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What is a niche and how to choose

The most exciting questions in Affiliate Marketing are what is a niche and how to choose the perfect niche. The topic of choosing my niche is what drives me every day to do what I do. That is, my NICHE! (Pronounced neesh.) You will hear a lot about this term if you decide to venture into affiliate marketing, or if you’ve been doing it for a while, this article will teach you exactly how to find the perfect niche. So let’s dig in.

What is a niche

Think of a niche as your favorite thing, your favorite subject, your favorite animal, your favorite vehicle, your favorite home decor, your favorite shoes, or perhaps your favorite sunglasses. I’m sure I don’t have to go on. Did you notice one word in that stream that was repetitive? FAVORITE. I want to stress that part, favorite, because your perfect niche is something, anything that you personally have one of the following “qualifications” in relation to that niche:

  1. a strong interest in it
  2. a great knowledge of it
  3. a desire to learn about it

That’s it! So, let’s just take an example:

I’m going to choose my good friend, I’ll call her Sue, and she wants to choose a niche to do a website blog about and affiliate market on. Sue happens to be a bit of a fashionista, or in other words, she loves to dress up in beautiful, vibrant outfits. She is known for her extravagant shoes, and she has a gorgeous closet full that she practically displays. So, what would be a great niche for Sue? Well, shoes, of course!

Sue loves shoes, and she knows all about them. She knows the makers, the designers, and she spends hours looking at online catalogs and ordering shoes. So for her to build a website, and spend countless hours researching and putting together content for the site, well, it really has to be something that meets one of the qualifications listed above. Shoes definitely fits the bill for Sue!

Qualifications of the Perfect Niche

I want you to do an exercise for me. I want you to choose a topic you love. Say it’s the Grateful Dead, or wine, or sneakers, or dogs, or pit bulls in particular, or snowmobiling, or snowboards, just choose a topic. This is now going to be the basis of your quest to find your perfect niche!

Now that you have your topic, I want you to go to google or bing or yahoo, one of the search engines, and type in that topic but do NOT press enter yet. I want you to take a look at what drops down from your search. Let’s take a look at a random search, as an example, so let’s say I’m interested in “surfing.” I love it, I watch videos of it, I want to try it some day. Surfing!

The perfect niche – today’s example “surfing”

So this is an example of a simple way to help you narrow down and find YOUR perfect niche. This is a FREE way to choose a niche with popular search terms. That’s what you want, right? Popular = people visiting your site = people clicking your affiliate links and buying your products. Let’s explore, as an example, an interest in surfing.

Our first search is the word surfing. You do NOT press enter, but instead allow the search engine to happily display for you the most frequently used search terms for what you typed in. So see below, in the first row, I typed in “surfing” and you can see underneath it are the most commonly searched phrases. Pretty cool, right?

Take a look below.  I’m going to show you how to find a popular niche with a subject of your choice.

So my initial search was just “surfing” and remember, you don’t select enter, you just type in the word and see what drops down.  These are the most popular search terms for that search engine.  So see below there’s surfing sport, surfing pictures, surfing videos, etc., so I chose to click on surfing pictures.


So now, after I click on surfing pictures, more suggestions drop down you can see the results that dropped down for most popular searches again:

I then chose “surfing pictures for sale,”and look at all the beautiful pictures that pop up below that I could sell on my website.  I could write about surfing and explore all different aspects of surfing and maybe sell books on surfing, and sell surf boards or surf board maintenance accessories, or specialize in surfing attire, whatever my heart desires – sounds like a perfect niche to me!

Now you know how to narrow your niche, but what about your website name (domain name)?  READ BELOW!!!

Do not buy your domain name until you do this

Now that you have an idea of how to choose your niche, you will need access to the perfect tool to find the best website name to go along with it. Your domain name, (i.e. www.YOURDOMAINNAME.COM) has to meet specific qualifications for search engine optimization (SEO), and it has to be available to purchase as well, along with a minimum number of monthly searches. That’s a lot to remember, but Jaaxy does it all!

Please note that you absolutely need to utilize the free Jaaxy program to easily grab all the statistics and keywords to find you the perfect website name for search engine optimization and traffic for your chosen niche. Jaaxy is a one of a kind, sophisticated platform that will make all the difference in your perfect keyword research. You must grab your free membership here before you get your first domain.     JAAXY KEYWORD ANALYSIS TOOL FREE


So do your research, which should actually be a lot of fun if you’re like me and have passion about my niches.  Helping people get information is something you can be proud of, and if you really have a passion for your niche, you’re providing a valuable service and enjoying doing it.  So get your niche, and then let me teach you exactly how you can find the perfect domain name to go with your niche.  A domain name you can optimize and rank in the search engines so you can get the most traffic to your site.

Click here to learn exactly how you can choose the perfect domain name!   LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT DOMAIN NAME




Babs Wagner

Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. Wow, great post on choosing a niche. I particularly like all your examples, it does make.things easier to understand.

    To be honest I think interest and passion is the most important thing when choosing a niche. Knowledge and experience with the niche will come naturally if you truly care about your niche.

  2. Picking a niche is probably the most important and yet hardest thing to do when you start a website like this.  I am so grateful to find all this information about picking an area, because there is so much information on the net that just isn’t accurate.  Thanks for the great work.  I will be back for sure.

