What is Bing Webmaster Tools

What is Bing Webmaster Tools? How your site can benefit!

I am progressing through the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, and now we are learning about Bing Webmaster Tools.  What is Bing Webmaster tools?  Well, we all know about Google.  Everyone wants to please Google, but Google only “owns”2/3 of the market.  That leaves 1/3 for Bing and Yahoo.  

Take a look at the chart I got from SmartInsights.com – They estimate there are 3.5 billion searches on Google every single day.  

That means Bing and Yahoo are getting about 1.7 billion searches daily.

That is a lot of searches!  That makes this training highly valuable to bring a lot of traffic to your website!

In this training class, which is taught by Kyle, one of the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, Kyle goes through the process, step-by-step in a video tutorial on how to get your website indexed in Bing and Yahoo!

Kyle explains that it can be more difficult to get your site and posts indexed in Bing and Yahoo than Google because they don’t have the same algorithms or the same way of finding websites.  When you get ranked in Bing, you’re also getting ranked in Yahoo.  

This website has been indexed in Bing and Yahoo, and I want to show you how powerful this is.

If you type in the search term “Coaching for internet marketers” into Bing, take a look at the results.  Every singl result on page 1 is my site (except the top result which is a paid listing):

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Submit your site to Bing

Go to this url:  https://www.bing.com/webmaster/ and sign up:


Enter your website url in the Add a Site box (use the full url including the https:// when you type it in the box.

Click the ADD button:


The system will prompt you to “verify” your account.  Notice the top site of mine is not verified.

I click on the verify now link:


You’ll be taken to a page that will give you the <meta> code to paste into your header code.

Copy the code they give you.  (You will not click the Verify button until you have pasted this code into the header section of your WordPress site:

Next, open a new tab (you need to go back to verify above once you paste the code and enter)go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance and Theme Editor, or Editor:


Click on the header link on the right side:


You are going to insert the code right before that last <head> at the top of the code.  You see the first and second one <head> code?  Just put your curser before the second one and paste your code there:


Don’t forget to go to the bottom of the code and click the Update File button.

Now, when you go back to the bing platform, you want to click that “Verify” button.  This will bring you to the list of sites, and now you’ll see that my site has been added, and the “Verify now” link is not longer showing!  Yay!  Success!


Now your site is verified with Bing and Yahoo!  They know it’s there, and they know you own it.  Remember the login information for getting into your account.  They will ask for an email address when you sign up, or you can login with Facebook.

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Learn these strategies and much more and get started today 100% free!  That’s right, no credit card or debit card required!

Nobody can change your life but you!  Will you?

Alternative Verification Method

I love comments, and I’ll tell you why!  I posted this article, and I got a suggestion from a reader about an alternative method to add the code to your website.

This reader said that if you update your theme, or if the theme updates, you could lose your code in the head section (so I recommend going back periodically to make sure it is still there).

He offered an alternative through a plugin.  The plugin name is the All in One SEO Pack (it comes standard with all Wealthy Affiliate websites).  

If you don’t have it, go ahead and install it.

One word of caution, though, it is not compatible with the Yoast SEO Plugin, so I do not recommend installation if you are already running with Yoast.

Ok, so here’s what you do.  You go to the Bing Webmaster site:



If you have already followed the steps above in the directions, it should open right up to your sites.  Next, over on the left sidebar, click on My Sites:



Click on the site you want to verify:





Next, click on Verify Ownership!

Remember the code you copied from above?  You are going to take just the number between the quotes (it starts with 2CA7D).  Simply copy just that code onto your clipboard:


Now you want to go over to your website’s WordPress Dashboard, go to your Plugins and your All in One SEO Pack and click on SEO Settings:



Scroll down in the SEO settings and paste the code into the Bing Webmaster Tools box:



Be sure to click the Update Options at the bottom before you exit:


There you have it, super easy to do, and now you’ll be all set if there is an update.  So either way you do it, or if you do it both ways, your site is now “owned” by you, giving you all the tools to view the statistics for your site:

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Join Wealthy Affiliate and change your life

Learn these strategies and much more and get started today 100% free!  That’s right, no credit card or debit card required!

Nobody can change your life but you!  Will you?

Comments Welcome

I welcome all comments or questions.

Simply leave them in the Comments area below, and I will get back to you shortly.

