starting online business checklist

Starting online business checklist! Free resources!

This checklist will give you all the steps you need (with full instructions) to start your online business! I will not only show you how to do it, but I will show you how to set it up 100% for free. Be sure to subscribe to this website to get alerts whenever new information is released to help you grow your business! You can do that over on the right sidebar.

Please note that within this training, I will be referring you over to other articles on this site that will clarify points I am trying to make. I suggest that you take the time to click the links, read those articles, and then come back here. It will give you a more in-depth training experience to make sure you really have all the steps down.


[X] 1. Choose your niche

Your “niche” is the subject of your website. What do you want to do for your business? Your niche should meet these requirements:

– It should be something you love, want to learn about, or know a lot about

– It should be something that has products associated with it that would be of interest to your readers

– It should be something that you can write interesting content about on a regular basis

I have written an article all about this subject, and I recommend you take a few minutes now to read about this process in this article because it is one of the most important topics you need to consider as you begin your online business!


[X] 2. Get training

This is a good start to your training, but setting up an online business has a lot of moving parts and many components. I suggest you subscribe to this website first, and then you want to sign up with a reputable organization to get full training on exactly step-by-step how to run and maintain this business.

Starting Online Business checklist

My number one recommendation is the Wealthy Affiliate University. I have been marketing online for many, many years, and it was not until I found the Wealthy Affiliate that I took my business to the next level. It’s not only the education you receive from the Wealthy Affiliate, but it is the programs and tools they provide that are invaluable.

I wrote a series of articles about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I highly recommend you take a few moments now to read through these articles and bookmark them for future reference. This series will give you an overview of their entire program, the benefits of joining, and how you can grow your business by joining.

(SPOILER ALERT: It’s 100% free to join their Starter program!! No credit or debit card required!!!)

Here is the series:









[X] 3. Choose your domain name

Your domain name is like your company name. It’s called the URL or web address. My domain name is My company is Coaching for Internet Marketers.

Choosing your domain name is extremely important. You want something that is easy for people to remember, easy to type, but search engine optimized. That means that you want a lot of people to be searching for keywords in your name, but you don’t want to have a lot of other websites with those keywords in them.

When I chose my domain name, I researched various names through the Jaaxy keyword tool provided in the Wealthy Affiliate platform (you should have read about that in the Part 3 article above). My website name has about 144 monthly searches (I like to be over 50) and only 21 competing websites (I like to be under 100), so it was perfect!

Here is an article all about choosing your domain name with the free Jaaxy tool you get in the Wealthy Affiliate program. Take a few moments now to read this before you continue:


[X] 4. Set up a website

There are a multitude of ways to set up a website, and I’ve tried many of the free and paid platforms during the years. Starting Online Business checklist

My absolute favorite, by far, and the one that 95% of online marketers use in this day and age, is WordPress! The WordPress platform is user-friendly, and there are so many choices when it comes to themes and plugins.

(Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about themes and plugins in the Wealthy Affiliate training, and exactly step-by-step how to use them!!)

Setting up a website is 1-2-3 in the training. It couldn’t be easier. You get two free websites right through the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and they walk you step-by-step through the process of setting them up.

Take my advice and set up just one to start and focus your energy on that one. Once it is up, running and ranking on Google, you can go ahead and add a second one. You want to enjoy your new business, not feel overwhelmed.

Here is an article I wrote about setting up your free website through Wealthy Affiliate. Go ahead and take a few minutes now to review this article before you continue.


[X] 5. Start writing content

Starting Online Business checklist

You’ve built the foundation, and now it’s time to create the meat of your site, your content. These are the articles you write to help your readers solve their problems in your niche. That’s right, your job is to solve problems and answer questions. Your readers are searching for information, answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

If you want to be successful, you will provide them with the information that they are looking for.  Weren’t you looking today for information on how to start an online business? You landed here, and I am providing you with information on exactly how to do that, right?

I know this can be a challenging part of this business, but it can also be the most exciting and rewarding part as well. Once you get rolling with the program and learning how to write excellent content, you will enjoy it as well.

Here is an article I wrote that might help you in this part of the business. Keep in mind, also, that you will get a lot of help with content creation inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform. There is a content editor that will assist with punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and spelling, so relax!

Take a look now at this article on content:


[X] 6. Market your site

There are so many different ways to market your site, but this website and my teachings focus on generic traffic. That means getting your content to rank in the search engines which will drive people to it from searching online. I know there are many strategies with Facebook ads and Google ads, but for someone starting out, that can be extremely expensive and is never guaranteed.

You can get your posts in front of a lot of people through social media, and that is how I recommend you build your audience. I want you to take a look at my social media sites to get a feel for what I am doing with my posts. Every single time I write a post, I spend quite a bit of time posting the article on each of my Pinterest boards, on my Facebook business page, on numerous Facebook groups, on my Twitter feed and on Google Plus.

