How to write for a blog! A money-making blog as well!

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Today I am going to go over with you how to write for a blog. I think most people have thought about setting up a blog, but if you’ve never done it, you might wonder 1) What does it cost? 2) Is there a monthly fee? 3) What would I put in my blog? 4) Can I make money on a blog?

Well, wonder no more. I’m going to show you exactly how you can set up a blog for free (100% free), have free hosting, free training and maintain your website for free. I’m also going to show you how you can get more training and make money on your blog through the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Let me go through a training inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform that will outline how to write for a blog! You’ll see the value of this program, and I’ll show you how you can get your blog started for free! This is an outline of just one training module, but you can actually see just about the whole training library in this article here, which will give you an idea of the scope of this program:


Creating your initial website content

In this training called Creating your Initial Website Content, which is done by Kyle, one of the Wealthy Affiliate program owners, Kyle goes over one of the key elements in writing for a blog, and that is connecting with your audience.

When you set up your blog, you’re going to choose a “niche” (subject of your site).  If you’ve been thinking about writing for a blog, I’m pretty sure you’ve probably got a subject matter in mind already, maybe even a passion of yours?

With me, the first website I ever set up was my health and nutrition site because I am a fanatic about it! I have been studying nutrition for most of my adult life, and I finally had a venue to talk about it and share all the great information I had with others. I was super excited about it.

Do you have a passion? Have you given thought to your “niche?”

If you want, you can read this article here which goes into detail about choosing a niche:


Connecting with your audience

Kyle teaches repeatedly this key ingredient in online marketing success, and that is connecting with your audience. Once you have chosen your niche, you need to know the people you are serving with your site. The main purpose of your blog is to dispense important information to the people who are looking for it. Perhaps you will be answering questions your readers have or guiding them to resources to assist them.

Here is a glimpse inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform where you can see how each aspect of the set-up of your site is covered by the training.

This article goes over building trust and becoming an “authority” on your niche. This is critical to your success as a blogger. People want to know that when they come to your site, they can trust the information there. They feel you are honest and know what you are talking about, and they subscribe to your site and come back to it for more information!

People tend to put making money from their site ahead of its main purpose, which is to help people. As long as you keep helping people and connecting with them at the forefront of your blogging, the money will come in naturally.


Site content feature

Kyle goes on to explain in this training all about the “Site Content” feature of the platform. The Site Content program is a writer’s dream come true. You don’t have to pay for an editing software program, you can use the Site Content platform as shown here:

Here’s what I love about the Site Content program. It keeps track of the number of characters as you write, as well as the number of paragraphs and the number of headings in real time:

This is an important feature, because you will learn that the search engines like articles that are at least 1,000 characters long and have at least 6 paragraphs and 5 headings. You never have to stop and count or guess where you’re at, you can see it as you type! It’s a great feature!

My other absolutely favorite feature is the grammar checker. It checks for:

  1. – Grammar
  2. – Spelling
  3. – Punctuation
  4. – Sentence Structure

Here is a video of it in action:

Duplicate Content Feature

You’ve seen the sites, right? The ones that tell you they have the “secret formula” and you can buy in and just use their templates for instant success? Well, that can’t work, and I’ll tell you why. If you are trying to be seen by people, if you want the search engines to take you seriously and present your site in their results, you need to have unique content!

That’s where the Duplicate Content feature comes in super handy. If you have content on your site that the search engines would consider duplicate to another site, this program will let you know before you publish it.

Take a look here at the process happening on the site:

Video and Written Training

People learn in different ways. Some people would rather read, and some like video tutorials. One of the big benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate training program is you get both! Kyle is big on video tutorials, but he goes through and explains everything in writing as well! It’s an easy-to-understand program with options for learning:


What good is training without implementation? You will be learning and doing as you go along. I had my first website up and running on my first day of training in the Wealthy Affiliate program! That’s what I love about their university, you earn as you learn!

Kyle gets you going right away, with the task at hand in this lesson to make your “About Me” page. This is definitely an important page on your site and one that people will go to often to see what you (or your company) are about. You see, it’s the details and all the seemingly small things that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t brush over. The marketers depend on Wealthy Affiliate for the whole picture and thorough training, and they definitely deliver!

So here, you see, Kyle goes into the creation of your About Me (mine is about Babs) page. After he explains what you want to include in your About Me page to gain credibility and trust as well as providing information about you personally and your experience in your niche, he then has you create your Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure pages.


I see so many affiliate websites through other companies that don’t include these important pages. Wealthy Affiliate stresses the importance of them and teaches you exactly how to set them up. Like I said, they really leave no stone unturned!

How to Write for a Blog

Your first step is to go ahead and get your free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can upgrade after you complete the training and have your sites up and running, and if you upgrade within the first 7 days of setting up, you can do the first month for only $19.  That’s a pretty good savings, and it will give you the opportunity to get in and make sure you love it as much as I do!

There’s no contract, so you never have to upgrade, and you can cancel anytime if you do!  Here’s what you get:

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