What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 1 – Overview

This article will give a complete overview of the Wealthy Affiliate program, from what is offered, how the training works, how much it costs, and the benefits of joining the program, with the free membership and then the Premium membership explained.what is the wealthy affiliate about

When you’re done reading this article, you will no longer need to ask the question, “What is the Wealthy Affiliate about?”


Program Description

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is designed for affiliate marketers. It is a place for new and seasoned marketers to:

  1. Build websites
  2. Take training classes to learn how to affiliate market step-by-step
  3. Get guidance and assistance
  4. Have access to the Jaaxy Keyword Analysis tool
  5. Learn from other members
  6. Get traffic and website comments from other members

Sign-up Process

Each member is typically invited to join the program from another member. If you were to join through my website, for example, you would join under me, so I would receive commission if you were to upgrade to Premium. Once you become a member, I would reach out to you inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you’re ever need any help along the way, you will always have a way to reach out to me immediately. I am an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, so I am on it every day.

The link to sign-up for the free membership is the big orange button at the bottom of Part 2.   Once you read the rest of this article, then I believe you will understand that to join is 100% free, no credit card info requested at all, so you really have nothing to lose, and you have a whole lot to gain by joining.

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

what is the wealthy affiliate about

Once you’re sign up for your free membership, you will be directed to a page, and a little pop-up will appear. This is your guide around the platform, and it only takes a couple of minutes, so you want to click the green button to Start the tour so you can become familiar with the platform.

You can also view the platform in the next article in this series, What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 2 – Tour where you will be taken right through the sign-up process and walk-through of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. You can see first-hand what it looks like. Get started 100% for free right now!  Be an action-taker!  No credit card required:

what is the wealthy affiliate aboutwhat is the wealthy affiliate about

Choose your niche

The videos and training will walk you through your next steps of choosing your niche and setting up your first website. This is the beginning of the journey, but let’s be prepared before we jump right in. This is an important step, so please take a minute and read this article to make sure you have chosen the niche that is right for you.



Build your content

Your website is where you’re going to provide information on your niche to your readers. It’s your blog. You will research and provide great “content” (articles) for your readers. This is the meat of the website, the engine of your business, it is the critical piece of the puzzle that will bring your visitors (traffic) to your website, and this will ultimately make you money.

With your free Wealthy Affiliate membership, you will have access to the content builder with the templates to build your pages and posts. You will also have 30 free Jaaxy Keyword searches, and you can read all about how Jaaxy can help you build your content on your website here:


Speaking of which, let’s get into the “affiliate” portion of the “affiliate marketing.”

Affiliate Marketing

When I am building my niche website to affiliate market with, my first priority is my content. As I am building my content, I begin to research and look into various types of products that I could promote that would solve whatever problem or issue I was writing about.

The way affiliate marketing works is as follows:

1) You contact a retailer and ask if they have an affiliate program or go to the retailer’s affiliate page if they have one and apply. To apply, you will have to write a little blurb about your website and why you believe that their product would be a perfect fit for your website and maybe a little about how you would market it. The retailer will then send you an email with your affiliate login information when you have been approved.

2) You always want to make sure you read the retailer’s affiliate agreement to be sure you are complying with that company’s particular rules and requirements when it comes to marketing their products on your website. Very important!!

3) You go into your back office of your affiliate account, and the retailer will provide you with your affiliate link for that product. What that means is you’re direct people to the retailer’s website to buy the product through that link, through your personal affiliate link. Some companies and products will give you HTML code (Amazon.com is one of them) to put on your website which will pull through a picture of the product and the price.

4) You take the necessary steps to draw traffic to your website and when people click on your affiliate link and buy the product you’re are marketing, you get paid. With Amazon.com, if the customer doesn’t buy your product but they buy another product on the Amazon.com site, you still get paid, which is a pretty nice feature of Amazon.com.

Here is an article that gives a full definition of Affiliate Marketing:


what is the wealthy affiliate about


How Wealthy Affiliate helps you affiliate market

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is invaluable for your entire affiliate marketing process. The platform provides templates for website pages, and one of them is the Affiliate Disclosure Page, which you must have on your site. There is also the Privacy Policy template, another required page. I would never know these things were required if it wasn’t for the Wealthy Affiliate training.

The other great benefit of your Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is the community involvement in providing comments on your posts and feedback on your site. As a Premium Member, you are driving Wealthy Affiliate members to your website, they are looking around, they are commenting on your posts, and all of this activity gives Google the impression your site is credible and worth ranking.

what is the wealthy affiliate about

Wealthy Affiliate is a genius platform, and it is fully automated. You can even earn money providing comments on other people’s sites. How cool is that?

If you’re not sure about the way you set up your site or a particular page, you can put your page or website up for community review, and people will review your site and give your feedback. It is so helpful! You can even narrow down the type of feedback you want. Do you want feedback on the design, the pictures, the content? You ask for what you specifically want, or all of the above. It’s great!

Go ahead and head on over to part 2 of this series next!

