What is Clickbank University for? Expert Interviews!

This is one of the main benefits of the Clickbank University training program. Do you want to know what is Clickbank University for? It’s for learning from successful online marketers, amazing entrepreneurs, and they share all in this amazing training!

Let me share with you what you’ll get when you sign up for Clickbank University. If you’ve been following my blog here at CoachingforInternetMarketers.com, you know that I’ve been walking you through the Clickbank University training in order to help you determine if this is a program you would want to take advantage of yourself. I’m doing a test drive for your benefit!

What is Clickbank University For

This part of the training is, by far, my favorite part to date. I am a firm believer that in order to be successful, you need to surround yourself with people who are successful! I’m going to take you on a walk-through of this program so you can see all the great interviews from these top-notch influencers in the affiliate marketing world!

Video walk-through

Join me, Babs Wagner, on this video walk-through of the Expert Interviews section of the Clickbank University so you can see first-hand how the program is set up and what you’ll get when you sign up. This is a brief video giving you an overview of the program:

What is Clickbank University For

Tips, Tricks and Insights from Successful Marketers

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary gives insight into his success, and his main take-away is patience! Have patience in this business! He says that gurus teach you that you can get rich in seven days with little effort, but that is just not the case. Gary laughs and says you should go into this business making believe that you are not going to make any money for ten years. That way, if a program you’re working doesn’t produce income in a few months, you won’t lose faith!   LOL! (I like that!).

He also says that people get crippled trying to do too many things at once.  You should pick one opportunity and focus on it. Yes, there are a lot of products that are profitable, but you can’t market them all, so just pick one and stick to it.

Mike Whitfield

Mike is another platinum client on the Clickbank platform who is an extremely successful online marketer in the heath and wellness niche. Rise and Hustle: Transform Your Life Physically, Personally, and Spiritually in Just 90 Seconds a Day

is his claim to fame.

Thanh Pham

Thanh is very well-known for his AsianEfficiency.com program, where is motto is: How to Achieve Superhuman Productivity and Achieve a Year’s Worth of Work in the next 30 Days!  He talks about productivity, which is extremely important for all internet marketers because there are just so many moving parts, so much to do, and it’s so easy to get distracted.

What is Clickbank University For

Jim Yang

Jim is the founder of Children Learning Reading, and he built a great informational product on Clickbank. He teaches on testing and perseverance!

Tim Rodriguez

He is one of the top affiliates on the platform. He talks about paid advertising, and just like Gary Vaynerchuk, he talks about focus, except in advertising. He says if you are going to do paid advertising, choose one strategy (whether it is Google Ads, Facebook or YouTube) and become an expert in it. Once you have become an expert, then you can diversify and try other avenues. Focus, people!

Tim also talks about how you don’t have to spend a lot of money to start. He began his first campaign with $5 per day. He said he made $6 a day from it, so he made a profit! Ha ha! Your goal to start is to make more than you spend!

Barry Plaskow & Roger D

Their company is Really Successful. They recommended a couple of great books they say everyone in business should read:

80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle

What is Clickbank University For

My favorite nugget

Bonnie Reisland

Bonnie has been marketing online since 2008, and she said for about six years she had very little results. Bonnie said she stuck with it, she never gave up, and now she is one of the top marketers on Clickbank. Bonnie said she spent a lot of money on “shiny objects” (paid programs), but once she found one that worked (she uses Facebook ads), she stayed with it and perfected it.

Here’s what Bonnie taught:

It’s a 3-step process:

  1. Finding the right offer
  2. Creating the best ad
  3. Creating the landing page

Regarding finding the right offer. Bonnie said what she does is she only looks at the top five pages of her niche.  Sorry to the other pages, Bonnie says, but that’s what she does.

As a practice, she reads through the seller’s entire sales letter (their marketing page), watches all videos several times, and gets completely familiar with the product. It’s imperative, she said, to  thoroughly understand the customer and product. Then, she picks out powerful words and phrases for her marketing and landing page.


Use an image in your ad that stands out; something that will make a person stop and click. Bonnie said it has to grab their attention. She advertises on Facebook, and she said people on Facebook are not in a buying mood but a social mood, so you have to switch them over mid-stream.

Your job is to get them to the seller’s page and let the seller sell them on the product. It’s important to create enough interest to get them there!

What is Clickbank University For

Facebook Guidelines

One big tidbit she offered was that you must carefully study the Facebook Advertising Guidelines. Bonnie said this is imperative. You need to be a student of their guidelines. Did you know you cannot use any Before/After pictures at all?  Honesty and truthfulness are required, and you cannot use the words “you” or “your.”

