How to quit the job – Stay home & earn full-time income!

It’s so many people’s dream – How to quit the job! It was mine! I was so unhappy; there was so much anxiety, and I would start to think about the job about mid-way through Sunday afternoon, knowing I had to go back to it on Monday morning. That is just not healthy. My journey into starting my online business began because I knew there was a better way!

Here’s the thing. There are thousands of sites out there telling you they can help you make a full-time income and quit your job, but I’m a testament to the fact that most of them just aren’t real. They are scam sites designed to grab your hard-earned money, money you earned at that job you despise, and they just don’t care.

If you want to learn from my experiences, because I tried so many of them, take a look around my site.  You’ll see that what I’m telling you is accurate and real.  Finally, I found the program that works, that’s real, and that doesn’t make false promises but tells me exactly what I have to do to be successful making money from home.

Wealthy Affiliate

I chose affiliate marketing as my means of how to quit the job. Personally, I didn’t want to deal with physical products, or product returns, or customer complaints or problems.  My desire to make a difference, work from home, do something meaningful to me and earn an income doing it is what motivated me.  That’s why I chose affiliate marketing.

how to quit the job

You see, affiliate marketing lets you do something you love; something you’re passionate about, and it makes me happy. I feel like I’m helping people and doing something to make a difference in people’s lives.  That’s important to me as much as supporting myself and my family.

My story

I have two sites that I run for my business. This website, Coaching for Internet Marketers, is my “work from home” niche site, which is dear to my heart.  The other site I run is a health and beauty site called Fountain of Youth Lifestyle. I am a “health and nutrition nut”, and I’ve studied nutrition my entire life, so being able to have a blog to share all my information with my readers has been a light in my life.

Being a teacher for most of my life, working with various adult and children’s programs as a volunteer, it’s what I’m HOW TO QUIT THE JOBpassionate about. I love to teach. Now I have a digital platform to share my knowledge and my research with the world, and it’s been so rewarding. It brings me income, and more importantly, it brings me joy.

I have a way for you to start your business 100% for free, so pay attention. This is not some “trial” either. It’s a free program. Wealthy Affiliate has something called their Starter Membership. I’ll put the outline here below to show you the Starter and then what you get if you upgrade to the Premium Membership.

The Premium Membership is their top program (they only have Starter and Premium) which unlocks all the services they provide. I started with the Starter plan when I first signed up, and then when I knew I wanted to pursue my business full-time and that I liked the platform, I went ahead and upgraded to Premium to unlock everything.

how to quit the job

How long does it take

how to quit the job

This is where I get real with you, because Wealthy Affiliate was the first program to get real with me. It is not a get-rich-quick in a week scheme. Honestly, anyone who tells you that you can start generating thousands of dollars in a week is just straight up lying to you, I’m sorry. It takes time.

How much time depends on you. How much time do you have to devote to your business. If you’re working full-time, you also have a life to take care of, so realistically, just how much time can you devote.

My personal story is I was working full-time when I started this venture, but I am no longer working outside my home. I work on my business about 8 hours on a typical day, sometimes longer. I am passionate about my business, and I enjoy working on my sites, and that is why I am able to devote so much time to it.

How it works

Let me give you the brief version here and then direct you to another article that I think might give you more details about the business. One thing I want to mention is that inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you’ll be given full training on setting up your business. The program walks you step-by-step through the process with video tutorials and everything.

how to quit the job


What if you’re new to this

Trust me, even if you’re new to this, you don’t have to worry. You’ll even have access, as a Starter member, to the owners and community for the first seven days. Take that first week and really dive in and devote as much time as you can to take advantage of all the benefits. You’ll know in that time if it is for you, and if you upgrade to Premium in that first 7 days, you’ll only pay $19 for the first month of Premium. That’s awesome. After that, the entire business, platform, websites, everything is only $49 a month. A whole business for $49 a month? That is a deal.

Affiliate marketing – the brief version

Here is how you do it.

Part 1 – Setup

1) You set up a website. With the Starter Membership, you get two free sites. You don’t pay for your domains if you go with a site.rubix site. If you ever want to upgrade to your own .com site, you can transfer all your content over at any time for $13 a year, but start with the free ones for now.