  3. Great article!  I’ve also heard several people mention that if you already know which affiliate program you want to participate in (for example Share a Sale or Amazon) you can go to those sites and search through the available categories.  This can help give you an idea of what is out there to promote so you are only considering niches that actually have solid products available to promote.

    My personal experience shows that products within the range of $50-$100 dollars will convert a heck of a lot more than large value items so it might also be worth considering looking into what price range of of items are available in your niche first.

    Have you also found that once you establish your first site you can start branching into areas that don’t require as much expertise on the topic?

    1. I, personally, have only focused my efforts on niches I was already interested in.  I just could not devote the amount of time necessary to a niche on sneakers or soccer.  I just don’t have any interest in that.  I might venture into a niche I do not know a lot about if I loved the subject material and wanted to learn all about it, but I would rather focus on the teaching aspect instead of the learning aspect when creating my websites.

  4. Finding a niche is one of the most important things a online business owner needs to have before even thinking about opening a blog or site. Very important and informative blog post. Thank for sharing this is reminding us about the importance of finding the right niche and evolve the site around it.

  5. This is one of those walls that people can hit when getting involved or even if you’re experienced in the space. But one can definitely put in the right work and research to make an appropriate decision. I certainly agree with this and everything you said to be well planned out before taking the next step.

  6. Hi, this is a good article explaining what a niche is e.g a favourite subject or favourite thing, and you went ahead to give an example.  You also taught how to search google for a niche.  The idea of typing a topic into google, yahoo or bing, to narrow down and choose a niche with popular search terms is a simple but effective way of helping a newbie come up with niche topics and even products to sell.  The part about using jaaxy to find a domain name is a good way to save the newbie time from doing so manually.  It should be fun for anyone doing this research.

  7. I love this article because it can be so hard to pick a niche. I feel like that is a number one hang up for people looking to get into marketing, I know it was my hardest obstacle! I like how simply you laid out the three steps. I feel like the interest in learning in the niche is such an underrated step too! How do you feel about beginners trying out multiple niches at once?

    1. I recommend starting with one website.  Once a marketer has a good grasp of posting, the themes, the technical aspects and is comfortable with the time constraints, then they can add a second and a third, etc.  Concentrate on one first, though.

  8. Hey Babs! 

    This is a great article you really break down the whole picking a Niche subject into simple terms which helps you to realise just how it’s not the complicated process as we may originally think it to be!

    You used some great examples and now really have me thinking about Niche ideas, no only does it need to be a topic you love or are passionate about but one that you would love to learn more about as you dig further into your own research!

  9. Hello there. Thank you for sharing this article which explains what a niche is and how to choose one. Personally I had a though time figuring the niche that I am fit for. Basically one should go for what he has passion for but I’d advise one should go for what is profitable. The most profitable niches are Health, Wealth and Relationship.

  10. When I couldn’t make a ‘perfect’ plan for my chosen niches I did something unimaginable.  I wrote for OTHER websites and their niches.  Sure, I made money but, wow, what was I thinking??!!   Since I am beyond my days of beating myself up for wayward mistakes I still learned quite a bit.

    Jaaxy, I completely agree, is the best SEO tool I’ve ever utilized!  It’s got everything I need and some things I never knew I needed until I gained more experience with the process.

    I also hear you on niche front of picking something you love.  While I’m rather in awe of people that just find those niches and run with them  <~~ a talent in itself.  I have to write about things I love and can throw my heart and soul into it.  However, there is a lot to be said for the people who just know they can rule a niche if they put in the work & research…and some of them are my mentors!  They made a good point telling me if I was holding back for fear of ‘not doing it right’ then start with something that wasn’t as close to my heart.  *smiles warmly*

    In retrospect, was that reverse psychology at it’s finest? 

  11. When i was getting started on Wealthy affiliate i had to think real hard and long to make sure that i was choosing  the right niche. I decided to go into health because that is my profession. I would say when choosing a niche, it is very important that you like that area 100 % so that creating content is a little less challenging and so that you enjoy working on your website and growing your online business. Great article, i really enjoyed reading.

  12. Whenever I see the word niche, I automatically think of making money niches, and I suppose this is because this must be the most popular niche chosen by people working online.

    It’s great that nowadays we can choose anything as a niche and even better that it can be about something we love to do like horse riding, skating, soccer or even as you pointed out surfing.

    The best part about choosing a niche you are passionate about is that you will enjoy working on it, and imagine the joy when you can get paid for doing something that you enjoy.

  13. What an easy simple explanation to follow on choosing a niche. I wish I had your explanation when I first started my niche website. I have 3 sites the first one was easy because it was an absolute passion of mine. The other 2 not so much took me a long time to figure out exactly how to narrow them down. I am in the process of doing another site and I am trying to figure out which would be better a narrow or a broader niche? What do you recommend if it is broad would it work as well?

    1. All the research and training lean toward narrow niches.  It’s easier to optimize if you’re using the same types of keywords repeatedly on your pages.  You don’t want to go too broad.  – Babs

  14. Wow! This is highly educating and informative post. Thank you, Babs. This does make things easier for a newbie like me who is still confused on what niche to choose. To be honest, one must do what he loves and loves what he do. That’s where passion comes in.  When someone is passionate about something, It will be must easier to grow and learn and learn within with ease. When someone discovers all these truly, Choosing a niche will become easier.

    Thank you for this education, Babs!

    1. You’re welcome, Kehinde!  Yes, it is far easier to run this business if you are passionate about it, for sure!  – Babs

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