how to make an ebook

How to make an ebook! Easy instructions step-by-step!

This is one of the most frequent questions that I get as an affiliate marketing mentor, “How to make an ebook?”  Everyone is certain that in order to make an ebook you must purchase some expensive program and have some extensive programming knowledge.  I am going to show you in this article that this is simply not the case!  Stick with me, and I’ll show you how to easily create gorgeous ebooks with a few clicks and super cheap, too!  (I’ve got a bargain for you that I will share here!).

Let’s start at the beginning…

Let me introduce you to !!!

When I get done showing you this amazing program, you are going to be as in love with it as I am.  I mean that.  

When I was introduced to the Designrr program from a fellow marketer who discovered it, I was floored.  

I’ll be honest, I really couldn’t believe it would be as easy as they said for a lifetime price of only $27 one-time.  No way!

Thankfully, it really was as great as the marketing said it was.  I have made several beautiful Ebooks (about 15 in total so far), and I’m offering you one at the bottom of this article so you can see it!

1. Choose your source


Import written content from:

  • blogs and websites
  • social content from Facebook pages
  • audio, video and youtube files (these get transcribed authomatically in minutes)
  • PDF ebooks and white papers to re-vamp or turn into a flipbook
how to make an ebook

Do you have your own website?  Are you creating content for your site?  If so, you can use your own url to use for your book.  If not, you can use any url for your book.  

What do I mean?  What I mean is that you can create a beautiful ebook by literally transferring any article to the pages of your book with a click of a button!

how to make an ebook
how to make an ebook
how to make an ebook

2. Review your draft

  • revise your draft content in an editor deisgned for writers and editors
  • customize your transcript, adding speaker names, video screenshots, block quotes and highlights
  • save your draft for later or export

Your ebook can be totally customized.  Every word, every picture.  You can add multiple urls and media sources.  Use two pages of your blog and add a Youtube transcript!  You can delete, add or edit every part of your ebook.  It really is so cool!

3. Publish your ebook

The PDF, ebook or blog post is also stored in your account so you can access it anytime and download it to your machine.

  • publish to any website, Kindle, ePub, PDF or Flipbook

4. Designrr hosts your ebook

You will be given free hosting for all your ebooks right in your account on the Designrr platform.  It’s wonderful!  I’m still in awe that they have given us a special offer of only $27 one-time for lifetime access!  That’s unbelievable.

(Only through my link below, though.  Otherwise, there is a monthly fee.)

Ok, so let's go

I’m going to create an ebook and capture it all right here for you, so you can view the process step-by-step as I go through how to make an ebook:

Step 1 - Get Designrr

Go ahead and sign up for your Designrr program.  Here’s the thing, if you use this link, you will have lifetime access to the program, no monthly fees, no hosting fees for your books, just a one-time charge of $27 – that’s it!

Step 2 - Create a new project

Once you log into your new account, at the top you’ll see a button that says, “Create a New Project.”  Click on that button:


In this example, we’re going to use a URL as our source for the ebook.  You can import from other media, such as a word document, a pdf document, a Youtube transcript, etc.  However, I am going to use a blog post of mine as the source for my ebook here:

You’re going to choose a name for your Ebook.  In my examle, I’m using the same title as the title of my article, How to Get Traffic with Pinterest!  If you’d like to view the article, you can view it here:  HOW TO GET TRAFFIC WITH PINTEREST!


The program will then prompt you for the URL that you want to use for your Ebook.  Therefore, in our example, I go over to the blog post, and I copy the URL from it:


Paste the url where indicated and click the “Import” button:

Step 3 - Choose your template

There are 2-column templates, standard single templates, etc. which you choose first along with the size of your Ebook.  Then the program will pull up your options.  Templates have different fonts and colors, etc.  I chose a standard format letter size:


I chose the Marketing template, which I thought was perfect.  The cover is customizable also, but I decided to keep it as is.

how to make an ebook

Step 4 - Save your project as Draft

how to make an ebook

Name your draft.  I chose the same name as my Ebook:

how to make an ebook


You can edit the ebook inside the draft editor, super easy.  What I do is check my links and make sure they are all in place properly.  I also edit because sometimes inside my blog posts I use the words, “this website,” which would not make sense in an ebook, so I need to change them.  You can open up the draft to full screen and then click next when you’re done:

how to make an ebook

Step 5 - Now it's time to review your Ebook

As you can see, there are also edit functions within the Ebook formatter!

