well, thank you, Nathan!  I enjoy the moving parts as well!  I think they may everything fun and interesting, and that’s the goal, right?  Keep people interested!  So, it’s actually a plugin, not the theme.  It’s called Elementor, and you can read about it here:  ELEMENTOR – Part 1 and ELEMENTOR – Part 2.  It’s super fun!  ~ Babs

  2. I am super appreciative of your post because I had absolutely no idea that these training videos on Instagram were available on the Wealthy Affiliate Program.  Your post is really well delineated and really easy to understand and follow.  A friend of mine was interested in creating and online business so I will definitely link her to your sweet post and site – what a phenomenal resource you have created here.  It is a really handy go-to tool for any person looking to understand the ins and outs of an online business.  Well done and sincerest thanks!

    1. That is one of the nicest comments I’ve ever received, Bex, and I can’t thank you enough.  Please do send your friend, and let him or her know that I’m available through these comments or email at any time.  ~ Babs

  3. Wow this is an amazing tool. I’m still a newbie in Instagram marketing. Is this the secret how so many Instagram influencers start to build they followers? Also, is there any free version or free trial to get a taste what’s this tool can do? One more question (sorry if I asked too many), do I set this all up myself? Thank you

    1. There is a free trial, but it is only 3 days.  The program gives results the first day, so I guess they thought that if you saw the results you would keep it.  I would say that people either have an enormous amount of time or they automate.  i think some of these influencers hire people to manage their accounts, honestly.  Nobody has that much time to build a business and grow a following.  You do have to set it up yourself, choosing the people to follow their followers, so some research into your niche influencers is required.  But not a lot of leg work to get it going.  ~ Babs

  4. I’m just starting out with my online business so I’m trying not to get to involved with social media because I know the amount of time it takes to build a following.

    Engagermate seems like an excellent tool that would save a lot of time gaining an instagram following! Something I’m curious about though is does engagermate automatically make it so I copy my competitors or is this something I would have to do?

    As my business grows this type of tool would be an excellent addition to the toolbox, because I personally don’t have the time like you to spend countless hours interacting with my audience.

    I look forward to trying this out!

    1. You are going to choose the people to follow their followers.  You find the influencers in your niche, and the program follows their followers because they are obviously interested in your niche.  Then it automatically unfollows everyone who doesn’t follow you back so you’re not wasting a follow.  Pretty cool, right?  ~ Babs

  5. Hey Babs! I love your floater buttons! They certainly get your attention lol! It’s good you say to relax and breathe, because too much information all at once can overwhelm. I like the software!! I think it’s awesome you can follow and unfollow the RIGHT people, that’s what we need right? And on automation, this is super cool, I’m looking into this! Thank you!

    1. I think it’s super cool, as well.  I absolutely love it, and so we are on the same page there, Buffy!  ~ Babs

  6. Great article. I’ve yet to tackle Instagram personally. I know without automation on Pinterest I would be a floundering helpless vessel. I’ve been meaning to break into the Instagram sphere, maybe this is where I’ll start. I’m curious, besides being efficient is it possible that automation can be spammy? Or am I understanding it wrong?

    1. It is only spammy if you are repeatedly doing something.  With this program, you are following people, unfollowing people who don’t follow back, and it’s all automatic.  You are responding to people who contact you and thanking people for following you.  That’s it.  So no spam at all.  ~ Babs

  7. Thank you Babs, I just turned 50, 2 years ago and I cant even think of retiring, yet the 9-5 grind is painful. I’m hopeful that with the help from such a program like the wealth affiliate, I can make it. The items that are included here seems to cover all the challenge areas. I have never used Instagram, so seeing it spelt out on your post is very encouraging. All my career life i work with numbers as an accountant but I believe I can learn how to do this with the step by step.
    Traffic is also a challenge i’m afraid of and I see in your post you have the engagermate, looks like this is for sale. Is this something you would recommend with the Wealthy affiliate or have one after the other.
    Thank you for the post and your kindness with the freebies to help get off the groung. Much appreciated.

    1. You’re very welcome, Zikora! I understand about wanting to retire the 9-5 GRIND! I finally did it, and I am super happy about it. Life is good! Keep at it, build your site, and please subscribe here so you can get all the new information I post daily! ~ Babs

  8. I have yet to try marketing via Instagram, but I will be looking into it soon.

    This tool looks amazing, and I am excited to give it a try. I am only a month into Wealthy Affiliate, so I am not yet making the money to purchase a tool like this. Do you know if they have a trial or a free option I can try before I buy?

    1. They only offer a 3-day trial.  I wish it were longer, but that’s how quickly the program works.  Then they offer a double-your-money-back guarantee if you try it for 60 or 90 days and don’t like it.  I’d have to check and see which it is, but it is a double-your-money-back, so that’s showing that it really does work.  ~ Babs

  9. Dear Babs,

    Recently, one of my mentor advised me on the importance of social media advertising. I was only focusing on organic traffic and I am not active on social media platforms. He informed about Instagram and how he makes money from it.

    He also mentioned about how I can use shoutout on Instagram on building my email list and followers.

    So, I was looking for helpful information on increasing Instagram followers and your post is greater help and saved me a lot of time. Your have provided valuable information for those who are just starting with Instagram.

    Although I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate I am not aware they have training on Instagram and thanks a lot for sharing will have a look into it. Really impressed with the tool Engagermate and obviously automation is the best way to save time and effort. For sure this is on my list.

    Wishing you a great success,


  10. Hi Babs

    I think getting more followers is the goal on Instagram. But it is whole job on itself, so getting help from a software is always a plus. And I found that when I do it myself I never get the best results and after some days people start to unfollow.

    The consistency you get from a software is always better. I am using one on my Twitter and it’s really great. I was looking for one which works with Instagram, I’m gonna try your recommendation.


    1. That’s wonderful.  I think you’re going to love it.  They offer a double-your-money-back guarantee, so you really can’t go wrong!  ~ Babs

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this very helpful post concerning engagermate. Honestly speaking, this software has been ringing around me for some days now and most of my colleagues have been hyping it and I do hate hyped products but reading it again on this post and seeing the full features that comes with this is a good turn on and I think its high time I got myself something like this rather than working it out by myself every time. Thanks so much for this post. I’ll try the software out.

    1. I don’t really “hype” anything, myself.  I use it, see if I like it,and if I do, I promote it to other marketers and get an affiliate commission for doing so.  I only promote those things I believe in.  ~ Babs

  12. Hi Babs,
    I am still setting up my account on instagram and I have not seen the full potential of this social network, reading your article I have been able to see the scope of this and get the best out of it.
    The training of Wealthy Affiliate is helping me improve my account.
    The tool you propose Engagermate seems a good alternative to automate and have more audience when you are ready will be of great help. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This is amazing. Instagram is the one social media I always fall short on, mainly because while I’m in my niche on the platform, I’ll take photos and videos of just about anything, rather than narrowing it into my niche, so Engagermate would be great. I also didn’t realize we had additional training on the WA platform regarding Instagram, so I’m definitely hyped to take a look into it as well, which is something I have to get more involved in is the additional training over at WA. 

    1. Well, Todd, it sounds like you’re learning a lot of new things today, and I take pride in helping you do that and meeting your goals of a great online business!  Please be sure to stop by often.  I provide a lot of great information here!  ~ Babs

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