What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate? A sign-up walk-through!

You’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate, and you’ve probably read a lot of really great reviews. Now you’re asking, “What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate?” Right? I’m going to explain exactly what it costs, what the upgrade price is, everything in this article.

Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

The answer is yes! There is a 100% free membership for Wealthy Affiliate called the Starter Membership. I began my journey with the Wealthy Affiliate program using their Starter Membership.  Look, when you’re starting out, you don’t have a lot of disposable income to be spending on programs you aren’t even sure about.

Believe me, I tried that, and I wasn’t about to spend any more money on any more programs because I had been burned by other “programs” so many times, I was burned out!

I wasn’t even going to give my credit card information for any kind of “free trial,” because I would always forget to cancel and then boom, my account was charged before I even had a chance to try the program. One program required a credit card, and I did cancel (or so I thought), but apparently I didn’t cancel the correct way, and the next thing I knew I had a huge charge on my card. Ugh!

No credit card or debit card required

That’s what got me to sign up. When I saw those words right on the sign-up page! Take a look, I screen-captured it right here. You only need your name, a username of your choice, and a valid email address to sign up and be fully enrolled in the Starter membership plan and training university! Wow!

What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate

I had heard about Wealthy Affiliate, and I had read several (more than several) positive reviews about the program, so even though I was really skeptical, I went ahead and signed up. I’m so glad I did!

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer for free?

When I signed up for the free Starter membership, I couldn’t help but let my skepticism creep back in. I was thinking I was going to get very little, and then be offered the multitude of upsells like all the other programs. Boy, was I surprised. As soon as I got onto the platform, I was immediately taken to my very first lesson. I was like, “What? This is awesome!”

What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate

My first “lesson” was a get to know the platform (and the owners) lesson, and it also gave me an overview of what the program was going to teach me. I was really impressed! I wasn’t slammed immediately with the “WAIT – BEFORE YOU MOVE ON – YOU CAN GET BLAH BLAH BLAH IF YOU SPEND $99 NOW!” garbage everyone else shoved in my face immediately when I joined their programs.

Instead, with Wealthy Affiliate, I was just taken immediately to the lesson, video tutorials, and instructions on how to fill out my personal profile, upload a picture, etc. I was immediately impressed and thought, “OK, this is the real deal!” Finally!!  Take a look:

Here is everything that is offered in the free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership. Here’s the best part! You do not ever have to upgrade to the Premium membership if you don’t want to. You can stay a Starter member, and you get to keep your two free websites running, the free hosting, and you have 30 Jaaxy keyword searches. You can access the Starter classroom and training modules as many times as you want.

What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate

There is only one upgrade with Wealthy Affiliate, and that is the Premium membership. The Premium membership unlocks everything in the platform, and it’s only $49 a month! That’s it. That includes everything! Not only that, but if you decide to upgrade during the first 7 days, Wealthy Affiliate offers you the first month for a mere $19! That gives you time to really make sure you love the platform as much as I do before you pay your first full month!

What is the cost of Wealthy AffiliateWhat is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate

About the program

Wealthy Affiliate will give you everything you need to start and run a successful online business! I’m going to give you a couple of articles I want you to take a look at. They’ll give you an overview of the program and all the benefits of joining.  Take a moment and read these.  You’ll be pretty amazed by what this program offers!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

How to sign up

So here’s the link to get started. There is nothing holding you back from beginning the most exciting business online right now! Affiliate marketing is where it’s at for wealth creation. When you sign up here, you’ll receive an email from me so you will have access to me for support, questions, help, you name it!


What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate

What is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

Starting out can be tough, I know, so I will also be sharing lots of free resources to get you going.I am dedicated to providing this information to my readers, and I hope you always feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. This is a lovely , insightful and relevant article. It would be an eye opener for newbies that are yet to sign up on Wealthy Affiliate. This platform has been transforming lives for years and I can’t help but share this wonderful opportunity with friends and family. I have been able to make my living from Wealthy Affiliate in the past months. They are the best so far.

    1. Ola, that is true, it is very do-able to have a very lucrative full-time income, and much of it residual, with this business model.  It’s worth what you put into it.  Great testimonial – awesome!   – Babs

  2. I think it is important that any program online that does not offer a free starter membership is just not serious to get members. People have to be able to gain access to any program before they can decide to purchase it. They need to know exactly what they are getting into so they can decide if the program is for them or not.

