What about Wealthy Affiliate? Is this program legitimate?

What about Wealthy Affiliate? If you are interested affiliate marketing online, you’ve probably come across the Wealthy Affiliate program on several blogs, and now you want to know, is this program legitimate?

What about Wealthy Affiliate? I hope to explain all about the program here, guide you to other articles that explain in detail about the various aspects of the program, and show you how you can actually sign up for the program absolutely free. No credit card – no debit card – 100% for free. (That, right there, shows you how absolutely legitimate this program is that you can use the Starter membership for free without ever paying if you don’t upgrade – how cool is that?)

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that was developed by two affiliate marketers, Kyle and Carson, 14 years ago. You know what they were? They were you and me, tired of looking online for a platform to run their business and learn from, and only finding over-priced false claims with a hundred upsells included, so they decided to build their own.

I took a partial screen capture of their bio’s inside Wealthy Affiliate and I’m putting them here below just to give you an idea about these guys. One thing I can tell you is that inside the platform, they are totally accessible. They are hands-on owners, and a lot of the training is done by Kyle.

When you sign up, they will reach out to you directly, so you can ask them any questions and pick their brains in any way you want!

What about Wealthy Affiliate


What about Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s a quick video overview of Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate was designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, with every aspect covered. They also knew that people were so tired of spending their hard-earned money on program after program only to be disappointed, so they came up with a free Starter Membership. It is 100% free to sign up and maintain. I’m going to give you the rundown here of the Starter and Premium memberships and all they include:

What about Wealthy Affiliate

What the platform offers


This, to me, was one of the most important aspects of the program, both Starter and Premium. I signed up for the Starter membership, and immediately I was taken through the platform step-by-step with prompts, giving me video tutorials on how to set up my profile, where everything on the platform was, and then immediately I was directed to set up my first free website (you get two free websites with the Starter plan).

When I say free, I mean free. No credit card or debit card, and you get the websites with hosting and support. Unbelievable.

What about Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

But it doesn’t end there. The prompts bring you through the first 10 training modules that guide you on how to choose your niche, begin writing content, and search engine optimization!

Here is a screen capture of the first 10 training modules for you to see. If you want to actually see a training module, I’ve included one below under the Free Website Set-up paragraph where you will be taken to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform where you can actually go through one of the videos on setting up a website. It will give you an idea of what their training is like.how amazing their training is!

What about Wealthy Affiliate

Look, everything you need to start your business in housed in the Starter program, but if you want to really take your business to the next level for huge success, you can upgrade at any time to the Premium membership. It’s only $49 a month for a total and complete business platform. Here are two articles that gives you an idea of the training that is included in the Premium membership:





Free website set-up

What about Wealthy Affiliate? What about two free websites with the Starter membership? Maybe you’ve never set up a website before? Don’t even worry. The one thing I want to stress to you is that you don’t need any computer knowledge to do this business because Wealthy Affiliate training walks you through every single step of every aspect of your business! (It really is a no-brainer, folks!).

Take a look at this training module:

What about Wealthy Affiliate


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here is where you will see another huge benefit of becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool, and I’m telling you, this one tool has literally changed my entire business to make me successful! Let me explain!

There are a lot of strategies you need to learn in order to rank in the search engines so that they take you seriously and display your website to people when they are searching. One of the main strategies is called keyword optimization. Choosing the popular phrases people type into the search engines to find content related to your topic (your niche), but you want ones that have low competition.

So finding those keywords with high search volume and low competition by other sites is a strategy that will bring you a lot of free traffic (people coming to your site). Traffic is what brings you money, so let’s dig in.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

This is the secret sauce to the affiliate marketing recipe! Jaaxy Keyword Tool! This one tool literally changed my entire business! I was blindly naming my article titles, and now I optimize them for SEO success! I wrote an article all about the Jaaxy keyword tool, so you can see exactly how it works (you’ll be amazed) here:





When you sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you automatically have access to the Jaaxy tool. You get 30 searches to get your website name and your content started. You can then sign up for unlimited searches and lists to keep your searches for only $19 a month after that or sign up for the Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership to get unlimited searches.   Believe me, once you use this program, you won’t want to do your business without it.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community and Support

What about Wealthy Affiliate

This is probably one of the most valuable parts of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you have ever had a website issue in the middle of publishing a fantastic article, you want support, and you want it now! Well, let me tell you, they have a Help Center that is second to none. I have only had two issues with my websites, and both times I put in a request through the Help Center, and my problem was resolved within a half hour.

The community of Wealthy Affiliate is the other members inside the platform. There is a live chat area where everyone converses, so if you want to ask a question there, you will have immediate responses from other members with ideas, suggestions and information. They will send you links, private message you and answer you in the chat. It’s actually quite astounding how much information you’ll receive.

You can build your traffic just from the other members of the platform as well, and they will provide comments on your posts. This is another key SEO factor to give your site credibility. The community is also there to give you feedback and suggestions on every aspect of your website.

Sign up for free today

What are you waiting for? The program is free to join, so go ahead and get started today. If you are serious about wanting to make money online, this is your best avenue, so here’s the link:

What about Wealthy AffiliateComments always welcome

I hope you will feel free to leave a comment or question below in the comments area.

