Kyle and Wealthy Affiliate – Live Training Overview!

In this particular weekly live event on Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle gives an hour dissertation on his 14 years of experience as an affiliate marketer, sharing his secrets to success!  He gives a true understanding of what it takes to be a powerhouse affiliate marketer on today’s internet! Learn from one of the most brilliant marketers on the planet as he shares all in his live training!

Here are just a few of the highlights of this amazing hour-long training by one of the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool! Kyle discusses setting up and maintaining a successful affiliate marketing business!  Here are his tips!

Treat it like a business!

Kyle stresses the importance of your mindset when it comes to this business. You should not be saying things like, “I’m trying to make money online,” or “I hope this works.” Treat this like a real business, because it is!  Dedicate your time and energy, set up a business plan, set goals and schedule your time and tasks!

Choose your niche with passion!

You can enter into any niche, even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about it! The one thing he suggests you do have is passion for your niche. Creating an affiliate niche website requires you to immerse yourself in that niche, researching and writing content about it.

You will enjoy it much more, and create much more content, if your niche is something you have a passion for.

This is a learning process!

You not only have to learn all about your niche, but you need to learn how to use a WordPress Website, set up the required pages like your About Page, Affiliate Disclosure, and Privacy Policy pages. It’s important that you learn how to choose and then introduce products and services. You have to be educated on structuring affiliate agreements with merchants. The most important thing you must learn is how to connect with people.

A niche is an audience of people who are interested in something. It might be baby strollers, sunglasses, or a favorite sport. Whatever it is, you need to connect to these people and engage them. You need to become an authority, and the people (your traffic) need to trust you. This is critical, and a sometimes overlooked aspect of the business!


Keep it simple!

Kyle said that a lot of marketers overthink the process. It really is a simple business at its core, and Kyle recommends strongly that you not over-complicate it! The Wealthy Affiliate program teaches you step-by-step exactly how to set up the business, even your websites, so you don’t want to skip over things or get antsy and try to do too many “strategies.”

As he says, “Don’t chase after every shiny object” because it will distract you from following the program. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t immediately get traffic and make money; affiliate marketing takes time. Remember, you are building a business. Set your proper foundation by following the proven program, and you will make money!  There is potential to make a lot of money!

Diversity your products!

When choosing your niche, you want it to be specific but not too narrow. You want to have a variety of products and/or services to provide to your readers, not just one type of product. You will narrow down your audience if you don’t have an array of products and/or services, but you also don’t want to sell everything under the sun.

Stick to products and/or services that your niche market wants and are interested in buying. This is also where it comes in handy for you to like your own niche because you know what you would want to buy, right?

Diversity your Affiliate Merchants!

Amazon is an amazing merchant because they offer upwards of 70,000 products! You can probably find just about anything you’re looking for in your niche on Amazon. I use them for my health and wellness website, and I love them!

That being said, there are thousands of merchants out there, and hundreds of networks as well. Don’t limit yourself to one merchant; diversify!!  You will be heartbroken if you only use one merchant and your agreement with that merchant gets terminated. It happens, so your best practice is to research and find products sold by a variety of merchants and set up agreements with them.

Determine Profitability!

There are formulas determining profitability of specific products which are taught throughout the Wealthy Affiliate University, so take advantage of this training if you are a Premium member. Your time is worth something, and so is your money. This becomes especially important if you are using any paid advertising routes. Regardless, you should set goals and then figure out how many sales of a given product you would need to meet those goals.

As an example, if you goal is $1,000 a month, and you have a $100 product that pays 10%, you would receive $10 per sale which means you would need 100 sales of that product per month. If you are selling a $100 product with a 50% commission, or $50 per sale, you would need 20 sales per month.

Use these formulas to help you determine the best avenue for you.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are the search terms people type into search engines (like Google or Bing) when they are searching for information or solutions. Long-tail keywords are longer phrases, almost like a sentence.

An example of a long-tail keyword phrase would be, “How to make money online with affiliate marketing” vs. a short keyword like “make money.”

When you use long-tail keywords, you open your site up to ranking for the shorter keywords inside. In the example phrase, your site might also rank for:

  • How to make money
  • Make money
  • Make money online
  • Affiliate
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Make money online with affiliate marketing

Focus on Low-Hanging Fruit!

This is especially true when you are starting out, but it is, in general, a good way to run your business! Low hanging fruit are keyword phrases that have low competition. This is where the Jaaxy keyword research tool is invaluable. It is included in the free Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership with 30 searches, and you get unlimited searches with the Premium membership.

Kyle recommends that for new sites, you only use keywords that have less than 100 other sites trying to rank for it, and if you are more established, stay under 300 competition. Myself, personally, I try to stay under 50 sites for competition. I like the low-hanging fruit. It is far easier to rank.

Jaaxy also shows you how many monthly searches your keyword phrase gets every month, so you can be sure to target keyword phrases that get a high volume of searches.  Jaaxy is invaluable, and you can read all about the program (and try it free) here:    ABOUT JAAXY & TRY IT FREE HERE


Why people fail!