Read the full 4-part series on Wealthy Affiliate here:


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  1. Hi Babs, you really clarified what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.  I am a member, having joined in March of this year, and I couldn’t be happier.  I am so glad I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, and decided to join.  It really is free to join, and I upgraded to Premium  because I wanted to learn more.  I am a complete beginner and would be so lost without the training offered here, and the help from the community.  Anyone reading this article should realize that this platform is the real thing, and not another scam.

  2. Great article, we are on the same page here, WA is definitely the most transparent and affordable platform to run your online business. I especially like the way you have presented and personalised your images backed up with solid informative content, there is so much to take away here that its been an educational read for me and will help improve the quality of my own posts

  3. Wealthy Affiliate is like no other program out there today. It’s the perfect online business model that anyone including beginners can do. It’s a 4 step process that begins with choosing a niche. I mean what person doesn’t have a passion for something? 

    Secondly, build a website about your niche. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you! Third, get traffic. They show you how to do that too. And finally, create income. But the training and support you receive is like no other.There is ALWAYS help available. The only way Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work is if you quit! The hard work you put in will change your life!

  4. I love how you have written about Wealthy Affiliate in this article, simple and to the point. I think WA is a brilliant platform, which has had a positive impact in my life. The community is what makes it special and all the features like giving and receiving comments on each others website articles is fantastic. I have now been on there for over 6 months and have made good progress, the money making side takes time, but you really can go in the right direction by just adding content to your website all the time, how else will you get visitors to your site. If I wasn’t joined up to WA, your article would do a good job of getting me to sign up.

  5. Hi Babs, you have a great introduction on Wealthy Affiliate, which is what people would be looking for when searching for online platforms that teach people about affiliate marketing. When I was searching on ways to make money online, I was led to Wealthy Affiliate and from there I went on to read several reviews about this program. 

    To make my story short, I signed up for the free membership but it did not take me 7 days to decide that this is the program I was looking for. The features of Wealthy Affiliate Program are great and the best thing is that, you won’t be left hanging as the owners and members are always willing to help out. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to build a successful business online. 

  6. Hi Babs,

    Your article is really interesting.  Do I need any prequalifications or training to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

    It’s really interesting that Amazon allows you to still get a commission even if customer doesn’t buy your the product, but a different product on their site.  

    I also love the idea how Wealthy Affiliate has tons of community involvement.  You feel like you are in good hands!

    Thanks for all the great information!


  7. What’s up Babs? Jose here!

    I enjoy how creative and thought out you were in creating your website!

    I was actually looking to further increase my trust with Google’s search engine and hopefully increase authority with my new affiliates guide dot com website, and one of the ways that I can do that is by leaving a comment to a fellow premium member at Wealthy Affiliate! That’s one of the perks that you can get with the premium membership, the use of the site comment platform.

    Anyway, I’m writing this comment as a testament to the valuable training and the hands on experience that you can get out of joining Wealthy Affiliate, an online university for affiliate marketers!

    How do the site comment and site feedback platforms differ Babs?

    Great article by the way, your visitors will love it!

    To your success,


  8. I think you broke affiliate marketing down in a way that is easy to digest for the novice entrepreneur. Wealthy Affiliate is a really great program for starting your own online business. They give you two free websites and help you along the way with training and a really strong community with 24 hour support. LOL and that comic you have of everyone high-fiving each other trading off comments “Here is my link” is a hilarious analogy but 100% true. At Wealthy Affiliate, everyone has each others back. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. 

  9. This article starts with the question, ‘What is the Wealthy Affiliate?’Then the article answers the question it asks very concisely and clearly, with a smile! The text is a report on a subject the author knows extremely well, and the graphics are right on the mark! I would like to join WebTalk! I have been previewing the new site! Thank You for the introduction! I would care to be an Affiliate for them! In my opinion, this is one of the most clearly informative websites about My Wealthy Affiliate I have ever read! I enjoyed the many things I was pleased to learn from Babsie Wagner, our Author, and commend her for a job well done! Thank You, Janice

  10. I’ve come across numerous articles covering this training and they all seem to be positive – which can only mean the training is what it’s cracked up to be. 

    I am a newcomer to this subject, therefore I do not have that much experience with it. Will the Wealthy Affiliate be a good fit for me or should I look for something more suited to my level?

    1. The Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for those new to affiliate marketing because it walks you through step-by-step with detailed training and video tutorials, support, free websites, etc.  It is also geared to experienced marketers with the advanced training and community provided in the Premium membership.  Give it a try, it’s free to start!  – Babs

  11. True. That’s why I chose WA among many other options out there. I just wished I started sooner and didn’t quit 3 years ago mainly because of my own fault. Quit too early, did not ask help or ask the right questions, didn’t really fully understand it at that time, and i really didn’t take the time to actually learn. Went on to look for other shiny objects out there only to land back at WA again. Now I’m here to stay 🙂 i love it.

    1. Yes, there is a lot out there online that looks good but is not valuable.  Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, and I’m glad you came back.  If you need anything, please let me know!  – Babs

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