How to social engagement – Why Wealthy Affiliate helps!

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Ok, folks, another lesson from Babs here at Coaching for Internet Marketers! I’m happy to share with you Lesson 1 of 10 in Level 4 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification portion of the Wealthy Affiliate University Training called “What does social engagement mean to your business?” How to social engagement!

What is social engagement?

Social engagement is exactly what it says, engaging socially – online! In other words, you can post things on Facebook, but when you enter into a conversation with people on a thread, that’s social “engagement.” Talking to people on social media platforms. Engaging!

What you’ll learn in this lesson

In this Wealthy Affiliate lesson, you’ll learn what social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest mean to your business. Not just that, but you’ll learn how you can actually use these platforms to increase your business. Now that’s exciting! Don’t we all want to grow our business? That is why you need the Wealthy Affiliate University. They teach you exactly how to do it!

How to utilize social media

Here is one thing I want to tell you from my own experience about using social media and social media engagement in your business. Beware! Beware of how it may chew up your precious time. The business of affiliate marketing is a time-intensive business. Anyone who tells you that you can work an hour a day and make thousands of dollars a month is straight-out lying to you, and that’s just a fact.

Therefore, the last thing you want to do is get into activities that use up too much of your time on unproductive activities. Therefore, I caution you at the beginning of this lesson, when you are using social engagement, please do so on purpose. When you are posting your articles to your business pages, avoid the “notifications” that tend to pop up telling you how your best friends went out last night and want to share with your all their pictures. Stay focused on the tasks at hand. (Set aside personal time to go through your personal feed!)

Ok, that’s my lecture, now on to the lesson at hand… What does Social Engagement Mean to Your Business?


This lesson touches on what we all want. Traffic! What is traffic? “Traffic” is all the people who are coming to your website. These are your readers and hopefully your buyers if you are monetizing your site with affiliate links.

This Wealthy Affiliate lesson goes over how you don’t want to rely on a single source of traffic. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, as they say.

Benefits of social media

The training goes into detail about all the benefits of social media and building your social engagement through the various platforms.

Knowing the various benefits helps you to stay focused on the tasks at hand, and guides you through the specific tasks to not waste your time. It’s like when you know what you’re going for, you can create the game plan. Without the end goal, you can’t play the game properly. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate trainings are so critical to your success, because they don’t just give you the how, but they always give you the why! It helps you learn better and implement more effectively.

Creating your accounts

The lesson then goes through specific tasks, as with all Wealthy Affiliate lessons. One thing you will find with Wealthy Affiliate University is that the lessons are very specific in the assignments for each course. You will be productive in your business, usually in several different ways, in every single lesson. It’s pretty awesome.

In this lesson you are given eight tasks, and you will need to complete these tasks before you can move on to the next lesson.

Kyle, who is one of the founders and owners of the Wealthy Affiliate program, teaches this course. It is a very time-intensive course and will take a while to complete. It is well worth the time for the benefits it will bring to your online business!

Social Engagement inside Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to experience social engagement, go ahead and sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate program. I, honestly, had no idea just how engaged everyone inside the platform was until I became a Premium member. You do not have to pay to become a Starter member, and you’ll get two free websites, 30 Jaaxy searches, and get your business going, but to realize the full potential of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will want to upgrade to Premium.

Here’s the good news. If you start with the Starter plan, give it a try, like it and want to upgrade, do so within the first 7 days because you’ll be given a discount for the first month of only $19.when you upgrade within that 7-day period. The monthly fee to be a Premium member is only $49 a month after that. That’s pretty incredible for all that is included in the program:

Other Social Media training inside Wealthy Affiliate

When you become a Starter member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is 100% free as you saw in the chart above. You will go through the entire series of Starter training modules which will get your two websites set up and hosted for free and you’ll have support.

If you upgrade to the Premium, however, the education is endless. There is a live training every single week, and new training modules are added daily by the owners and other members. It’s a dynamic, exciting environment you really want to be part of. Take a look at some of these other training modules on Social Media you can take if you are a Premium member:

How to get started with your free training

Once you sign up as a Starter member here, you’ll immediately receive an email from me, and you’ll be taken right to your first training module. The first day, you’ll have your first website up and running.

Remember, the Starter program is 100% free, so go ahead and sign up here:

Comments Welcome

I hope you will take a moment and leave a comment or question below. I’m here to assist you on this journey and help you make money from your affiliate website. If you would prefer to reach out to me personally, you can always email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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