the top 10 affiliate programs

The top 10 affiliate programs! New Wealthy Affiliate tool!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative businesses you can do, but you need to know what you’re doing. You want to market for the best, so what are the top 10 affiliate programs? Well, I have a new way for you to find out.

Researching affiliate programs can be difficult, especially when you don’t know who to trust online. Websites will promote something as great, and then you find out they’re only doing it because they want to make money from it. That’s why this new tool is invaluable for any affiliate marketer, especially a newbie!

New or not, choosing the best, top-paying affiliate program will make you rich! The guesswork is gone! Let me tell you why!

Questions you may have

  • What are the highest paying affiliate programs?
  • What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?
  • What brands have affiliate programs?
  • Can you really make money with affiliate programs?

I plan to answer all these questions and more!

What are the guidelines for a top affiliate program?

What makes an affiliate program great?  There are a few guidelines:


You always want to do business with a company that has a good reputation!
View some reputable companies here!
Click Here

Pays on time

Waiting for payment is no fun! You want a company that pays promptly.
Here are some guidelines on how to choose a good affiliate marketing company!
Click Here

Pays generously

Some companies are very generous to their affiliates!
Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most generous companies out there!
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Residual Income

It's great to be paid over and over again!
It's great when a company pays you over and over monthly! Residual income!
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How to find the best affiliate programs

As I mentioned above, doing research to find the best affiliate programs can be frustrating, to say the least.  I’ve had good luck in finding great programs because I belong to an affiliate marketing community, the Wealthy Affiliate.  When you are part of a community, or a business association, you have other business people to ask questions of and get the truth from.

Wealthy Affiliate has a 24/7/365 chat area where you can ask questions and get responses.

I’m a firm believer in word of mouth and personal recommendations.  I’ve learned so much from the other members of Wealthy Affiliate, and now I’m super excited to share a new aspect of the program.

Wealthy Affiliate has added a new section to the platform:

the top ten affiliate programs

When I logged into my account and saw this new feature on my dashboard, well, I have to say I literally jumped up and down.  YES!  I was super excited, and it didn’t disappoint.  I’m going to take you on a tour of this new feature so you can see for yourself!

Affiliate Program Search

They make it super easy for you.  Whatever your niche, just click on the products you’re interested in!  

The top 10 affiliate programs
The top 10 affiliate programs
The top 10 affiliate programs
The top 10 affiliate programs
The top 10 affiliate programs
The top 10 affiliate programs

Let’s choose Web Design as an example!  Here’s what you get:

 If you click on one of the choices, you’ll get details like this:

The top 10 affiliate programs
the top 10 affiliate program

This offers a great way to compare various programs and choose the best ones that pay out the best prices.  You can see all the metrics above for each of the two I chose to view.

Let's answer those questions

I promised you in the beginning of this article that I would answer some frequently asked questions on this subject, so here we go:

What are the top 10 affiliate programs?

To be perfectly honest with you, affiliate programs are niche-specific, with some obvious exceptions like Amazon and Ebay.  These programs provide a wide array of products which can fit almost any niche.

My niche is helping people be successful online.  I am going to give you my personal top favorites.  The reason I like these affiliate programs vary, so I will give you a brief explanation of why they made my personal list.  Your list may vary, but if you join Wealthy Affiliate,  you will have a great tool to find your top 10 affiliate programs!

The Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program is, by far, my absolutely favorite!  I’ll tell you exactly why!  It has met my first criteria – it must be a useful, valuable, inexpensive product that brings great value!  Next, it pays great; not only is the commission 50% but it pays residual income every single month!  Wow!


Here’s what I absolutely love about Designrr!  They only charge a one-time fee of $27 for lifetime access, and it is one of the most amazing programs I’ve ever used.  It’s an ebook creation tool that literally creates beautiful ebooks from any url.  The other thing I love is that it sells like hotcakes.  How could it not?  There is no monthly charge, but I make a lot of money from it because it’s such a screaming deal!

Here’s the thing with Clickbank – they sell digital products, and you really and truly need to vet these products before you sell them.  However, most of the products pay 50% commission, so when you find a good one, you’ll do well.  Try the products first, though.  You never want to sell anything you don’t believe in 100%!

This is another “network” meaning they provide a wide array of awesome products that you can sell on your site.  You have to get permission from each product individually, by presenting them with your marketing plan and your website url.

I love JV Zoo.  If you are into affiliate marketing, then you will love JV Zoo.  They provide an array of wonderful products for affiliate marketers.  Once again, may I stress, you need to vet these products please!  Never provide a product just because it seems cool and provides a hot commission.  It will hurt you in the long run!

Who doesn’t love Amazon?  I love Amazon because I can find just about any type of product I want to promote.  Once you’re approved, you’re approved, so you don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops.  There are a few things I don’t totally appreciate, however.  The commission is lower than most of the other programs.   They also cancel your affiliate agreement if you don’t meet their sales quota.  It’s happened to many of my fellow marketers.