    I really don’t involve myself in any program that asks for my credit card first before I can see if the program is really worth it because these programs have a way of not been able to deliver what they promised and just end up collecting our hard earned money.

    This is one reason I like wealthyaffiliate and although I would not encourage anyone to be a free member forever because the paid version just offers more but if anyone feels the free membership is for them then, by all means, they can stick with that until they are financially able to get the premium version.

    1. I couldn’t say it better, Jay.  Get in, do the free training, and within that first month, they will know if this is for them or not.  Upgrade when ready, but if you’re actually wanting to build a real business and make real money, the Premium is the only way to go!   – Babs

  3. I have been a member on the Wealthy affiliate platform for some days now, even as a newbie I can boldly say it has been a thrilling experience for me the fact that there have been superior members who have been in the system giving other newbies and I the right guidance towards our training and all of the other nitty gritties makes it a great big online family. Cheers.

    1. The community is a major benefit of Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve asked a question and literally received five responses within seconds, with two or three private messages waiting in my inbox with information.  I’ve had people offer me free ebooks, offer to make me cartoons for my site for free, it really is absolutely amazing how wonderful everyone is on the platform!  – Babs

  4. This an amazing review! I believe you have said everything articulately well. There are many free platforms out there but Wealthy Affiliate is  one with a difference. Powered by a training that worth thousands of dollars on  you can never get it wrong, unless you are lazy!  Imagine learning and earning at the same time! You can only do that on wealthy affiliates . though you have to upgrade to premium member to be able to many awesome things.any other platform like wealthy affiliate?

    1. I totally agree that to unlock the full potential of Wealthy Affiliate, you need the power of the Premium program.  The Premium houses Website Comments and the Wealthy Affiliate community, both of which are my favorite parts of Wealthy Affiliate.  The Premium also includes the intense training and the affiliate bootcamp, so to me it’s well worth the $49 monthly fee.  Where else can you run an entire business for $49 a month?  It’s amazing!  I always tell my readers, go ahead and get started with the Starter plan for free.  Try it out and make sure it’s for you, but once a person decides yes, this is for me, upgrading to Premium is not an option at that point, it’s a necessity, in my opinion.   – Babs

  5. I’ve read several Wealthy Affiliate reviews as well and all of them positive, except some from the members of competitors sites.   It’s hard to believe that there is no catch and you really can stay a free member as long as you want. For me, a site that can’t give you a free trial gets a warning sign as a possible scam. It’s so important to be generous and let people feel the value you are going to provide before charging their credit cards. Everything you give will be given back to you a thousand times more. However, staying a free starter wouldn’t take you far as you really need more than the basic package to be successful.

    1. I agree.  Starter is for the beginner, but if you are serious about operating an online business, honestly $49 a month is a steal to run an entire business!   – Babs

  6. Nice article there on what is the cost of wealthy affiliate. And also thanks for sharing your experience. 

    i always encourage people to start from free membership and after a week or been familiar with the program I encourage them to go for premium in other to know what they are signing off for and I must say it has been wonderful for those that follow my step far. The is many things to gain been on premium membership account and less to nothing to lose 

    1. Yes, the Starter is the way to go because it’s a no-risk, no-cost way to try the program.  You only upgrade when you’re ready.   – Babs

  7. Having tested and tried wealthy affiliates, everything about the program is worth. The little premium money you pay, the stress and time invested in the program. Yes I can confidently and boldly say that it’s worth it. Everything I see in this platform is so detailed and unique. The training courses and superb and am really rocking it. 

  8. This is a pretty accurate article explaining both the pros and cons of being a pro member with WA. I am new with WA and I can personally say the training is very helpful even to someone who is new to Computers and Technology in general. Each lesson breaks down information to help you move in the process at your own speed. Very good read

    1. It’s great for new and experienced marketers.  There are all levels of training inside the program.  – Babs

  9. I really like the way you did this article. I might even use some of the things you used on your website. I have been a member for almost six months. I got a lot of information and details about affiliate marketing. The video helped the article. 

    This the best platform online to learn how to make money online. I have purchased junk before also, but I have found a home here at WA. One thing you did not mention is how great the support is. Great article with alot of information. 

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