What’s with Mr. Rebates? How does it work exactly?

As a mentor and a coach, people often ask me about new programs, and that’s good because I can then share these programs with you, my readers and students. So one of my readers asked me, “What’s with Mr. Rebates?” Now, I had just began researching Mr. Rebates a while ago and had requested an affiliate agreement with the network they are part of, so I was already compiling the information to bring to you, and here is what I have on how the Mr. Rebates program works!

The history of Mr. Rebates

This company began in 2002. The purpose of this company is to provide a way for people to save money when they shop online through the Mr. Rebates platform.  The customer will receive cash back rebates on specific purchases. There are literally thousands of stores to choose from. It’s incredible the selection of stores, and they are always adding stores to their rebate system!

They provide cash back deals and also coupons. I give some examples below for you to look at what is currently being offered at the time of this writing.

How does the program work?

So the way it works is Mr. Rebates negotiates with online retailers and these retailers pay Mr. Rebates a commission to refer people to online sales at their stores. Mr. Rebates then pays the majority of that commission to the customers. That’s the rebate you will get for buying through the Mr. Rebates platform. How cool is that?

Not only that, but they also give out online coupons (and pretty awesome ones, too – take a look below at some examples). These are always changing and growing, so you’ll have an opportunity to save on your favorite online purchases. It’s so easy to use and so lucrative when you save so much money on purchases you were going to make anyway!

How to get a rebate from Mr. Rebates

All you have to do is go into the link for the store you want to shop at in the Mr. Rebates platform. You must make your purchase through the store link to get your rebate. When you click on the link for that store, Mr. Rebates will activate a specific code for you in that store’s shopping cart, and you will receive the credit for the rebate.

You must click through the Mr. Rebates platform to get your rebate because that click is what generates your unique code for the rebate. If you are making more than one purchase, then make sure you have a different and separate store click for each of your orders.

The rebates you receive will be posted in your Mr. Rebates account within a few days of ordering. They do not appear in the shopping cart when you are making your purchase.

How quickly do you get your rebate?

Depending on the individual merchant and their policy, most of the orders get reported back to Mr. Rebates in a very short time from the shipment date or order date (this does depend on each merchant and their individual policy). Most of the time, the rebates are applied within one to three business days, but oftentimes it is earlier than that.

Most orders are reported in a short time from either the ship date or order date depending on merchant policy. On average, rebates get credited within 1-3 business days (sometimes earlier) from the order date or the ship date.

Please note that it can take up to 30 days for the merchant to report the sale to Mr. Rebates, but that is the exception, not the rule.

Examples of deals on Mr. Rebates:

I snagged a picture from inside my Mr. Rebates account so I can show you what types of deals they are offering right now. These deals vary, so once you sign up, you’ll have access to all the current deals and coupons offered at the time. These are always changing.

What's with Mr. Rebates

Examples of coupons offered through Mr. Rebates

Here is a picture I snagged from inside my Mr. Rebates account showing some of the coupons offered at this time on the platform. Just like with the cash-back deals, these are always changing. Once you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to see all the deals they are currently offering.

Here are some coupon deals they are offering right now for you to see:

What's with Mr. Rebates

How to sign up for this great program

Go ahead and click this cute picture below, and you’ll be taken to the sign-up page. It’s totally free to join, so you have everything to gain by signing up. We all shop online, so why not save some money while we’re doing it, right?

Here you go:

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I look very forward to hearing from you!


What's with Mr. Rebates





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  1. Thanks for writing this article. I had seen this before elsewhere and wasn’t completely clear on how it all worked. I do have a question: So these rebates aren’t like coupon codes are they? With coupon codes you apply the discount instantly to your shopping cart to get the savings. You mention that with this platform you can expect the rebate in a number of days. So how does the process work exactly? You pay full price and get a redemption code to turn in and redeem maybe?

    1. You pay full price and the credit is applied to your Mr. Rebates account and then you can get the money from them.  It’s not applied at the time of purchase, that is correct.

  2. Mr Rebates Now this is one I have never heard of.  Online shopping is so lucrative these days that any time we can save anything it turns out to be a great deal.  I had a business years ago online where I did something like this.  I did all the homework and found coupon codes for anything from pillows to cell phones.

