What’s Ebates about? All about the Ebates program!

You have probably seen the ads, shop with Ebates and get money back. It’s true – the Ebates program is one of the absolutely best deals out there. It’s a no-brainer. You shop and pay what you would pay and Ebates refunds you part of your purchase. What’s Ebates about? Read all about the Ebates program below!

How much does Ebates cost?

Here is the beautiful thing. Not only is Ebates 100% free to join and maintain, but they actually pay you to join and if you refer a friend. You join the platform, and if you spend $25, you get $10 back and the person who referred you gets $25! That’s pretty exciting.

How does Ebates work?

It’s very simple. You sign up for your free membership. You can sign up with this link below:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Once you sign up, you can take a look at all the current deals. I’m going to show you some of the amazing deals they are offering as of the writing of this article.

The deals are constantly changing, so these deals may be replaced, but this is just for you to see what it’s like inside Ebates! Every time I go to the site, I am just in awe of how much money I can save through their platform. It is incredible. I am also excited about the $25 referral fee. That’s generous! So sign up and start telling your friends.

They even give you a link to post on your Facebook account to tell all your friends about this great opportunity. Think about that – you can post your link and when people sign up and buy their first $25 of items, you get paid $25 and they get reimbursed $10!! Now that’s great!

Ebates Referral Bonus

What's Ebates about

Examples of Cash Back

What's Ebates about



Examples of Travel Cash Back

What's Ebates about


Examples of Double Cash Back

What's Ebates about


This is a free program that gives you money back for shopping and pays you for referrals. It is a no-brainer if you want to save and earn money for no work. This is a reputable company, and I highly recommend you enroll. Here is the link to sign up:


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


As always, your comments and questions are always welcome.  Please feel free to leave them below!

What's Ebates about

Would you like to set up your own free website like this one?  This program will give you two free websites, full hosting and support for them, free training that teaches you how to set them up, and it really is all free.  No credit card or debit card required to sign up.

Check it out:





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  1. Wow, great post.
    I’ve heard of several rebates from shopping such as Swagbucks, but I learned of E-bates just today.
    Thanks for this informative post.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Babs! I had seen the advertisements for ebates on different sites and I think I’ve actually seen a few commercials on tv! I guess I never really paid attention or actually read the ads. I just thought it was another ebay type site. I have a shop page on ebay, can you set up a shop page on ebates also? Or is it for major retail stores? You said that if people you refer buys at least $25 you get $25, how does that work? Sounds like somebody doesn’t get paid for their product or is just that one time? I am guessing it is that one time, kind of like a front end pay-off and then ebates makes money on the return visits. Anyway thank you for the heads-up, I will check it out, my wife will be interested if she doesn’t already know about it!

    1. The way it works is you sign up. When you spend $25 you get a $10 rebate. Then for every person you refer, you get paid (directly from Ebates) $25 once they spend $25 on products on the site. They also get $10 when they spend the $25. This is a one-time deal. That means you only get the $25 one time for that person and they only get the $10 with their first purchase. You can refer as many people as you like and get paid $25 for each one once they spend $25. It’s pretty simple. Ebates is just paying you to refer people. – Babs

  3. Pretty awesome. I buy something and get a cash back.

    How is it if I refer to many people, do I get $25 for every referral that buys at least for $25? 

    Another Question, If I don’t buy anything for the moment, do I still qualify for referral commissions?

    Thanks for the valuable information 🙂

    1. If your referral spends $25, you get $25 and they get $10.  Great deal.  If you don’t buy anything, you are still eligible for referral money.

  4. Ebates is an incredible site that has stood the test of time,  It has changed through the years but still always comes out on top. 

    I was an affiliate of Ebates years ago and at that point I used to make 5 dollars a referral,  Back then I was making hundreds of dollars every month just in referrals.  Back then they didnt even have to spend money,

    I might look into Ebates again and promoting it.

    Feel free to email me and tell me more about how it works now and how much money people are making.

