What is pay per clicks about? Wealthy Affiliate training explains!

If you’ve been in the world of affiliate marketing for any length of time, you’ve heard of Pay Per Click! What is Pay Per Clicks about? You can learn all about this program through the Wealthy Affiliate University! Today, I’m going to give you an inside look inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform at this important training module called To Promote WA with PPC, You Need to Understand the Math!

This is from the WA Affiliate Program Classroom.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Understanding numbers

I am not going to get all technical on you here (well, not too much anyway); I’ll leave that for the Wealthy Affiliate training class itself. The trainer in this module, Kyle, is one of the owners and creators of this entire platform and university. There are two creators of the program, Kyle and Carson, and one of the things you will come to appreciate about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have access to them at any time.

Kyle is the instructor for this training module, and he invites you to ask any questions at any time during the training:

what is pay per clicks about

You will love this aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. The owners are not the only ones with answers, either. As a Premium member (you can view the two membership levels HERE), you will also have access to the thousands of affiliate marketer members inside the platform. They will literally answer your questions for you within seconds:

Wealthy Affiliate community

I put in a question and it was answered by the community in less than a minute! It’s like that 24/7/365!

Back to the training, Kyle explains adamantly that in order to be profitable with a Pay Per Click campaign, you must spend less than you bring in. Now that is completely simple math, right? It makes sense. We are looking to make a profit, and Wealthy Affiliate is all about training you to make a profit with your website!


Affiliate marketing is a unique type of business, and it’s extremely important for you to get into it with certain expectations on profit. Most of the training inside the platform is actually geared at getting “organic” traffic to your site. What that means is they teach you how to rank in the search engines so you can get people to your site without spending money.

This training is about Pay Per Click, which is a paid advertising service, so it’s a completely different strategy. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on advertising, you really want to know what you’re doing and set your expectations. That’s where Wealthy Affiliate University comes in! These guys are pros at this business. The Wealthy Affiliate platform has been around for over 14 years, and there are a lot of people who have been in this program since its inception.


Don’t you learn best by example? I know I do! In this training module, Kyle actually goes through a real case scenario of how Pay Per Click works using a campaign of $100.

The example that Kyle uses is a very low, beginner type of return, and let me tell you the numbers are hopeful and actually really exciting.

Kyle talks about a poor-performing campaign, one that is just not doing well, and the prediction would be a 187% return on investment with it. Does that sound poor-performing to you? In his estimation, it is, so you can see that a well-done efficient campaign can bring quite a lot of money.

Kyle states in his training that the average return on investment in their experience is closer to 500%! That’s staggering, and it is something that anybody who is interested in making money online should pay close attention to!

How to get started

Your first step is to join the best, most reputable affiliate marketing platform ever invented, Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s the great news about that! You can join with the Starter Membership 100% for free! That’s right, no credit card of debit card required. That’s impressive! It shows just how legitimate this program is because they allow you inside for no money!

Wealthy affiliate signup

Free Wealthy Affiliate membership

Once you are inside, you’ll start the training right away. You will get two free websites with the Starter Membership, and 24/7/365 support! Here’s the best part – If you want everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, you can upgrade within 7 days for only $19 for your first month, and the Premium membership is only $49 a month after that! That’s incredible! You will get the entire library of training. Take a look here:

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing


Social Media Marketing Online


Want more information on Wealthy Affiliate?

Perhaps you want more information about all the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate program? I did write several articles all about the Wealthy Affiliate program. I am a Premium member myself, and I have had great success with the program. It has taught me so much (and continues to do so daily). The training is updated on a daily basis, and every week there is a live session as well, which is put on by various members inside the platform. You can ask questions in real time during the training; it’s pretty awesome!

Here are a couple of articles if you still want more information on the program:

What Is The cost of Wealthy Affiliate


What About wealthy Affiliate


Comments always welcome!

My goal is to be here for you as you begin and venture through this business opportunity!  Do you have any questions or would you like to leave a comment?  Please do that in the area below.  If you would like to contact me personally, please feel free to email me at anytime at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com.

