What to write in a blog

What to write in a blog – and how to make money from it!

It’s one thing to hear that you can make money blogging, but it is quite another to know exactly how to do it.  I plan to show you, in this article, the exact process of how to write in a blog and make a lot of money doing it!  In actuality, there is no ceiling to the amount of money you can make from a blog.  There is one bigger perk, however, and I’m going to tell you what that is, and trust me, you will want to read on.

Why you should want to blog in the first place

Here’s a little secret you may not know.  It’s the most exciting part of blogging and making money from it.  You can literally turn your passion into a full-time living.  Did you hear me?  You can finally do what you love, what you’re passionate about, and make your living from it.

That, to me, is the most exciting thing about blogging for income!  I get to do something I’m passionate about.  You can, too!  

What to write in a blog

I’ve been working my entire life, and until I began teaching people through my blog, I never did what I truly loved.

I’ve had jobs I’ve “liked,” or “tolerated,” but I was never excited about what I was doing until I started my blog.

Now that I do this full-time, presenting information to my readers and mentoring people who need my help, I have never been happier!  I can work anywhere there’s an internet connection.  I’m not stuck in an office behind someone else’s desk!  Ahhh – freedom!

How blogging works

Let me just start by telling you that blogging isn’t hard.  It’s super easy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to know the exact steps you have to take to successfully make money from your blog.

It’s a very simple, but a very specific process.  Lucky for you, I’m going to go over those steps with you so you will know exactly what to write in a blog.

Step 1 - What's your passion?

what to write in a blog

If you really want to make money from your blog, this is the most critical step in the entire process.  You have to really think about this!  What is your passion?  This is what you are going to write your blog about.  

Why is this so important?  Let me tell you why.  It’s because this might be a simple business, writing a blog for money, but it can be an intense business.  You will be doing a lot of research, spending a lot of time writing, and then you will be blasting your content on social media and marketing through other outlets, such as pay per click or Facebook ads.

If you are passionate about your blog, passionate about the material you are presenting to your readers, you will not only take the necessary time to prepare the material for your blog, but you will enjoy it!

Step 2 - Time to set up your blog

This step sometimes scares people, especially people who aren’t computer savvy or who don’t know their way around the internet.  Don’t worry!  What I’m going to share with you is a way to set up your blog, 100% for free, no credit card info or any of that, and you’ll get full step-by-step training on the whole thing.

Did you know you can set up your blog website in 30 seconds?  That sounds ridiculous, right, but it’s true.  Take a look at this video:

Step 3 - Research

Now the fun begins.  It’s time to gather information for your first article.  You have your topic for your website, your “niche,” as they say.  You’ve set up your blog.  Now it’s time to fill it with great information.

Where do you do your research?  The internet, of course.  The library.  Talk to people.  Visit retail shops.  Anywhere you can!  If you have been immersed in your niche, you probably have first-hand experience yourself that you can share.  

Gather information that you think will help people.  You might help them with a problem they’re having, and if you do, they will come back to your site again and again.  You are looking to become the expert in your niche, so do your research!

Step 4 - Write content

This is my favorite part of blogging.  Writing good, interesting, quality content for my readers and students.  I love it.  I know some people may not be confident in their ability to write.  Some of my readers have told me their grammar skills and spelling skills aren’t the best.

Let me tell you about the Wealthy Affiliate program I introduced in Step 2 above.  Part of the program is called Site Content, and it’s a writing platform that checks your spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation!  Say what?  I’m serious.  You can be confident that you will have properly structured articles for your blog.

Proper grammar isn’t the most important part of your blog, though.  It’s quality content.  It’s content that educates, inspires, entertains and enlightens your readers.  

I want you to remember one thing.  Your first duty is to your readers, not your wallet.  What I mean by that is you don’t want to start trying to sell products or services right away.  You want to be an authority in your niche and be someone who people come to for information.   Content first; making money comes later!


Step 5 - Market, market, market

You can’t become an authority in your niche if nobody knows your site exists, right?  Step 5 is one of the most time-consuming steps (up there with writing content), but it’s also a very important piece of the puzzle.  You have to let people know about you and all the great information your website is going to provide for them.

How do you accomplish that?  I’ve written so many articles on just that subject, and you can access them all through the Marketing tab above.  Let me run through a few of them with you now:

  • Post each article link on your Facebook business page
  • Post each article link on the various other Facebook pages in your niche.
  • Post each article link on your Instagram page, Twitter page and Linkedin.
  • Post each article link on all of your Pinterest boards.  
  • Send out an email to your list letting them know you have a new article posted.
These are the free methods.  There’s also paid advertising like pay-per-click ads or Facebook advertising.  There are a lot of options out there, but they do cost money.

