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What’s with Elementor Pro? Part 1 – View videos of features!

You want to have a beautiful, creative website that captures your readers’ attention? Right?  Articles that connect you to your readers and keep them coming back!  Look no further! What’s with Elementor Pro? It’s a step up and out from the regular free Elementor plugin, and it’s worth every single penny! Let me show you why! 

Why you need Elementor Pro

Why are you working so hard on your website?  Is it a hobby, or are you really trying to provide information and have people enjoy reading it.  Maybe you’re trying to monitize your site and make money from your blog.

Regardless, I can bet you aren’t writing for just yourself.  I have to believe you really care about what you’re writing on your site, and that you would like people to read it.

So what’s with Elementor Pro?  I’m about to show you all the really cool things you can do with this one little inexpensive plugin to wow your readers and keep them reading your blog and coming back for more.  So, below you’re going to see a few of the features of the Elementor Pro plugin!  Take a look at some of the cool features here.  Check out Part 2 of this article for other features as well:

Animated Headline Widget

Blockquote Widget

Call to Action Widget

Countdown Widget

Facebook Comments Widget

Facebook Page Widget

Flip Box Widget

Want to see more cool features?

If you like what you’re seeing here, go ahead and check out my next article (Part 2), which will give you even more cool features of the Elementor Pro Plugin.  I will be showing you these features next:

Order Elementor Pro today

Elementor Pro is only $49 for a whole year for one website!  See below for other plans!

from $49/year

Get all the amazing features shown here and in part 2

Want to set up your own free blog website?

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  1. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Elementor Pro which does seem to add a lot of features to your blog that makes it appear more professional looking.

    The way you laid it out in short video clips is perfect and informative. I absolutely love the fact that it’s only $49 for the whole year. Although I’m only a beginner as far as blogging goes so I’m not sure I want to pay for anything before I make money. But thank you for taking the time to do this article, I might come back to try it later on.

    1. Oh, yes, I understand that.  There are a lot of programs, but focus on getting the basics set up and making money.  Come back when you’re ready!  ~ Babs

  2. This would be a great program to be combined with click funnels or other webinar programs. Can you use this program to create a funnel in its entirety or is it just a way to create elements of what you need to generate click through and traffic? What other programs do you use along with this to grow your business?

    1. You can use this on any of your posts or landing pages on your WordPress site!  I also love the Designrr ebook creator to capture emails.  I have an amazing deal on that one.  It’s normally a monthly charge, but for a limited time you can get the program for a $27 lifetime fee.  DESIGNRR

  3. Seriously, this is cool. Though I’m still very crude when it comes to issues concerning niche websites and stuff but the features highlighted about this elementor part 1 here in this post through the videos seems very cool to me coupled with the price of just 49$ per year. This is going to be a great deal. Waiting for the part 2

  4. I’ve read a few reviews on Elementor in the past on various blogs and they’ve all been positive. While I haven’t used the plugin myself, I do like what I’ve seen from your video snippets below. I especially like the Call to Action and Facebook commenting ones, as I believe these will go a long way in generating traffic and keeping readers. 

  5. I have heard about this plugin sometime last year when I was learning how to design websites and I kind of found interesting to though I Haven’t really tried it out on any of my designs but a friend who did said it was simple to use. But one very interesting thing about the product is the high amount of pages sections libraries they have to pick from. 

  6. Hi, Great post. I have just downloaded Elementor, to give it a try as I am not over impressed with Guttenberg, so your post was of particular interest to me. I was not aware that the program was so expansive, and so i can’t wait to get playing with it.

    Loved the post and I also love your site so much that i have bookmarked it for a much more thorough look through (if i ever give myself the time).

  7. There is a lot of information about “Elementor Pro” you want to share with your readers. The contents are rich and informative, it includes videos and inform people of what’s coming in part 2. Who need to buy this tool? If they already have other plugins, what different does this plugin have which others do not have?

    1. I have never found a plugin like this. It has so many cool features, and for a one-time annual fee, you just can’t really beat it. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Avery! ~ Babs

  8. I’ve used the Free Elementor plug in and it’s really limited, so I’ve been looking into upgrading to the paid version but wasn’t ready to take the plunge before finding out how it works.

    My favorite feature here is the fact that you can animate your headers to make them stand out. I know for a fact many people choose whether to read an article or not based on a header alone!

    Realistically $49 isn’t to bad for the whole year, and out of curiosity do they offer a lifetime option by chance? I think that would be really cool because then I don’t have to worry about a yearly charge.

    Can’t wait to see the next part to see more features!

  9. Elementor Pro is a great investment and it makes creating innovative web pages that have a professional look and feel that is hard to beat for the price you pay. I have used quite a few page builders over the past 4 years, and this is one of the best and also is one of the easiest to use.

    I know that there are free builders out there or even themes that have some nice looking pages, and these may do as you are getting started with online marketing, no matter the market segment, but there will come a time when you need the power that Elementor Pro provides.

