Online business tips for beginners! Do it right from the beginning!

Creating and maintaining an online business is exactly that! A business! Get it set up the right way from the beginning to ensure your success in making money online. I am here to help in any way I can, so let’s get into this article on Online business tips for beginners!

In this article I will give you other articles to read that I think would offer you some background information or more specific information, so I do suggest you take a moment to read any article I reference here in this post! I write with purpose, and I am a detailed person, so if learning how to do a successful online business is your goal, you’ve landed in the right place.

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Tip #1 – Do your due diligenceOnline Business Tips for Beginners

Coming to this website is a great step in doing your due diligence before setting up an online business. If you look around this site, you’ll see many articles on how to successfully set up a free website and market online.

I’m also going to reference several articles from this site for you to read as we go along in this article, so please take a moment to read those to get the whole picture of how to best set up your new business!

Tip #2 – Get an education

It’s important that you know how to operate an online business. I do give a lot of instruction on this website, and I also direct you to the #1 University online when it comes to internet marketing, which is Wealthy Affiliate University.

Online Business Tips for Beginners

I suggest you take a moment to review this article here below which will go into detail about the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate program and how it will get you started 100% for free. When I say free, I mean that they do not even ask you for your credit card information. You will get full start-up and set-up training in their academy, you will get two totally free WordPress websites, hosting and security. It really is quite an amazing program, and the very best way to begin.


So, in order to get a full understanding of the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate University, take a quick look at this article:

Online Business Tips for BeginnersLEARN ONLINE MARKETING


Tip 3 – Have realistic expectations

Online Business Tips for Beginners

This is probably one of the hardest parts of setting up an online business. When you go online and start searching for programs, you will be met with some pretty impressive promises! “Make $100 a day in your first week!” “Earn $10,000 within 30 days!” Nonsense!

I’m sorry to tell you that this is just simply not true, and any program promising a quick return is feeding you a bunch of lies and just trying to take your money. You must understand that in order to be successful, you will need to follow a proven process, and that process is building a website and adding content to it over time.

You see, you have to be recognized by the search engines as a reputable and reliable website in order for those engines to recommend your website to people searching for the type of information you are providing (i.e. your niche). This can take many months to even be recognized and many more months to begin to get people (i.e. traffic) to your site.

Let me be clear about this – You can make a huge amount of residual income every single month if you do this right.  What I’m saying is that you must give it the time necessary to build the business, and you must follow the proven process!

Tip 4 – Choose a niche you love

What is a niche, you ask? A niche is the subject of your website. It is the subject matter of what you are writing your content about, and I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a niche that you love. The reason that I say this is because you are going to be spending a great deal of time immersed in that niche when you are researching and creating content for your website.

It will be very difficult to remain enthusiastic months down the road in a niche that you have no passion for. That is why I stress the importance of choosing a niche you love! Here is an article I wrote that I think you would greatly benefit from reading before you set up your website:




Tip 5 – Keep good records

I can’t stress enough the importance of this step right from the beginning. I’m going to give you some ideas, and I will be doing some other more detailed articles about this aspect of the business, because I really feel it is so very important.

What kind of records? Well, for affiliate marketing, here are the basics:

1. Keep track of each website separately – use an excel sheet to keep track of each post and the various links on that post as well as what you do to market each post. I am going to share with you my personal excel sheet that I use for this express purpose. It helps me to make sure each of my posts makes it to the social media platforms, the comments area, and I can look at the links in the post at a glance:

Online Business Tips for Beginners

Online Business Tips for Beginners

Online Business Tips for Beginners


These are three different screenshots because the excel sheet is too long across to post the whole thing and I wanted you to see all the columns I set up for each post. I am always adjusting and adding as I go along as well, such as a second Pinterest post column, and I may even add a third as it is important to post with different pictures on your various boards on Pinterest. (Lots of strategies, and with Wealthy Affiliate, I am always learning new ones continuously!)

2. Keep track of your affiliate agreements and login information – Each time you set up an affiliate agreement with a new merchant or network (like Amazon for example), you want to have a record of the login page for that network or merchant, your username and password, and the products you market for them and on what site.

I know this can sound overwhelming, but just do yourself a favor and take the time to set up these records in the beginning, and that way you will just add them when you add a new product or merchant, and it’s super easy. It avoids any confusion on your part, and it’s easier to keep track of your commissions when you know what you have set up to market and with whom.

Here is a screen capture of an excel sheet I set up to keep track of the various affiliate marketing agreements I have and the login information for each. It really helps keep track of everything, believe me!  It’s in two screen captures, and it actually continues across (some products are on more than one or two posts).

Online Business Tips for Beginners

Online Business Tips for Beginners




3. Keep track of all business expenses. Personally, for me, I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program, so my out-of-pocket cost is minimal each month. I started with their free Starter membership, and then I upgraded to their Premium membership once I saw the value they provided. It’s literally $49 each month – it’s a business in a box. Therefore, that is really my entire expenses to run two websites each month.

I recommend if you are trying to set up an online business, you look into the Wealthy Affiliate program. Here’s an overview of the free Starter Membership (start there – it’s 100% free – no credit card required) and the Premium Membership (upgrade once you know this business is for you!). Whatever your expenses, you will want to keep track. Remember, the Wealthy Affiliate training program teaches you how to get generic (no cost) traffic to your site, it is not based on paying for ads or anything like that.

Online Business Tips for Beginners



In conclusion, before you do anything, take a quick look around this site and get a feel for what online marketing is really all about. You can get an overview of the Affiliate Marketing process with this article here:




You can also get an idea of 10 things you want to think about when setting up an online business here:

10 Points to Consider when Starting an Online Business10 POINTS TO CONSIDER WHEN STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS


Once you have done your research, be sure to grab your free Wealthy Affiliate university and platform membership right here below. You will be offered a world-class education, two free websites, and full-time access to me inside the Wealthy Affiliate Premium platform. You just can’t go wrong with this program. There is nothing like it if your goal is to make money online!

