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Everyone wants to know! How to search keywords for SEO? I’m here to share with you an inside look into the Wealthy Affiliate University where I will take you into a training course to teach you exactly that! Don’t worry – I have permission from the owner to give you this firsthand look at the following training module: Affiliate Bootcamp Classroom – Phase 2Lesson 3 of 10Understanding Keywords & A Day of Selling

Why keywords?

Great question! What is this emphasis on keywords? What are keywords? Why are they important? Let me explain what you’ll learn (and the tool you’ll get) inside the Wealthy Affiliate University.

First of all, keywords are simply phrases people search to get information. As an example, you might search for “What vitamins give you energy?” because you’ve been feeling lethargic and want to get some help to feel more energetic. In this example I used the search engine Google to do the search, and as you can see below, it pops up results.

What you want with your website is for Google (and the other search engines) to display your website to people searching for specific keywords you’ve chosen. If you don’t pop up on page 1 of the results, nobody is going to find and read your website. This is critical to your success.

Therefore, what you’re looking for when you use keywords are low competition keywords. You don’t want to go up against hundreds of other sites for the top position in Google. You want to go up against 100 or fewer websites (as a general rule).

Low competition keywords

Here’s where it gets fun! You need to find those low competition keywords in order to rank for them on page 1. I’m going to introduce you to a keyword tool called Jaaxy. You’re going to thank me for this one.

This tool was created by the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The owners are affiliate marketers, and they knew 14 years ago that there was nothing out there to truly give them the full picture and metrics to choose the best keywords and get true competition information. Therefore, what they did was they developed their own tool inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me take you inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform to the Jaaxy keyword research tool so you can see firsthand the power of this program. It is truly amazing, and you will come to realize how valuable this tool is for anyone working to make money online.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

I’m going to give you a walk-through of the Jaaxy keyword tool with this simple video so you can actually see it firsthand. I think it would be the best way for you to see exactly how easy it is to use and how powerful a tool it really is. This tool takes all the guesswork out of this business and optimizes every post and page for SEO!

How to read Jaaxy

In the video above, I do go over how to read Jaaxy, but let me go over it here in written form as well for you. Here is a screen capture of the Jaaxy tool:

In this search example, I put into the Jaaxy tool the keyword phrase “How to sell electronics online.” Here are the results that popped up:


Let me give you a rundown of the columns and what they mean:

  •   Keyword – This generates automatically other potential keyword phrases similar to the keyword phrase you searched
  •   Avg – The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month
  •   Traffic – Expected monthly visits to your website if your keyword achieves page 1 on the search engines
  •   QSR – Quoted Search Results – the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword
  •   KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is great, Yellow is ok, Red is poor
  •   SEO – A score 1-100 assigned – 1 is worst, 100 is best
  •   Domains – which of the .com, .net and .org are still available for that keyword phrase

Now that you know how to read the chart, you can see in the results above that the phrase how to sell electronics online” is pretty good. It gets 171 average searches and has only 60 competing websites (you want your QSR under 100). Take a look at where to sell electronics online – that has 0 (zero) competing websites with 56 monthly searches! That’s amazing!

Now, let’s look at some results that popped up that were not very good:

Now, the “electronics online” keyword phrase does have 496 monthly searches, but look at the QSR – it’s 228! That is a lot of competing websites, and the SEO score is only 72. I realize that the “sell electronics online” keyword phrase has 171 searches, but with 150 competing websites, at this point it has too much competition.

When you’ve been doing this for a while and your site has authority with the search engines, you can raise your QSR to 300 or under, but at the beginning, make it easy for your site and stick to under 100 QSR! Believe me, you will have a ton of keywords to choose from with this plan!

Wealthy Affiliate philosophy

This training module comes later in the training program. The reason that the owners don’t get right into keyword optimization is because content is king. Content is what they want you to focus on. Your first job is to provide excellent information to your readers. Search engines want relevant, timely, consistent content to deem you a reliable source for their readers.

You don’t want to focus an unreasonable amount of attention on keywords to the detriment of your content. Keywords are critical, please don’t get me wrong, but you must always focus your main priority and attention on your content.

Alphabet Soup Strategy

Finding great keywords is an art! You want to choose keywords that go with your content, and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you something called the “Alphabet Soup” strategy in this training. Kyle, the owner, goes into detail on how to do this strategy to come up with unlimited low competition keyword phrases to meet your needs.

Get started today

When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, the Starter plan will give you 30 free Jaaxy searches. If you upgrade to the Premium membership, you get unlimited searches. Go ahead and get started for free today! Just click here to see all you get:


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