Clickbank University

You can sign up for the University here. As I mentioned in my video, you do not have to go by their schedule. The programs are broken up by “week,” but I have done 3 weekly training sessions in the same day, so you are on your own as far as your pace. You are not under any obligation to stay in the program, either. You can stop whenever you want.

What is Clickbank University For

Comments Welcome

Let me know what you think. I welcome all comments and questions. Do you have another program you’d like me to review? I’d be happy to help!

If you would like to contact me personally, please email me at any time at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com. I look very forward to hearing from you.

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

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  1. Hello Babs,

    I like you how you approached this topic about CB University. I kept on seeing it almost everywhere and I keep reading reviews on it but it never got to interest me. CB university seems like a legit company and it is by Clickbank, one of the most popular affiliate program on the planet. I would like to try it some day. But overall, awesome article by the way. You kept it interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is an informative and an helpful review post indeed. There is nuggets of helpful knowledge in here. I must commend this information here as is really solving some problems in affiliate marketing. I can categorically say that earning big is possible in clickbank as all these tips in the article is followed diligently especially joining Clickbank University training program for successful online marketers, amazing entrepreneurs, and they share all in this amazing training. I am glad I find myself in this affiliate marketing business and I must say main take-away is patience as is not a get quick schemes if you don’t want to fall victim of scams online. All these tips, tricks and insights from Successful Marketers are exceptionally great, am glad I find it easy to apply. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

    1. You are very welcome!  It’s my pleasure to bring this information to you!  Hearing from these successful entrepreneurs was very enlightening!  – Babs

  3. I am familiar with some of these online entrepreneurs and the work that they do. It sure seems clickbank university has a lot of amazing informations that can be used by online entrepreneurs. I do like the idea of going into a business with the mindset of not making anything from it for 10years. That really sets your expectations low and makes you focus on building rather than on making instant money.

    1. Right?  I agree, Jay.  While 10 years is drastic, I set a 2-year expectation for my own business when I started.  I knew that it was going to take time, and people would say, “Are you making any money on this, you’re always working on it.”  I would just laugh.  It’s like I know the secret.  Ha ha.  – Babs

  4. Hey Babsie,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information that we need to know on ClickBank. From all the experience I encountered with them, I think that it’s an amazing platform because of the high commissions they pay for promoting their products. They have products available to promote my many niches, and that’s actually the best part.

    Thank you for taking your precious time in writing this detailed blog post. Keep up the good work Babsie!

  5. Hi Babs, 

    I joined the affiliate marketing world recently and I have been looking for the most money raking way to make money as an affiliate marketer. There’s a lot of talk about clickbank and I have been curious to know more about it. 

    Thanks for introducing us to the clickbank University and taking us through the video walk through in the click bank University. 

    I especially like Bonnie Reisland and how she uses facebook ads to promote her websites. 

  6. Hi Babs. Thanks to you for this informative and educative review about Clickbank University.  Honestly, I’ve learnt two or more things on here today and I’m gonna put it into action. I had no idea you and yours can’t be used in Facebook advertisements, I didn’t notice. I’ll be looking forward to new posts from you. 

  7. Hi Babs

    I really like your article. Comments from other successful entrepreneurs is always good, and sadly lacking in most similar websites.

    Gary’s absolutely right that patience is critical. The idea of get-rich-quick should be thrown away completely and emphatically.

    Having a clear plan is also critical. However, for people new to any business, those plans need to be able to adapt and evolve as your knowledge and understanding of you target audience becomes clearer. We all of visions of grandeur often with an immature expectation of our audience. Let it morph and evolve.

    Something I’ve learned in my engineering practice as that a plan will change immediately after you’ve started implementing it, because your assumptions when developing the plan get confirmed or invalidated as new information comes in.

    Cheers and thanks for the others’ perspectives.

  8. Wow Babs, I never really thought about using Clickbank University.  I am kind of excited now.  This might be a great avenue for me.  I could certainly use the training, especially with marketing and social networks.  I am going to sign up, can’t hurt.  How long have you been with Clickbank and how has your success been?

    1. I adore Clickbank.  They have great programs!  I learned so much through the university about affiliate marketing and about setting up my own ebooks for sale!  ~ Babs

  9. Thanks for this post. I am very much familiar with virtually all of the entrepreneurs listed on this post. Before diving into affiliate marketing, I have read wide and large and I got to read on most of them and things they have achieved. CB University is a platform I have heard of from most of my colleagues and thankfully, I got other information’s from the video. I would give it a trial soon and really hope it will help boost my progress in the world of affiliate marketing.

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