list of all social media sites

List of all Social Media Sites! One page to share on!

It’s cumbersome to have to type out or copy and paste your social media sites over and over again when you want to share them with your readers or friends on social media. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of all social media sites on one handy page you can share with your followers?

Well, now you can!

Some social media platforms only give you one spot for a link, and most people will place their website there. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to place a link that is actually a page with every social media platform link for you on it? I have your solution!

Learn how to Use Linktree

This is the coolest site ever if you would like to put all your links on one simple page.

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Linktree is free to use!

Unlimited Links

Put in links to all your social media accounts or links to your favorite blog posts! Whatever you want!

See Clicks

You can see the total number of times each of the links has been clicked!

Choose Theme

Pick your theme from a variety of themes! Many to choose from!

Profile Image

You can upload your own profile image, or if you are branding your website, upload your logo!

Amazon Influencer

Amazon Influencer Integration

All in one place

How cool to give out one tiny link and be able to share all your links in one simple place!

How to use is free to use.  They do have a paid version, and I will show you what is included in that as well.  I used the free version myself, as I felt it provided me just what I needed.  It provided me a place to put all my links on one page.  I can now give out one link, and all my social media links will be in one place.

So let me tell you how to set up your account.

Simply go to and sign up.  You will choose your username (mine is BWagner and that will be your link, so choose carefully.  You’ll use your email address and choose a password.

Next, you’ll be taken to a screen where you are asked to fill in your first link.  You name it (so if it’s your Facebook page, you can call it Facebook) and then under that you will put the full link to your Facebook page.  Here is my list, and you can see at the top is the button to add a new link:


Your link will bring someone who clicks it to your page.  It will look like this:

You can change the theme, though.  It can look like this:

Take a look at the various themes available in the free version!  Below you will see what you can get for their pro version, also, if you like! 

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You can also place your links on your website

You can put your link, as I did above, on your website, on your sidebar, anyplace you like.  Another cool thing you can do is create your own version of the on your website.  I just snagged a picture of each bar and then linked the pictures to the appropriate pages.

Take a look:

I used the Elementor Pro plugin to create this list here on the website.  I snagged each box as a picture.  I inserted each picture and then linked each one to the appropriate site.  I used the hover option and chose “grow” when you hover over the picture.

Pretty Links Plugin

If you watched the first video I posted above about setting up your account, I mentioned that I use “pretty links” for my links.  Pretty links are links that start with your website domain, then a slash, and whatever words you choose.   You’ll see in the video that my Facebook page pretty link is:  

Here’s a quick video I put together showing you how to use the Pretty Links plugin:

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a free WordPress plugin that pretties up any link.  It will change any link to display your website url / anything you want!

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You can visit my YouTube channel below and take a look at all the other training videos I’ve prepared for you.  Be sure to like and subscribe to my channel!  I would really appreciate it!

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Learn how to utilize social media to market your website and make a lot of money online!

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list of all social media sites
list of all social media sites

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  1. I am new to Link.tree and internet marketing in general. I have always paid others to manage my online presence and thought it’s time to do it myself to propel us to the next level. Do you know of any programs or do you offer mentorship yourself? I would be very interested to learn more about visibility and conversion specifically. Great article! Thanks for the abundance of knowledge.

  2. I think it looks like a nice and convenient tool to use. I can imagine it even being used for other stuff besides social media. There’s actually quite a bit of potential in this. But to be honest, I’m wondering. Is there actually a difference between a tool like this and just literally having a page on your website where you have all your links pasted that you can just constantly link others to besides looking visually more appealing?

    1. You can do just like I did and create your own as well, absolutely!  The only difference is with, you can see the clicks on each.  ~ Babs

  3. I would like to thank you for showing the process of how to use linktree. It’s a cool site to connect all the social media website on one page. Have you ever used the paid version of this? Social media plays an important role to promote business. I will use this site when I will finish making my website. Thank you again. 

  4. Thank you Babs for a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Linktree. This is timely information for me because I haven’t used this tool for my business yet. Good thing it has a free version so I could start slapping all my social media profiles in no time. By the way, is the free version good enough for tracking clicks, like do you only see the number of clicks for each individual link? Or are there other metrics that it could track? Does it show some interesting graphs as well?

    1. It does show you how many times each of your links has been clicked, which is pretty cool!   ~ Babs

  5. Hi Babs,

    Wow, I am so impressed with this new tool! It’s the first time I hear about this. It looks handy. 

    I’ll try this out right now, and I’ll put the link on my website. Just a question, please Is there a place other than my website I can place the link? I’ll share this article with some of my colleagues; I am sure they will love it too! 

    Thank you for this excellent post and video. I am looking forward to reading more of your interesting articles!

    1. It is your link to share, Daniella!  You can place it anywhere you want, on your social media, in blog posts, emails, wherever you want to share your social media links or whatever links you establish on it.   ~ Babs

  6. Hi Babs,

    I was just reading your beginners guide to affiliate marketing and landed over here on Linked Tree article. I’ve heard so much about the linked tree method but, never really knew how to use it or what it was, so, once again, I’ve learned something new. Thank you so, much for all the valuable information that you have provided. I certainly appreciate it.

    This program can help me stay more organized when it comes to sharing my links. One thing, I do like is you showed how to use it and you gave me an idea on where to place the linktree. The funny part is, I was going to ask you how you had the social media site listed at the end of your domain but, I see you disclosed that.  

    Anyhow, I signed up and it was indeed free. Now, I have to follow all of the steps that you laid out so, that I can have my link up and running.

    Thanks again, Babs! Have an awesome day… 😀

    1. Oh, wonderful, I’m so glad I could help!  It’s truly an awesome site, easy to set up and a great way to share your social media accounts in one neat place!  ~ Babs

  7. Linktree is a great tool for anyone who wants a single place to put all their links. Or for those who want to include more than one link associated with their Instagram account. Using Elementor Pro is a nice touch adding your contact links to your website. Thanks for sharing that useful tip.  Love the site!  Great article! 

    1. Thanks, Glen!  It is a great tool, and I am absolutely in love with Elementor Pro as well!  Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!  ~ Babs

  8. Hi Babs.  Thank you so much for sharing!!  I am still pretty new to online marketing so I appreciate all the information!  I am slow moving, unfortunately by mainly focusing on content.  I have not yet made it through all of training just yet.  That is one of the goals this week, to move through another full lesson.  Almost done though.  Thank you for asking for comments or else I may not have found you.

    Your site is a wealth of information and I appreciate it!

    1. Fantastic, Kareb!  I’m so glad you found it useful!  Do subscribe so you get updates on new articles!  ~ Babs

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