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What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 3 – Jaaxy

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about? What is Jaaxy about?  Alright, let me show you the wonder of the Jaaxy keyword research tool. If you have been marketing online for a long time, or if this is a brand new experience, it doesn’t matter – you will be awed by what I am about to show you about this amazing tool, and with your free membership to Wealthy Affiliate, you can get 30 free keyword searches. That is enough to get your perfect website name and optimized post titles, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me show you step by step how powerful the Jaaxy keyword search tool is!

What is a keyword and why should I care?

Keywords are your best friend, and the reason why is that your keywords are your message to Google saying, “Hey! Look at me!! I’m writing really great content about “X-Y-Z KEYWORDS!” They tell Google what you are trying to be relevant about. Now when someone searches that keyword phrase, they may find you on page 1, which is the goal!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

If your website is found on page 1, there is a good chance the person searching will click on your website and go to your page. If you have an affiliate link on your page, you now have a potential customer.

That is why you should care very much about the keywords you are using.

Is one keyword better than another

There are specific criteria your keyword must meet in order to qualify to be called an “optimized” keyword, or one that you will have an easier time ranking on page 1 with than another. They are as follows:

1. The search term must get searches. If nobody is searching that phrase, why use it, right? So we want some monthly searches for the keyword. I’ve heard different marketers use different criteria. I like to be above 25 monthly. Some marketers won’t go with anything that doesn’t have at least 100 monthly searches. You decide what works for you.

2. The competition must be low. We want the number of other websites who are competing for that exact keyword phrase we want to be under 100. Myself, I try to stay below 60 competing websites, and if I see a result come back with 0 competing sites, that’s the lowest hanging fruit and I’m going to write an article with that keyword phrase as my title.

3. It must have a high SEO score. Jaaxy rates each keyword phrase for SEO success, and I always go for a score of 95 or higher (range is 0-100) with 100 the best result.

4. It must make sense to use in the title of your post. You have to then use the keyword phrase once in the first paragraph. If the phrase makes no sense, Google will pick up on that. Google looks for proper English, sentence structure, spelling and grammar and you will lose ranking if you fail in these regards. So make sure your keyword phrase makes sense.

How can Jaaxy help with keywords?

Now that you have a good understanding of why it is critical you have keywords that meet the above criteria if your posts are to be ranked and your content is to be viewed, how do we find keywords that meet that criteria?What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

JAAXY! Yes, this amazing tool was developed by the same brilliant architects of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are given 30 free searches on their Jaaxy platform. This is enough for you to set up your website, build several articles, and really see if this business is right for you before you upgrade for more searches. You can buy just Jaaxy Pro for $19.99 monthly for unlimited searches or you can upgrade to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership for $49 to get unlimited searches.

Let’s get into exactly how Jaaxy is going to help you find the perfect keyword phrase for your post title.

Jaaxy Example – today’s niche = Camping

I will give you an example of how to find a great article title on camping and give us some ideas if we’re tired or just out of fresh thoughts on the subject. Let’s begin.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

Once you have either the Jaaxy membership or the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, you can go ahead and do all your searches in the Jaaxy platform, but for you free members, I want to give you a way to start your search in Google or Bing or Yahoo to save you on using all your 30 searches up too quickly.

So go to your search engine of choice and type in simply “camping.” but do not press Enter!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

I immediately see three topics that would be of interest to me to write about. I have highlighted them in the screen capture for you, and so I’m going to choose camping hammocks because that sounds absolutely wonderful, and I could really have fun doing an article on that.

Let’s go on over to Jaaxy

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about

So we’re going to plug in our new interest camping hammocks. Let’s see what Jaaxy thinks about that phrase.

So look at these results. I’ve given you an explanation of the columns so you can see the results and understand them. We want traffic, so for example, look at where I’ve highlighted the keyword phrase Camping Hammocks Reviews – it gets 112 searches for that phrase every month on average. That’s pretty good. That phrase has 36 competing websites, which is well below our maximum of 100, so great! That’s a good one.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about


Also looking fantastic is the top search term, Coleman Camping hammock,  which I’ve highlighted, with one also – this phrase has only one, that’s 1 – competing site. Now, granted, it has fewer searches for the term monthly with 56, but that is just shy of my minimum of 25.  I feel confident I could rank on page 1 with so little competition.

