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Social Media Marketing – It is the hot topic today. It should be, because it works! It works if you follow certain steps, but you need to learn what those steps are, right? The last thing you want to do is spin your wheels, and trust me, so many people do. They spend hours trying to market their business through social media but fall flat.

Well, no more! I’m going to go over the best social media marketing training online and show you how you can get a full library of training on every aspect of social media marketing online. First, let me touch on some strategies I want to share with you that work for me, and then I’ll direct you to the library of courses you can get to really help you grow your business.

Post all your content

Social Media Marketing Online

If you don’t get your content out there, it won’t get out there! So post a picture and a small blurb, along with a link to your post, for every article you write on your website. You’re going to want to post on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram,  of course, but you should have several groups (even one of your own if you desire) in Facebook and LinkedIn that you post your link in as well. Here is an example of a post I made on a Facebook group for one of my recent posts:

Social Media Marketing Online


Twitter doesn’t have “groups” per se, but they do have hashtags (#) which group the posts into categories that people can search. #AffiliateMarketing or #OnlineMarketing are ones that I often use. When you make your tweet, you simply put the hashtags in the body of your tweet, and it will show up in those categories. Here is an example of one of my tweets:

Social Media Marketing Online

Importance of photos

I cannot stress enough the importance of photos, not only in your posts themselves, but in your social media posts. Sites like Pinterest requires them, as does Instagram. I have several “Boards” on Pinterest, so rather than post the same picture over and over again for my posts on each of my Boards, I make several different pictures for each blog post I create.

I use a program called Canva, and I use several free stock photo sites like Pixabay for my photos. I explain all about it in this article here: ADD COOL TEXT TO A PHOTO

Here is an example of the various pictures I created for one of my blog posts to give me a variety when posting on my social media sites:

Social Media Marketing Online

Social Media Marketing Online

Engage people on social media

Don’t just be a blind poster.  People want to see more from you than just see your posts. They want to interact with you, and this is the tricky part. You want to make sure you are not wasting a lot of time on social media looking at memes and posting to your friends. I’m not saying you can’t do those activities, but not when you are working on your business.

Social Media Marketing OnlineYou do want to engage people. Here’s what I do. I go through my groups and I see people who might be looking for an opportunity, and I reach out to them. I might send them a private message or post an opportunity to them in their post comments. However you do it, do it! Then follow up. Make a spreadsheet of people who you have contacted and then contact them again to see if they saw your post and are interested in your opportunity.

**** Secret Strategy to engage people

There is another strategy that I’m going to share with you, and this is HUGE. Take a look at other people’s business opportunities and see who is responding to them wanting more information. Those people are looking!!! Take a moment and reach out to them with your information and opportunity. Send them a private message. Be real, present what you have to offer, and see how they respond.

Remember, however you do it, keep a list and follow up!

Social Media Marketing Training Online – LIBRARY

Social Media Marketing Online

I’m going to share another trade secret with you. I’ve come a long way in my business, and the reason I’m so successful is in two words: WEALTHY AFFILIATE

This program literally saved my business, and I use it today to run my entire business and all my websites. Here’s the best part – You can sign up for their Starter Program 100% for free and get your business up and running with free training videos on exactly how to do it.

The training modules I am going to show you below on the Social Media Marketing are included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership. Don’t worry, it’s very inexpensive. You can sign up and get your first month for only $19.99 if you do it within 7 days, and after that it’s a mere $49 a month to run your entire business and have access to their entire training program and all the videos. The great news is that you are never required to upgrade to Premium from Starter, they don’t make you, but I do recommend you do it at some point if you want to build a profitable online business.

Want to see their entire library of training? Check it out here: WEALTHY AFFILIATE TRAINING

Social Media Marketing Online

Social Media Marketing Online


Here is just some of the training you can get on social media marketing inside the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership platform. It just goes on and on for every subject you can think of, and I snagged a portion of the training modules inside the Wealthy Affiliate program for some of the social media sites. New trainings are added daily, so you will see the scope of what you get from this program!


By category below you will see:







This is a partial list of the training modules inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform!  There are twice as many modules for each category!


