How to make money writing online

How to make money writing online! No experience necessary!

I’ve been writing in my own personal journal my entire life. I was never a professional writer until I started my blog. I had yearned to learn how to make money online, and I came across an article about starting an affiliate blog website. I had no idea how to do that, but I learned, and I found out it was really easy! How to, make money writing online? Your own personal blog, that’s how. Let me tell you all about it, and I think you’ll see it’s a great way to earn money online!.
How to make money writing online

No experience necessary?

Now, please let me clarify.  You do not need any experience to start your new blog.  In fact, I have a program I will share with you that will train you on all the steps necessary to start your website, and the website and training classes (10 of them) are 100% free.  

That being said, if you want to actually make money writing online, you are going to need education on exactly how to do that, right?  You can’t expect to set up a blog, start writing, and money will automatically come pouring in.  There is a strategy, a proven method to earn money writing online.

This website has been built to give you that exact method along with all the tips and tricks to be hugely successful online.  Helping you is my passion.  It’s my way of giving back for my own success.  I had a lot of great folks help me when I was new, and I was grateful for their experience.

So, while you don’t need any experience of your own to get started, you could definitely use a team of other bloggers who have years of experience to guide you and help you along the way!

The program I’m going to share with you will provide you all that, and more:

Do you have some concerns?

Here are some of the concerns my readers have had over the years when it comes to writing online and making money from it!  I hope to address these for you in this article and put your mind to ease:

  • How can I start writing online?
  • How much money do I need to set up a blog?
  • Do I need a degree to be an online writer?
  • Is setting up my own blog my best option?
  • What if my grammar and spelling aren’t the best?
  • Can I write about something I love and still make money?
  • Can I write online and make enough money to quit my job?
How to make money writing online

If you have the desire to do this,  getting started is easy!  Look, you came to this site, and you found me, and I’m dedicated to helping new writers start and maintain a successful blog online!  I can get you a free Starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate and mentor you through the process!

Honestly, writing about something you love is what is going to make you money!  You want to have passion for you niche!  This will give you the incentive to put the necessary time and energy into your blog.  Your enthusiasm will show through to your readers.  They will learn to trust you and look to you for guidance!  That’s what will give you success online!

How to make money writing online
How to make money writing online

Here’s where I share the exciting news!  NO MONEY!  Yes, you read that right!  The Starter plan with Wealthy Affiliate is 100% free, as is my mentoring.  I do not charge to help you be successful!  I do suggest that you consider the Premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate, but go ahead and get started for FREE!

You can choose to write for other people, but when you do this, you are trading hours for pay, period.  When you set up your own  blog, you can create your content and then earn residual monthly income over and over from the content you created once.

If you have the desire to do this,  getting started is easy!  Look, you came to this site, and you found me, and I’m dedicated to helping new writers start and maintain a successful blog online!  I can get you a free Starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate and mentor you through the process!

This is one area I get asked about constantly!  If you are concerned here, you are not alone!  I have GREAT news!

The Wealthy Affiliate program has your bases covered.  The content creator checks Speling, Grammar, Sentence Structure AND punctuation!  How cool is that?  Never worry again!

How to make money writing online
How to make money writing online

When it comes to writing and making money online, the sky is literally the limit!  What you put in is what you will get out, so YES you can make enough money to support your lifestyle full-time!

My recommended program!

If you really want to make money writing online, then my #1 recommendation is the Wealthy Affiliate Program and theJaaxy Keyword Research Tool.  These two programs, hand-in-hand, will propel you to #1 success if you follow the proven formula!

I’ve designed this website around helping you to find the path of least resistance and most enjoyment to make money writing online!

Here’s a link to sign up for the 100% free Starter membership!  No credit card or debit card required!

Ready to change your life?

Learn how to make a money-making website free

Don’t stay stuck in that dead-end job!  Get financial freedom now, and get started with your very own money-making website 100% for free!

I will mentor you through the entire process!

Programs I do recommend!

How to make money writing online

These types of writing jobs are "JOBS" which require you to trade your hours for money!

There are a lot of writing “jobs” out there where you can write for other people’s blogs and the blog owners will pay you for each article.

Here’s the thing.  Can you make money?  Sure!  However, it’s a one-time deal.  You type and get paid.

When you own your own blog, you write content that people will read and get to know you and trust you, and you can make money over and over from the same post.

Residual income!  You do the work one time and then you get paid over and over and over again!

What do you write about?

Some of my readers have expressed concerns to me that they aren’t sure they can come up with enough content to write about.

