Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints – The bottom line!

If you search the web, you’re sure to see a whole bunch of reviews of the Wealthy Affiliate program. That’s a lot of searching, so I thought, as your Internet Marketing Coach, that I would take the guesswork out of it for you and put the reviews neatly in one place.

In this article, I’m going to scour the web for Wealthy Affiliate Reviews, Complaints and everything in between! Let’s see what comes up with some searching and uncover what everyone is saying about the Wealthy Affiliate program!

Search No. 1 – Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

Let’s go into each of the results and see what we find!

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

The author immediately starts talking about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. The entire article talks about each of the benefits in great detail.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

Inside the article, the author also goes over the Wealthy Affiliate pricing and how it works. Then they include a lengthy chart showing a comparison between Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting and a few other companies’ services. (I didn’t include the whole chart but the top couple of rows for illustration):

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

Ok, this one is clearly just an ad to get people to click on their opportunity because there isn’t one thing about Wealthy Affiliate inside this article. It is a sales pitch for people to get some kind of ebook or something!  This is not a legitimate review but a sales pitch for something using the Wealthy Affiliate name as a keyword:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

The rest of the entire article was just like this, some kind of disclaimer or something about how this program is going to make you a lot of money but they don’t promise to make you a lot of money, etc:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

The author of this post starts off trying to intrigue you to stay on the page and read more. He gives a vague answer to get you to continue reading:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

So, let’s see what else he has to say:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

He is using the “scam” aspect throughout the article to say it “seems” like a scam because Wealthy Affiliate does train you to promote their platform.

However, he does go on to explain that they teach you to promote any program or product that you want to. Affiliate marketing is about finding a niche (subject or product) that interests you, something you love, and then writing articles about it and providing products to help people meet their needs within your niche.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

This author teases you a little in the beginning, but about 1/4 of the way down on the page reveals his findings. He states that Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a legitimate program offering a valuable service:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

The author writes a lengthy article going over all the attributes of the Wealthy Affiliate program, and he gets into one of my favorite parts, which is the community and support inside Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate


Search No. 2 – How is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Next, I did a google search for “how is wealthy affiliate a scam.”  Of course the top 5 results are people who paid to have their blog posts show up on top, like in my last example, so rather than go through those again (many duplicate from above), I went down to the organic search results as follows:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints


Let’s go through these and see what we find:

The first result is the same article we looked at above.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

This author gave a positive review as you can see in the description above.


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

This guy did a “live” training on the sign-up process for Wealthy Affiliate, but he didn’t actually follow the program at all. I watched the video, and he just kind of signed up and jumped around the site trying to create a website and ignoring the entire process Wealthy Affiliate lays out for each new member.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

The program for Wealthy Affiliate is very specific with step-by-step training, and I do go into it exactly on this website here if you want to see the actual process. You can start with this article here which will show you a video of me signing up, and also the next article gives a tutorial on the sign-up process as well.

What is the Cost of Wealthy Affiliate



Wealthy Affiliate How To's


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

This is another video by a guy who calls himself “Benji’s Dad.” I’ve seen a lot of training videos by him online, and so I’m just going to screen capture his conclusion here. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. He goes into details in the video about the program.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

This is, again, the article I already went over up above (big red box), so you can look at the results there, which were that he found the program was “Legit and Recommended.”


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

This author has a lot of bells and whistles on his site with a survey and links to get his free ebook, etc., but toward the bottom of the page, he finally writes this, kind of, conclusion:


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

This article gives a description of how the program works, and then about halfway down the page, the author states this:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints

This site is devoted to educational opportunities along with financial aid information. Here is what he concludes at the bottom of his informational article on Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Complaints


About Wealthy Affiliate

Enough about what other people think of the program. Let me give you an education on how this program works, and you can see if it’s right for you.  Let me say, first, that I am a Premium member, I run two websites through the platform, and I promote the program.  See my Affiliate Disclosure!

The important thing to remember here is that it’s free to start.  Wealthy Affiliate offer a Starter membership that is 100% free, so no risk, no money, no credit card information required – it’s free!

Wealthy Affiliate

This gives you an opportunity to get in, try it out, see if it’s for you, and you don’t have to pay anything. In fact, you can keep your free Starter membership, your two websites, hosting, etc. forever. You never have to upgrade if you don’t want to. Not only that, but the Starter plan comes with full training on how to set up your websites and start affiliate marketing. It’s awesome!

Why don’t you take a moment now and take a look at these articles which will explain in full about the Wealthy Affiliate program:

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about



There is no reason to wait, so sign up for your Starter membership today.  Get into the program, do the training, and if you upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days, you can take advantage of the $19 for the first month offer!  That’s quite a savings, and a great way to really give the program a try.

