How to sell books online

How to sell books online! With inventory! Without inventory!

Selling products and services online is one of the most lucrative and exciting careers you can embark on. The business opportunity is endless, but this article will focus on how to sell books online. As with any other type of merchandise, you can sell physical books themselves, which I do not recommend unless you already had an inventory. The better way to sell books (or any type of product) is through affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

This is my personal preferred business model.  It affords you an unlimited opportunity to make money with very little hassle.  Here is what I love about affiliate marketing:

  1. There is no inventory You do not have to have a warehouse of products.  You don’t need any building for a storefront or even an office;  just a laptop and an internet connection.  Work anywhere!  Live in a tiny house!  You do not need room!How to sell books online
  2. You have an unending, unlimited supply of products literally at your fingertips through your affiliate agreements with various merchants.  Take Amazon as an example.  If you have an affiliate arrangement with Amazon, you can sell any products they offer.  They give you a special link and a picture of the product, and you place those products on your website.  If somebody clicks your link and buys anything at the store (it does not have to be the item you were marketing – if they shop and buy, you get commission!).   
  3. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make.  The amount you make will depend on your niche, the companies you affiliate market for, how much time you put into your business, and your passion!!  I love going to bed, waking up and seeing an email that money was put into my Paypal account.  I’m sorry, but how cool is that?  I set up my business, and it runs while I sleep!
  4. Residual Income!  Do you know what that is?  It’s a monthly payment you get every month when your customer pays his/her monthly fee for a service or program they enrolled in through your site!  You capture the attention of the customer one time, and every month when that customer pays their bill – boom – you earn a commission!  Residual income!

DEFINITION: Affiliate Marketing


“a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”

Affiliate Marketing is when an agreement is reached between an affiliate marketer and a merchant.  The merchant allows the affiliate marketer to promote their product or service with the understanding that if a customer clicks the marketer’s link and purchases the product or service, the merchant will pay the marketer a commission.

The merchant deals directly with the customer for the purchase, customer service or any returns.  There is no sale between the affiliate marketer and the customer after point of sale.

Why books?

The better question would be why not books?  Think about it – Who doesn’t like books?  Who doesn’t want to learn about their favorite topic?  I think most people love books!

Now we have different types of books.  We have the physical books, and now the digital books (Electronic books or “Ebooks.”)  You can sell either kind, or both!

Books offer a lot of benefits to the affiliate marketer:

  1. Books are diversified.  You can expand your niche and market a wide variety of topics.  Your niche could be very interesting because of the flexibility of marketing all kinds of books on a wide variety of subjects.  I love it!
  2. Everyone loves books!  Come on, you know it’s true.  Everyone loves books.How to sell books online Some people love photography books.  Some folks prefer the “How To” books giving them step-by-step instructions on a wide variety of projects.  Some people are in love with romance novels.  Others are addicted to buying the most interesting and educational children’s books on the market!  Everyone loves books!
  3. Books are affordable and sell easily!  It’s wonderful to make a commission on a big ticket item, but those types of items are hard sells.  People don’t buy them as easily as they would a $20 book.
  4. Books are available from a wide array of merchants.  You could sell vintage used books, or brand new best sellers.  The sky is the limit, as always!

How to sell books online with no inventory

What do you have to do in order to successfully sell books online and make money doing it.  I know that when I first started marketing online, I was working full-time planning for the day when I would work on my online business full-time from home.

Here I am.  I have many years of experience now marketing online and building my business!

Want a successful book business?  I will give you the steps to sell books online, and I will also give you some great resources for free!  (Shhh – I’ll put them at the end of this article!!)

How to sell books online

1.  Create your website!  This is an easy step because you don’t even need any money nor do you need any experience to start your site.  You can sign up 100% free with a program called Wealthy Affiliate, and they will actually train you and everything.  Hosting is provided, too, so the only thing you will need when you’re ready is your domain name, and that’s $15.99 for a whole year.  You don’t have to go with a .com right away, though.  You can use one of their free sites for now and transfer the info to your .com later down the road. 

2.  Build Content!  That means to start your website and start providing information on your niche.  If books are your only product, you can begin writing about books in general.  Perhaps some interesting historical stories or facts surrounding books.  Maybe some news stories around books.  Use your creativity and imagination and write about whatever interests you.

How to sell books online

3.  Add your Products!  Here’s the money-making, business end of things.  Your products.  Your books!  I know many people who sell books online through their affiliate sites.  One of my associates actually writes the books and sells digital copies on his website.  He is awesome, and he has a very specific niche centered around the characters and stories in his own books.  Other marketers add books as a product to their specific niche, say dog training tools.  They sell all kinds of things, books included.  Other people I know just sell books of all kinds and that is their niche.