how to make an ebook

Step 6 - Publish your Ebook

Once you have your Ebook exactly the way you want it, you simply click on the Publish button at the bottom:

how to make an ebook


You’ll choose PDF, put in your Author and a brief description.  Then click on the Export button:


Designrr will generate your pdf:

how to make an ebook

Step 7 - Copy your ebook link

Your ebook is hosted by Designrr.  Once you click the export button, you’ll be taken directly to your ebook.  You’ll want to grab your url at the top. (It’s a long one, so you’re going to want to shorten it up with a Pretty Link, but don’t worry, I’m going to go over that with you next.)

how to make an ebook

Step 8 - Add it to your spreadsheet

If you’ve been following this website for any time, you know that I’m big on keeping track of what you’re doing.  As with any business, record-keeping is critical!  I keep track of every post I make, all the links, etc.  My ebooks are no different.  I keep track of each ebook I create, the link and pretty link, and the blog post url where I place the ebook link.

Step 9 - Create your Pretty Link

Head over to your WordPress Dashboard.  You’re going to want to download a Plugin called “Pretty Links.”  Once you download and active your new plugin (it’s free), go to the Pretty Links on the left of your dashboard:

how to make an ebook


Click on “Add Pretty Link” at the top:

how to make an ebook


Paste your ebook URL into the Target URL area.  Name your link.  In this example, I named it Pinterest-Traffic.  You can name it anything you like that hasn’t been taken.  Give it a title and add any notes.  Click “Create” when you’re done!


Now you have a nice link for your ebook!   As you can see, the Pretty Link is much easier than the actual ebook link!  Next, copy the new Pretty Link:

how to make an ebook

Step 10 - Go to your spreadsheet and paste in your Pretty Link

Step 11 - Next create your ebook cover

This free program will let you create an ebook cover for your new ebook absolutely free!  (I love free, don’t you?)

Here’s the link to the DIY Book Design website:

How to make an ebook

In order to begin, you’ll need to take a screenshot of your book cover.  What I do is reduce the size down on my screen and then use a program called “Snagit” (another free program – yay!).  Save the screen capture on your computer.

how to make an ebook


Your first step in the DIY Book Design program is to choose what type of cover you want.  Don’t worry, you can go back and do as many as you like so grab your favorite one.  I’ve indicated the one I like with an arrow:


You’ll click Next once you choose the style.  Now, in step 2 you want to click Browse and select the screenshot of your book cover that you saved on your computer.

how to make an ebook


Click the Upload button and then click “Next.”

how to make an ebook

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see PNG and JPG.  You can click each button and download the cover in both formats.  It comes in handy because the PNG has a transparent background and the JPG has a white background.

how to make an ebook

It will download the files to the bottom of your computer.

How to make an ebook


Right click on the download and choose “show in folder” which will open the downloads folder.  Right click on your file (which will be highlighted blue) and rename it.

how to make an ebook


As always, I like to keep everything organized, so what I do is keep my book covers inside a folder in my Ebooks file on my computer:

how to make an ebook

Final Ebook:

Go ahead and click on the ebook above to be taken to HOW TO GET TRAFFIC WITH PINTEREST!

How to make your own ebook

I’m not sure how long this special offer will be good for, and once it’s gone there WILL be a monthly charge! This offer is for lifetime access for only a one-time charge of $27.  If you think you’ll ever want to create ebooks for your marketing, you would be wise to grab this right now:

I hope you got value from this article and discovered how super easy it is to create an amazing ebook for your marketing!

If you have any questions about the product or about the process of creating an ebook, I will do my best to answer your questions or get more information for you.  You can leave me a message here, or feel free to email me personally at Babs

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  1. Hi Babs

    Great post, it is very simple and easy to follow.

    Writing an e-book is one of my goals but I did not know how to start doing it and a friend of mine who likes to write is still looking for a publisher. But I am gonna suggest to her the idea of creating an e-book.

    I really like the idea of creating an e-book because it is very easy and affordable for people. And today we are more using our devices than our libraries. 

    For an online business owner, it is a great opportunity to have a new stream of passive income. That is the dream of creating an online business and if an e-book can provide that, then we should seriously consider this option.


