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How to Learn Affiliate Marketing – Step 3 – Traffic and Comments

The topic of traffic is always high on the priority list for affiliate marketers. We all know that the amount of “traffic” we get to our websites will have a direct effect on the amount of money we make. It’s as simple as that. So in this lesson, we will learn how to get that traffic to your website, incorporating the strategy of Post Comments.

Increasing Traffic

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

We’ve learned in our other lessons all about “traffic.” What is traffic? It’s the people coming to your website. Without traffic to your website, there is nobody there to read your posts or buy your products. So we need to do everything we can to ensure that we bring that traffic, bring those people, to your website.

We have many ways to bring traffic to your website. We want free traffic. We want to set up our website so it is optimized to rank in the search engines which will organically begin to bring traffic to your site. It’s easy if you know what you’re doing and set up everything right from the start.

So let’s discuss some ways to bring traffic to your website.

Keyword placement

Perfect keyword placement – as discussed in Step 1 and in this article: KEYWORD ANALYSIS is an important factor in optimization and traffic. You want to study this keenly and, of course, you will want to use the free Jaaxy tool for choosing those keywords.

Keywords are the search terms people type into the search engines to find information.  The idea is to focus your articles on specific keywords that are relevant to that article.  For example, if your article is focusing on the Best Vitamin C supplements for the face, then those are your keywords: “Best Vitamin C Supplements for the Face.”

You want to make sure your keyword phrase is in the title of your article.  You then want to make sure your keyword phrase appears again in the first paragraph of your article, and then once again someplace else in your article.

The keyword phrase should be the “alternative text” for every picture you post in the article.  If you are using a WordPress site, which I highly recommend, when you post your picture, there is a box specifically for alt. text, like this:

How to learn affiliate marketing

You want to do that for every picture in you post.

Website comments

This strategy is what I’m going to focus on with you today because nothing tells Google or Bing or Yahoo search that your website is relevant like website comments.

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

At the bottom of every post on your WordPress website will be a Comments section. People can leave a comment or a question for you, and you will have the ability to approve or deny the comment and also to respond to the comment.

One very important thing I want to double stress to you is the importance of responding to each and every comment in a personal way.

You are trying to engage people, get them interested in the material you are providing, and you are trying to build a fan base.  You want people to come back and see how you responded to their comment or question, right?

Read each comment and take the time to give a thorough and well-thought-out response to that comment.  If possible, provide a link to another article on your site as a reference.  This gets the person to then click that link and continue reading your website.

Google, Yahoo and Bing love your articles more when they engage people.  Your articles become relevant in their system, and they will display your article in their search results.  The amount of time people spend on your site is critical!  Whatever you can do to keep them on your site, the better your results will be!

So, exactly how do we get people to comment on our site?  I have a great solution that will give you relevant, meaty comment on all of your posts!  Lots and lots of comments, which will make those search engines absolutely love you!

Check it out below!


A community of affiliate marketers

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

So here, again, we turn to the Wealthy Affiliate platform of affiliate marketers. When you join the Wealthy Affiliate program, you are immediately put in contact with the hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers that are members.

Each of these members is not only a wealth of information, many of them marketing for many, many years. The platform itself is 13 years old, and the creators of Wealthy Affiliate are still just as active on the platform as they were when they designed it.

Many of the members not only know so much, but they share so much. There are member-to-member trainings throughout the Wealthy Affiliate platform. As I’ve said before, it would take forever to even go through all the trainings. Most of them are video trainings, so you not only learn, but you get to see the function in action.

You can’t beat that. Pick a subject – say you’re interested in learning Pinterest Marketing, right? You’ve just signed up for a Pinterest account, and you know it’s a great way to get your website out there, but now do you do it?

Well, as a Wealthy Affiliate member, you simply type in “Pinterest” into the search, and look at all the training that pops up:

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

There is a one-hour live training event weekly if you are a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate that is done by one of the senior marketers on the platform named Jay.  Members have the opportunity to ask questions in real time during the training.  It’s very informative!  Pretty amazing, right?

Let’s try another search. Let’s say we need to learn how to use themes in WordPress:

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

You can also go into the Training Tab and search as well.  The amount of training on any given subject is actually endless.  In this video, I screen captured myself going through the training and searching various items as an illustration.  It would have been longer if I had gone through everything that was offered, but for speed (I know we’re all busy), I did not go all the way to the end.

