What is a Keyword Tool for? How will it help my website?

The purpose of this site is to help people make money online.  I provide information and personal assistance to help people meet that goal. One of the questions I often get is, “What is a keyword tool for?”  It’s a great question, and I’m going to answer it in full in this article.  

I’m also going to show you how you can use a free keyword tool as well.  When you see that you simply cannot have a successful online business without a keyword tool, you will understand the power of what I’m going to show you.

What exactly is a keyword?

Let’s start at the beginning, and if you already know about keywords, bear with me.  You may learn something new.

Keywords.  These are your “target” phrase.  They are the main words you believe people are going to search in Google or Bing to find your information.  Let’s say you write an article all about Vitamin C.  You’ve done your research, you’ve found that this Vitamin is nothing short of miraculous, and now you want to share it with the world.

However, how do you share it with the world if nobody ever sees it?  Well, they won’t see it if you don’t choose the right “keywords” or “search terms” to focus your article on.

How do you choose the right keywords?

You choose the right keywords with a keyword tool.  This is a science, and it’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Part of optimizing your site and your articles is the choice of keywords you focus your article on.

What is a keyword tool for?  Exactly that – choosing the best keyword phrase that you know people are searching for but that has low competition.

Do you really want to compete with hundreds of other websites for the same keyword phrases?  The answer is no, no you don’t!  You want low competition, or as my mentor always says, “the low hanging fruit.”  So how do you find which keywords are that low hanging fruit?

The matrix of a perfect keyword

Do you want the formula for the perfect keyword?  Would you like it for every single keyword you focus your articles on?  Then you need a keyword tool to accomplish that.  (Not just any keyword tool, however, but more on that later…)

Let’s to over what makes the perfect keyword phrase, and then I’ll show you how to find it each and every time you publish material on the internet!

I want to start by saying that I am enrolled in an Affiliate Marketing University called Wealthy Affiliate University.  In this training course, we learn quite a lot about Search Engine Optimization to include keyword research.  Here is just a small sampling of the hundreds of classes, tutorials and videos on the subject inside the University.  This will give you some idea of just how important this subject is for online marketing:

A sampling of the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Training

The Perfect Keyword Tool

Let’s take  a look at my number 1 recommendation for Keyword tools, Jaaxy!  When I show you the features of this amazing tool, you will see why I recommend it.  I, honestly, cannot imagine running my online business without it now that I have it.  Let’s dig in.

Let’s go back to our example of Vitamin C, and you want to write an article, targeting keywords that are being searched but that have low competition.

All you have to do is plug in the keywords into the Jaaxy keyword tool, and it will not only tell you the statistics for the keyword phrase you’re searching, but it will then give you a myriad of other suggestions for keyword phrases that are similar.  

How to search keywords

We open the Jaaxy keyword tool, and type into it whatever keyword phrase you like.  In our example, I type “what is the best vitamin c” and a bunch of suggestions pop up.

On the left (below) is the keyword phrase (and other suggestions the system came up with).  Next is Avg which is the average monthly searches this keyword phrase gets in Google.  Traffic is what you can expect to your site if you rank on page 1 of Google.  

QSR is the competition.  That’s how many other sites are competing for this keyword phrase.  

The SEO score is 1-100 with 100 being best.

You want your average monthly searches to be above 50 per month, and you want your competition to be under 50 other sites.

There are three very good choices in this example, and I’ve outlined them below.  The first one I outlined (what is the best vitamin c serum the face) has over 1,000 monthly searches and literally no other competing websites.  It’s perfect!  Take a look:

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