    I had a great business with finding eBay codes.  I had thousands of people a day coming to my website looking for the coupons I was supplying.  In return I was getting up to 10 grand a month in income from people using their codes but going to eBay through my links.

    Unfortunately eBay decided they didn’t need affiliates like that any more so just like nthat over night my income was gone.

    I guess that was kind of a rant but sites like this are great.  Thank you for a great review.


    1. Oh, Dale, that had to be heartbreaking for you to put so much stock into something just to have it literally disappear on you, I’m so sorry.  I hope you didn’t have all your eggs in one basket.  – Babs

  3. This is the first that I have heard abouot the Mr. Rebates cash-back shopping program. It seems similar to others that I have seen, and it appears to be worthy of consideration. The rebate amounts are considerable based on the sample coupon page you included in the review.

    I note that you mention there are affiliate programs associated with some of the reviews that you publish. Is this the case with Mr. Rebates as well? Because the program offers good size rebates, I am sure that many online shoppers would be interested in signing up (and spending their money). As an affiliate, that means it is interesting for us too.

    From the perspective of an affiliate marketer, do you think such a program is worthwhile to sign up for? As a consumer, I definitely see the value of Mr. Rebates with the discounts. Is there a long approval process or is it rather quick? I always like to know the terms and conditions of course, and these will determine whether it is worth my while.

    Thanks for the excellent and clear review, I definitely learned a lot from your effort! I always like to read about above-board opportunities to make money online, and this seems like a good and legitimate one! This actually is a new affiliate avenue that I had not considered to now. Good information! 

    1. If you are a member of shareasale, they have Mr. Rebates in their merchants and you have to apply to Mr. Rebates through them.  – Babs

  4. This sounds like a pretty straightforward way to save money when shopping online. 

    I was also impressed by the fact that your article is the result of both listening to the questions of your readers and also doing your own research on Mr. Rebates even before that. That shoes dedication and integrity in helping people.


  5. I have never heard of this before. It sounds very interesting. One think I am not sure of is how you get the discount. You purchase the product, pay full amount? and then they send you money back? or do you get a discount code for next purchase?

    1. You go through the Mr. Rebates site to the merchant site. You get your rebate through the Mr. Rebates program after the merchant pays Mr. Rebates the commission. You get the money back.

  6. Hi Babs,

    This is a nice article, your site looks great, and you did a fantastic job on the review. I’ve never heard about this program before, but it has stirred up my curiosity to learn more about it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is the first time I heard about Mr Rebates. Is this program available outside of the US? I live in New Zealand and this kind of new to me as an online concept although I am very interested to how it works. Thank you for sharing this new information.

  8. Well needed . I think people pay way too much or being over taxed on a lot of things in the first place . Yes I’ve used this and it actually works and it am truly impressed and thankful that something like this exist because we are in times where things are way to expensive for nothing and getting money back as much as possible really does help a family out somewhere around the world

  9. Hello,

    I find it very interesting to take advantage of the important discounts of the company you are promoting. 

    According to what you explain is required to enter the platform and once inside open the link of the store we want to make the purchase. 

    The company will then provide us with a unique code that will be the rebate that we will receive days after the purchase. 

    All very clear, you will hear from me soon.

    Regards!! Claudio

  10. I may need to check them out! This sounds like a great program for people who like to shop online. It not only benefits the customer by getting cash back, but also by offering coupons as well. I am always looking for ways to save money and this seems like an easy way to do that.

  11. Thank you for your informative article.  It sounds to me like your Mr. Rebates is a win-win situation.  As you say, we are all involved in shopping on the internet these days, and if we can get cash back or coupons for our purchases, how good is that?  It seems that this is a good program, and I thank you for doing the research to find something that we might never see. 

  12. Interesting I have never heard of Mr. Rebates before. I have always used coupon sites to get money off a purchase, but this sounds much better. At least it seems so. The rebate I get will applied to purchase or will I actually make sort of an income. If so how do I refer others to this? I’m always looking to create money somehow. 