2) You go through the training. The training will give you tasks for each lesson. As an example, you’ll pick your website name and your theme. The Starter plan offers a variety of website themes, and here’s the cool part. You can change your website theme whenever you want as often as you want, and all your content transfers over. Therefore, you can try different ones until you find one you love.

3) You pick a niche. Your niche is the subject of your site. For example, this website is a Make Money Online niche. My other site is a Health and Beauty niche website. The program helps you choose your niche. Start with one. I know the program gives you two sites for free, but just focus on one at a time. You can rinse and repeat afterwards, but focus all your energy on your first niche website.

Part 2 – Implementation

4) Write relevant, exciting content. Here it is folks, the meat of the business. Your content. It’s what drives your business. This is why people come to your site, to read your content. You want to solve a problem, offer a solution, help someone find something or learn something. That is your “job” now as an affiliate marketer. It is not to sell products, but to provide content. This is what the search engines want to see to rank you as important; they want to see relevant content about your niche.

5) Find related products or services to market. Once you have established your site, you can begin to look for products and services to market. (The program trains you on this as well). You will set up affiliate agreements with merchants, and you will be provided links for your site to direct people to products. When people click your link and buy from the merchant directly, you earn a commission. How sweet is that? No inventory, no customers, just a referral fee, if you will!

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

That’s simple. It’s because they are a proven platform, and I have personal experience with them. I tried so many other “programs,” and I spent a lot of money trying them, let me tell you. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, and you can trust this because you don’t have to use a credit or debit card to sign up. All you need is your name, your username, an email and a password. That’s it!

Wealthy Affiliate is owned by two affiliate marketers named Carson and Kyle. They are accessible in the platform. You can private message them at any time, or you can contact them on specific training through the comments. That’s powerful. They are hands-on owners, and that speaks volumes.  Kyle does much of the training in the program as well!

Want to get to know me a little better? Here’s a quick video I put together to give my personal testimonial about Wealthy Affiliate. Take a quick look:

Wealthy Affiliate Resume

The company has been in business over 14 years, and many of the members have been on the platform the entire time. Once people sign up, they don’t leave. There are just too many benefits to staying. One huge benefit of Wealthy Affiliate is the Jaaxy keyword research tool. This tool was created by the owners to help you find the perfect, high volume, low competition keywords for your niche. I’ve written several articles on this program, and here is one you can look at here:



How to Quit The Job

Are you serious about quitting your job and working at something you love from home? If you are, here’s your chance. You can sign up for free today and get started on what could be a defining moment in your life. You now know that it is possible to work from home doing something you are passionate about. Love baseball? Do a baseball equipment niche. Love dogs? Do a dog-training niche. Love art? Do an artist supply niche. The sky is the limit, my friend!

Here’s the link to get started today! Look, when you get into the platform, I will be sending you an email. If you want to stop by and say hello, my Username is BabsieRocks. Look me up. I can’t wait to help you through this journey to a better life!



Babs Wagner

Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for visiting my page!


  1. I’ve been a wealthy affiliate premium member now for a couple months. Just like they say it’s not a get rich quick scheme because I haven’t earned anything yet. I’m a full time sales person at a local retail store and a father of 3 so I’ve been working on my website about 2 days a week now, but my site is up and running, and I’ve been Google ranked already. I’m working on adding my affiliates now to start raking it in. If you are wanting to get away from your 9-5 living and be your own boss, this IS the way to go.

  2. So many people are just like what you have said. when Friday afternoon comes around they are having a party but as soon as Sunday afternoon hits is another.

    It is good to know that you are now working for yourself and that Wealthy Affiliate has the kind of training that can help anyone to also live their dreams with over one million members this is a good testimony that the training at this community works.