Online Business Tips for BeginnersOnline Business Tips for Beginners


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Online Business Tips for Beginners

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. Thanks for the very helpful and informative article. You have summed up very nicely what needs to be done for someone just starting out in internet marketing. Wealthy Affiliate does a good job in equipping someone with the right knowledge and tools to succeed in affiliate marketing. So if anyone is serious about starting an affiliate marketing business, I think joining Wealthy Affiliate is a must! 

  2. This is officially the easiest article on how to start up with an online affiliate business with Wealthy Affiliae platform. It was so easy for me to learn everything from this website. And ofcourse I’m going to give this a try and see how I do with it. So thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

  3. Great tips for beginners. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can confirm the great value of the program.
    Is is possible to share with you excel files you have presented in “Tip 5”?

  4. You are definitely right when you say that anyone promising that you can make thousands of dollars every month with very little effort if you buy their system is just trying to take your money.  Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best platform out there and is totally legitimate.  As long as someone knows that they’ll have to put in the time and effort needed to build up their website, they’ll have a great chance to make money online!

  5. Hello Babs, 

    Thanks for your article. It is very concise and factual. You are so right on all accounts. You need to keep records – if not for what they are worth – but for your memory…lol. We get older every day.

    I love your idea of the spreadsheet and the affiliate applications. I am delinquent when it comes to this one, but I plan to put things in check – it can only be to my benefit.

    Do you suggest an online storage of this information vs the old traditional pen & paper? I have a notebook and I tend to make jottings in it. I tend to be more ‘old school’ and love to make physical notes and cross things off…lol

    I wish you all the best and keep it coming.


    1. I was just like you until my husband convinced me of the benefits of the search function with digital storage of records.  I was finding I was searching far too long for things, and he showed me how I could search on my computer in just a couple of clicks.  He really sold me on that idea.

      I am an Excel girl.  I love the format.  I can make columns, color code them, etc. and it helps me keep organized.  It is time consuming to set up, but it is so worth it in the long run.

  6. Thank you for writing this great review about Wealthy Affiliate very well explain it.

    I been a member of Wealthy affiliate for about four month and I love what this platform offer, the community here is very helpful and the training step by step is really good, I do recommend it.

    1. Thank you for popping in to give your testimonial.  It means a lot to people searching to see other members and what they think of the program.  I appreciate it!

  7. This article is a great resource for someone trying to start an online business and wealthy affiliate definitely looks like a good place to get ones education. 

    It is extremely important to do your initial research because it can be easy to just dive into a topic your are passionate about or a subject you like only to find out it might be over populated and hard to break into. 

    What is your advice for narrowing a niche down to a specific topic and making sure there is room for success within that niche?

    Also what if someone chooses a niche and realizes later on they are have a hard time succeeding in it or getting on top?

    1. With the Wealthy Affiliate platform you get the Jaaxy research tool.  Not only can you find your perfect niche, perfect domain name but also you can see the competition for your keywords.  The program leaves nothing to chance.  It guides you through every step towards success!

      As far as changing your niche, you can do that at any time.  This is your business and you can run it any way you want.  Remember, too, that inside the Premium membership you have access to the owners of the platform and all the other members.  You can see what they’re doing, talk to them about niches, and see who’s having success with what.

      It really is a business in a box.

  8. On line business,is a very good way, for most people to make a living from home. 

    People such as Veterans, Pensioners,Housewives, or even disabled people,can benefit from this idea.

    There are Five basic points, that we need to cover, to make our business work.1/ Due diligence,2/Education,3/Realistic Expectations,4/A Good Niche,5/Good records.

    A Good Niche is very important, as it is where you will spend a lot of your time, so it should be something near to your heart, some thing you love.

    From experience, and from Babs Wagner,s remarks, Wealthy Affiliate for your on line business, is the way to go.  

  9. im a newbie in online marketing and I’ve been looking for articles that will guide me on how to fulfil my online goal .I’ve read different articles but they re not as comprehensive as this.This is the first article I will read concerning online marketing that I will understand.Thanks for this information.

    1. I’ve been a teacher my entire life, and this just continues that passion for me.  My goal with this site is to help and guide people through the process to success online.  Please check in often,, subscribe on the sidebar,and let me know if you need anything at all!

  10. Nice article as always Babs, I think a lot of people have unreal expectations when they first enter into the e-commerce industry, its pages like this that help educate people on real expectations and tools that genuinely help like WA. Thanks for a great and informative article!!!

  11. This is a must read for all beginning online marketers.

    There is a wealth of great information and food for thought as begin a journey to become online business person. You will probable, like me, need to read, re-read and re-read again to really take in the wealth of information on these pages.

    I started my journey about 6 month ago and truly wish this article had been available. Lots of the mistakes I have encountered could possibly have been avoided with knowledge of insights within this article.

    Lots of additional information on her website.

  12. Great post, and so great that you’re getting this info out there. Because of WA I am now able to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but had no clue how to start.

    I also enjoyed your section on affiliate links as I haven’t got to that part of the training yet 🙂

  13. I would have liked to have found your website a couple of years ago. It would have saved me a lot of stress and money. But never mind, I’ve found you now.

    There are two things I like the most about Wealthy Affiliate: Firstly, that you can start for free and secondly, that you can pay by monthly premiums. This is great because other programs I have tried or explored had very expensive upfront payments. And I mean $3000 which is a huge amount of money to fork out all at once. And while one of the programs had its merits, that sort of membership cost just isn’t sustainable when you’re starting a new business.

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