I am open to suggestions for future articles as well.  If you would rather contact me personally, feel free to email me at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com.

I look very forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Thank you very much for this great post, I find it really interesting and nice. You must have put in a lot of energy onto writing this and I really appreciate that, I can’t agree more with everything you talked about in this wealthy affiliate review. It is full of powerful lessons and is the best place to build an online business. 

    1. It really is, Clement!  The lessons are very powerful and full of business-growing information!  Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it.  – Babs

  2. I have been online since 1996 trying to build first my brick and mortar business and since 2001 an online business. Needless to say, I spent thousands on “school Fees” on everything that said it could help my business. Yes, you guessed it, most of it was useless and the rest had barely any value. 

    Then I found this company that offered me an opportunity to try their services, free – never expiring as long as I used them. Unheard of, so of course I tried. The training was incredible and I wanted all of it so after trying it I signed up for the full package and have never looked back. I have been a member since 2017 now, and the only program that I found to do this was… Wealthy Affiliate. Truly a program that is way ahead and worth every cent, even if you don’t live in Europe or Northern America. It is well worth the try.

    1. I have a similar story.  My business really didn’t take off until I started with Wealthy Affiliate.  I would be so much farther ahead had I found it right away, but now it’s growing by leaps and bounds every single day.  It’s actually incredible.  – Babs

  3. Hi Babs

    Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the real deal. As a premium member I found the tools, training and support second to none. It’s the go to site for newbies who want to learn the A to Z of internet marketing step-by-step and be successful on line. I joined another membership site a few years ago and I was not  happy with it. I find WA the best from my experience. 

    I don’t think any other site gives you a chance to try it out first without any payment. That is exactly what I did. I upgraded to  Premium membership and I am learning new stuff everyday. The support I receive from the WA community is awesome. A great internet guru like Jay Neil conducts a weekly webinar with  live demonstrations like keyword research and building a profitable niche website and a Q&A  with fantastic tips. WA has over-delivered and it’s the best bang for your bucks!

    1. Oh yes, Jay absolutely rocks and I love his trainings!  Now that I quit my job, I can view them more regularly.  (So excited!!).  Anyway, I learn something new every day, too.  So much to learn, but boy is my business growing!  – Babs

  4. I am very glad to come across this particular review as I am a new member of the wealthy affiliate program and I have been very optimistic from the very first day, I have been undergoing some training albeit on a slow pace, in a bid to gain full understanding of how the wealthy affiliate program. I have strong trust in the efficiency of the wealthy affiliate program since I have heard a lot about it long before now.

    1. With the free Starter platform, there’s just no reason not to try it if you want to make money online.  It is extremely reputable with great reviews.  Glad to have you aboard!   – Babs

  5. Hi, 

    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I can not find the details about “WEALTHY AFFILIATE”. This blog will be very much helpful to the others who want to grow his online income or home business. The most fascinating thing I simply gain from here is we can acquire cash 1000$ every month using it. I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

    1. You can acquire much more than $1,000 a month if you follow the proven process and have determination, dedication and perseverance.  The program works, but you have to work it.  The thing to remember is that this is not a “get rich quick scheme.”  The way to make money is to build your content, which can take quite a while, because you have to become seen and recognized by Google if you want to get the necessary traffic.  Many people want that quick satisfaction, and they give up because they get frustrated.  So work the program, don’t give up,and you, too,can see success!    – Babs

  6. I have read the topic carefully. the article is so much benefited me. I work in the wealthy affiliate market place. Wealthy affiliate market place is very responsible and faithful for every freelancer. There are many opportunities for everybody. On the post,  It has been described so many tools and so much object in the virtual world. I like very much the market place. Thank you, Babs, for the post!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you are in the Wealthy Affiliate program, it really is the only one worth it’s weight in gold.  It is what I searched long and hard for, and now I share it with my readers whenever I can because I really believe in it!   – Babs

  7. Making money online is no easy task which is why I think for anyone to begin this journey they need to be ready to purchase training courses becomes free informations are hardly any good and one would not know where to start and step by step procedures to take which is the reason I joined wealthyaffiliate because I needed a place where I can get step by step guide on exactly what to do to succeed online.

    You are right about the community in the platform as I cannot even count how many times the community has assisted me. Whenever I am confused at any point and I ask the community they are always willing to help. That is really amazing.

    1. I agree with you, Jay.  They are right there in like two seconds with help and assistance.  It’s kind of astounding, really.  I love it!   – Babs

  8. Wealthy affiliate is state of the art legit, I mean which other platform can you find mind blowing features and services like wealthy affiliate, their back story checks out  it has been in operation  for more than 14years. The most intriguing thing about this platform is the fact that it helps users and newbies create an easy step by step website that can enable people to make lots of money on WA. This is incredible, kyle and Carson are absolutely God sent with this ground breaking opportunity. This post was very informative, incisive information passed across. Couldn’t have been better very great write up. 

    1. Well, Dammy, that’s a true testimonial.  Thank you so much.  You feel exactly the same way that I feel about the program – it really has changed my whole business and brought it to another level.  Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write this!   – Babs

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