What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate? A sign-up walk-through!

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You’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate, and you’ve probably read a lot of really great reviews. Now you’re asking, “What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate?” Right? I’m going to explain exactly what it costs, what the upgrade price is, everything in this article.

Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

The answer is yes! There is a free membership for Wealthy Affiliate called the Starter Membership. I began my journey with the Wealthy Affiliate program using their Starter Membership. I wasn’t about to spend any more money on any more programs because I had been burned by other “programs” so many times, I was burned out!

I wasn’t even going to give my credit card information for any kind of “free trial,” because I would always forget to cancel and then boom, my account was charged before I even had a chance to try the program. One program required a credit card, and I did cancel (or so I thought), but apparently I didn’t cancel the correct way, and the next thing I knew I had a huge charge on my card. Ugh!

No credit card or debit card required

That’s what got me to sign up. When I saw those words right on the sign-up page! Take a look, I screen-captured it right here. You only need your name, a username of your choice, and a valid email address to sign up and be fully enrolled in the Starter membership plan and training university! Wow!

I had heard about Wealthy Affiliate, and I had read several (more than several) positive reviews about the program, so even though I was really skeptical, I went ahead and signed up. I’m so glad I did!

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer for free?

When I signed up for the free Starter membership, I couldn’t help but let my skepticism creep back in. I was thinking I was going to get very little, and then be offered the multitude of upsells like all the other programs. Boy, was I surprised. As soon as I got onto the platform, I was immediately taken to my very first lesson. I was like, “What? This is awesome!”

My first “lesson” was a get to know the platform (and the owners) lesson, and it also gave me an overview of what the program was going to teach me. I was really impressed! I wasn’t slammed immediately with the “WAIT – BEFORE YOU MOVE ON – YOU CAN GET BLAH BLAH BLAH IF YOU SPEND $99 NOW!” garbage everyone else shoved in my face immediately when I joined their programs.

Instead, with Wealthy Affiliate, I was just taken immediately to the lesson, video tutorials, and instructions on how to fill out my personal profile, upload a picture, etc. I was immediately impressed and thought, “OK, this is the real deal!” Finally!!  Take a look:

Here is everything that is offered in the free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership. Here’s the best part! You do not ever have to upgrade to the Premium membership if you don’t want to. You can stay a Starter member, and you get to keep your two free websites running, the free hosting, and you have 30 Jaaxy keyword searches. You can access the Starter classroom and training modules as many times as you want.

There is only one upgrade with Wealthy Affiliate, and that is the Premium membership. The Premium membership unlocks everything in the platform, and it’s only $49 a month! That’s it. That includes everything! Not only that, but if you decide to upgrade during the first 7 days, Wealthy Affiliate offers you the first month for a mere $19! That gives you time to really make sure you love the platform as much as I do before you pay your first full month!

About the program

Wealthy Affiliate will give you everything you need to start and run a successful online business! I’m going to give you a couple of articles I want you to take a look at. They’ll give you an overview of the program and all the benefits of joining.  Take a moment and read these.  You’ll be pretty amazed by what this program offers!

How to sign up

So here’s the link to get started. There is nothing holding you back from beginning the most exciting business online right now! Affiliate marketing is where it’s at for wealth creation. When you sign up here, you’ll receive an email from me so you will have access to me for support, questions, help, you name it!


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