Top 10 Affiliate Programs – Make money with these!

So you want to do some affiliate marketing and make some money online? In order to do this, you need to know what the best programs are for you to join, right? You want to join a successful network of affiliate marketers who are killing it out there.

So here you go! Top 10 Affiliate Programs! I am going to give you the best way to affiliate market and the best programs to join to do this!

1. Wealthy Affiliate

This is the backbone of your entire business. Wealthy Affiliate is a program that was designed by affiliate marketers because there was no platform that catered exclusively to online marketers, so two very successful and intelligent marketers got together and created Wealthy Affiliate over 13 years ago!

I have written a series of articles that describe the Wealthy Affiliate program and everything it can do to grow your business.

You can read all about the Wealthy Affiliate program here:

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 1 – Overview

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 2 – Tour

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 3 – Jaaxy

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 4 – Support & Community

No matter what your niche is, or what affiliate programs you join, Wealthy Affiliate will provide the support, education, website SEO, website comments, and keyword research you need to run a successful internet marketing business.  It truly is an amazing program, and I would not suggest running an affiliate marketing business without it.   Period!


This is the crown jewel of the affiliate marketing world, as pretty much everyone knows. It is super easy to become an affiliate of Amazon, and they sell just about anything you want to market.

I will say that with and all merchants, they have a specific affiliate agreement that you must read and adhere to. You don’t want the company to revoke your affiliate agreement because you didn’t follow the rules.

Read’s affiliate agreement here: AMAZON AFFILIATE AGREEMENT

3. ShareASale

Depending on what your niche is will dictate what affiliate agreements you enter into. ShareASale has thousands of merchants you can choose from to sell their products. It’s an easy process to sign up – you can view the sign-up page here:

Top 10 Affiliate Programs

4. C J Affiliate

This is another huge site with a multitude of merchants and products to choose from. These types of companies are like the shopping mall vs. individual stores. I will explain about individual companies below.

The CJ Affiliate link is here:

Top 10 Affiliate Programs

4.  Clickbank

I have recently started my venture into the Clickbank University to learn the best practices when it comes to marketing Clickbank products.

I have just begun my training in Clickbank Univrsity as of the writing of this article, but I invite you to subscribe to this website over on the sidebar which will give you an email alert when I post a new article.

Meanwhile, here are two articles on Clickbank University, and I can tell you they are a very reputable company and many of my fellow affiliate marketing do get a lot of value from promoting their products.




LEARN AFFILIATE MARKETING Individual Niche Companies

So here is where your niche comes in. Rather than waste your time by listing every company in the world (which wouldn’t even be possible anyway), I wanted to go over the individual companies and how to set them up.

I have a website that I set up that promotes health and wellness. I have used the following company’s affiliate programs for that niche:

So here is what I did, and this will help you in setting up your affiliate agreements as well.

When I was setting up my healthy website, I started researching and writing content, providing great information, and then I started thinking about what types of products would meet the needs of my readers for the various conditions or ailments they might be suffering. I also started thinking about which products would make them feel better, look better, etc.

I made a list of products and then I started looking into affiliate programs for those products.

So, let’s just use Microsoft as an example.  If the Microsoft products would fit your niche and you wanted to affiliate market for them, you can simply search online for their affiliate program like this:

top ten affiliate programs

Networks vs. individual companies

I mentioned the Sell Health and the Market Health programs above, which are two network merchant companies I work with. They are “network” companies vs. individual companies. What that means is that they offer products for a large number of companies. It makes it easier to deal with, rather than dealing with individual companies, but sometimes a company and a product are just not part of a network.

How to find the merchants to affiliate market for

The way that I find my affiliate partners is I simply go to my favorite search engine, and I type the name of the product (or company that makes the product) and I put a dash (-) and the words Affiliate Program.

So like this: Dell – Affiliate program

The following results pop up.

top ten affiliate programs

When you click on the link, you are taken to their affiliate page:

Top 10 Affiliate Programs


If you do not find an affiliate page or link, you can contact the company directly and ask them if they have or would consider an affiliate agreement with you. I had one company whose products I absolutely loved and wanted to market.

