What is with the Wealthy Affiliate? Can you really make money?

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How many reviews have you seen about Wealthy Affiliate? If you’re like me, you’ve seen quite a few.   It’s really about finding a credible website that will give you an honest review and some insight into the program. What is with the Wealthy Affiliate? Can you really make money with this program?  Is it the real thing?  Let’s dig!

To take the mystery out of it, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the real thing, and here at Coaching for Internet Marketers (and someone who is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member myself), I can give you real insight (and a look inside the platform) that you may not get anywhere else.  Let me give you a look inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform at some real members who share their real stories and experiences.


What is with the Wealthy Affiliate? Community. That’s what. Whenever you are running a business (and I don’t mean just online but any kind of business) you need a community.  Why do you think there are Plumbers’ Associations or Real Estate Clubs?  Look at the Chamber of Commerce.   It’s businesses helping businesses. Community!

Affiliate Marketing is no different. Affiliate Marketers inside Wealthy Affiliate support each other, help each other and teach each other. It is a true community of like-minded business people, not in competition with each other but in sync with each other, pumping each other up and helping each other grow their businesses! Together!

Community Encouragement

We all need encouragement when we succeed (or when we feel discouraged). Inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform every member has a blog, and the blog posts show up on the Dashboard of your site. Each Premium member can then reply to the blogs with comments. Here is a sample of a post that Wealthy Affiliate member Wanjigin made, and some comments people made in response!

Whenever someone posts a blog post, they get a myriad of responses from other members.  It opens a dialogue that is helpful to both parties.  Here’s a small portion of the responses that Wanjigin received on his blog post:

Website Feedback

Take the Website Feedback area. This is helpful whether you’re an experienced marketer or brand new. Getting honest feedback on your site is critical to the growing process. Here is some feedback I got from another member when I first started my wellness website. It was wonderful to get some honest feedback from someone who was more experienced.

The great part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the give and take aspect they built into it. To get feedback, you earn credits by reviewing other people’s sites! This gives you the opportunity to see other affiliate’s work and give them an honest critique of their site (and learn a lot in the process).

Website Comments

This is another give and take area of Wealthy Affiliate. You earn credits by leaving comments on other affiliate marketers’ websites, and in turn you receive comments on articles of your choice.  You learn so much from visiting other people’s sites and leaving them comments, and you get wonderful, interesting and engaging comments of your own on your posts:

Do something you love

People are doing affiliate marketing for two reasons.  First, most affiliate marketers have a great desire to help people. I find, in reviewing websites, that most marketers are pretty passionate about their niche. I see people who love pets, who are really into electronics, who focus on children, and who love God. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing, you can choose pretty much any niche and be successful!

Take a look at these blog posts written by members of Wealthy Affiliate regarding their chosen niches:




Here’s an article I wrote about the subject:


Show me the Money

The second reason people affiliate market is obviously to make money. People put their blood, sweat and tears into their businesses, and many with the hopes that they will eventually be able to focus full-time on their affiliate marketing business and quit their day jobs. So, let’s talk money and how Wealthy Affiliate will help you make some!


You know all those website comments and review I spoke about above? Well, guess what they also do for you? They bring traffic to your website! What does Google love? Websites that get traffic, websites that have activity, and websites that receive comments! You are building credibility with the search engines by taking advantage of these services inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


In order to become proficient in anything, you need to be educated. Wealthy Affiliate University is beyond education when it comes to affiliate marketing. The Premium membership offers more training than you could possibly complete on every topic you can even imagine.

Take a look at the libraries of training inside the platform, and be prepared to be amazed:




So much Success

Success breeds success! When you are surrounded by positivity and people who are having success, it makes you strive all the harder to reach your own goals, and it makes you realize you are on the right path!

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform is so much positivity, and when someone might feel down, the community is there to remind them and boost them back up.





How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Here’s the good news. You can start with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership absolutely free! No credit card required. You can maintain your free membership as long as you want, all the while setting up your two free websites and getting full training on how to do that. You’ll be up and running immediately!

Once you’re ready, you’re going to want to sign up for the Premium membership which will unlock the entire platform.  Take a look at everything included in both plans below:

Sign up today

Go ahead and get your free membership here!

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately receive an email from me welcoming you to the platform. My username inside the platform is BabsieRocks, so definitely stop by and say hello. If you want to reach me at any time via email, please feel free to reach out to me at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com.

I look forward to working with you for your success!

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