So we have two great terms right off the bat, but let’s see what comes up with camping hammocks reviews if you want something even more specific, interesting or unique.  You can certainly write your article on Camping Hammocks Reviews – it gets 112 average searches and has only 36 competing websites.  That’s pretty good.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about


So we have lots of options.  Legit camping hammock reviews gets 32 searches and has only 3 competing websites.  This is what is called Low Hanging Fruit, and it is what you want to go for with each and every post.  This approach will bring you great success.

The longer you dig, the more creative you get, the more ideas that start to flow.  Have fun with it!


I’ve been doing online marketing for over 10 years, and I have tried some various methods for trying to find the best keywords, but there was and is really nothing out that there does what the Jaaxy tool does. You are in control now of your site’s optimization. Once you title your post with your keyword, you use that phrase one more time in the first paragraph, and then, most importantly, you provide great content of value to your readers.

I’m so excited to share these programs with you to make your life as an Affiliate Marketer fun and enjoyable, because you’ll know what you’re doing and you’ll be in a position to make a lot of money doing it!

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article, I read the last two parts that also provided me with great information on Wealthy Affiliate. I currently interested in making a business and after reading what WA have available it seems like I should at least join to try it out for myself.

    How much does it cost to use WA and the tools included such as Jaaxy? Do you pay for them individually? 


    1. I became a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate which gives me unlimited searches in Jaaxy, but I did sign up for the Jaaxy pro for $19 a month because it gives me unlimited lists, which I needed.

  2. Jaaxy is such a great tool within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  It’s great  for anyone joining Wealthy Affiliate for free, and they get 30 free searches.  With that many searches you really are off to a great start.  Having the right keywords in your content is going to help with ranking.  I joined WA in March of this year and I  am always searching Jaaxy for the right keywords.  I did  upgrade to premium so I could get unlimited searches.  It really is a great tool.

  3. Hi Babs,

    Your post has been very helpful reading. You have opened my eyes today on how to use good keywords that can easily rank in Page One of Google. I have learned that I don’t have to just use any keyword that I fee like using but rather I should also look at the number website competing for the keyword as this will determine whether it will be easier getting to page one of Google or not.

    You have also helped me to see that need to make sure my keywords make sense before using them. Not just that, you have also thought me to find out the amount of Traffic I can get from any keyword I will use, since keywords without traffic are useless.

    I have seen your recommended Keyword Tool. I really like the features. I think it will be of much use for my business as an affiliate marketer. I will give it a try and see how it works myself and if I’m comfortable with it, i will go for the Pro version.

    Thanks so much for sharing this useful information with me.


  4. Hi Babs,

    Great post on Jaaxy, I am new to blogging and Jaaxy has been a real help getting indexed on Google. 

    Good advice on how to get keywords and get your topic on what to write in your article!

    The way you explained the keyword search really helps me to understand what it means better. It will make my next search work better.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this information,

    Have a great day!


  5. It’s totally true when you say that you can sit there and do those Jaaxy searches all day. Doing those searches is so fun because you get to see the kinds of topics people are searching for and it’s really exciting to find those terms that are both highly searched and interesting to you. You’re basically finding an audience and it can be a great motivation to create high quality content.

  6. This was a great review for me on Jaaxy! I admit that I don’t often start with google to get ideas–maybe I should! I haven’t been successful with finding any search terms with 0 competing websites unfortunately…i wish, haha! Maybe some day.

    You seem very knowledgeable on these topics. Thanks for explaining them in an easy-to-understand way.

  7. Jaaxy is a great tool for doing all your keyword research online.  I had been using the free version myself til I ran out of searches.  

    Now thanks to joining Wealthy Affiliate I can do all the searches that I want.  I am still new so not sure if I would one day upgrade to Jaaxy Pro but we will see.

    Keep searching and earning.

  8. I have done keyword research of my own and I have to say the Jaaxy tool is phenomenal. After writing content for a few months, I finally saw my all my hard work get rewarded once I started to see a couple of pages on my website get ranked #1. 