How to Apply

Top 10 Affiliate ProgramsRemember, applying to be an affiliate for a merchant is like applying for a job, but less stressful, and easier. When you fill out your application, sell your website and your ability to them.

Write a little bit about the focus of your website and how the merchant’s products would be a perfect fit! Talk up the products and how much you use and love them.

I’ve had great success with this strategy. Give it a try.

Affiliate Agreement

I cannot stress to you enough the importance of the affiliate agreement. I mentioned it above, but I wanted to give you another reminder to always read and adhere to your affiliate agreement.

This is extremely important because you could lose your ability to market a merchant’s products if they find you in violation of their affiliate agreement.

Comments Always Welcome

Top 10 Affiliate ProgramsI welcome all questions, comments, even ideas on future articles!  Please feel free to leave a comment below or you can always personally email me at  I enjoy hearing from you, and I am always here to give you a hand as you begin this online marketing adventure.

All product links on these pages are affiliate links, which means the merchant will pay Coaching for Internet Marketers a referral fee if you purchase a product.  This does not impact the price you pay – it is the same price regardless of my affiliate agreement with the merchant.


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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. Your site certainly had some good information.  I, too, have a company whose merchandise I’m extremely fond of, and contacted them directly to see if they would consider starting an affiliate program.  They are very interested in doing so, and I am hoping to hear more from them soon.  If you are looking for a specific product to put on your website, it is sometimes hard to find.  However, I’ve found everything I looked for eventually. Sometimes it just takes time.  Thanks for the very relevant information.  

  2. I completely agree with your top three as I am active on all three.   Strangely enough I started as an Amazon affiliate with a little success, however once I joined Wealthy affiliate my amazon affiliate business went to another level.  

    Shareasale is awesome as well, however I typically end up there when specific affiliate programs are run through there like agorapulse and tailwind 🙂

  3. Hi Babs,

    This is a fantastic, concise review of some great affiliate programs that are available to anybody who has an internet connection. Your evaluation of top affiliate sites is good and I especially like that you have grouped all those outside the top contenders to keep the article short and easily readable.

    I also like that you have shown how to search for individual companies that may have affiliate programs.

    Have you considered reviewing ClickBank and JVZoo? I know many people have already reviewed them, but your style of evaluation keeps it interesting.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. This was helpful. I was a little confused about how to choose a little confused about choosing the right Affliate. I am thinking about adding affiliate link to my post. You have given a very simple and easy to understand review of the option available. Of course Wealthy Affliate would undoubtedly be at the top of anyone’s list. 

    I will do some additional research on CJ Affliate. Thanks for sharing!

    Great job.

  5. Hey Babs! This was a great post about affiliate programs to earn money with. I think something most people misunderstand about affiliate programs is that the products linked within their content should be related to their actual content. I’ve seen so many sites that link to products that have nothing to do with what they’re talking about. This is why Amazon is one of my favorite affiliate programs to use because they have so many different kinds of products we can link to that it fits into so many different niches! Thanks for the awesome post! I’ll have to check out CJ and Share-A-Sale.

  6. its tough looking for good affiliates to partner with. But thats the point of research and you’ve pretty much summed it all up for us. Amazon by far is one of the best affiliates to master because of the variety of things you can sell or market with them.

    Wealthy affiliate is the best way to get your website started and to learn the ins and outs of marketing and search engine optimization and the sorts.

    1. Yes, absolutely agree.  I do like working with Amazon because you can do related product searches and offer a variety of similar products to your readers.  I also love the smaller individual companies to work with and their specialty products that aren’t available elsewhere!

  7. Thanks for sharing the top 10 affiliate programs that you can make money with. I’m very familiar with Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program and I love it because you get a nice large percentage of a commission when someone signs up under your link. I’m also part of Amazon’s Affiliate program for another one of my website’s as I think they offer some of the better prices for the products I promote and I like that you can get a commission for other sales of products on their site if someone clicks the link of your original product, but decides to buy something else. I’ve heard of share a sale, but have never tried them out. Which one is your favorite affiliate program?