I look very forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Although I would’ve liked to have seen some more helpful content within this article, it was still solid. I haven’t personally dabbled with pay per click advertising, however, I know the gist of what it’s about and can definitely understand how it can be beneficial. Pay per click seems like something more suited towards those starting to generate income, correct?

    1. Yes, this article is more of a teaser to peak interest in the Wealthy Affiliate program.  As I dive into the world of Pay Per Click myself, I will be divulging my personal experience with the program, so be sure to sign up for alerts on the sidebar of my website.  I have not used the Pay Per Click yet, but I plan to try it out.  I believe it is for anyone who has the website built and the affiliate links to promote their products.  You will have to have the money to spend on the advertising, that’s the requirement.  – Babs

  2. I for one actually found quite a bit of great info here. I haven’t messed with PPC much, but you’ve given me some cool pointers and I plan to learn more about it and other marketing tools. WA is a great resource too, so it’s really good to see that you’re using them as well. I can’t recommend the platform enough.


    1. Anything you want to learn about, Wealthy Affiliate has training on it.  The members are also a main source of information and training, as well as other products and services to help our businesses.  I’ve purchased some great programs, and I plan to review them soon.  – Babs

  3. Thanks for writing this article on wealthy affiliate program. I am sure many newbies are going to find it useful in their findings and research on how to make money online. There are many advantage of been a paid member on wealthy affiliate because then you have access to many things starting from Pay Per Click on the platform, support from the community, website review and comments and full access to the owners for mentoring, and so many other benefits. It really a place to be when it comes to affiliate marketing online training.

    1. Oh yes, for sure, if someone is serious about making money online, they really do need the Premium membership.  It’s only $49 a month and worth every penny.  So cheap for all you get!  – Babs

  4. One of the best ways to explain something is to show how it all works, and you have done just that with this post on answering the question “What is Pay Per Click about? and have used an excellent platform (Wealthy Affiliate) for educating people on this subject and so many more too.

    There are so many new terms and processes when starting a business online. Learning it all can take some time, and unless you have some good teachers, it can take even longer. Your tutorial shows clearly just how well they teach people about the subject of PPC.

    This is where I got my start with online marketing. Completing all the various certification levels for affiliate marketing offered on Wealthy Affiliate prepared me for what was to follow. Over the past 4-years, I have been able to build up a healthy e-commerce business, make money as an affiliate, and even sell my own products and services.

    This is a stretch from the subject at hand (PPC) but I mention it only because it ties into the training you are explaining. The fact is that a member will have all the essentials plus the advanced training and many tools that they need to build their own business online. 

    I have not seen the Wealthy Affiliate platform demonstrated this way before (screenshots and details from within the site) but I think you have very effectively shown just how powerful this platform is. I enjoyed the post and picked up a couple of tips as well Thanks!   

    1. Oh great, Dave!  I’m glad you got some nuggets of info to help you along the way.  I like doing the screen captures to illustrate my teaching.  I think that, and video, is effective.    – Babs

  5. Thanks for an insightful article on how PPC works.  I’ve just started to venture into the paid advertising world myself and thus far have found it really productive.  I’ve been at it for around 2 weeks now and it has produced 4 new referrals which I am happy with.  Not a bad effort for my first time around.  Also, undeniable proof that if I can profit from this then anyone can!  The trick with PPC is to make sure that you keep your ad groups and keywords relevant, tight and low competition.  It’s also important to keep your bids as low as you can possibly get them because if you can accomplish this then you know you’re going to rank highly which equates to more clicks and higher conversion rates.  

    I’ve found there is a knack to it and once you’ve mastered it then you’re going to profit.  The training offered with Wealthy Affiliate on Pay Per Click was second to none!  I didn’t have the first clue about how to go about PPC so I followed it to the letter.  I’m so glad I did because they walk you through the process step by step, so you can actually watch an entire campaign being set up from beginning to end.  These guys know their stuff and are the best at what they do so it’s a no brainer!  I couldn’t agree with you more about this platform.

  6. I have said this before and I will say it again. Wealthy affiliate university is the place to be. I can announce it to the world because I am a witness. I have learnt a lot from wealthy affiliate university and getting knowledge about pay per click(ppc) is the least you will get from the wealthy affiliate university

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