Here are the links to my pages. If you want to like any of my pages, that would be great, and I will, of course, return the favor for you:





[X]  7. Get website comments

The search engines rank your site based on many criteria, and comments is one of the important ones. When you become a Premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can get unlimited website comments (and hence traffic) to your site through the program. This community offers so many benefits, that I do highly recommend you upgrade to their Premium membership for $49 a month as soon as you are able to. To run an entire business for only $49 a month is a dream, and you will be amazed by the benefits this program affords.

For now, you can join for free and get started. Here is an article that goes into detail about the comments area of the program for you to read:


Comments Welcome

Starting Online Business checklist

I hope this article gave you some food for thought and the courage to get started! I know new things can be a bit scary, but I want you to know that I am right here if you need any advice or encouragement along the way.

If you want to leave a comment or a question for me below, I will be happy to get back to you. If you prefer to email me privately, you can do so anytime at Babs@Coachingfor

I look forward to hearing from you, and I wish you much success as you begin this journey. There are great things waiting for you on the other side!  Welcome to your new beginning!

Babs Wagner

Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for visiting my page!


  1. I really enjoyed this article! You present a very clear and concise blueprint on starting an online business that if someone were to take action on would definitely set them up for success! Love your graphics as well! Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I could not agree with you more and I know that anyone who reads this article and takes action will have an excellent opportunity to start an online business. Well done!

  2. Starting an online business can be really frustrating for people but this article has made it very easy now. This post has step by step instruction for starting an online business. It is so easy to understand those steps and easy to follow the instructions listed in this article. I wish I had a guide like this when I started mine.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    1. I’m glad it was easy to understand and follow.  I know it was hard for me to get started, and my goal with this site it to help people get going and build a successful business online.  Thanks, Sujander!  – Babs

  3. Thank you for the very educational information.  I know you mentioned that you have been interested in marketing for a while, but how did you become interested in internet marketing. Additionally,what is the one thing that you wish someone had told you when you started internet marketing?  I am always interested in hearing people’s take on things.  ThNks again for the wonderful information.

    1. I was a real estate agent and investor for years, and I marketed myself as well as my properties online.  Then when I decided to work at home, I discovered affiliate marketing, and because I was a teacher for years previously, it’s in my blood, so I mixed the two together to come up with this website. 

      I wish someone had been more honest to tell me that I would have to work hard at the beginning, and that it takes time to really be successful.  So many of my beginning programs promised quick huge results, and it came with a lot of disappointment.  That is, until I found the Wealthy Affiliate program.  – Babs

  4. Wow you really provide an abundance of free resources here! It’s amazing how people like you are so generous and forthright in sharing, just benefiting and adding value to your readers. The tips you offer are practical and helpful as well. I’m working on my websites, I will be sure to come back here to check out more tips and advice!

    1. I love it!  Teaching is my passion, and to share this knowledge and have people appreciate it, well, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.  Thanks, Joo!  – Babs

  5. Thank you for the easy to understand checklist! I am just getting started on my online marketing and have been searching for a quality training to follow that doesn’t constantly have upsells. I like that you can get started free with WA, I am going to have to take a look. Thanks again!

  6. Hi Babs, and thanks for another helpful article.

    I’m in the business now for two years and I too must say that without Wealthy Affiliate I would not be where I am today.

    The niche choice is not easy I commit, there’s so much to consider. But I think you point it right. Something we can help others with, something we like to be active every day for years to come and something that has a market.

    The next question is, are we willing to work harder than the average to get our business competitive.

    It’s a long way but I love it 🙂

    1. It is not some get rich quick scheme, it is a legitimate training and business opportunity for people who are willing to put in the time and effort to reap big rewards.  Great points!  – Babs

  7. Hi Babs, 

    Congratulations on a great article. I have been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate for a number of years now and I only have good things to say. Your post outlines the simplicity of starting an online business and describes all the benefits along with the training which is second to none. I highly recommend readers take your advice and have a look. The rewards are well worth it.

    Well done Babs


  8. Hey Babs, what an excellent article. The information you give here is priceless. I am a member newbie at WA, and I would say I can not be happier and satisfy with the results. My only regret is the fact I did not start a couple years early.

    WA gives us the opportunity to build our own website and also build our own business. The price we pay for such wonderful training is peanuts compared with other offers outside that most the time end up as a scam. WA is legitim.

    Your article is so easy to understand, very fun to read. Thank you for your hard work input all this together.

    Cheers to your success,


  9. Starting an online business can be a hard thing if you don’t know how to start and frankly you can very easily get lost if you don’t have some guidance. I liked how you wrote this guide, it gives a very good idea about the first steps someone has to follow. And with WA you get all the necessary tools to find success. The only thing that remains is persistence and hard work.

    1. I think I should write an entire article about persistence and hard work.  I believe so many people fail only because they give up, not because they are doing the right thing to bring them to success.  How can you blame them?  How many programs do you see advertised constantly proclaiming “Make $1,000 a day in 7 days!”  It’s ridiculous.  With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ve got the blueprint, you just need to work it and it will happen!

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