If you would like to contact me personally, you can email me at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

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  1. That’s pretty interesting to learn that if I get indexed in Bing I’ll also get indexed in Yahoo. I had no idea. That’s awesome that all of your posts for coaching are indexed on page one of bing! I was thrilled to see one of the posts I did over a year ago made it to the first page of google so I know you were over the moon to see the results of all your hard work. I didn’t even know I could submit my website to bing. I learn something new everyday! Your instructions are awesome. I always see directions that say “submit code after head” and I can never find it. So thank you! I’m gonna go do that as soon as I’m done typing. 🙂

    1. Yes, it took me quite a while to figure that whole head thing out, let me tell you. I kept seeing it for Pinterest and other sites, and I finally learned when a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member took the time to show me. I’m glad i could help. Good luck, Jennifer! ~ Babs

  2. Hey Babs!

    I do know exactly what Bing webmaster tools is. I have been an AM for years, but been lazy to learn about B-WMT. I do find it clunky, and uggh just not taking to this new look Google WMT (AKA Search Console) either!

    DO you have any specific training on B-WMT? or the use of the new search console.


  3. Hi, Babs, these are some great results 🙂

    I have made the experience that Bing is ranking my posts quite well too, especially directly the used keyword.

    The searches from the search engine are not too many though and at the moment declining, that might be because spring is coming up and people enjoy nature now more than using the internet.

    Your instructions on how to verify the Bing webmaster tools are very accurate, thanks for the reminder 🙂

    I also like to use the webmaster tool for keyword research once in a while, it is quite easy to use.

  4. Thanks Babs, Very helpful post on verifying your site with Bing Webmaster Tools. The one thing I noticed is that you recommended going in and editing the theme’s header template which looks good until you update your template or WordPress updates their code. Sometimes the custom edit is erased. What I have found is it is easier to add the confirmation code, the set of letters and numbers in your code that starts with 2CA7D and paste it into your search engine optimization plugin where it prompts you to. If it doesn’t have a place for Bing Verify you will find a box that says additional post headers and can paste the full code there. When done in a plugin the code is saved in your database instead of a physical file so it doesn’t get erased unless you stop using that plugin.

    Have a great day and Happy Easter,

    Andy Zeus Anderson

    1. Yes, in the plugin, I did that as well. I don’t usually update my theme. I like the way it is, and the last time I tried an update, they changed some things and I was upset. ~ Babs

  5. I’m not quite where you’re at in the bootcamp training yet, but this does look intriguing. Up to now, I’ve mostly concerned myself with Google, not thinking much about how the other search engines might find my site. It’s interesting to learn that getting ranked in Bing gets you ranked in Yahoo, as well. I did not know that, but it certainly is good to know. I need to speed up my progress in the training, so I can get my site up to speed.

  6. Thank you for sharing this.  This isn’t something I do very often and when I do, I need to revisit a tutorial first.  I find your format to be very effective – I love the images you’ve included as they clearly explain each and every step – even a complete newbie would be able to successfully verify their site in a very short amount of time.

    It’s also helpful that you illustrated just how powerful a rank in Bing can be.  Yes, Google receives the lion’s share of internet searches but the 1.7 billion searches daily between Bing and Yahoo isn’t something to ignore!

  7. Great info to help get indexed into bing and yahoo! I have recently joined wealthy affiliate and I am currently working through the online entrepreneur certification training, so I’m nowhere near learning about what you’re explaining, but it makes a lot of sense and I’m tempted to skip ahead after reading! Thank you!

    1. Josie – follow the process outlined in Wealthy Affiliate, but there is no reason for you not to go ahead and get indexed in Bing.  It’s a simple process and will only benefit you!  ~ Babs

  8. Thanks for reminding us of this often-neglected search platform. Oftentimes, Internet marketers are focused on Google we tend to forget there are other ones that can help us, like Bing and Yahoo. Although they are no longer the top platforms, with the stats that you gave, I.7 billion searches daily is still huge. I will go back to my Bing Webmasters’ Tools account, and will use this article of yours as a guide in setting up once again my account with them. It’s my fault and I regret that I intentionally deleted my site in my Bing account, I should not have done it. Again, thanks and more power to you!

    1. Oh yes, then my time was worth it, that you are now going to put your site back into Bing (and therefore Yahoo).  That’s great, Gomer!  Glad I could help!  ~ Babs

  9. Thank you so much Babs for sharing the step by step process to verify our site in the Bing Webmaster. This is very, very helpful! I used to search for this in several sites before until I came across with the detailed instructions. 

    Completely agree that we should not just focus on Google searches. Getting ranked in Bing and Yahoo are also important since they still get a lot of searches (1.7 billion searches everyday, wow!). I need to do this again in my new site so this is very timely. Thank you again!

    1. Yes, these sites can get overlooked, and it’s important for marketers not to do that!  I’m glad you stopped by!  ~ Babs

  10. Good guide on how people can use Bing Webmaster tools. I think a lot of people overlook Bing and Yahoo, but with around 1.5 billion searches per day, it’s hard to ignore them. Google might be the top search engine, but Yahoo/Bing are not touting small numbers at all, so I think more webmasters should be using Bing Webmaster tools.

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