Social Media Marketing Online

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Social Media Marketing Online

Social Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing Online



Social Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing Online



Social Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing Online



Social Media Marketing Online

Social Media Marketing Online Social Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing Online



Social Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing OnlineSocial Media Marketing Online



Get started for FREE today

Go ahead and grab your free Starter membership today!  Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership levels as follows:

Social Media Marketing Online

social media marketing

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I welcome all comments and questions on this or any other article on this website.  My goal with this site is to help people start and maintain a successful affiliate marketing website!  If you want to reach out to me personally, please feel free to do that by emailing me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Babs Wagner

Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. Thank you for this library of social media marketing training online. This is something I really need to get better at. i am on social media, but I never feel like I’m utilizing it enough. (There are only so many hours in a day!) 

    I have to say, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I didn’t realize how many trainings there are on social media marketing. Holy moly! 

    I think I need to get on the platform and get myself busy looking at all of those. 

    Thank you, thank you!!

    1. Yes, I do spend some time, usually in the evening, going through a little training on particular subjects, every night.  Keeps me informed!  – Babs

  2. Hello Babs,

    Big welcome to the month of February, social media marketing is really hot now. I think it’s only a wise thing to take advantage of the traffic on social media each day.

    I just recently learnt how to sell products off Instagram and I’m really buzzing to put it into use. I’ll look up some of these resources on Wealthy Affiliate and hopefully I’ll learn more.

    Thanks as always,

    Warm regards

  3. Thank you for providing this great piece of information. I find it really helpful and highly informative. Thanks for providing great insight into social media marketing. I have enrolled for an online class but it is scheduled to start by march. Do you have any idea how I can generate leads through facebook? 

    1. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need to enroll in any classes and spend money unnecessarily because the platform gives you all the training you could ever want.  The training I show in this article is a fraction of what is offered, and if you want to know how to generate leads through facebook, take a look at all the facebook training in show here in this article, and you will see an amazing array of trainings on just that.  – Babs

  4. On wealthy affiliates, there is virtually everything that you need to succeed in your online businesses, the beauty of the platform is that the founders have produced enough materials, and they keep updating it to make your adventure a success. Why wealthy affiliate will remain relevant for a long time is because of the fact that the contents are self generating, members are allowed to go out there, do a lot of research and create training programs that will benefit the entire community. Going through your article, I’ve learnt something about social media promotion. Thank you!

  5. Hi Babs! I love your article on Social media marketing training. It is usually important for one to equip himself with the right knowledge in order not to be caught unaware. Truly posting our content to social media like Twitter, Linkedln and facebook, helps in attracting people to our sites especially when one is in different groups.Like you aptly said, picture is necessary, people will always like to associate the picture with the content, in fact in my group, if you post without pictures, most of the comments will be we want pictures. It serves as an evidence to one’s content. Thanks, Babs, for teaching me the strategy of engaging people. Wealthy Affiliate is truly amazing when it comes to learning social media marketing.

  6. What a great way to get others to notice social media! I love all the tutorial images you have included. Makes it much easier to find where to get the training from. I haven’t exactly gotten high on social media yet. It’s a vast open world and still scares me a little. It seems like a lot of work. But everywhere I go it looks like social media is the way to go. I guess I will have to get my hands in there and get going. 

    1. Start slow.  Do you have a Facebook?  If so, search affiliate marketing and online marketing groups and join them.  Then just post your links to your posts on there.  If affiliate marketing isn’t your niche, then grab groups that are and see if they have open posting policies and post your links.  You don’t have to go crazy, just start slow and build from there.  – Babs

  7. Great info! I often wonder how much time and effort I should be putting into social media marketing as opposed to creating content. It just seems like there’s always more that can be done! I personally don’t have or use a LinkedIn account for my business; I guess I never really saw the point. My biggest hurdle is that I’ve got the most followers by far on instagram, but instagram doesn’t allow you to create a link in a post description, so I have to instruct people to use the link in my bio.

    1. Well, while you don’t have a LinkedIn, I don’t have an Instagram, so let’s just say we can’t do it all.  You are so right, there are so many moving parts to this business, it’s hard to know what to do, right?  I’ve written an article on the subject, so why don’t you take a look at it here:  TIME MANAGEMENT IN ONLINE MARKETING

  8. I have been in this affiliate marketing business for almost 6-7 months now. It is been great, I;m getting improvements in my website and now I want to get started with Social media marketing. I think your article has served me with a lot of information about it. As a beginner in Social media marketing I didn’t feel left out. It was easy to understand and read you article.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    1. Oh, you’re welcome, Sujandar.  Just search whatever platform you want training on, and all those videos (and twice more) will pop up and you can pick which ones you want to view or which trainings you want to explore.  It’s awesome.  – Babs