    1. You do need to set your priorities for sure. I do have fun, and I love friends and family, but I set the hours I work just like a job and I prioritize for success in this business! It’s important to me! ~ Babs

  3. Hello, Babs, I identify with what you mention about hating your job, not necessarily working, and I agree with you when you say that when you are passionate about something, you even dedicate more time, because you know you will be rewarded properly and because you feel FREE… and for me that’s SO important! I hate feeling like I can’t be creative or free in my work. A true online business sounds like a perfect way of working for me. I liked what you say about some scams that don’t care about you spending the money you earned, working in a job you hate and they don’t even caring. I strongly believe that one can notice when a business is for real because you can feel that they care for real about your success. I can see that your site is working, so it makes me feel confident about WA. I also feel identified when you say that you love and study nutrition, I love nutrition as well.I’ll take a look at Fountainofyouthlifestyle as well. Question: How long did it take to you for starting seeing an income from your site? I know it takes time and effort, just ask you get an idea, let’s say, in terms of hours? I know many factors are involved, but, what could be an estimate? thanks

    1. I put in about 40 hours a week, but on my own schedule, sometimes at a friend’s house while I’m visiting, sometimes at my families homes. I bring my laptop and work wherever I can whenever I can. I love it – it’s like a passion, and I truly enjoy doing it. ~ Babs

  4. Hi, Babs. I like your article, because I identify with the fact that sometimes it is not work what you hate, but the job itself. In my case, what I hate about jobs is the lack of freedom. I feel like I’m tied to the ideas and decisions of other people, etc. I believe that if you are passionate and feel FREE, you can make better things, and if you can do it from home, that’s even better. I also hate it when people scam other people especially when they steal your money with the promise of helping you leaving the job you hate, stealing the money you earned, working on the job you hate. I can see that your site is working and that shows that you can actually help when it comes to this, as you say, because you speak out of experience. I love nutrition too, so I’ll take a look at your other site as well. Question, how long (in terms of hours) did it take for you to start seeing results?

    1. I would say about six months or so! It does take time, but let me tell you, I did not like my job at all. It gave me horrible anxiety and I was miserable. To be able to be home and work on this business full time is a dream! ~ Babs

  5. I apprrciate the fact that you shared your personal experience with us, wealthy affiliate has bèen a live changer. This is the best decision i have ever made. The trainings are quite superb and effective. The benefits are enormous, This is a platform where you learn and earn at thesame time. I hope newbies will learn from your blog post

  6. Reading these beautiful success stories from Wealthy Affiliate members and taking in their tips and advice’s gives me hope that I didn’t make a mistake when I quit the job and decided to stay at home and earn full time income still. I love the founders,their commitment to the cause is very inspiring and the members are so helpful and friendly. Wealthy Affiliate is really the place to be to earn full time income.

  7. Hello, Babs!

    I have been thinking about Affiliate Marketing as a way to make some income but I have been so nervous of all the scams out there.
    Your article here has captured my interest and I love the fact you are not afraid to show who you are by doing a video.
    I am now going to look into this program and check it out since you say I can do that for free.
    I have one question, how long can I remain on that free membership? Does it only last for the 7 days? It is just that sometimes I take a while to make up my mind about things, especially as I am nervous about the internet.
    Many thanks, Colette

    1. The Starter Membership is a legitimate membership plan that you can keep as long as you like. The Wealthy Affiliate program never makes you upgrade. It is a personal decision. You will want to upgrade once you sign up though because of all that is offered, but you never have to. ~ Babs

  8. Great review Babs! I’ve heard great things about WA! And this review only instills confidence. Also, you’re a natural on camera!


  9. Hi Babs! Thank you for outlining how affiliate marketing works. And I also appreciate your honest explanation about how long it takes to build a profitable website.

    I didn’t know you started off with a full-time job. And you simultaneously had to write posts and blog. How did you manage to keep it up during that period? I’m also glad to hear you managed to quit your job and now work full time with your sites.

    1. I was lucky because I worked in a call center and we had down time.  I was able to pull up my Wealthy Affiliate site, and I could research and write content whenever I wasn’t on a call.  I could usually get an article written every night.  That was one good part of the job.  I then spent my down time working on my sites as well.  – Babs

  10. This is an awesome site. Super for anyone looking into a real way to make money online. Wealthy affiliate is full of guidance and so is this site.

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