  5. I thought your article was pretty cool! I got excited and commented straight on your article! I mentioned it to my wife and she said she had joined ebates awhile back but never went back. She told me it was a pretty good site and definitely worth joining. She said she just hasn’t had a chance to go back. She said she also didn’t know about getting the $25 referral payment. I will definitely check that out! Thank you for letting people know about this… great article!

  6. Just started trying Ebates about 2 weeks ago, not a lot to tell yet. It does seem to be legit, haven’t really bought anything yet, but it does pop up and tell me that I can save a certain amount, each time I shop/look at anything. I am looking forward to getting some money back on stuff I would be buying anyway.

  7. It looks like it is a good program to sign up to, I have heard of Ebates before, just never used it. $25 per referral is good as well as the $10 they get. As they say every penny helps and with these kind of programs, you can save a lot of money over a year.

  8. I have heard about this program and I really like that it’s free and that fact that one can recieve $25 for every refferal that signs up through me after i join.  Do I have that right??

    The only problem I might have is that, (I believe), all the shopping is done online and I don’t know if my favorite places would even be supported by Ebates.  Of course, if I joined, I would be able to find out, wouldn’t I?

    The commercials make Ebates sound like a great option but don’t people run the risk of increasing their debt load if they are not careful?  They have people that testify to making $600+.  What is the time frame involved and how much did they have to spend and how much of that was money earned from “Referals”?

    I think it would have to be one of those things where you should “Know your limits and stay within it”.

    What do you Think?


    1. You can spend money to attract people anywhere, but I am a big believer in building it for organic searches.  So I would not spend money to draw people to Ebates.  If they like the idea, they sign up and if they spend $25, I get $25.  It’s a pretty easy program.  People will spend what they spend, regardless of Ebates, but it’s a way to get money back when you do shop.  It is pretty much mostly online, but in my article I do show a few examples of stores you can shop at.

  9. Any site that offers cash back is always appreciated. Been able to shop with your money and then given back some percent of that money is just amazing. I have witnessed several sites that offers cash backs and I like the way their company operates. 

    It’s like they are giving you free money. Just amazing.

  10. Wow I have heard about Ebates but was just skeptical about what it really was. Sounds great thought especially the rebates on travel that can really add up to some decent savings. Thank you for sharing!!!

  11. Hey Babs! I have never heard of EBates before but now that I know about it, I will make sure to join and do the best out of my shopping. My question is: Does eBates work in United Arab Emirates?


  12. Great post. I’ve see the ads for ebates, but honestly I just haven’t spent time investigating it at all. I didn’t realize how much you could earn, especially on referrals. If I add all that up, it’s quite an impressive amount of money. $25 on referrals just to sign up, wow. 

    That’s great. And you get rebate as you use the solution. 

    1. I mean, if you’re shopping anyway and need something, why not do it through Ebates and get money back, right?  It seems silly not to!

  13. Thank you for this article. I was actually looking in to Ebates today as I’m writing about making money online. This was very helpful to see what kind of deals they offer.
    Thank you!

  14. Thank you for creating this post! I’ve been meaning to sign up for Ebates for a while now, but it’s something I keep forgetting about since I haven’t made shopping via Ebates a habit, despite shopping online constantly.

    I might as well earn a commission back if I’m shopping anyway, and I’ve heard such good things about Ebates.  It’s reputable.  thanks again!

  15. I do have Ebates account but somehow I always forget that I have it lol. I have to be more productive and browse through ebayes from now on. Have you heard about slickdeals? Slickdeals is also very good as well I score something good on that. Do you use Ebates often? Maybe I’ll refer to my friends and make some money, didn’t know that you get some money that way as well. Great review. Happy holidays

    1. Oh, and happy holidays to you as well.  I have not heard of slickdeals, but I will check it out!  I love Ebates.  It’s a great program.  -Babs

  16. Incredible, I get paid while shopping. I’m loving this, I’ll sign up now but what if I choose not to shop do I still get referral bonuses when I refer people. $25 is a very incredible offer.

