How to make money in a website

How to make money online in a website! Free start-up!

As an affiliate marketing coach, my website is geared to the answer to that exact question:  How to make money online in a website? I’m going to answer that question and these as well:
How to make money online in a website
  • How to make money legitimately?
  • How to make money online at home?
  • How to make money online as a teenager?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing for real?
  • How to make money with affiliate marketing?
  • How to do affiliate marketing for beginners?
  • Can you really make money online?
  • How long does it take to make money online?
  • What is the best program to learn affiliate marketing?
  • Can I start my business with no money?

I’ve been doing this business for a long time, but I remember the feelings I had when I first started like it was yesterday.  I had all these same questions swimming around in my head, just like you do.

I had such hopes.  I was tired of working in a job I really didn’t like, and I wanted to spend more time with my family.  I had heard so much about online marketing careers, and I had been around the internet a lot marketing for my other businesses, so I thought, why not?  Why not follow my dream and reach for the stars?

So I did, and I’ve never looked back.  I work my online business full-time, and I love every minute of it.  That’s what I wanted to talk to you about next – loving what you do!  Let me explain…

Choosing your niche

How to make money online in a website

Perhaps you’ve already given this some thought.  Your niche.  What is a niche? Your niche is going to be the subject of your website.  It is the group of people who are interested in that subject, and the products and services that go hand-in-hand with that subject.

Perhaps you have a love for dogs.  You love all things dogs.  You are at your happiest when you are talking about, reading about or learning about something to do with dogs.  It would stand to reason that you are not alone.  There are many other people who love dogs and want information or products related to their beloved pet, so you will probably have great success with a dog-related niche.

What do you love?  What would you like to immerse yourself in and be at your happiest?  Whatever that is, you want to start doing some research online and see who else is providing information on your niche and what their websites look like, especially the ones that pop up on the top of the search results.

This will give you an idea of what types of information you should be providing to your readers and what types of products people are searching for.

Best Niche Website Ideas - CLICK HERE!

Choosing your niche is probably one of the most important first steps!

Choose a Niche you LOVE!

Take a few moments and read this article! It's an important first step to your success!
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I can’t stress enough how much thought you need to give this area.  Now, should you choose a niche and change your mind later, you can always start another website.  I just don’t want to see you do a lot of work, have to start from scratch and get discouraged.

You can make a lot of money in this business, and my goal with this site is to guide you to the best programs and services to accomplish that!

How to get a website set up

I know this can be a daunting task.  If you’ve never set up a website before, or if you aren’t particularly computer saavy, you may think it’s something you can’t do.  I run into this a lot with my readers.  People message me and tell me they’re scared to try affiliate marketing because they don’t think they can set up a website.

This is something that you do not need to fear.  I remember my first website.  It was so difficult, I had to get help from a computer-geek friend of mine to set it up and then to make changes to it.  That was many, many years ago.  Things have changed!

I found a program called Wealthy Affiliate.  They host your website, and their free program comes with ten training classes (video tutorials) that walk you through the process step-by-step.  Everything is pretty much done for you, and it takes about 30 seconds – literally – to set up your website.

Here’s an example of one of the videos in the free Starter membership of the Wealthy Affiliate program:

How to make money online in a website
How to make money online in a website

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

One of the questions I promised to answer was “Can I start my business with no money?”  I’m here to tell you – YES!  You can!  That’s where the Wealthy Affiliate program comes into play.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that was designed by a couple of affiliate marketers just for affiliate marketers.  These two men were trying to run their businesses online, and they could not find a program that could handle all of the steps in the process of affiliate marketing.  In order to have all the proper tools, they were finding they had to spend hundreds of dollars every month, and the tools they found were inferior.

They got together and created the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  You’ll see that Kyle does the training in the above video.  He does a lot of the training himself, and he and Carson, the other creator, are available on the platform to contact.

Here is a little about Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon:

How to make money online in a website

This answers one of the questions I get so often, “How to make money legitimately.”  This is it!  Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate program.  I have been a premium member for many years, and the platform has been around for over 14 years!  Many of the members have been with the program for the entire time!

Here are some testimonials from members of the platform:

How to make money online in a website
How to make money online in a website

How does affiliate marketing work?

People hear the term, but they don’t always know exactly how affiliate marketing works, so I’m going to explain it to you in simple terms and then direct you to a couple of articles I wrote that will give you a more thorough explanation!

Affiliate Marketing is

How to make money online in a website
  • Step 1 – Choose a Niche
  • Step 2 – Set up a website
  • Step 3 – Become an affiliate for a merchant in your niche
  • Step 4 – Market Products for the Merchant
  • Step 5 – Customers click your link to buy the products from the merchant
  • Step 6 – Merchant pays you a commission for the sale

There are many exciting reasons to become an internet marketer.  I know, because I am one, and I thank God every day that I found this business.  Let me tell you something, and I mean this.  You can actually earn a lot of money doing something you absolutely love.  Is that not the best news ever?  It was for me!