    1. There is so much you can do with Ebooks, like capturing emails, free giveaways and even selling the books themselves.  The sky is the limit!  ~ Babs

  2. This was a super useful article on how to make an ebook and you have included easy instructions that take us step-by-step through the process. It is easier than ever to create and publish online today, and although there has been some resistance from the traditional publishing houses, this is the wave of the future.

    The ebook phenomenon means that anyone can get their work out to the public, and perhaps there will be more ‘noise’ due to the increased numbers of books in the markets, but if you have quality material that people are looking for and need your ebooks will sell.

    The Designrr tool makes the whole process extremely easy and fast. Because you have a lot of the headache taken care of (design, set up, fonts, etc.) the only thing to do is add content and let the tool do its work. It makes it really easy to produce a number of ebooks in a short period of time. They will also have a professional appearance and you will be ready to get them on the online sales websites.

    Thanks for this thorough guide to creating and publishing an ebook for 2019 and beyond. There is no doubt that this software further evens the playing field for authors and they will be able to get their creations out and compete to have the next best-seller!  

    1. I didn’t get into the publishing yet, but I do plan to, so definitely subscribe to the site here so you’ll get notification.  Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment!  ~ Babs

  3. Thanks for putting this up Babs. I have heard of designrr a number of times before but I’ve not seen anyone put out so much time to give step by step details of how to use it. I have not decided which niche to use yet so I can’t tell if designrr will be helpful but I’ll bookmark this site and share with friends who might need this too. Thanks aga

  4. Hi Babs Wagner, your post from.the beginning to the end is educating and am happy that you share it, this is another means of income I have learnt about today, those ebooks can sold and what am really in love with is the one time payment opportunity on your post, ever since I am reading post this is the post that reveal another means a blogger, affiliate market can earn extra from their content or youtube videos.

    1. You definitely can make money by creating informative Ebooks.  People crave information – it’s all about providing value!  Designrr is a great tool to get you there!   ~ Babs

  5. Thanks for giving me a deep insight into the works of designrr. I just learnt about how email marketing is a good aspect of affiliate marketing and I am looking to start using ebooks to send relevant info to my subscribers. Having read your post, I can now use the platform effectively. Thanks again babs.

  6. I think I will soon make a whole lot of money from eBook sales if I can invest more time into its marketing. This has helped me to get the ground rolling with detailed information concerning step by step guide as to creating an eBook. I have many write ups that I want to turn into an eBook for sales and I know definitely that this would help me a lot. Thanks so much for this information. Great one

  7. Thank you for this great tutorial about making e-books. Designrr is such a great program! I have used it to convert my websites into e-books twice now. That is a great way to help your content reach more people. People have told me it looks like a professionally published book! 

    $27 for lifetime access is a major deal and I would take it right now if I wasn’t already signed up with Designrr. Thanks for the article, it’s a good reminder for me to keep making great e books!

    1. Yes, it really is a fantastic deal, and I’m happy to hear you are using the program with success!  Thanks for stopping by!  ~ Babs

  8. Hello Babs, thanks for this really nice post. I’m a freelance writer and I have been writing for so many people for quite sometime now. How ever I have wished to go further by publishing my works inform of ebooks but I’ve had problems finding a publisher, I’m glad to have come across this post which have given me and insight on how to go about my work. And learning I can monetize these ebooks have been a really exciting idea, I’ll surely visit the designerr platform and create my own ebooks. 

  9. Thanks for sharing. Very intensive and busy site, with lots of graphics, content and links. Despite the great guides how to; I thought I got easily lost in where to actually create the new e-book. Thanks, hope the site will stay for a bit, getting inspired in spending lot of time exploring each individual training.

    I would like to share my view, hoping not to offend nor discourage. I am looking for simplicity… those 14 menu items, I would probably combine and reduce to max 8 – to be manageable. Example: under tab Wealthy Affiliate, I would simplify the text – not necessarily needing to repeat yourself and the Wealthy Affiliate words…(Full Instructions, Adding Profile, Scam or not?, Support…)… 

    I understand that you wanted to give it your maximum, but reading through just the menu only – may need to be simpler, easier to read and navigate…

    I go by the saying – less is more (but at the same time, making things simple can be very very hard – and may take time. 