    1. So I tell people right on my site on the side-bar that by buying ANYTHING through my Amazon link, they can help support all the work that goes into putting all this information together on this site.  I do love Amazon!  I think Wealthy Affiliate is my favorite, though.  They are EXTREMELY generous with their commission structure, and I absolutely love that you keep your referral, and everything they buy, for LIFE!  Whoot!

  8. Hi and thanks for sharing this great information, 

    This read is a real eye opener. It shows that there are so many ways to make money with affiliate marketing and that the opportunity is huge. 

    I am interested to find out some more about the big corporation affiliate programs like dell. It looks like you could get a nice little slice of their pie by helping to get the word out about what they are doing. Very interesting.

    Again thanks for the info and I can’t wait for the next read. 


    1. All you have to do is search & you shall find!  Sometimes products are handled in networks, also, but you can usually find what a company’s affiliate program simply by googling, i.e. Dell – Affiliate Program.  Good luck!

  9. Great review. I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for a while now, but I want to get into other programs. I had no idea that Dell offered one, so that’s absolutely on the list of programs to check out. ShareASale looks right up my alley as well. Of course, I’ve been doing Wealthy Affiliate’s premium program for a few months and it has taught me so much about, well… everything! I’m eager to dig into more of your recommendations.

    1. Buck, don’t forget about Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program.  You can read about it here and how they pay.  You can get ongoing residual income month after month – it’s one of the best ones out there!  Here’s an article on it:  WEALTHY AFFILIATE AFFILIATE PLAN – Join the bootcamp inside Wealthy Affiliate, and they will train you on it.  – Babs

  10. Affiliate marketing is an easy and safe way of making money with little risk and I believe it’s all about finding the right platform. I just registered on Wealthy Affiliate network and I am looking forward to earning from it. There are many great options in this article for those who are interested in affiliate marketing. Good job

    1. Remember, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that trains you how to do affiliate marketing, and you can earn money from affiliate marketing for the Wealthy Affiliate program or other products or programs.  What you put into the business you set up is what you will get out of it.  – Babs

  11. Hey Babs,

    Affiliate Marketing is a huge market today and that’s why some people try to scam them by crap products and training programs.  Not Wealthy Affiliate!

    I cannot agree more on Wealthy affiliate as the best platform to start your online journey and nicely added other valuable affiliate networks also.  

    Overall a well-written article on Affiliate Marketing:)


  12. Wow, you just blew my mind with this article. I never knew there was this much affiliate program. I am currently on Wealthy affiliate and I am really enjoying my stay but I never knew there was more. Dell affiliate, Amazon affiliate and the rest. I am so happy that I came across this article.

    1. Almost all programs and products have affiliate programs.  You just google the name of the product with the words “affiliate program” after it, and most of the time their affiliate platform link will pop up.  Good luck!   – Babs

  13. Very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good and helpful article. I actually agree with your top three as I am active on two and have real knowledge on the third. I also appreciate your training on how to find the merchants to affiliate market for.  I can boldly say Wealth Affiliate is the best of all the list. Wealthy affiliate is 100% legit and scam free, one of the best when its comes to making money online and setting up an affiliate business.  I am a member of the wealthy affiliate community and I have to say that I have never been part of a real helpful and caring group of people like this. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can ask any question and it gets answered within minutes!  You can host all of your websites or blogs on the SiteRubix hosting platform that is super fast and secure. Simply the best affiliate marketing and training platform around. I can recommend them anywhere. I want to ask that when applying to be an affiliate for a merchant, is it necessary to include the cost of service in the affiliate agreement or after a receptive response from the merchant?

    1. There is no cost from the merchant, and the merchant does not charge any more to the customer.  The merchant merely pays you a commission if someone buys their product through your link, essentially paying you to market their products for them.  The customer never pays more and I have not come across a merchant who charges to be their affiliate.  You must always disclose on your website that your links are affiliate links and that you receive a commission is all.   – Babs

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