I understand this concern.  Believe me when I tell you that even experienced bloggers like myself have the same issues.  It is an ongoing task to be able to provide fresh, interesting, relevant content.  Nobody wants to read re-hashed information, so in order to be considered an authority in your niche, you’re going to have to stay on top of things.

Let me get into this briefly so you understand the procedure to continuously do this.  (Hint:  It’s not difficult if you know the SECRET!)

How to come up with fresh content?

- Search Engines

We rely on the search engines to like our site and display us in search results, but we can also use the search engines to determine what kind of articles and information are coming up.  

I use the search engines all the time.  I learn so much about what is going on in the world of affiliate marketing through searching various terms and seeing what new information is coming up.  It’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your niche.

As an example, let’s say your niche is photographic equipment.  You write articles about the newest lenses and techniques.  You can search some terms on Google, Yahoo or Bing to see what’s new, like this:

Searching "New Photographic Trends"

How to make money writing online
How to make money writing online
How to make money writing online

Look at all these ideas that come up.  What’s great is that you can take any of these various search terms and put them into the search field and you’ll get even MORE ideas.  It’s a great strategy to come up with new ideas and content.

Reading the articles that pop up will also show you what other successful bloggers in your niche are writing about.  You can then research and prepare your own unique articles with your own unique take on these subjects.  It’s a great way to provide relevant content to your readers!

- Wealthy Affiliate Website Review & Comments areas

How to make money writing online

I’ve given you some information in this article about the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  Another huge benefit of this program is the ability to keep your finger on the pulse of your niche through the community there.  There are literally thousands of other marketers on the platform, all willing and able to help you and provide you with great information.

You can ask a question at any time in the live 24/7/365 chat area, and people are so helpful there!  If you asked for ideas, you’d get all kinds of people reaching out to help you come up with new ideas.  You’d be surprised how everyone really works together to help each other!

So what is the Website Review and Website comments?  These are two additional benefits to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Website Review is where you review other marketers’ websites and give honest, constructive feedback, and then you earn the right to have your own website and articles reviewed by other marketers.  It’s such a great way to learn what other people are doing and also to have your own website reviewed.

Website Comments operates similarly.  You review other marketers’ articles and then leave comments.  Once you do that, you earn points to have your articles read and commented on.  You’ll build credibility by having comments on your site, and you’ll get to see what others are doing.

How to make money writing online

- Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The Jaaxy Keyword Research tool is another amazing benefit of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  This tool will not only give you great, fresh ideas, but it will show you which keywords are optimal.  Have you heard of search engine optimization?  That means you are taking steps to make sure the search engines like your site ad your content and are displaying you in the results.

Therefore, certain keywords are better than others.  What makes a good keyword?

  • A good keyword should be something lots of people are searching for!  Popular!
  • A good keyword would be one that doesn’t have a lot of other marketers using it!  Competition!
  • A good keyword should make sense!  Grammatically correct!
How to search keywords

How Jaaxy works

Jaaxy is literally amazing.  I, honestly, do not know how I ran my business without it.  Now that I have it, I would never do this business without it.  Let me show you the power of this program!

I mentioned that you can get ideas for content through the platform.  That’s just half of the equation!  Finding those ideas that are also perfect keywords, now that’s priceless!

Let me show you.  Let’s go back to our example above, which was “New Photographic Trends.”  Let’s input the term “photographic” into the program and see what pops up:

How to make money writing online


What do you see for ideas here?  Let’s just make a list to start off:

  • Wedding photography
  • Graphic photography
  • Aperature and Photography
  • Photographic Backdrops
  • How to do Photography
  • Best Wedding Photography
  • Newborn Photography
  • How to draw portraits from photographs

From these ideas, you can input any of them into Jaaxy and get even more ideas.  Let’s try newborn photography as an example:

Look at all these ideas.  Now let’s talk about what the numbers on the chart mean.  (This is where it gets FUN!).

So next each keyword phrase are columns.  Avg  – Traffic – QSR – KQI – SEO – Domains

  • Avg = Average number of searches this keyword phrase gets each month
  • Traffic = Anticipated number of visits to your website if you achieve first page ranking for this phrase
  • QSR = Quoted Search Results – The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword phrase.
  • KQI –  Keyword Quality Indicator – Green is Great, Yellow is Normal, Red is Poor.
  • SEO – Scores 100 best to 1 least desirable
  • Domain – Which domains are available .com, .net or .org

Perfect Keyword Numbers

When choosing your keywords, you want to use the numbers.   It’s pretty important, actually, that you understand how to use them and apply these techniques to each and every article you write.  