Take a look, and this will give you an idea of just how much training is inside the Wealthy Affiliate University.  It’s updated daily, also:

Here’s the thing with Wealthy Affiliate!  They offer two membership levels, so you can actually get started 100% for free with their Starter membership.  You’ll get two free websites (I do suggest you set up only one at a time), free hosting, and the first 10 training modules in the Starter membership!  Here are the courses they offer for free:

Go ahead and get started for free today!  There is no credit card or debit card even required to sign up.  This will give you a good feel for the program and the platform.  If you do want to become a full member, the Premium membership is only $49 a month for everything!  That’s it – no other upsells whatsoever!  You just can’t beat that, can you?

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

The Premium members will also help you build up your website comments.  It’s a “give and take process” through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You give relevant comments to two other affiliate marketers on their sites, and then the system allows you to request a comment on a post of your choice. It’s a really simple process, and it works.

If you leave 10 relevant comments, you then receive 24-hours of commenting on your posts.  Do you have any idea how many comments that can bring to your site?  I’ve come back to find 50 comments waiting for me to review and respond to!  That’s absolutely incredible!

What is a “relevant” comment?

A relevant comment is a “meaty” comment. You don’t want comments like, “Great article!” because that is so generic, it could pertain to anything.

You want a comment instead that is more like, “I thought this article was great because I have been looking for a way to build up my traffic, and your suggestions about keywords and comments really resonated with me. I didn’t realize the importance of the website comments, and I think the Wealthy Affiliate platform is genius to provide a way to get them simply.”

Leave and Receive Comments

So it’s super simple to get website comments. It’s all built right into the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You simply click on the Website Comments section:

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

how to learn affiliate marketing

This is a highly effective and efficient way to not only get comments, but you are getting traffic to your website.  What’s also really cool is that the other marketers give you feedback on your site, and they also buy products you are selling.  It serves many purposes.


The Importance of Social Media

Marketing, marketing, marketing!  One of the best ways to get your website out there and drive traffic to it is through your social media platforms!  Every time I post a new article, I put it out there on each of my social media platforms with the appropriate hashtags to draw attention!

You can view my various social media platforms here!  Please be sure to like or subscribe, please, and I will return the favor for you!

Take a look:


There is no doubt about the fact that ranking in the search engines is what is going to bring you success. Receiving lots of website comments on your various posts is one way to get that ranking. It’s a time-consuming step, but it is one that you can learn a great deal from.How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

When you are reviewing your fellow marketers’ websites, you are absorbing some amazing ideas. Each person has a unique take on their niche and an individual way to present information and sell products. You can learn so much from your fellow marketers.

One thing you never want to do is copy someone else’s work or website. That’s unethical and something that will only hurt you in the long run.

Google and the other search engines do not like repetition, and if they find your site is a regurgitation of someone else’s content, it will greatly diminish your ability to rank.  You also don’t want to over-do the keyword placement either.  These “tricks” don’t work and can hurt your ranking.  Therefore, don’t do them.

Provide fresh, unique, honest, relevant content on your site, and the search engines will reward you!

Meanwhile, what are you waiting for?  Get started today!  Here is everything you get in the Starter and Premium membership levels:

how to learn affiliate marketing

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Comments Welcome

How to Learn Affiliate MarketingYou’ve now completed Step 3 of this Affiliate Marketing training, and I would love to hear from you regarding your thoughts, any questions you might have, or your personal experiences.

I appreciate your support of this website, and I do welcome you to go ahead and subscribe. This will give you notification of any future posts. You don’t want to miss great content!

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  1. Hey Babs, great post. I love how you talked and described Wealthy Affiliate to a T, what do you think of Wealthy Affiliate, are you enjoying the learning experience or do you feel a little overwhelmed with all of the training? I love how you talked about the intricacies of Wealthy Affiliate, it is like you’re giving people an at hand look at what to look forward to when they sign up. 

    If I was reading this, I’d sign up under you just because I know if I had any questions you would answer them to the point of understanding. Great job!

  2. How do I input links for items in my article? For instance, amazon products. Aside from that, your topic summarized it alk ina an easy learning process. I have be patient with all the lessons and I learned alot, but this particular topic clears the hidden clouds that I thought never exist. 

    1. Amazon gives you html code you have to put into your post for the product you want to sell.  You must use the html code and not just a picture with the link, or you can use words and put the affiliate link, but they are particular about how you represent them online.


