This is probably not the first time you’ve wondered how to sell artwork online! We all have created something and wondered if anyone would buy it and how much they might pay.  Maybe you’re not artsy yourself, but you love beautiful pieces, none the same!

How to sell

Artwork online

Whether you want to create unique pieces and sell them or sell other people’s artwork, bravo!  I hope you enjoy this article and get value from it!

"I could definitely make that!"

Perhaps you’re someone who has looked at these beautiful, high-priced art pieces and thought, “I could definitely make that.”

I have, personally, a super creative flair. I love creating all kinds of artwork, and my latest venture has been building websites. Super fun! Now I have a roommate who just asked me if I wanted to start a candle business with her, and she shared some of her ideas, and we looked at various websites, and now I’ve been researching deeply selling our own artwork online, and I thought about you guys. Therefore, I’m inviting you to come along!

Other People's Pieces

You can sell artwork (or anything, really) through what’s called Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to choose products online and market them on your website.  You are paid a commission for any items you sell.

Your own pieces

I know the routine of selling your own pieces, and craft fairs can be long and tiring.  Selling your own pieces online is way more relaxing and 100% easier.

Make Candles
Take your talents and create beautiful pieces or sell pieces other artists made online.
Unique Pieces
Whatever you're selling, whatever you are creating yourself or promoting of others, people love art of all types!
Whatever you do, or whatever you love, the beauty of online stores and blogs is that you can do what you love - sell things that you enjoy! Sell your own beautiful pieces!

How to sell artwork online


Now here's the !

How To Sell Other People's Pieces

1. Build your Website


Just like any product, and you can sell anything online, in order to sell you would set up an affiliate website. 

Don’t stress – it is literally super easy with a few clicks of the mouse.  It really is. 

I can show you how to set up a website in 30 seconds, no lie, take a look at this:


Once you make a website, you are ready to begin.  What do you want to sell?  What type of artwork?  Perhaps you would like to sell different types, and that’s fine, but my recommendation is not to make your selection too broad.  Here’s why – You want to become a go-to place for your type of art.  You want people to come to you to browse and select specific types of art.  Let’s say you focus on home-make jewelry, then you can start to rank in the search engines for certain search terms.

Let's talk about keywords

Ranking in the search engines means that for certain words or phrases, Google finds your site to be valuable enough to display on their page 1 results when someone searches those words (hence keywords).  If you are all over the place, you will confuse Google as to what your site is actually about, and you don’t want to do that!

Therefore, you’re going to narrow down your products, and now you need to choose a Domain Name.  

Understanding keywords is critical to your domain name selection, and lucky for you, I wrote an article about this very topic:

2. Start Writing Content

Here is the important part!  Writing content.  It’s not hard, though, especially if you are passionate about what you’re doing.   

I’ve seen people write How To articles about their pieces, which is really interesting and gets people coming back for more.  You could focus your articles about the best practices and best tools (and sell the tools also) for doing a specific type of art.  The sky is the limit, but give this part some serious consideration!  Google loves websites with content!


3. Set up your affiliate agreements

There is a method to my madness, lol!  I instruct you to write content first because the merchants who enter into affiliate agreements with you are going to want to look at your website and make sure it is a site they want their merchandise displayed on.  

Therefore, you must write some good quality content so you can be approved.

How hard is it to get approved?  It’s super easy!  All you need to do is Google what you’re looking to sell with the words “affiliate program” after it.  

I will show you an example.  Here I will simply Google “jewelry – affiliate program, and look what pops up!

how to sell artwork online
how to sell artwork online

In this example on the left, I searched “art pieces – affiliate program” and several very helpful articles popped up to show where to go to set up those affiliate agreements!

It really is just that simple!

4. Display your pieces for sale

You can display your pieces in multiple ways.  Some of the sites I’ve seen will have an article with a link to the piece in the actual article.  I’ve seen sites where the author will write about a specific artist (even have the artist contribute to the article) and display their works.  It’s awesome.  Some bloggers will write a how to article and display pieces of that particular type of artwork.

Unique Handmade Vase
Open Sign
Rock Couple
Angel Wall Art
String Ornament

Choose a fun template

There are so many unique and creative ways to display your merchandise.  I love the plugin called Elementor.  It has pre-made templates that you just tailor to your style!

Use a light-up box style like this:







bike statue



Use a block style like this:

all items $25 today!

How to Sell Your Own Artwork Online

If you are an artist (or aspiring artist) and would like to sell your own pieces online, I am going to share with you some great venues to do this.  

You can certainly set up your own website, and I can help you do that, as you know, but you don’t have to.  There are some great sites out there to showcase your pieces!

Here are just a few!

to be taken to any site below:

The top 10 affiliate programs


Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you found this article of value!  

I’ve been marketing online for many years, and I pride myself in providing you with the most up-to-date, relevant information to start and grow your affiliate marketing business!

Please leave me a comment below, or if you prefer to contact me personally, you can email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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