  9. That is crazy how much social media training there is.  I am a member and have been for a couple years but I guess I havent quite dug that deep.  I am really looking to pick up my Pinterest involvement so I know where I am going to get some training for that.thank you for showing the way to something that is likely right in front of my nose.  i cant wait to find more tips for my Social marketing.Dale

  10. You very through on this and you have done great in doing so I have not tried social media as away of marketing myself and blog but that needs to change from now you provide with alot of useful information that will help me in scaling my social media campaign to the new levels of success

  11. Social media marketing is something I really need to work on. Pinterest is my primary platform right now, and I really don’t vary my pictures much. I have heard I should do that, though, so I have tried it with a few posts now. I’m held back by how time-consuming it is to create multiple images (graphic design is a weak skill for me). Have you seen an improvement in engagement in repins doing that vs not?

    Due to said graphic design struggles that pour over into photography, I struggle with Instagram but I think it might be a good one for my niche, so I’m going to look into some of those trainings on WA. Thank you!

  12. Thank you for your article. I am progressing through the wealthy affiliate training as we speak, and am about to touch on social media. Your article was a great read. I did not know there was so much training. Kind of over whelming but each step is a step closer to success. I will use what you have recommended about keep track of all the people we contact and how to follow them up. Thank you

    1. Oh yes, one step at a time, lol!  You definitely want to take things in the order as they teach inside the Wealthy Affiliate program – it’s a totally proven process.  Social media will come in time.  – Babs

  13. I have never got success in social media marketing until now as I never done it seriously or with proper planning. But after seeing other people getting huge traffic from social media I just want to focus more on social media traffic as well.especially pinterest is my main focus as the niche I am involved in has lots to do with images.Thanks for sharing all the training resources.

  14. Hi Babs,

    Great post you got here, along with the fact that I’ve been on wealthy affiliate for weeks now and the thought never occurred to me. Thanks for bringing this training up. Therefore I am very happy that I’ve stumbled across your article because I’m actually looking to upgrade my website and rank higher using more interactions. 

    Keep up the good work. 

    1. What you want to do if you just started is follow the training in the order Kyle presents it to make sure you learn all the basics first.  Once you go through the training and the affiliate bootcamp, then start exploring all the additional training.  You want to do everything in the order in which they lay it out.  – Babs

  15. This is really is sound information. This library information on social marketing. It can it be only smart to advantage of social media marketing for traffic at every given opportunity. I just realize how to sell products on twitter. I am eager to put it in motion plus some resources learnt on Wealthy Affiliate to it fullest  advantage

  16. Omg that is a lot of trainings that you posted on your post. By the way, I have heard that they are shutting Google+ soon because of the security breach last year but other than that all you suggested does work. I find twitter and instagram to work for me. If you get the right hashtag, people who share the same interest as you will see your post and that works like a magic for me 🙂 So come up with the right hashtag people!

    1. You are correct, I just received notification from Google Plus that they will be closing the platform.  I’ll have to remove the trainings from the article shortly.  Thanks.  – Babs

  17. For my own business, I was looking for some tricks about promoting this in social media. This is a very helpful article for me to understand the use of social media to upgrade business in a proper way. Thank you very much for share.

    In your article, you have introduced the Wealthy Affiliate, which is providing a lot of training. I have been stunned by the list of training for social media which you have introduced here! Do those really exist and worthy?

    If your reply is yes then I am starting to think about right from today. Because my business is suffering from less exposure to social media.

    Thank you once again for sharing this valuable information.

    1. Each of these trainings is extremely valuable, and honestly you could probably never get through them even if you studied full-time.  There are so many, and new ones are added every day.  It’s incredible!  – Babs

  18. Wow, what an insightful review on this article. All I need to know about social media marketing well spelt out strategies. WA is really the online business world saver. It is good to know that you are partnering with the gurus in affiliate marketing because they are real and gonna change your income. I bet you that once you register, try and do subscribe to the premium membership and enjoy loads of benefits to earn more online. Good review here. Thank you. 

    1. It is, in my opinion, the only way to go if you want to affiliate market.  I’ve tried so many programs.  Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal!  – Babs

  19. You are so right with what you have said. Social media is the lifeblood to an online business because it is here that you engage with people as they see what you have to offer. Once you can build a following and have them subscribe to your email list you will be in a good position to have a successful online business.

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