    Trust this helps,

    Best regards,


    1. Bob, I am always in the market for great feedback from my readers.  Making the site easy to navigate is my goal, and I appreciate very much you taking your time to help me out.  Thanks so much!  ~ Babs

  10. Awesome. Only few days ago I have stumbled upon one ClickBank course teaching how to make an ebook. To be honest I did not feel like paying for such course, let alone the upsells that product has. 
    So I kept searching .. and voilá – I found this article. 

    This tutorial is very comprehensive and I am sure it will help to anyone who wants to create an ebook, 
    Thanks a lot 🙂 

  11. Hello Babs,  I love the way you have  given this detailed information. Looking at the rate at which everyone is going for electronic books is increasing by the day, and more sand more people are looking for means to make ebooks by themselves because of the demand for it.
    I must confess I was amazed to see the cost of registering with Designnr to be that cheap. Also the laid down process form your description makes it a whole lot easier than I thought it was. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

    1. It is indeed exactly as I have stated – one time lifetime license $27 – that’s it.  Unlimited, professional ebooks.  Easy to make – literally a few clicks.  ~ Babs

  12. Thank you Babs, you see creating an ebook is really important to me as an affiliate marketer. Especially because I do email marketing and I have to make some free ebooks for my subscribers. I didn’t know that making an ebook could be as easy as breaking it down into easy to follow steps. I think that this is very good and I should try it out myself. Thank you for recommending designrr for the best ebooks. I’m happy also that it’s easy to publish using this platform and there’s a lifetime offer. Again, thank you Babs!

    1. You got it, Henderson!  I’m so happy to hear you are going to take advantage of this offer.  It’s pretty amazing!!  ~ Babs

  13. I have been wanting to write an ebook for my website but have sort of been procrastinating on it because I’ve never really known where to start. After reading your post, I am excited to try out Designrr. It is really cool that I can use content that I already have on my website. Thank you for the step by step training. This seems to be much easier than I thought.

  14. Very interesting and helpful article. I plan to write an e-book but honestly, I did not know where to start. I will sell it on Amazon as I heard that it really pays off. I will print this step-by-step tutorial and start working on it as soon as possible, thank you for sharing, I hope this will benefit others who plan to start writing own e-book.

    1. That’s a great plan, and yes, I know a lot of fellow marketers who make quite a lot with ebooks.  They are a great way to earn money, and now it’s super easy to create them.  I wish you a lot of luck in your venture.  Please let me know how I can help!  ~ Babs

  15. Hi Babs. Thanks for sharing this easy step by step guide on How to make an ebook! I love ebooks as they can be used for several purposes on and off our websites, especially as a gift for new subscribers, or even a training course etc.

    This software, Designrr looks amazing and simple to use for this task. I definitely love it. The ebook you offered is superb!

    1. Yes, giving away a helpful ebook in your niche is an amazing way to connect with your readers.  thank you so much for stopping by!  ~ Babs

  16. I have not seen this software before. It’s my first time but I’m already falling in love with it, its simplicity and what it can be used to achieve. The one time fee of $27 is really great deal; as I hate paying monthly fees 🙂

    Heyyy, I so much love your website; I cannot keep shut! It’s clean and attractive.


  17. This ebook Designerr software seems pretty cool. I just paid to have a ebook written for my niche but I’m thinking Designerr just might be able to save me a good deal of money looking down the road. This would make it easy to import old blog posts to create an “anthology” ebook or something like that with my older content and would be a good way to get more clicks out of it. Cool software, thanks for recommending it.

    1. If you’re paying someone to create ebooks for you, all you have to do is use your own blog posts and save a bundle.  You can use any url and make an ebook, edit it, use several posts, whatever you want.  It’s super easy and once you pay the one-time fee of $27, it’s totally free forever thereafter!  ~ Babs

  18. Hey Bobs; I like your post. I never consider that an ebook has so many techniques in preparing. However, because I see it as the most convenient free gift to offer I count the training as one that vital input to a business. 

    One of the cool features in the ebook preparation is that a plugin can be used to make it more refined. The $ 27.00 hosting for life is super cool.


  19. Hello,

    Interesting and useful article on how to make an e-book. It looks effortless to follow step-by-step instructions using the Designrr, and the price is perfect ( only $ 27).

    Writing an e-book is my future goal, but I never knew how and where to start. After reading your article, I’m excited to try to create an e-book. I believe I will do it ( seems easier than I thought).

    Thanks again for a great post!

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