I originally used the ShareASale network of products for my health and wellness site  They offer some really great products and are easy to work with.

What is Jaaxy you ask?  It is a tool that every single affiliate marketer should have.  I would not run my business without it.  Keywords and keyword research is super critical to your success.  Not only is Jaaxy the most awesome tool (READ ABOUT IT HERE:  JAAXY) but their affiliate program pays 50% and residual monthly income!  Whoot!

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?  You can do a full comparison of the different commission scales, residual income scales and payouts through the new Affiliate Programs tab in the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  You can compare various affiliate programs for products in your niche and enroll in those that are the most profitable!

What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?

That’s an easy one!  There is really only one affiliate program for beginners, and that is the Wealthy Affiliate program.  When I say that, I mean it is the one program you need to sign up for before you even start thinking about selling products.

Don’t be confused.  Let me explain.

Wealthy Affiliate is a business-in-a-box platform designed exclusively for affiliate marketers.  It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you will benefit greatly from everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

I just showed you the new Affiliate Programs Tab inside the platform, but let me show you everything else they have to offer!


Once you get your website established and begin to write quality content, you can then take a look at the affiliate programs and apply for them.  Companies typically require that you have content they can review to ensure that their products and/or services will be a good fit for your site.

What brands have affiliate programs?

Once you have your content written and you’re thinking about affiliate marketing on your site, you can go to the Affiliate Program tab within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and search there as I discussed above.

You can also do a simple Google search.  You just put the name of your product with the words “affiliate program” after it.  Super simple, and a link will pop up.   As an example, let’s say you want to affiliate market for the Aweber Email Marketing service.  You would do a search as follows:

the top 10 affiliate programs

It’s just as easy as that.  Once you click the sign-up link, you’ll be taken to an area where you will fill out your information, provide your website url for review, and then you’ll explain how you plan to market and why you want to promote their products.

Can you really make money with affiliate programs?

The answer to this question is absolutely yes, you can really make money with affiliate programs.  How much money you make and how quickly you make money will depend on you.  How much time are you willing to devote to your business?  Are you getting proper training and following the proven steps for success?  Are you giving the business the proper amount of time to develop and be profitable?

Look, I’m here to tell you this is an extremely profitable business.  It is a business, however, and so you need to work it like a business.  It’s very important that you are dedicated to it, that you get educated in it, and that you have patience.

Go ahead and sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership.  It is 100% free to join, and if you sign up under me, you get my free mentoring as well.  You’ve got everything to gain – financial freedom, more time with friends and family, happiness working doing something you love!


Leave me a comment!

The top 10 affiliate programs


I really appreciate you stopping by my website!  I have dedicated this site to helping people learn how to make a lot of money online.

Affiliate marketing has been my passion for many years, and I’m super excited to share everything I’ve learned (and continue to learn) with you here!

Please take a moment and leave me a question or a comment below!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. The design of your website is creative. The pop ups in your website can draw attention, especially the questions. I think  the 6 social media icons are great!  I like the way you capture the photos and let the readers see what’s included in the affiliate program search. It’s convenient for readers and list the questions at the beginning of the page. 

    1. Thank you, Fiona!  Yes, I wanted to outline what was going to be included and what questions I was going to answer in the article for the reader!  ~ Babs

  2. Wow, just wow! This is a comprehensive review about Wealthy Affiliate, which I will be doing on my website, too. So, your post gives me an inspiration of how extensive my post should be. Also, you placed a lot of images apt for the content itself. Thank you for that. 

    Also, I have fun in your post because of this moving objects. Haha. I find them so cute. Kudos. 

  3. As a novice with all things internet and especially marketing strategies, I can attest to the quality and commitment of WA. They teach and support you through your learning journey. I made a commitment to join their program and have grown so much in such a short time. You can truly be anything you want to be if you put in the work and move forward with the right kind of trustworthy agency.

    1. You have a winning attitude, Charity!  Just remember to follow their program, and keep in mind that it does take time, so never give up.  Just keep going with that amazing attitude of yours, and I can tell you’re going to be a huge success!  ~ Babs

  4. Joining Affiliate programs is so time-consuming but with this great new feature on WA it will make the process so much quicker.

    We have been with WA for a couple of years and have been making a few affiliate sales but these days it takes a bit to get going with sites. Really depends on your niche also.

    Our niche is travel so it is taking longer to get our authority happening but we have quite a few programs by using this awesome new feature on WA.

    Thanks for the great info on how to use the feature on Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Every time I think Wealthy Affiliate can’t get any better, they add a new feature.  The program is pretty amazing!  I’m glad it’s helped you as well!  ~ Babs

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