    Is it open to anyone from any country or just limited to US residents.

    1. It is my understanding that you don’t have to shop to get the bonus.  I do know a reader told me he was unable to get it in the EU.  Not sure about other countries as I am in the USA.   -Babs

  17. Hey Babs,

    You really have shared an amazing program. You get paid to shop.

    I was thinking to refer my husband and he spends $25.00 and I earn $25 and he gets back $10. Meaning he spent actually $15. I refer my daughter. Exact scenario. Overall my daughter spend $15 like my husband. I get another $25 referring my daughter again. 

    Meaning in my 3-member family we spent $30 (15+15) and got $50.00. Am I right? Not bad. 

    1. You sign up your husband and he spends $25, you get that back – $0 spent.  He gets $10. so you’re up $10.00.  You actually make $10. for each of the referrals if they are in your family.  Pretty cool, right?  Getting PAID to shop!!!

  18. I never pass up a chance to be thrifty.  I’ve tried other similar programs but, there were too many steps and details which instantly made me feel that I was wasting time instead of saving money.

    Ebates has evolved over the years, in a good way in my opinion, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one taking my consumer power to the next level! 

  19. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Ebates.I was reading this post and felt interested bt Ebates,As many people are looking for this opportunity of making money online,Ebates seem to be the one they could try.

    This is a good way of earning money online.Some opportunities like this are found in Europe or America.Can it be found in Africa too?

    1. The EU doesn’t allow it I’ve heard, but I don’t know about Africa.  All I can say is give it a whirl!  Good luck!   -Babs

  20. Hi Babs, wow I’d actually never heard of Ebates, but that’s probably as I’ve spent so much time offline over the past few years I am now trying to catch up! Sounds like a complete no brainer to me and something I would absolutely sign up to and infact just tried but as I am in the UK the new EU personal data laws mean that we can’t use the site at the moment. Fingers cross this changes, another EU law to complain about. Thanks again for the article though I will keep popping back to see if things change

  21. This sounds too good to be true!  How do they manage to pay out the same amount someone paid in and pay the person who referred them too?  If you do the maths, they would be running at a loss rather than a profit, so who is losing out?

    Is this available worldwide or are there some limitations for certain countries?

    I’d like to try this opportunity, but don’t know if it would be worth my while.

    Looking forward to your answers.


    1. I know, right?  I guess by going through them to buy, they get paid by the merchants, so it’s worth it to them to pay a referral fee for each new member.  As far as the other countries, that I don’t know, unfortunately.  It’s a very reputable company, so go ahead and take advantage of the $25 while they are still offering it!!  Nothing to lose there, since it’s free to join and you get paid every time you shop!

  22. Pretty generous, you always have a discount so that is pretty amazing! And to get 25$ for every friend is really cool! Would like to go through the site and see how different labels i would get discount and how much!  Its amazing think how much i could save for Christmas!

  23. Ebates is awesome, but I always forget to use it. I need to be better as I’ve probably missed out on a lot of money back! I have friends that use it religiously and it really seems to pay off for them.

    The only downside is…if I’m making money on ebates, that means I’m spending money to begin with LOL. But it’s awesome if it’s money you need to spend regardless! thanks for the great review.

    1. That is very true, Holly, lol!  I know, myself, I definitely get caught up in “deals” like I’m saving money, when in reality I’d be spending $0 if I didn’t buy the item.  Ha ha.  -Babs

  24. Very informative article on Ebates. I’ve never heard of this program before. It definitely sounds worthwhile, and it’s generous they pay $25.00 for a referral. It makes sense that the deals are constantly changing. 

    Of course, it’s amazing that it’s free to join, and what’s better than getting paid for shopping?! I will be checking out Ebates for sure.

    Thank you!

  25. Thank you for this article. It was really informative and thorough artcle. I myself enjoy shopping more then anything and I try to find discounted rates. This website is definitely respectable in the industry and joining is free. Not only that but you are offered a discount when purchasing and also you can earn from reffering people.