1) They focus on the wrong thing! This is one of the main reasons marketers fail. They forget to focus on the human factor! You have to remember that the first and primary reason for your site is to offer help, advice and solutions to your niche readers. That has to remain #1 in your mind!

Marketers spend so much time trying to “optimize” their site and sell products that they forget the people they are supposed to be trying to help.

2) They try too many strategies! The other reason people fail is they try to put too many irons in the fire at one time. There are many ways to drive traffic (people) to your website, but you honestly don’t have to do all of them.

There are organic traffic (SEO) techniques, Facebook advertising, Pay-Per-Click ads, guest blogging, YouTube videos, and on and on. Focus your energy! You want to become an expert in a strategy instead of half-heartedly doing a whole bunch of things.

3) They can’t think of new things to write about! This is another place where Wealthy Affiliate shines! They teach you all about the importance of producing relevant, consistent, timely content on your site! It can be challenging to continuously think of new things to write about.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches multiple ways to come up with creative ideas for articles. One idea he gives that I really like is setting up a Google Alert for your niche. This helps you keep your finger on the pulse for your various keywords. You’ll get emails giving you new, fresh ideas and information! That’s just one idea!

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I hope you got some great value from this overview of Kyle’s Live Training Class. If you would like to be a part of these weekly classes, learning live from some of the most successful marketers on the internet, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate community!

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. Good Post. I totally agree that too many people are so focused on optimizing their site. They forgot that we are supposed to help and give value to the world by sharing our opinions and helping other people. It is so hard to gain authority when all we want from people is money, money, money!

    1. That’s right, Vincent.  Do good by others and the money will come.  You become a person of value to others.  – Babs

  2. Hello Babs, 

    Kyle is a personality that inspires me everyday. His depth of knowledge and insight about affiliate marketing is second to none. These tips you’ve given will remain relevant to all affiliate marketers even in years to come. 

    That’s why I’m always proud to belong to the Wealthy Affiliate family, because I know I am learning lifelong skills.

    Cheers to all our success at Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Yes, I recommend a program that I personally use, which has given me success, and I , too, am proud to recommend it to my readers.  Cheers to all our success, Louis!!   – Babs

  3. Kyle’s live training classes is a superb one and it offers whatever I will need to achieve success online in my affiliate marketing business. Wealthy affiliates is a platform where success is guaranteed if you a ready to work hard and be great. There are so many benefits in wealthy affiliate platform which I can’t tell it all right now. You already done justice to it on your review.

  4. Kyle is up with some great work here trying to teach guys on affiliate marketing. Tips on creating a niche, using positive words and mindset, treating it like a business etc are some of the things one must take as priority if you really want to excellence in affiliate marketing. And ofcourse there’s no business without profit so determining your profit is very essential here too.

    1. That’s right.  People do this to share information and make money, so both are just as important!  – Babs

  5. Hello, first and foremost i would like to commend your article, bringing such a wonderful information to the public so we all can learn to become successful in affliate marketing. I have been on the wealthy affliate platform for some months now and I can gladly say this leasson have improved me in so many ways. These trainings are one of the best things they offer in wealthy affliate.

  6. Your overview of Kyle’s live training seminar is really top-notch and it has some really vital informations there.The keyword that captivated me was “powerhouse affiliate” as one of my friends had initially told me on how he makes such a huge sum from his CPA offers with the affiliate company. Its interesting  to know that Kyle also states what it takes to join the affiliate company in todays internet. Thanks so much for this very useful information

    1. I have a wealth of keywords that I’ve researched for my niche.  It’s a fun activity to find awesome keywords.  I do all kinds of searches and because I’m a Premium member,  and I have unlimited Jaaxy searches.  Anyway, that’s one of the most fun parts of the business for me.  I feel like I hit the lottery when I find those juicy keywords, so full of searches with practically no competition.  So awesome!  – Babs

  7. Kyle really did a good job putting the training together in that particular format and I’m really impressed with it. The training program really allows users to strengthen those skills that each premium member needs to improve. Your points are so precise about what Kyle think about why businesses fail and what needed to be done. Wonderful post, very informative. 

    1. It really shows the level of training Wealthy Affiliate provides on a continuing basis, never ending.  I could never get through all their training probably in a lifetime.  – Babs

  8. Hi Babs, 

    I was privately invited by Kyle to watch join the training and learn from his fourteen years of experience in Affiliate marketing. I honored the invitation and joined the training and I am happy I did. 

    I learned so much from your simple, uncomplicated training style. A few of which are : the use of long tail keywords, going for low hanging fruits and more. 

    1. Yes, they teach all these little “insider” tips, you’re right.  I just keep learning and learning every single day.  I love it!  – Babs

  9. Hi Babs, thanks for bringing Kyle’s one hour long lecture here. I was not opportune to listen to the lecture, so you can imagine how happy I am to hear about it here.