The perfect keyword is going to have at least 50 Avg (searches per month) and under 50 QSR (competing websites).  If you do these two things when choosing your keywords, you will have a much easier time ranking your site in the search engines.  That’s the name of the game!  RANKING!

Want to try Jaaxy?

You’ve got a couple of options to try Jaaxy.  You can do it here below, or you can sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate Starter program.  You’ll get 30 free searches either way.  I recommend getting the Wealthy Affiliate program because it comes with a lot more!

The top 10 affiliate programs


Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you found this article of value and that you now realize there are an endless amount of ideas out there to write about!

I’ve been marketing online for many years, and I pride myself in providing you with the most up-to-date, relevant information to start and grow your affiliate marketing business!  It’s my passion!

Please leave me a comment or a question below, or if you prefer to contact me personally, you can email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. This page is so great and helpful. I love writing and I have been struggling to find a way to make money doing it. Especially since I don’t have a degree. I am so happy to have found these tips since writing is like my favorite thing to do in the world and I was worried too that if I ever got to write for a living that I would have to write something that I wasn’t passionate about.

    1. Writing about something you have passion for is the key to success!  I’m so glad my article was helpful to you, Marlo!  Thanks for taking your time to comment!  ~ Babs

  2. I have been keeping a personal journal A lot of my life too! That was the first thing that popped out to me as I was reading your article. Now if I could monetize my actual Journal that would be interesting. The website I am trying to generate income with is a little less personal. The wealthy affiliate program you shared about is how I started that website and so far it’s going pretty well. One thing they taught me in the free part of the course was a tip about writing, just to use a sort of casual conversational Style. That helped me get going and now it’s easy for me to write my articles. Sometimes I finish my article so early and I don’t know what else to do! But there’s other income-generating activities they taught me about also so I do those.

    1. Once I write an article, then I have to log it into my spreadsheet including all the links, I blast it out to all my social media sites, and that can take quite a while.  I feel like there’s never enough time.  ~ Babs

  3. I cannot agree less with you that setting up one’s blog is the best way to earn money online when it comes to writing. I can say this confidently because I had worked as a freelance writer for so many bloggers before and I know the kinds of benefits they got through my writings so, I decided to stop writing for anybody just to collect a one time payment when one post can fetch me multiple income. Blogging to me is a way better option and it requires no foregrounded knowledge. Just learn what you need to do and practise it, then the profit comes in. Though it requires hard work and consistency but when it has to do with writing on what you love doing, I think being consistent would not be an issue

    1. Sometimes people will write for other people as a way to get quick cash while they are building their own blog website.  It’s definitely not the way to go long-term, but it can pay the bills short-term.  Articles are always in high demand.  Writing for yourself is by far the best option, I agree with you.  ~ Babs

  4. I once attempted to make a career writing articles online in sites like iWriter. At first, I thought it’s easy but later I discovered that you have to work like a slave in order for you to get projects and make money. There were times that I don’t feel writing but I was obliged because, I have taken a project from a client. And that was being a freelancer, what more with an employed full-time writer. That is the reason why I like what you are suggesting to your readers, to instead of trading hours for money, instead of writing for pennies, one should rather start his or her own blog, own online business, and write like a boss.

    1. Gomer, you have indeed hit the nail right on the head.  The whole point of this type of business is to set it up and let it earn money for you, residually.  It’s a great business model, and you get the concept!  ~ Babs

  5. Hi Babs. Thank you for this incredible article. I have wanted to start an online website for many years now. Unfortunately the internet is so full of scammers it’s hard to tell the legitimate ones apart from the scams. I hadn’t thought about blogging for a living but you’ve managed to open my mind to the possibility. Thank you for being so thorough in explaining the workings of this. I now know a little bit about content, keywords and blogging. Also, i know my grammar is terrible, so a tool to help me with this would be incredible. I’m about to have a closer look at your links. Thanks again. Jim

  6. Thanks for the excellent advice on how to make money writing online. It really does seem possible to do this without having a lot of experience too based on your article. I have known some people that are excellent storytellers but they lack the confidence to write them out. I will be passing this post on to them to read…

    To have the best chance to monetize your writing, no matter the skill level, I do think having a proven plan or roadmap to follow will help. Especially for those that may have limited experience with building a website for a blog, this is something that makes a lot of sense.

    You have provided a proven platform too for people wanting to learn…Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to start, and the training and tools are all there to get you started on the right track. The many questions you address are ones that most people will ask, and the answers are helpful. 

    1. You’re very kind, Dave, and I do appreciate you taking time to leave a nice comment on my site!  I have dedicated a lot of time and energy into helping other people be successful.  That’s my goal!  I’m thankful for readers like you!  ~ Babs

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