Take a look here:

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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Wealthy Affiliate




Video & Written Instructions









  1.   Hello,

     I am very happy to be part of such a great community. the people here are so helpful and supportive. They have the best platform in the world. Then you can even get help from the ones who started WA more than a decade ago.I love the community and I love the new features that came out in 2018. There are always improvements being made to the platform and the creators of WA, Kyle and Carson, always have our best interest in mind.WA is a platform for action takers and really, building an online business is all about taking consistent action, even if it is out of their comfort zone. It’s doing what others are not willing to do, that will bring us the success. Great review

    1. You hit the nail right on the head, Aweda!  Doing what others are not willing to do.  That really is the bottom line.  I always say, most people could do this business very successfully.  Only a few actually do it.  Only a few actually do what it takes!  If you follow the proven method, have perseverance and persistence and don’t give up, you will have success and huge success at that!   – Babs

  2. Great post and good info.

    I can already say it not a scam, because I’m a member for a long while now. 

    And honestly, there isn’t a better platform to perform affiliate marketing than this one. 

    Also now, with the new Site comments, it is even more amazing. 

    I highly recommend this to you, and you won’t be disappointed! 

    1. Thank you, Emmanuel, for your testimonial about the program.  It really is amazing, and site comments is a big factor.  – Babs

  3. Nice article there. And I must say a well done job to you for taking your time and going through people have to say on Google concerning Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Wealthy Affiliate has really gone a long way in clearing the doubt in many people’s mind and over the years, Wealthy Affiliate has set the standard, and it has a high recommendation online. There is no doubt Wealthy Affiliate still remains the best in many ways compared to others.

    1. I think when  thousands of people have had success,and so many of them have sites and write reviews of the program, it’s hard for anyone to dispute that, really.  I mean, inside the platform I talk to people all the time, and everyone is having success.  It’s contagious.  – Babs

  4. This is a good review about wealthy Affiliate. You did a balance report about it.  I am a member too a premium member for that matter.  The program is outstanding and fantastic. Any body that accuses it of being a scam does not know what he is saying. He didn’t follow the program and the training 

    1. Yes, I have yet to see a review that actually states the program is a scam.  Most articles are flowing with great praise for the program, the owners, the community and the training.  – Babs

  5. Thank you for taking your time write such amazing review about wealthy affiliate. I have nothing but praise on Wealthy Affiliate. Especially on Kyle and Carson. I don’t know anything about how to make money online. As a starter member, My Friend encouraged me to upgrade to premium membership. That happened to be the best decision I had made in recent time. I have access to their training tools to build my own business online. I have been able to make money gradually now. Wealthy Affiliate is never a scam and will never be a scam. 

    1. Fantastic, Kehinde!  I’m so happy to hear you are having success within the program!  You are right, the owners are not only extremely smart and offer a great platform, but they are accessible, and I like that!  I’ve talked with Kyle personally, and he has given me some great encouragement!   – Babs

  6. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best marketing affiliates that anyone could dream of. Many are yet to know about this platform. The founders ensure that training and courses they offer are up to date. I joined just a week ago and have got no regret. Wealthy affiliate is not a Scam it legit. 

    1. A week!  That’s great!  So by now you’ve built your site and you are adding content!  I welcome you to take a look around my site because I offer a lot of hidden tips on making your website professional and on getting a lot of traffic to your site, so please be sure to subscribe!   – Babs

  7. Nice post. Before getting into WA, I made many searches online. I Googled same thing on your article. The wonderful thing is, I have done this for many other products and services and even the beat of them will still have so many bad reviews online. But WA had far more very high recommendations than constraints by many authors online and that is why I am here today. Thanks 

    1. Me, too.  I was taken by the fact that it was positive review after positive review from real people and several very authentic sites that I had come to trust, so that was one of the reasons that I went ahead and signed up as well!  – Babsw

  8. Hi Babes Wagner,

    I have read many articles from different blogs about wealthy affiliate reviews and I found that this is a real opportunity for all level of marketers, learners and marketing gurus. All of the writers have given it # one ratings and positive review about this affiliate program and training materials. I have also joined it as a premium member and also earned some decent amount while I am learning. So I have same opinion and agreed with you about this product. Thanks for sharing this informative reviews.

    1. It’s good to hear of your success, Mzakapon!  Thank you for taking the time to write your testimonial about the benefits of the program.  – Babs

  9. Dear Babs,

    This is an awesome and super helpful post.

    Before joining Wealthy Affiliate I read a lot of review posts. Many gave positive reviews and few negative reviews and as we all know there will be always some negative reviews for any product or service. But personally I was skeptical and afraid because of the increased number of online scams. How I wish I had found your article sooner when I first started for sure your post would have saved me a lot of time.

    However I am happy that this post is going to save a lot of people time. Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

    Much Success!


    1. Thanks so much, Paul!  My intent with each article on my site is to bring value to the reader and to help guide people to their best online business opportunity.  I appreciate your kind words.   – Babs

  10. And I also want to say that wealthy affiliates has the best reviews of any program online that I have ever seen. And so it keeps on attracting more people daily to its platform than any other affiliate academy or program. The reason is clear. They tell you what they can give you and not heighten your hopes only to have it fall down. And the community is so cooperative. The founders are very accessible and attend to issues swiftly.