When you do step 1 – choosing your niche, you want to choose something that you are passionate about.  I know that making money is on your mind.  Obviously.  Do not, however, choose your niche based solely on what other people tell you about the “most profitable niches.”  Nonsense!  You can make a lot of money from just about any niche, so go with what you love.

You are going to be spending a large amount of time working on your website.  You have to research and create a lot of content.  Wouldn’t you rather do that learning about something you care about?  Something that fires you up?  You don’t want to be bored to death with a niche you couldn’t care less about.  You will not be successful because you won’t have the drive necessary to do what you need to do to master this business!

Here are some articles on affiliate marketing

How to make money online in a website

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Affiliate Marketing Definition & Illustration!

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How to make money online in a website

Wealthy Affiliate Library - - CLICK HERE!

You'll be impressed by the amount of training provided in the Wealthy Affiliate Program!

Wealthy Affiliate Training Library

Be prepared to be amazed by the training modules in the Wealthy Affiliate program. This is just the tip of the iceburg - new training is added daily and live training is held once a week!
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How to learn affiliate marketing step by step

I know it can be intimidating starting something new.  If you have never done any internet marketing before, or if you’ve never set up a website, it can seem overwhelming.  I get that because I have been there myself.  I struggled when I first started!  I wish I had a mentor to help me, but I didn’t.

You’ve got it made.  Not only can you have free mentoring from me, but you can have a whole community of fellow affiliate marketers to learn from in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

If you took a look at the article on the right above,  you saw a glimpse of some of the training that is included in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Training is key for any new venture.  It’s critical.  You can’t expect to just jump in and start a business without learning how to do it, best practices, the proper tools and resources to perform the tasks needed to be successful.

There are things you’re going to need for affiliate marketing as well:

Tools needed to start affiliate marketing business

  • Niche Idea
  • Domain Name
  • Website & Hosting
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Email Account & Autoresponder
  • Affiliate Marketing Training Courses
  • YouTube Video Creation Tools
  • Merchant Affiliate Agreements
  • Paypal Account to receive payment

How much money do I need to get started?

Here’s the best part!  You don’t need any money to get started in this business.  I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is true.

My suggestion is you get started with the Wealthy Affiliate because you can join the program with the Start plan 100% for free.  

There’s no catch.  It is 100% free – no credit card information – no debit card information required!  You just sign up and get started.

Now the Starter plan gives you full access to all benefits for the first 7 days.  That way you can try all the features.  Once the 7 days is up, you can keep the Starter plan for up to six months.  You are not forced to upgrade, but if you really want to run a highly successful affiliate marketing business, you will want to upgrade to their Premium.

Here’s a comparison chart that shows the two plans and what is included in each:

As far as the other tools and programs, take it slow.  You want to follow the steps as outlined in the program, so you won’t need to spend any money at all in the beginning.

If you decide you do want to upgrade to Premium, Wealthy Affiliate will give you a discount if you upgrade within the first 7 days!  Instead of the $49, you only pay $19 for that first month!  Pretty cool, right?

I have quite a bit of information regarding Wealthy Affiliate on this website.  I floundered around until I found the Wealthy Affiliate program, and I am trying to save you the same aggravation!  It’s a necessity if you are wanting to earn actual money online.  Don’t skimp here.  It’s critical to your success as an internet marketer!

The top 10 affiliate programs


Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you found the answer to your question:  How to make money online in a website!

I’ve been marketing online for many years, and I pride myself in providing you with the most up-to-date, relevant information to start and grow your affiliate marketing business!

Please take a moment and leave me a comment below, or if you prefer to contact me personally, you can email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. I just started working on building a blog and found this information very helpful and encouraging, It’s hard at the start but your clear description of the process and the work that needs to be put into it helped me understand that I just need to be patient and keep on working.

    Writing is the hardest part for me as well. It just takes me longer than I’d like. I’m sure it will get faster the more I do it.

    1. Oh yes, the more we do anything, the better we become at it, and writing is no different.  You’ll find that the words will flow more easily as you go on, and I found I really loved doing it as well.  Just be sure you are working in a niche you have passion for.  It makes it much easier and way more enjoyable.  ~ Babs

  2. Great article thank you. I like the panel in the middle that flips over. Very cool design. I agree with you that wealthy affiliate is a good program. I’ve been on it for 2 weeks and I am feeling good about it today. I upgraded to the premium membership so I have my own domain and I got to take the full certification course. Now I mainly work on my website and getting traffic to my website. Wealthy affiliate helped put all the steps in some semblance of an order for me so that I didn’t get lost as much as I would have otherwise. I agree that choosing a niche can be tough but I feel confident about my Niche now and it’s partly because wealthy affiliate offers stuff that helps you choose one.