  3. Yay, yes I love how we support each other and help us grow as a community and business owners. I love the fact that WA gives us ongoing training and support. It’s the best investment I have ever done in a long time. I’ve learned so much with WA that I would have never learn out there…including those expensive online courses and webinars. Excellent post!

  4. I Wealthy Affiliate really does make it easier for anyone to start a business online. And I can testify as for the power of site comments as well. Once a website has comments on it. The rank that search engines assign to a webpage skyrockets. I watched one of posts go from rank 88 to 55 within 3 days of getting comments on my site. Just one of the many awesome tools that you can find at Wealthy Affiliate. 10/10 would recommend. 

  5. Great post Babs. I didn’t know that comments were so important for your ranking. It is great to have that in mind. I’ve heard about bots that you can purchase for this purpose but that just sound like a bad idea. 

    Having real people reading your actual content and commenting on them can also be a great way to grow as a content writer and an affiliate marketer, specially if these people are fellow affiliate marketers as well.

    Site comments sounds like and exciting tool! 

  6. Hi Babs

    I enjoyed reading your training post on using keywords. I also thought the tip about using Pinterest was great also.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on using keywords and the importance of inserting them strategically in the post.

    Have a nice day!


  7. Babs,

    Very Impressed with your website and the generous information regarding internet marketing. My first thought that came to mind was, this person knows what they are doing, regarding topic information, website design and relevant media.

    I’m not sure if it’s a good fit for me. I have no background in websites or computer tech stuff. None in marketing, when I think about it. That was sort of the reason I was looking for more guidance and info, to see if it’s something I could do on my own or would I have to get some sort of technical retraining. 

    Wow, it looks way to involved. Not sure I want to go back to school for a long period of time to learn how to make a website that looks so complicated. 

    Is there a simpler way to get involved, like put up fliers and avoid that website building stuff. That would take me years to learn. Is it really possible part time? 

    Any information would be appreciated,


    1. I knew nothing about internet marketing or websites at all when I started, but I had a passion for what I wanted to do on the internet, so slowly Iearned.  They have classes at local colleges on wordpress.  That’s all you need to know and then write about something that YOU love.  Something that you’re passionate about.  Build your website around that niche and then find products that people who read your content would want to buy.  You really don’t have to know a lot about technology to run this business very successfully.  Please reach out with any questions.

  8. I cannot agree more, that Wealthy Affiliate is actually a wealth of resources and simply helpful and sincere people. I have never seen a more positive community than this, where everyone is trying to help everyone else get more traffic, write better content, persevere through the toiling, etc. Through everything I’ve learnt on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, my relatively new website is actually seeing some organic traffic. 

  9. Dear Babs Wagner,

    Thanks for the helpful post. To be honest traffic is the main thing I am struggling with and your post gave me new insights.

    Indeed traffic is the main fuel. No Traffic = No Sales = No Money.

    Thanks a lot for sharing the importance of comments and I have 100+ posts without any comments on it. And I never thought about it, after reading your post I realized how comments plays a vital role in engagement.

    I also read that, the comments section words also counted and considered in the word count of our post.

    I have a lot of work to do now.



  10. First, I want to say your site is impressive.  So well organized and very informative. As you have mention, Wealthy Affiliate offers all the necessary training to get you started on earning an income through your very own website.  The training is endless and new training is added constantly.  Getting traffic to your website is key to becoming ranked in the search engines.  

  11. I’m a premium member of WA and you really hit the nail on the head here. One thing that I didn’t know, however, was that I could search for different training programs with the search bar. I hadn’t really been using it to its full potential I guess. So thank you so much for teaching me even more awesome benefits of Wealthy Affiliate’s program!

    Cheers and thank you again!

    1. I’m super excited that you found value in my article and learned something.  That is always my goal!  – Babs

  12. I completely agree with you about the importance of site comments. I have been tucked away in my little hole working on my creations for the past several months and have really neglected to engage with readers and with other bloggers, writers, and affiliate marketers. Now that I’ve finally peaked out of my hole and not seen my shadow, I’ve realized the value of engaging with my online community! 

    1. Yes, Tucker, and here you are!  That’s fantastic.  There is a lot of value to getting comments, but there is much to learn in reviewing other affiliate marketers’ sites and articles as well!  It’s a great give and take community!  – Babs

  13. Very well explained article and is the reason I decided to go yearly after the next day I join Wealthy Affiliate, because I realize that this was a place where I can learn how to become a affiliate marketer on my on time and that they don’t offer to be reach quick and the community are great helpers.

    Thank you for sharing this great article.

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