    This is a no brainer. I am joining this amazing opportunity.


  26. Hey Babs

    I’ve seen the ads for Ebates but actually never met anybody using the site, till now.  I find it’s always best to get personal recommendations and your review comes as close its got. 

    I trust your site, so I’m going to give it a try.  Thanks for great information as always!


  27. I have heard about Ebates but, wow! it is the first time I know what is Ebates about. It sounds incredible, I will try by your link, then I will be your referral, right? And after all it is free, wow! I didn’t know before that good thing about Ebates. Thank you Babs 😊

  28. Hi Babs, I enjoyed reading your post and have to admit I’ve never heard of the Ebates program.  You’ve introduced me to something that appears to be exciting.

    It’s incredible to learn that a business will pay money back to people who make a purchase,

    From what you say, it appears that Ebates is not an affiliate program?  I take it that Ebates is solely a membership program and the benefits come only by referring someone to the program.

    I understand from your post that Ebates is a reputable company.  The only downside I see for myself is that I’m not particularly active in the field of social media and I believe I would need to build a strong following to get value from Ebates. 

    Also, I am wondering if Ebates if available worldwide, or is it specifically for residents of the United States of America?

    1. If you shop and have friends who shop, it’s a perfect program for you.  You get refunds on purchases, and you get money if you refer and your referral buys something and uses their Ebates.  I have no idea if it is available outside the U.S.  I’m pretty sure it’s not available in all countries, but which ones, I’d say just give it a try.   – Babs

  29. Hey Babs! Thanks for this review on ebates. It’s actually not the first time I see an article on this product, but never took the time to register on their website. I currently live in Chile. Do you think I can still benefit from ebates? By the way, for an obscure reason, I cannot click on the link you provided for Ebates on your images. When I try, it shows me a popup saying “ALERT: Content is protected!!” Do you know what’s going on?

    1. You cannot right click on the page, it doesn’t allow it, but you can left click (pointer finger) to go directly to the ebates signup page.

  30. I must say that I like this article primarily because it is great to know that you can earn some extra money from Ebates. I surely know some of my friends who would sign up and I will sign up immediatetly. Thanks a lot for sharing such great platform. I did not heard about it so far.

    1. Over the Christmas season, I ordered a lot of photos from the online 1-hour photo lab at Walmart, and Ebates popped up and gave me 10% back on all my pictures.  Whoot!  It’s free and gives you money – say what?  Sign up!  No reason not to!!

  31. This Is amazing topic. I actually was looking at this the other week because I was looking for great ideas  for working online this is very helpful information it inform  me on things I had no clue about . I’m still new to this whole website thing but I hope to succeed and become great at it

    1. No hoping about it – if you follow the proven process and give it the required time, you will become great at it!  Best of luck to you!  Let me know if you need anything at all!

  32. Wow, another great article Babs.  I’ve used Ebates before but never thought of using it for referrals.  This is a great workaround at not being approved by a particular affiliate program, due to your site being to new (that happened to me).  I’m definitely heading to ebates and start doing this.  Thanks!

    1. What you want to do is to get a lot of content built first before you start affiliate marketing.  The companies want to see what your site is about and read through your articles before they commit their products to your care.  Build about 20 pages and then you can apply.  Start with Amazon.  Just be sure to read through the affiliate agreement – they do have a lot of rules and you definitely don’t want to break them.  – Babs

  33. Hi Babs,

    I have signed up for ebates before but did not take advantage of the many deals and opportunities it has. I noticed from your article that there are a ton of deals and they are always changing – which is good because sometimes I don’t know what I’m looking to shop, especially for gifts, holidays and Christmas. I have to tell my family and friends about it. Thanks for sharing this info.

  34. Wow it’s really a no brainer it’s almost unbelievable. I mean there are so many ways you can make this work in your favor especially if you have a large group of friends or family. I still don’t fully believe it, but I will go give it a try and see what happens. 

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