    1. You feel the same way I did when I first signed up for Wealthy Affiliate.  I upgraded within the first few days to the Premium membership because I knew it was (finally!!!) the real thing!  I’ve never looked back all these years later!  Thank you for stopping by and good luck in your studies with Wealthy Affiliate University!  ~ Babs

  3. Hello Babs, I’m always delighted to read from your informative articles and ive learnt few things again through this article. Making money online free was my key target till I came across blogging and affiliate marketing but while studying through my training and getting to mingle with more experienced marketers, I realised “money is used to generate more money” and though it is totally free to start with but later on, their would be need to chip in little cash to fuel the development of one’s site. I got the free training on wealthy Affiliate and hopefully, others would try it out too. Affiliate marketing is such a lucrative business offer and can really help to stack up more cash if done the right way as listed in this post.

    1. Oh, indeed affiliate marketing is extremely lucrative!  It’s a lot of fun, too, and you can do it from anywhere!  I absolutely love it!  ~ Babs

  4. Hi there! 
    After taking a look at your site, I can already tell that it was done with care. It sure is looking good. However, I think that, if I were you, I’d bring the tab that has every subject to the top. People would be more satisfied with the ease-of-access. Also, if I may, how long did it take you to build it?

    1. I have been building my site for a couple of years.  Are you talking about the Categories on the sidebar because the top does have all the subjects.  I will take a look.  Thank you for your suggestion!  ~ Babs

  5. Dear Babs,

    Thank you so much for this amazing resource about how to make money online in a website.  There was so much information in this post and I have bookmarked it to reference it again and again as my affiliate journey continues.  I have been interested in creating my own blog and using affiliate links to monetize it but I haven’t really known how to successfully proceed and have been looking for a road map.  With your post and your information about the Wealthy Affiliate program, I feel like I have finally found the road map to success that I have been searching for.  There is sooo much great information in this article and I appreciate all that you have shared.  I love that like me, you are a woman, and you seem very successful and your website is very sophisticated and user-friendly, this is they type of website I would like to emulate. I am going to read more from your website and check out more about Wealthy Affiliate and whether it’s right for me!

    1. Wow, I really appreciate all your kind words.  You’re very sweet!  Definitely stop back often!  If you need any help along the way, please let me know!  ~ Babs

  6. Thank you for this information! I am a member of the program that you are talking about… Wealthy Affiliate! Isn’t is just amazing!!! From the community, to the training, to the live webinars… I can’t say enough about this program. If you are reading this… Babs is right! Do it! You will NOT regret it!

    1. Great testimonial, Dr. Baker!  I appreciate it.  I’m so glad you’re also having great success with Wealthy Affiliate.  It is, indeed, just amazing!!  ~ Babs

  7. I love the testimonials that you quote – and these are from real people, not actors like some scam sites use.  The graphics on your article are very eye-catching!  Writing about something you love becomes easier and easier as time goes by and practice makes perfect!  Will wealth come overnight?  No – as with any business, it takes time and effort but if you put that time and effort into it, amazing things can and will happen!

    1. Yes, if you put in that time, you have a passion for what you’re researching and writing about, and you enjoy writing and marketing, this is the best career in the world.   ~ Babs

  8. Very nice, thorough and easy to understand article that helps people to start their own websites and make money online. 
    It is super important to have people like you offering your help to make other people not only to avoid the scams but also to create new ways to make sustainable income by marketing or selling products online. I will check some other articles on your website too, I wouldd like to find good free or cheap SEO tools. something with integrated social media share would be even better? recommendations? My websites are still pretty new so professional tools like moz, serankings or raven tools are not my choice yet. 

    1. I’m going to be delving into paid advertising soon. I plan to publish articles along the journey, let you know what type of ads I’m doing, how much I’m spending, and what return I’m getting.  I’m pretty excited!!  I want to take my business to the next level!  ~ Babs

  9. I joined wealthy affiliate months ago, and from the signs I’ve seen so far, i can  bodly say I’m on the right path. Prior to the time I joined this great platform, I’ve made so many failed attempts. I’ve learnt a lot from this website, so many trainings, some useful tools and experience members that are always there to help. 

    Nice write-up.

    1. Thank you, Jordan!!  I can say that you are on the right path if you keep your enthusiasm and work ethic.  You’ll go far!  Please let me know how I can help along the journey!  ~ Babs

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