    1. I am actually going to do an article all about the community of Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m going to show people just how quickly you can get an answer to a question or an issue resolved on your site.  The 24/7/365 customer service is second to none for any business I’ve ever dealt with.  It’s literally amazing!   – Babs

  11. I like the way you have brought together a lot of the reviews and all together in one post. This way, you have helped a prospective affiliate marketer cut down on the time that they would have spent scouring through the internet reading all these reviews. I love Wealthy Affiliate, it is an affiliate marketing champion that it’s founders are not just interested in lining their own pockets alone but are dedicated to ensuring that other members succeed. 

    1. I agree.  I’m sure Kyle and Carson are making a lot of money, but look how they share it?  50% to their affiliate marketers month after month after month.  It’s not for the “first year” like so many residual payouts, it’s for the life of your client.  That’s extremely generous, and it gives you a way to really build your business and have a full-time income rather quickly.   – Babs

  12. I’ve been a wealthy affiliate member for two years now, I think that pretty much says it all, if it was a scam why would I keep paying them? It’s like being in university, only you’ll be learning how to make money online with an affiliate marketing website. Instead of spending $50,000 or whatever on a college degree, why not just spend $359 a year on Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build a 4 or 5 figure business? It’s just mind blowing what a great opportunity this is and how many people are missing out.

    1. Honestly, Son, not everyone is built for this business.  It takes perseverance, and it takes hard work, right?  You’ve been doing this for two years, and you are obviously a go-getter with ambition.  Not everyone is.  I believe most people could do this business, but I think with so much “get rich quick” BS out there, people want that instant gratification.  They want a “make money blueprint,” but there actually is nothing like that which could work because the search engines want unique content, not copied content.  –  Babs

  13. Hi Babs! Thank you very much for this very interesting post! You have done something really great, because that is what in fact we do when we’re researching about a platform. We type in the search engine and after that, we start reading the different sites that come up. We want to have a balanced opinion. And we start to qualify the posts as “sales pitches”, “negative reviews” or “balanced”. Concerning Wealthy Affiliate, as one of the sites you quoted said “Most of the feedback about this program is highly positive”.

    But I liked that you have done this research for us and presented a general view of what the web says about Wealthy Affiliate. I already took the long route, searching for myself and must admit that I obtained the exact results as you did. I hope I had read your post when I started to research. But now I can confirm your results based on my own searches! Thank you very much!

    1. Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner, Henry!  LOL!  I know how much work it is to research a company and a program and to find actual legitimate reviews of that program.  I guess, for me, the clincher was the fact that I could actually sign up for free and not even have to put in my credit card.  That sealed the deal and gave me the courage to try, yet again, another program.  I’m so glad I did!   – Babs

  14. Hi,

    I have read your great informative article. In recent times, there are so many shot options available for online earnings. I read every single word you wrote because I am trying to know “Wealthy Affiliate Review”. There are many ways to earn money in recent times. Among them is Affiliate Marketing. Making money online through WA is competitive but if the right techniques and methods are implemented then a profitable way to earn a lot of money. I’m not having any difficulty in working here with a Premium member of WA. The WA payment system and training system is very much like me. I see it online with regard to its reviews. WA reviews did not look like scams. I would say that as a premium member, this article will help a lot about newcomers. Wealthy Affiliate is a great choice and one of the solutions I also found where I can really make money. Thanks for awesome post I’m going to bookmark and share with my friends.

    1. Yes, I see so many reviews, because I like to keep up on all the new programs to see if there is anything I would be able to use to grow my business.  So many reviews are just bad with scam after scam, with fake testimonials (those are the worst) and no known owners of the programs.  Wealthy Affiliate is just legitimate, so you just don’t see those bad reviews.  Sometimes I see reviews where the person touts their program as “better,” but I have not seen a “WA is a scam” review ever actually.    – Babs

  15. Wealthy Affiliate is anything but a scam. I searched it out before I joined and it is totally legitimate.They provide all the necessary tools to build a successful online business.

    There are so many scams out there and it is hard to find something that isn’t a scam.If you have a passion and knowledge for something in your life, you can be taught how to build a website, get traffic, and create income.

    While they do not promise you the moon and the stars, they are realistic about the fact that you need to put the work in and you will get out what you put in, they do help you get what you want if you help enough other people get what they want first.The training is second to none and support is the best.  Would you suggest that folks upgrade to premium right away as I did?

    1. I suggest people put a lot into those first 7 days.  If they have been thinking about starting an online business, and they really put their all into that first week, they will be able to see if this business is for them.  Wealthy Affiliate moves fast, so by 7 days they will have a website, content and know what’s what.  Now Wealthy Affiliate offers the first month of Premium for only $19 if you do the upgrade within that 7 days, so I say grab that deal.  By the end of that first month, you’ll know if you’re loving this business.  You’ll know if you have the fever!  – Babs

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