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Make a video for marketing! Money-making techniques!

It’s one thing to be able to make a good video and put it on youtube. I discuss ways to create videos on this website. I will reference some articles below. In this article, I want to talk about how to make a video for marketing! Videos for marketing must contain certain things to be successful and capture attention! What you’ll learn today:

1. What are the best type of marketing videos for my business?

2. How do you create a brand video?

3.  What qualities or components should I include in every video?

4. Why is video so effective in marketing?

5. Where can I get help to make a video for marketing?

6.  What if I just can’t do it myself?

Here's an example of a that I created!

What are the best type of marketing videos for my business?

The best type of marketing videos for any business are ones that connect with the people watching.   If you can educate your audience or better yet, evoke emotion in them, you will have a successful marketing video.

People are exposed to a lot of information on a daily basis.  What about your video will they remember at the end of the day?  

Put yourself in their shoes and build a video that you would want to watch if you were searching for information online.  Remember to make it entertaining!  People click and click like it’s their job, lol!  Don’t be the video they click from.

How do you create a brand video?

You’ve, no doubt, heard quite a bit about “branding” or “building your brand,” right?

What is your brand?  Do you want recognition?  Do you want people to remember your company name, your slogan or your logo?

Whatever it is, get it out there!  Put it in everything you do!  Make sure people see it over and over again so they become familiar with it!

In my videos, I usually put my face someplace.  I want my readers to become comfortable with me, my personality, and I hope they will come to trust me and know that I am here to provide them with good, quality, up-to-date information on how to make money online from home!

What’s your brand?  Get it out there!

make a video for marketing

What qualities or components should I include in every video?

Here are some things to think about including in every marketing video you make:

  • Your keyword phrase in the title!
  • Your keyword phrase in the description!
  • Name the video on your computer with the keyword phrase before you upload it to the internet!
  • An exciting opening that grabs your viewers’ attention immediately and keeps them watching.
  • An interesting, descriptive featured photo for your video!
  • A call-to-action!  This can be a prompt to read the description, subscribe to your channel, like or share the video, or go to your website for more information!


Here is a trick I learned from one of the main trainers from my Wealthy Affiliate University program, Jay!  He shared with us that you always want to put a special code in the tags and description of every video on your channel.  This will give the search engine that idea that your videos belong together so it will suggest more of your videos!

I use “CFIM1041” in every video on the tags and description!

Why is video so effective in marketing?

make a video for marketing

Video is effective in marketing for many reasons:

  • It’s interesting!  People enjoy watching video!
  • It can surpass language barriers in some instances!  People who don’t have a good grasp of your language may still be able to watch and enjoy your video.
  • Many people are too impatient to read but will be captivated by a video!
  • It’s easier to show someone how something works with a video than to try to describe it in words.
  • It’s easier to evoke emotion with video!

Where can I get help to make a video for marketing?

I have several recommendations for you to make a video for marketing! These suggestions are designed to assist you in creating wonderful marketing pieces.

Creating videos takes time, but I want you to take and invest that time because it’s critical to your success!

If you decide to try it, here are some programs that make it super easy:

Learn how to use these tools to create amazing videos!

Screencast-O-Matic and Movavi Video Creation Software!
Learn Here!

Create fun marketing videos with this!

Videolovo program makes creating unique and interesting videos a snap!
Read Here!

Learn how to upload videos

Learn how to use the YouTube platform and create videos using screencapture!
Click Here

Just can't do it yourself?

That’s ok, don’t stress it!  If you really just don’t want to, or don’t think you can, make videos yourself, you can hire it out!  There’s a fantastic website called Fivrr where you can hire other people for just about anything you need!

You simply search the platform for the service you’re looking for and you’ll get a ton of choices with the price and the rating:

Want to create your own website?

The top 10 affiliate programs


Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you found this article of value!  

I’ve been marketing online for many years, and I pride myself in providing you with the most up-to-date, relevant information to start and grow your affiliate marketing business!

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  1. This is precious! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks on how to make an effective video for marketing. It is absolutely helpful. Putting a special code in the uploaded videos is brilliant. Thank you for sharing this idea. I usually use different tags on videos I upload. I didn’t realize the importance of putting my own special code in it. All the best!

    1. Yes, it helps link your videos together so Google suggests another one of yours instead of someone else’s after yours plays.  Keep them engaged!  ~ Babs

  2. Great article indeed, you are a problem solver, and a master of online business, the procedures to follow, and how to go about it, your write-up has already made my day. It must contain the necessary components, and I thank you for the effort of writing this an educative article.Thank you.

    1. Oh, thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave this nice comment!  I’m glad you enjoyed it and got value from it!  Stop back again!  ~ Babs

  3. Visual marketing like infographics and videos are becoming more and more useful and can easily help your brand’s growth. When creating videos to promote your business, It’s good to consider videos like testimonials, success stories, service or product presentations, reviews, videos for email marketing, and many more.

    Awesome tips you’ve got here Babs.


    1. Thank you so much!  I appreciate your kind words!  It really is true that video marketing is key in this day and age!  Stop back again!  ~ Babs

  4. Thank you babs. I have not started my business yet but now I see reasons why I should have a marketing video. You have also added tips on how to make this videos and how to get along with it. Its true that people like watching videos. In fact a research states that in 2020, 80% of the Internet will be of vireos and so using this medium to showcase a business brand is a good idea. Thank you so much.

    1. Oh, for sure, Henderson!  Video marketing is HUGE and only getting bigger!  You’re very smart to realize this, and I hope my tips help you to grow your internet video presence.  ~ Babs

  5. Hello Babs, first I want to thank you fot taking your time to give these wonderful tips on making a video as a marketing technique. My wife have been making videos for her business yet its not bringing positive results. Seeingthese tips give me some assurance that if she follows it, the desire result would be achieved. Hopefully I’ll give a testimony on these tips. 

  6. I heard that videos are more attractive for internet users. Many people are too impatient to read and videos are indeed entertaining, well, many are, not all 😉

    Do you have any suggestions? I’m an author and I would love to start using video trailers or any other promotional video content for my books. I still have to learn so much about this. I like Jay’s trick, that one is certainly good to know. Keywords, yes, very important, I learned that too recently 🙂

    Thank you for this very informative post. I have a lot to think about, I am a little nervous about making my own videos, but I really must start doing it.

    1. Never be nervous, just do it!  Start and you’ll get into it and improve as time goes on.  We all have a lot to learn in this business, which is why I love helping people, and I get a lot of great information from other marketers as well, like Jay!  ~ Babs

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