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What’s with Elementor Pro – Part 2 – View the features here!

In part 1 of this two-part Elementor article, I share with you several of the features of this amazing plugin.  In this Part 2 of the article, I’ll be showing you some more amazing features.  What I do is test the plugin, screen capture it on video and display it for you so you can see it in real time.  I’ll be share several features with you as follows:

I went over several of the design elements that are available within the Elementor Pro widget in Part 1 of this two-part article.  If you would like to see the elements I discuss in Part 1, you can do so here:

What's with Elementor Pro - Part 1

Why you need Elementor Pro

If you have your own blog website, you are probably working like crazy on your content, presenting information to your readers in the hopes of educating them on your niche.  Perhaps you’re affiliate marketing on your blog as well, attempting to make some money from it.  

Capturing the attention of your readers, keeping them on your page and coming back is paramount to your success!  You don’t want another dry, boring website that people click off of as soon as they get there, right?  That’s why you need Elementor Pro.  Wait until you see how cool this WordPress plugin is!

Form Widget

Contact forms are a great way to connect with your readers, and the Elementor Pro form widget is top of the line.  You can customize it in a lot of different ways.  You can add backgrounds, you can give it hover features, change the shape and size, and of course customize all the questions.

Media Carousel Widget

With this widget, you can showcase some of your favorite articles which will rotate for your readers.  It is a unique and fun way to display other material on your site.

Portfolio Widget

This is another widget that you can use to showcase other articles.  I really like using this widget when I have a multi-part series.  If I’m writing an article as part of a 3-part series – part 2 for example, I will showcase parts 1 and 3 in the portfolio widget.

Price List Widget

This is great if you are affiliate marketing various products on your site.  You can show a picture of the item, the price and a description.  It’s a very professional way to display your products.

Slides Widget

What I really enjoy about the Elementor Pro plugin is that it makes your site interesting, and it gives you a lot of options for display.  You can change the colors, and link to whatever you want.  You can link to outside articles or ones on your own website.  

Why creative content is important

I did touch on this subject above.  When you want people to read your blog, you must be seen in order to do that.  The way your site is seen is through search engine optimization.

That’s a fancy way to say you must please the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  If they deem your content to be relevant and important, they will reveal your site in their results when people search for your keywords.

The keywords I’ve focused on in this article are:  “What’s with Elementor Pro?”  Therefore, when people search this term in the search engines, I am trying to ensure that they show my website in the results.  I focus on providing excellent, relevant, timely information in an interesting way to my readers so the search engines like my site.

I wrote an article about content and search engine optimization, and you should take a moment and read it now. It’s important that you fully understand this concept:

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Born in Texas, raised in upstate New York, I have been marketing for my entire adult life.I have decided to share all the information I have gathered on what works in affiliate marketing, and what doesn't because I want to let the world know that working online gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and that is exactly what I do!

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  1. I definitely like what I’m seeing here regarding Elementor Pro. To me, it makes your site come to life, with the widgets being offered. I actually like all three of them (carousel, slide, and portfolio). It appears to be far better than simply a static page or even static blog article with still images. The more life your blog has, the more pleasing it appears to the reader’s eyes.  

    1. Oh, I agree.  I look back at my old blog posts and I think they’re boring compared to my new ones.  I’m so excited about Elementor Pro!  ~ Babs

  2. Thanks for all the information about this plug-in. I’ve heard of it, but wasn’t sure it’d be a good fit for me. I love how you compiled everything into easy to understand videos. I’m going to be checking out this one a bit more after I revamp my theme more. Thanks for reminding me about this one! 

  3. Part 2, yaay! You got me at the portfolio, I was looking everywhere on how to add that, so cool to know that Elementor has that option too! I’m taking baby steps and learning slowly on how to edit and your videos helped a lot. I’m on trial but I’ll get into Pro soon. Thanks for sharing this, you rock Babs! Hope you keep making more vids 😀

    1. You rock, too, Riaz, for taking the time to stop by and comment!  I’m so glad you’re enjoying my series!  Thanks!  ~ Babs

  4. I’ve been working on my blog for over 3 months. I am still new to this but I am quite interested in this plug-in. Should I put this or should I focus on adding content before working on this plug-in? I really want to be successful in this as fast as possible so I would like to try anyway I can to boost my chances 

    1. I would attach it now and continue writing content using the plugin.  It’s just so cool, and your posts will come to life.  I wish I had had it a long time ago.  ~ Babs

  5. Hey,

    I discovered Elementor not too long ago and it really blew my mind. When I discovered it, I was struggling to change the shape of my website in a way that looked professional and interactive. It wasn’t working at all, until I discovered the Elementor plugin. I can only agree and recommend it to anyone who wants to fully customize their website.

    Would you recommend the paid plans as well?

    1. Yes, I used the free for a while, but then I went with the paid because it was cheap for a whole year, and I just liked the features of the paid version and wanted them for my site.  ~ Babs

  6. After reading your article I have benefited greatly.You discuss in your article about Elementor Pro. You also said many Widgets.That is Form, Media Carousel, Portfolio, Price List, Slides. You are sharing your opinion and provide many tips and guidelines. That’s really amazing. After reading your article i have learned in this topics clearly. So, Thank you very much for sharing your article.

  7. Hello Babs. Now that saw this elementor pro plugin it reminded of some pages i have seen with it. It looks really nice. For now i’m using a common theme and standard plugins but i won’t use them forever. So it’s nice to come across something that will make my website look better and more professional.

    I have heard about this plugin quite a lot but didn’t have a visual. It’s definitely a ticket i should buy in the future. Thanks for sharing it with us, can’t wait to see what other things are there to make your website better. Cheers

  8. I have the Elementor plugin on my one blog Logos and Simplicity. I needed a way to showcase my portfolio for logos and other artwork. The plugin gave me a clean way to showcase and sort my designs. The Elementor plugin works really well but I realize now that I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this plugin is capable of. The slide feature seems really cool and I feel like it would attract viewers eyes for a longer period of time.

    Bookmarked the page and can’t wait to learn more.

    1. Yes, I totally agree.  I think when you can provide great information in an interesting way, you do keep people longer, and that is key for a lot of reasons, including SEO.  ~ Babs

  9. Love your website!  I love the videos!  I know just exactly what the plug-in does by watching the short videos.  It will be worth trying out just for the custom forms.  I also like the ad carousel.  I have so many ads that I want to put on my site, but don’t really have enough room in the widget column.  A carousel makes a lot of sense.  Like it all.  Thanks for the comprehensive and informative post.  RhondaLeigh 

    1. The Elementor Pro is just the most amazing and fun tool I’ve purchased to date!  I love it!  ~ Babs

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