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Today I’m going to share with you a very important training class inside Wealthy Affiliate University. If you do not pay attention to anything else on this website, please pay attention to this. I’m going to go over the training on creating video for your website to increase traffic and conversion.

The lesson I’m going to go over today is from the Affiliate Bootcamp classroom, Phase 5, Lesson 3 of 10 called “Video, a HUGE Source of Traffic!”


This is a traffic-getting, money-making strategy that you can no longer ignore. I realize that many people are not that “computer savvy,” and the thought of creating and publishing videos might be over your head. I’m here to tell you that it definitely is not, and Wealthy Affiliate University gives you simple to follow instructions on exactly how to start incorporating video into your website!


There it is – YouTube! Owned by Google, our best friend in the world of Affiliate Marketing, so it is in our best interest to utilize this free tool owned by Google to publish and host our videos!  It’s free, no charge, and because Google loves video, this one strategy is going to increase the traffic to your website.


We all love traffic, right? Traffic is what we call our readers, the people who come to our websites to read our content (and hopefully buy our affiliate products or services). If we don’t get people to read our content, it just seems like a lot of hard work, time and energy for no reason. We want traffic!

So, let’s get that traffic flowing to our sites. We accomplish that when the search engines (like Google, Bing or Yahoo) like our content, find our sites relevant and pertinent, and then display our websites in their results when people search our keywords.


People search all kinds of things, from “Is HGH the fountain of youth?” to “Where can I buy graviola fruit?” If you want to know anything, don’t you typically just “Google” it? I know I do! These search terms are called “keywords.” You type in the keywords and the search engines display results.

The goal is to please the search engines through certain steps so that they find your site worthy of displaying on page 1 of the results. People (traffic) click on your link and go to your website! The people read your content, you hopefully provide value to them, and then they will look around and perhaps buy your products or services.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you exactly how to optimize your website to rank with the search engines with specific keywords to get that traffic and make those sales! It is the most intense, easy to understand, thorough training course you will ever take, and you can actually get started with the program, two free websites and 30 keyword searches 100% free! I’m not kidding!

How to create a video

Here is where Wealthy Affiliate gets into the nitty-gritty of making videos for your website. It’s actually really simple, and they even give you several free options to use. You can pay for software programs to make video, but it’s totally unnecessary, especially in the beginning.

I use a program Wealthy Affiliate trained me on called Screencast-O-Matic. I love this program. You can record and then pause your recording. You have the option to have it record just your screen, just your face, or the screen with your face in the corner.

Here’s a video I created with Screencast-O-Matic for you to see how good it works. It is 100% free, and it works great! I love it! You can upgrade to a paid version, but for me, I don’t really need to at this point. It does everything that I need for now.

I can save the video clips on my computer, upload to YouTube, whatever I prefer.

It’s super easy to use and it makes great videos!

Upload your video to YouTube

If you have a gmail account, you can simply go to the little box of squares on the right side, click on it, you’ll get this drop down menu and you choose the YouTube icon.

If you don’t have a gmail account, sign up for one for your business so that you will have your own YouTube channel. So you’ll be taken to the YouTube platform. Click on the video camera icon and then you can choose to upload a video (or go live if you want to). I would definitely recommend the upload a video option to start until you get used to creating videos.

You then click on the upload a video and choose the file to upload.


Secret Strategy

I learned this strategy from a fellow member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I think it is one of the most valuable YouTube strategies I have heard of.

You know how after you watch a YouTube video, it displays other videos you might like? What you do is put a code in your tag list and also in your description for all your videos. For mine, I use four letters and four numbers (the same code for each video), so it relates the videos I’ve created to each other. Choose a code for your videos and make sure you place it as a tag for each of your videos like this:

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