    For my money and time (which is also a valuable asset that we must carefully manage) this is the solution to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to building functional and nice looking pages quickly and easily. The features you mention are but the tip of the iceberg once you get inside, you are limited only by your imagination. 

    When I suggest a few page builder tools for my followers, this is right at the top of my list, and your article shows why that is the case. Readers should have no hesitation if they are looking at upgrading to Elementor Pro, they are getting a very good deal at the price.    

    1. It is really true that Elementor Pro is well worth a mere $49 for a whole year.  It’s literally amazing.  I love it.  Thank you for your comment!  ~ Babs

  10. I recently bought a premium theme called Divi which have features that are similar to Elementor Pro. The price of the theme is above $80 and at first, I thought it’s worth the deal. But then, after using the theme, I realized that I only need the features provided by Divi in creating a home page or landing page and the rest of the features are just unnecessary.

    After reading this article and watching the videos about Elementor Pro, I got a little feeling of regret. Instead of availing of that expensive subscription with Divi, I should have brought Elementor Pro Plugin for just $49 a year. That’s a huge savings, almost half. 

    1. Well, Gomer, it’s already spent, so enjoy the Divi for now.  If you ever set up a new site, now you know that you can get these great features for a lot less.  ~ Babs

  11. Hi
    Nice article I really must say. I have a good experience of Elementor pro. After reading your article I search it on google. And I found some information.
    Elementor Pro is an extension of Elementor, which empowers you with vast professional tools that speed up your workflow and design. Elementor Pro main points are: Theme Builder lets you customize every part of your theme. Visually design forms and integrate them seamlessly.
    I’ll share this article with my friends and parents.

    1. Great.  The best way to learn is to use the plugin.  You can use the free version, which has some awesome features, or you can use the pro, which has even more cool features.  Either way, it will make your content more interesting and fun!  ~ Babs

  12. Hi! Babs,

    Your website is full with high quality content. To me, the biggest problem is to put the puzzle of affliate marketing.  You have all the information on the website that can give us an introduction to a particular topic. SEO and Jaxxy, I have had problems with rankings. I think you are experienced enough to give lessons on this confusing subject.

    I was very interested with Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate. I did the Eight Week course with Clickbank University . I even have the Awaber autoresponder. Since I am not using it I am paying very minimal per month. I have a clickbank builder but I can’t put the puzzle together.  

    I also realized that I needed to Join Wealthy Affiliate so that I could learn the basics first. I figured it out that I could put links on my website advertising the products on Clickbank. 

    I have bookmarked your website so that i can read more.

    Once again, thanks for putting up this vital information for starters and us who have some experience in Affiliate marketing.

    I will be in touch.

    Best regards


    1. It sounds like you are on your way.  It does take time for the search engines to find you and rank you and name you an authority.  Just keep working.  It sounds like you are following all the steps.  Are you in the Super Affiliate challenge in the Wealthy Affiliate program?  ~ Babs

  13. So that’s how people make website edits so easily, with Elementor! I have heard about it for some time now but I never really understood how it worked until I saw your videos. This solves 99% of all my worries when creating a website, and to think I’ve been blogging for 4 years now. You’re a blessing for sharing this with us Babs thanks! 

    Does it work with every theme?

    1. No, it does not, but when you go to new plugins, it will say under it if it works with your current theme.  ~ Babs

  14. Awesome blog post. This is really helpful. I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Elementor Pro which does seem to add a lot of features to your blog that makes it appear more professional looking. After reading this article and watching the video about Elementor Pro, I got a little feeling of regret. The way you laid it out in short video clips is perfect and informative. Realistically $49 isn’t too bad for the whole year, and out of curiosity do they offer a lifetime option by chance?
    Once again, thanks for putting up this vital information for starters and us who have some experience in Affiliate marketing. I might come back to try it later on.

    1. I hope you don’t feel regret!  No need!  You can get the Elementor Pro and use it for your posts going forward.  You always want to be improving your content, so no worries.  The $49 is for one full year, but I know of no lifetime purchase option.  ~ Babs

  15. Wow, the elementary pro is really great, it is the dream of every website owner to have a very tasty website and have cool content. I think this tool is really great. I’m really grateful to you because I prefer learning through videos than reading long blog posts.

    For just $49 per year, I think it’s a really great tool that I can use, but as a starter I think I’ll relax for a while since I haven’t decided what niche I’d like to dive into…I’ll be back though when I finally start my own website. Thanks for such great post

  16. Hi Babs, What a great post.  I love the animation of Elementor pro and what you can do with this.  I am pretty amazed at how captivating it really is. Your post shows how professional and creative we can be when building a website for an affiliate marketing business.    I will definitely look at getting this once I start to make some money from my own website.  This is the best.  Thank you for sharing.  Cheers

    1. Yes, I understand that you want to make money to spend money, but sometimes in order to make money you need to invest, and I definitely recommend Elementor Pro.  It’s a really inexpensive investment for all that the program offers you in the way of creating captivating content, which is indeed the name of the game.  ~ Babs

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