4.  Market your products and your website.  This is the fun part, at least for me.  I do love writing content, and I love marketing just as much.  I guess both serve to supply a creative outlet for me.  I love being creative, and I enjoy putting marketing pieces together as much as I enjoy putting articles together.   I also enjoy teaching and sharing information, so this career path is perfect for me.

5.  Earn commission!  Perhaps this is why you’re even reading this article.  You really want to work from home, and you are tired of your job.  I hear you, because I was you!  Now I’m doing this, and I couldn’t be happier or more at peace with what I’m doing and who I am, and making money while I’m doing it.  Yay!  A win-win for all!

How to sell books online

How to sell books online with inventory (physical books)

How to sell books online

Honestly, unless you already own a warehouse of books, this type of selling will take a lot of forethought on your part because you will have to purchase inventory (most likely in bulk to get a good price), so you need to research carefully what books are selling, the regular pricing, etc.

I do not recommend this type of selling.  It is going to cost you a fortune up front, cost you in space to store the products, postage to mail the books, and time with customers.  You are going to deal with the customers, handle their complaints and process their returns.  Ugh!

You will also have to negotiate a selling platform for your books.  Now if your product is your own Ebook, I go over that next.  These are much easier to sell because there is no physical inventory.

If you would like information on sites to sell your physical books, here are some resources to check out:

How to sell books online

How to sell books online

How to sell books online

How to sell Ebooks online

How to sell books online

Electronic books are all the rave right now.  You can create them, with literally a few clicks of your mouse, from any url on your website.  I could make an Ebook from this article here once it’s published.  Super simple with a program I found called Designrr.  I wrote an article about it, so if you’re thinking of creating and selling ebooks, here it is:  CREATE EBOOKS WITH A FEW CLICKS

Once you have your Ebook developed (and you can even create whole programs around your subject), you can sell them on Clickbank.  I also wrote some articles about Clickbank here:  CLICKBANK

You can sell your Ebooks through Amazon, also.  Read about it here:   AMAZON

Here are some other sites that can help you sell your own Ebook you create:  SELL YOUR EBOOK

How to create your own Ebook

As I mentioned above, you can literally create a beautiful, professional Ebook from any url.  The Designrr program is absolutely amazing.

You can even combine multiple urls in your ebook.  Remember, too, that once you put in your urls and the ebook populates, you can edit all the material.  You can add or remove from it, change the pictures, add or remove links – it is fully customizable!

Here are the step-by-step directions:  ABOUT DESIGNRR EBOOK CREATOR (SPECIAL OFFER)

The special offer right now that they are offering is they are waiving the monthly fee FOREVER.  Yes, no monthly fees ever, just a one-time fee of $27. for lifetime access and unlimited ebooks.

How to sell books online

In case you didnt quite grasp what I just shared with you, Designrr is waiving their normal $27 monthly fee and only charging you the $27 ONE TIME!  That is literally absolutely amazing!

Save $324 after one year.  Save $648 after the second year.  Then you’re saving $972 after the third year and $1,296 after the fourth year and on it goes. 

You save every single year because your license is a lifetime license – never a monthly fee thereafter.

Using the Designrr program couldn’t be easier, and there is a library of tutorials inside the program.

How to sell books online

What books are most profitable to sell online

Aaah, the million dollar question, right?  What types of books are people buying?  Well, I can tell you that there are a lot of people who are looking at ways to make money online.  This is called the M.M.O. niche.  It can be very competitive, but that’s the way it is with the most popular niches.  That does not mean that you can’t compete.

You just need the proven method.   Affiliate marketing is not difficult, but it does require many specific steps to be successful.  How do you learn the steps?  Training!

My #1 Recommendation for affiliate marketing training is Wealthy Affiliate University.  Not only will you learn the steps, but you will also have access to tools and resources to let you know exactly which books are the most profitable and which merchants pay the highest commissions.

Here is a sampling of what you will learn inside the Wealthy Affiliate University:

What books are the most popular, with more people searching for it than for other books.

Which niche is the best for you to blog about?  Your niche is the subject of your website and the group of people interested in it.  You need to know how to choose the perfect niche.

How to set up a website to sell your books.  The cool thing is that with Wealthy Affiliate University, you can sign up 100% for free and get free websites, too.  (You know I’m all about the freebies!!)

How to write compelling content to get people to come back to your site over and over again.

How to get tons of comments on your posts, and hence lots of clicks to buy your books for sale.

The best WordPress websites on a safe, secure and reliable hosting company.

The most amazing Keyword research and analytics tool called Jaaxy.  Read about it here:  KEYWORD RESEARCH

Here they are! Resources!

I hope you have subscribed by now.  If you are a frequent visitor of the site, you know that I am all about helping you get your business started, up and running 100% free!  Here are the free resources I promised:

1. My No. 1 Resource for Affiliate Marketers

2. My Free gift to you for reading my article

How about Designrr

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