Step 6 - Choose related products and services

You probably already have a good idea of the types of products and services you could promote in your niche, especially if you’ve been immersed in it yourself for a while.  

You want to choose things you can do a review on, perhaps a comparison article between products.  You also will look for products that help your readers.  If you can solve a typical problem, that’s the best scenario.

Just remember to always keep your products and service specifically niche-specific.  Do not be broad in your niche, but keep it very specific.  It’s super important you don’t go all over the place in your content.  Be very purposeful.


Step 6 - Set up affiliate agreements

What to write in a blog
What to write in a blog

Finally!  We get to set up our funnel for making money from our blog.  Once you have several articles written and published, you can apply to become an affiliate.

What is an affiliate?  It’s a person who refers buyers to merchants to buy their products and services.  An affiliate is paid a commission for any sales that occur from a referral from their website.

Example:  Company A sells dog beds.  Your website is all about dogs and dog accessories to help a reader with raising their dog.  You would apply to be an affiliate for Company A, and they would give you a special link to send people through to buy their dog bed.  If someone buys the bed through your special link, you get paid a commission.

What is beautiful about affiliate marketing?  First, it’s easy to get approved to be an affiliate.  You will have to provide your website link to the merchant, and if they like what they see, you get your link.

Second, you never deal with customers.  Ever.  You refer the buyer to the merchant, and the transaction is completed between the buyer and the merchant.  That includes returns, questions, or problems.

Step 7 - Get paid

What to write in a blog

This is actually the part that will afford you freedom in your life beyond your wildest dreams.  Honestly, the sky is the limit in affiliate marketing.  It is dependent on your effort and your ability to follow instructions.

Learning the process

I keep talking about following the steps.  Proven steps.  It’s important for you to understand this.  I’ve been doing this for a long time, but it wasn’t until I learned the proper process that I showed real results.  

If this is your first visit to my site, welcome!  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m a straight shooter.  The whole purpose of this site is to help you learn how to make money online.

Take a look at just some of the training modules they offer, and when I say “some,” this just scratches the surface.  If you want an in-depth education on affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is the only place you’ll get it.

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You can start your education 100% free!   That’s right, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free Starter plan.  No credit card or debit card required.  You can take a look below and see what comes with the free program.

Starter is a great way to start.  You can keep a Starter membership for a year, as well as your free websites.  If you’re serious about making money online, however, you really need the Premium level to take advantage of all the training and community support.

Get started today for free

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Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you found this article of value!  

I’ve been marketing online for many years, and I pride myself in providing you with the most up-to-date, relevant information to start and grow your affiliate marketing business!

Please leave me a comment below, or if you prefer to contact me personally, you can email me at Babs@CoachingforInternetMarketers.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. I am at the stage of setting up my blog and it is very true that this stage is a very scary one because anytime i want to open it u, i get scared. I have been on wealthy affiliate for a while now but have not given it a go. Truth is, I do not know yet what I want to blog about. It seems like if i start blogging about my passion now, I might get stuck along the line but I know that I can make so much money from blogging. Thanks a lot for sharing this. It has given me a much-needed push.

    1. Look, just go with your passion.  You won’t get stuck if it is something you care about and want to immerse yourself in.  The words will flow, and you’ll enjoy it.  That’s the key in this business, to find something you really enjoy.  I’m here if you have any questions or need any guidance or opinion.  Just reach out.  ~ Babs

  2. I used to struggle with what to write until I finally started to just let it flow. Since I started out as a freelance writer, I have a tendency to think like one. Basically, I’m very critical of my own writing, because I’m used to writing for people who are themselves critical of my writing because they’re paying for my services. But the truth of the matter is that your writing doesn’t have to be perfect for your own website. For the most part, people relate quite well to a conversational tone that delivers quality and holds their attention. If you can manage that on a consistent basis, you don’t have to obsess so much over the particulars. Great post, by the way! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I always write like I’m talking to a friend.  It’s my style.  I’ve been writing in a journal since I was 10 years old.  I always wrote like I was talking to my best friend.  From the heart.  Thanks, Mark!  ~ Babs

  3. For the learning process, I agree that wealthy affiliate is just the best place to learn all one will need to learn about making money online as an affiliate. This is a really good post to be honest and you have given good information. Like you, my favourite part of blogging is creating those juicy comments for the readers. It is the write up that will captivate the readers. This post was well written. Nice work!

    1. Yes, John, WA is the best place (and only legitimate place that I’ve found) to learn about this business, and how to make a lot of money doing something you love.  It’s awesome!  Thanks for the nice words, John!  Appreciate it!  ~ Babs

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