    1. It’s a rebate and coupon, both.  So the rebates Mr. Rebates gives you back money from their commission and the coupons come off directly at time of purchase.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of Mr. Rebates, you would have to join the shareasale network and then apply through that program.  Here is the information on joining shareasale:   JOIN SHAREASALE AFFILIATE NETWORK

  13. I had never heard of Mr Rebates, Babs, until I read your article.

    It sounds like a great resource and their business model is clearly a great win-win-win.

    The retailer wins by getting more customers, the customer wins by getting cheaper product and Mr Rebates wins by keeping some of the rebate as a commission for facilitating the whole thing.

    I’ll be joining up and checking out the stores.

    Just wish I’d known about this before Christmas, rather than just after.

    Ah well, only 360 days until next Christmas 🙂

    1. Plenty of time to shop all year for next Christmas and then you can relax and enjoy the holidays instead of hurrying to get last-minute gifts!  Win-win-win for you too!!!!!

  14. I like this post, simple, easy to comprehend and straight to the point,thou I just heard about Mr rebates (I think in your last post) and next time am ready to shop online I will follow that link to try it out, About the rebate platform, how fast is the delivery of products and does it has special bonus for  referrals  in case you want to invite your friends

    1. The delivery of products is up to the merchant per their usual platform.  Mr. Rebates has nothing to do with the individual merchant websites and product delivery.  If you want to do a referral program, you would have to become an affiliate of theirs through the shareasale network.  You can get all the information here:  SHAREASALE AFFILIATE INFORMATION

  15. I have been using Mr Rebates for a while now, and I have saved a lot of money I would’ve spent shopping online. They truly provide good deals and refer you to some of the best online stores out there, and with their coupons, you could also get the chance to earn some percentage off the the product you want to buy.

  16. Great review about Mr Rebates. This is my first time of knowing about the site but I think I will like to join. Since one will not pay any money. I will like to know IG there is no country barriers? Then until one orders for products when you can be thinking on of making any money from the platform?

    Thanks very much, Babs!

    1. I am not aware of country limitations, but all I can say is give it a try and see.  There’s no cost – only a gain if your country is in.  – Babs

  17. I had actually just recently heard about Mr. Rebates. It looks like a really cool thing to check out and could really save a good amount of money. I saw some of the brands that you posted in screenshots and decided to check out a bit more for myself on their site. Looks like they have a pretty nice assortment of retailers on there, Amazon being clutch. Thanks for writing this article!

  18. I love this. I am an avid couponer myself and I also have signed up on other rebate programs out there which are great. Here’s another one i can set my eyeballs in lol. I love saving every penny I could so why not. Will definitely check out this rebate platform and have fun with it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  19. Wow Mr. Rebates sounds like a cool and yet very useful platform for anyone who loves shopping. I’m really flattered by the coupons available in Rebates platforms. Most of them are where I shop and I can really use those coupons and not just that you also get cash backs. How awesome is this.

    Thank you for sharing this with us

  20. Hello Babs,

    Thanks for this article. I am all about saving money in whatever way I can and I found this article a great source. I think this is a very neat system. I will indeed check it out as soon as I am finished reading. My question – the rebates, is there a limit on how many coupons you can use?

    I will check back for your answer.

    And can you say, on a average, how beneficial have your savings been?



    1. If you have a 20% rebate and spend $100, that’s literally $20 back!  That’s so substantial!  These are things I was going to buy anyway from the same sites but I get a check from Mr. Rebates.  It’s like a gift every time!  You’ll love it!

  21. I prefer Mr. Rebates over Ebates. I find that Mr. Rebates has more programs for you to participate than Ebates. When I signed up Mr. Rebates offered the $5 cash for the newcomers which was great. One thing that I find a bit annoying was the first time redeeming process. It took Mr. Rebates quite a while to approve my cash back. Other than that as long as I meet the threshold I always get my money back 🙂

  22. thanks for this lovely post on Mr rebate. I am just getting to know about mr rebates which shows your post is an eye opener for me. I have heard about other online shopping but with this your review; i endorse mr rebates.

    I think I will be signing up for Mr. Rebates because if I can get money back on things i am buy anyway, I might as well do it to save the money.

    Thanks for sharing

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