    His tips are great, during the course of my training on WA, there has been emphasis on how important it is to take our online business serious, and choosing a niche we love. However the tip that really got me is diversification of one’s affiliate merchants. It makes a lot of sense to diversify, apart from the great incentives one can garner from other merchants, you will be rest assured that even if your agreement gets terminated with one merchant, you still have other source of income.

    The tips are awesome. Thanks once again for bringing this to light.

    1. Yes, so many marketers have used only and then come back to find out their account was de-activated, forcing them to re-apply and also to to have to go through their entire website and update all their affiliate links.  That could entail hundreds of links if you don’t diversify.  – Babs

  10. KISS comes to mind in your summary of the training that is available. I think too many people are focused on easy $$$ and are trying to skip the hard work that is involved. That or the time that it takes to put in the work that will lead to success. Thank you for understanding the equation put forward and supporting the idea of a basic business plan. The model works…we just have to be willing to stick with it. Nice job.

    1. You’re so right, and I do like the KISS strategy.  Keep it simple stupid, lol!  Not so nice of a way to say it, but true none the less.  The online marketing business is a real business, and it takes real time to build it.  Period.  People really do need to treat it like a real business!   – Babs

  11. This was a very useful review ad overview of Kyle’s Live Session that he presented on the Wealthy Affiliate platform as part of the training offered. He passed on a multitude of actionable suggestions and advice that every online marketer can learn from and benefit from.

    I think for me the most valuable bits and pieces were his three points as to why people fail when they try to make money online. Focusing on the human factor is so important. You have to look at the content you create from a reader’s perspective. If you would not read or take action, likely your readers also won’t. 

    Trying too much at once will surely hurt you too, as not enough focus or action is taken on any one method. Personally, this sort of happened to me, and it actually slowed my progress, although over time that has worked itself out. It would have been better to start one method of marketing at once.

    Lastly, his point on not being able to come up with topics to write about (or writer’s block as some call this) is also something that can slow you down. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is full of advice on how to beat this, and depending on your niche, there are many ways to beat this.

    The rest of the training was also useful, no doubt. I took a lot of notes (I have seen this) and they have been available for my use again and again. It looks like you have done the same, and this post really wrapped up what was provided well. I did enjoy reading about Kyle’s live training from another perspective! 

    Lastly, any readers that are not members of Wealthy Affiliate would be well-served to take you up on the offer for the free seven-day trial of the platform, as they will be able to see just why Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn about affiliate marketing and also get it started.   

    1. Just to clarify, though, it’s not a 7-day trial.  You can sign up for free with the Starter membership and keep it as long as you want, maintaining your two free websites.  You never have to upgrade if you don’t want to.  The only benefit to signing up within 7 days is they offer you $19 for the first month if you sign up in the first 7 days, that’s all.  – Babs

  12. Key inputs for me is passion and meaning business. To survive online and making money, one needs such tenacity to invade space and the increasingly saturated web.

    With belief and persistence one can pretty much achieve everything. Not watched the video yet, but would definitely do at my free time.

    Thanks for taking your time to summarize.

  13. Good afternoon Babs,

    Thank you for writing this post on Kyles training, he definitely put the dot on the i.

    Yes, to have a passion for your niche is about the most important because without it you will get nowhere. I became a member more than 2 years ago and am still learning, slowly but surely. I try to keep it somehow simple as I would not be able to cope with too many strategies all at once.

    Every day the world we live in offers a multitude of things to write about so luckily there I am ok.

    I am very happy to be with Wealthy Affiliate and plan to stay many more years.

    Regards, Taetske 

    1. Hello Taetske, you are a testimonial to the Wealthy Affiliate program because you’ve been in the program for two years!  That’s awesome!  Thanks for stopping by!   – Babs

  14. Hi Babs. Thanks to you for writing this great, informative and educative post about marketing affiliate. I signed up last few days on wealthy affiliate. To be honest, I haven’t see a community like that in the whole internet. Well, I’m still going through the training. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I’ll be looking forward to new posts from you 

    1. Oh, you’re welcome, Alex, and I appreciate that.  I’m glad you signed up because if you are serious about making an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to go.  – Babs

  15. Kyle no doubt is a great teacher that knows how to pass his message across in a way that is simple to understand.  I can call lesson one the foundation to affiliate marketing success. it is not a lesson that should be rush in any way, especially a beginner to affiliate marketing. Permit me to emphasize on some areas like choosing a niche, and the need for focus. A lot of people get it wrong at the niche phase. it is important you have a passion to study and research the niche you choose. In addition, he talked about focus; focus is key in affiliate marketing. you need to be focus and treat affiliate marketing like a real business.  

    1. I felt this article was actually perfect for someone who is just starting because of the foundational issues like choosing a niche and the mindset portion.  I recommend people follow the Wealthy Affiliate program because they go in exact order on how to set up everything.   – Babs

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