    It’s sad that a lot of people fail at getting visitors just for such a silly simple thing such as keyword research. It seems like if they have at least some awareness of SEO and keyword research, a lot of the headaches when it comes to traffic will disappear over time. 

  9. This is very interesting, and probably the reason I have been seeing dropping traffic to my little blog – I’m not what you’d call clued up on search engine optimization or keywords in general. 

    If I decided to take on the free trial version of Jaaxy, how many articles do you think I could get out of 30 free searches?

    1. You can always step up your Jaaxy membership for more searches (unlimited) and unlimited lists.  It’s well worth the investment.  You can probably get 15 article titles with 30 searches.  You want the keywords to meet the criteria, and I usually get at least one viable article title with each search I do.  

  10. It’s always great to be refreshed on good keyword practices. 

    Using only keywords with 100 searches monthly or more sounds like a dream. Those shooting for those numbers must already have an established site. It’s always great when I find keywords that high that don’t have much competition, but they’re rare.

    And I didn’t know that the makers of WA also made Jaxxy. That explains why it’s so easy to use. 

    I like that google trick. I’m definitely going to do that even though I have full access to Jaxy. It’s a great way to identify how people are searching for the topic you want to write.

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. I’m glad you got some great information from the article, and I appreciate you taking the time to say so.  Yes, using several different ways to check out keywords never hurts, right?  Research is key in this business.  – Babs

  11. I admire your length of experience doing online marketing. It signifies your longevity in business, and your persistence. Keep it up.

    With regard to Jaaxy, I’d like to ask if this tool is patented. Because if not, someone might suddenly appear, claiming to have developed something similar to Jaaxy.

    Jaaxy has picked my curiosity, and because of that, I will give it a try. I have a blog that I manage, and I need a tool like Jaaxy. Thanks for sharing this to us.

    1. All I can tell you is the company has been in business for 14 years, and they are very saavy.  Also, there is literally nothing like this online at all, especially for free like the free Jaaxy trial and the minimal price after that.  I’m pretty sure they have a patent on their programming.  They are extremely smart.  – Babs

  12. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Wealthy Affiliate-jaaxy.As a powrful platform to do online business,Wealthy Affiliate has brought a great tool to find a marketable keywords for us to succeed.

    I can tell you that I was not sure about the use of jaaxy but with this review I understand well how powerful is jaaxy and I am going to use it in my content creation.

    1. Great, Julienne!  You will find a big benefit by using the tool.  I’m so glad you found the article helpful.  That’s the goal!  – Babs

  13. I just started out online marketing and I didn’t know where or how to start. Seeing this, I immediately went to get a free account and tried out the steps you took. 

    I’d like to chip in that other than Jaaxy, there’s also Moz which gives different metrics of how the keywords are faring. I’d say that Jaaxy is a more straightforward tool and is easier to interpret.

    1. Thanks, Edwin.  I haven’t heard of Moz.  Do they also offer the 30 free searches to start?  I will have to look into it and see what they offer for keyword search as keywords are one of the most important functions when it comes to search engine optimization and ranking online.  – Babs

  14. This is really interesting. I’m a newbie in Online marketing , reading this post has really educate me on the tools to use to get improvement and to increase rank on Google. I have always believed in your post so I think I will go into wealthy affiliate although it has been introduced to me by a friend but I gave no preference to it . Jaaxy will be a great tool for me . Thanks.

    1. Well, I appreciate that very much.  You will find it is everything stated, and you can start with the free program to really get a feel for it.  Good luck!  – Babs

  15. Thanks for this beautiful piece. In fact this is  the simplest tutorial have ever read about how to efficiently use keyword and jaaxy to get quick ranking. Yes in deed everybody wants to get no1 page Google ranking but many are applying wrong approach to achieve it. Some people are even scammed while looking for who to help them rank their website on Google. Jaaxy is the simplest application and thanks to Carson Kyle for this initiative. 

    Thanks to people like you that are teaching and motivating we newbies. 

    1. Well, thank you so much for saying so.  I do try, and having been a teacher and online marketer for years, both of those skill sets have helped me develop this website.  Best of luck, and do subscribe to keep up on all the updates.  – Babs

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