What is Search Engine Optimization Tool? Where can you get one?

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going great, and thanks for stopping by! Today I’m going to share with you an inside look into the Wealthy Affiliate University training so you can see firsthand what you will be able to learn through their program.

This training will teach you how to get a Search Engine Optimization tool! What is Search Engine Optimization Tool? It’s a plugin for your website that will help you to improve the search engine optimization of your website!

What is search engine optimization tool

This lesson is both written and includes a video walk-through on the Search Engine Optimization Tool, which is called the “All in One SEO Plugin.” One of the main benefits of taking the Wealthy Affiliate University training is that the material is presented both in written format and video.

Many of my students tell me they appreciate this diversity in training styles because some people have limited internet access and video uses a lot of their data. Some students tell me they prefer the video because they like to see things in action to learn better. Many tell me they appreciate both being offered to help them gain a full understanding of the material.

This is why I also have incorporated video in my trainings as well, to give you options for learning, and to show you firsthand a glimpse inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform so you can see how amazing it is for yourself!

All in One SEO Plugin

Kyle is one of the owners and founders of the Wealthy Affiliate Program and Platform, and he does much of the training inside the platform himself. He’s extremely intelligent, and his training style is easy to follow with no fluff. He gets right to the point and is thorough in his explanations.

In this training, he gives you a walk-through video explaining a very important plugin he recommends for search engine optimization called the All in One SEO Plugin.

I’ve prepared for you below a video explaining this plugin and giving you a little glimpse inside the Wealthy affiliate platform and my WordPress website. This will show you how very simple it is to set up this plugin. You would simply search and install the plugin, and then you follow the instructions I outline in the video below!

How to configure the plugin

The video below does show you exactly how to configure the plugin, but I will go over it in writing here as well. (I know many of my readers tell me they can’t always watch a lot of video because it uses up their internet data plans.)

Take a look at the instructional video above, and here are the written instructions below:

Inside the WordPress platform, once the plugin is installed, it will show up on the left side, and you simply click on it:

What is search engine optimization tool

Most of the default settings that come with the plugin are going to be kept. Simply scroll down to the “Home Page Settings.” Here is where you are going to add some information.

Home Title is where you want to enter the name of your website, along with a short blurb of your choice. Mine is “Coaching for Internet Marketers,” and I added the words “Learn – Implement – Earn” to it.

Home Description – Go ahead and add a description to give someone an idea of what your website is about. I added this to mine: “#1 Resource for affiliate marketers. Free websites, free training, advice, tips and tricks to make a lot of money online successfully.”

Home Keywords (comma separated) – Here’s where you want to put a few of your best keywords for your site or niche. Don’t go crazy and put a whole bunch. Carefully choose a few. Separate each keyword phrase by a comma. For my website, I put “affiliate marketing, online marketing, make money from home, work at home, Wealthy Affiliate, keyword tool.

SEO Plugin

Scroll down and keep the default settings that come with the plugin until you get to the “Content Type Settings” and “Display Settings.” Here you want to check the boxes that say “Posts” and “Pages” on each:

Search Engine Optimization

Continue down, leaving the default settings in place. You’ll see the Webmaster Verification area, and I will be going over how to fill that out in a future training, but leave it as it is for now.

The last area you’ll want to adjust is the “Keyword Settings” area, where you want to change it from “Disabled” to “Enabled,” and when the options drop down, check the bottom two boxes, “Use Tags for META keywords,” and “Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page/Archives.”

What is search engine optimization

At the bottom of the settings, go ahead and click on the Update Options button, and you’re all set!


Available for Starter and Premium members

One of the great thing about this SEO plugin is that you have access to it through the free Starter membership as well as the Premium membership.

If you want to see what else is included in the Premium membership, you can take a look here:

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate


Other SEO Training Classes inside Wealthy Affiliate University

I am going to show you a small sampling of the SEO training modules inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  There are hundreds of them, but here are just a few of them for you to see:

What is search engine optimization

What is search engine optimization tool

What is search engine optimization tool


It’s 100% free to sign up and get started!  You’ve got everything to gain, so get started today!

Wealthy Affiliate

Comments on What is Search Engine Optimization ToolComments Welcome

Look, I’m here for you always, so if you have any questions or want to leave a comment, please do so below. If you’d like to reach out to me personally, you can always email me at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com.

Once you sign up in the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you’ll receive an email from me, and I will be available to you every step of the way.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

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  1. I admire your being honest here, Babs! You really revealed your All In One SEO plugin setting! 

    Like you, I am also a fan of these plugin. Several times I tried shifting to Yoast’s SEO plugin, only to find myself shifting back to All In One SEO. The reason is, if you use Yoast’s rather than AlO SEO, you will need to install one or two more additional plugins like Google Analytics plugin. And as we all know, the more plugins you use, the slower your site loads. Compared to AIO SEO where you can just put in Google Analytics code, in Yoast’s you have to install a plugin so you can put in Google Analytics code, and that what makes Yoast’s ugly. So, cheers to All In One SEO!

  2. Hi Babs,

    Before joining Wealthy Affiliate I had never heard of search engine optimisation let alone knowing there was a tool for doing it …

    But it became very clear to me what SEO was and its importance very early on in my Wealthy Affiliate training and setting up the All in One SEO Plugin was a piece of cake. Now SEO is just second nature me as a result of the awesome training provided through Wealthy Affiliate. I know lots of people use the Yoast plugin within the community as well, and one of the great things about the community is that people are very happy to engage about various plugins and tools that can benefit everybody. I’m so impressed with the community and their willingness to share their expertise through development of their own training. I’ve been a member since 2017 and I’m still learning every day, and still utterly impressed with the tools and training on offer.

    1. The fact that you have been a member for almost a year and a half is quite a testimonial!  Wealthy Affiliate’s community is one of its strong points for sure!  Everyone is willing to share information and tools, and the training is second to none!   – Babs

  3. I used to use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize the posts and pages of my website. Once I signed up at Wealthy Affiliate, I quickly learned that I’d been missing out on the All-in-One SEO plugin for far too long. One of the things I hated about the Yoast plugin was that it limited you to a single keyword per post or page. The All-in-One plugin allows you to optimize for multiple keywords so that you can cast a wider net! 

  4. Hey Bab,

    I really like your idea of sharing a WA training of SEO, at first I get the impression like you are reviewing some SEO tool:) and a great way to share WA with your readers!

    No doubt, SEO is the most important if you are in any kind of online business, without SEO, it is really difficult to get ranked in Google.

    The best plugin for SEO is no doubt, All in one.  Though Yoast is also getting popular AIO is more user-friendly.


  5. While it’s true that good SEO requires consistent effort over time, there are actually plenty of tasks that will boost your site’s natural search performance that can be undertaken in less than an hour like what you have showcased here in this article. Thank you for sharing your one of your lessons with Wealthy Affiliate. I learned a lot from it.

  6. Hai. Great article …Thanks for your great information, the content are quiet interesting. Last quarter, we used INK which provides suggestions on language and ways to improve rankings: https://seo.app/MY37InW9k

    We’ve only been using this tool for around a month. Going nuts over the traffic increase noticed. Zero snafus. Zero hassle. Just traffic

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